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Use What You Know

Lesson 12 from: Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

12. Use What You Know

Lesson Info

Use What You Know

Use what you know. So what we're going to dio is use what we know from what was written down in module eleven. Knowing your ideal customer is one of the most significant things you can do to improve your business. You want to take the information that you know and apply it to your business. So just knowing this stuff isn't going to help us, I mean, it'll help us a little bit, but it's not going to do major things for our business, whereas if we're applying it to our business, it's going to really help us? So pick three things that you wrote out about your ideal customer and module eleven to use to improve your business and connect with your audience, so we're gonna pick three of those things you can just put stars by them, whatever you want to use for each of those things, how can use this information to better your business products and content marketing? What do your customers really want from you? What do they desire? You have to give them what they desire, not just what they need b...

ecause we know what our customers need, but they don't necessarily know that they need it, and they're not gonna work with us or buy from us unless there is that desire. How can you apply this knowledge to your block? Posed to your email newsletter to your social media updates how can you make your customer see that you understand her? How are you using that information to show I get you? I know what it's like to be you how could you apply this to the product or service that you're currently working on? So whatever you're currently working on, how can you take this information and really build it into that product or service? I paid very close attention, tio everything that people were saying when I was building the create digital products that cell while you sleep course because I knew it would make it a lot better. I knew that it would speak to my target market, I knew it would help them a lot more because if I'm not meeting them where they're at it's not gonna be helpful and when I plan on my block pills, I like to think about what's my ideal customer going through what do I know about her? And how can I use that? One of the silly things I dio is I talk about gilmore girls a lot on my website and I have people email me all the time telling me, oh my gosh, I am a huge gilmore girls fan too that's, my favorite show too and it's just that way of connection and people who don't watch gilmore girls probably just ignore that part, but it has brought so many people, teo, email me or send me something on twitter or facebook. That and it's true, I love gilmore girls, I watch it on repeat and insane. I've seen every episode probably five times it's it's, embarrassing it's, it's really embarrassing, but use what you know let's say that you're a jewelry artist, right? And you know that your ideal customer wis it wishes that she were more organized, so that doesn't really have a lot to dio with a jewellery business. So how are you going to apply this to your business? You could write a block post titled ten simple tips for keeping your jewellery organized and clean all under ten dollars, so that is going to be a way for you to promote your jewelry because you can put pictures of your jewelry within the block post and link to where people can buy it. You're being helpful to your ideal customer, you know her well, and then you could break down that post into ten tweets one for each tip. So now you've got social media for the next six weeks you've gotta block post, you could show pictures off how you organize your jewelry on instagram and facebook. And this is a way where you are showing your products, but you're not only saying buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it right because that's all we want to move away from just saying, buy it, buy it, buy it, you're showing them you got them, you're being helpful, and if somebody who really loves your jewelry doesn't want help on this, they're just going to wait for the next thing that you put up it's, not a big deal. So you want to use this information that, you know, and I would love for somebody to come up and talk about what they know about their ideal customer, and I will help you figure out how you're going to use it. Do we have somebody who is willing to do that? Or am I sarah? Yeah, yeah, come on up and can we can we grab the flip chart? Thank you, let's. Give a round of applause for coming out in the hot seat. I d'oh. Okay, first, we want to know what you absolutely know about your customer and before that, even tell us a little bit about your business. Okay? I'm sarah bracke, that's urban aki dot com and I am an editor who does everything from cookbooks, young adult novels, top tins, blog's teo articles so a new range of things. Okay. And what do you know about your ideal customer? I know that she wants to present her work and her content in a way that's professionals. Okay, um that's correct. Um, I know that she believes his a story or has something to tell. She wants to express her voice, her point of view and of course, through the medium of writing. Okay, she's got a story to tell. She wants to present her work in a way that's professional and why does she want toe present in a way, that's professional? Well, if you have a piece that's full like typos or if you're writing in a way that's not clear to your audience like you're using charge and they won't understand or if they are organizing their thoughts well, um, or if it's all in huge chunks and they might want to break it down to bullets, you're disconnecting from your audience, so if you have, like, they're not able to understand your son structures, they're going to disengage, or if they see that there's a lot of errors, they're not going to take you seriously or think of you in a professional way, okay, so what I'm writing down here is disengaged audience this is what they do not want and this means that they want to learn how to write clearly they want to know how to make it organized it matters the presentation matters of their writing and spelling and grammar for things that I got from that yes and also ran away that connection is clear the audience so using again where does it understand and also um make sure their parents or writing are clear so it's not like just a jumble random thoughts or um is unrelated or just isn't conveying with the idea would want to be conveyed okay, perfect thes air great starting point do you know anything else about your ideal customer that we should know? Um as in terms of interesting hobbies are just like I usually know that love tomorrow on tumbler surprisingly okay, which is on the social media platform um I know that they usually I'm very into pop culture so they love them I know connect to that so they're usually a pop culture's often hip hop music which I like this's good to know because these air the examples you're gonna want to use about your blogged posts so knowing the seth it might might sound silly, but if you're referencing pop culture in every block post or a lot of your block post its going to resonate with your audience they're going to feel more connected to it so even though it sounds silly to say well, they like pop culture and hip hop music referencing that is just going to be one of those pieces that again makes you stand out makes unique different from everybody else I'm okay so do you know how you're going to use this to connect this stuff to connect your audience we already talked about especially using this as examples and block post in referencing it you know I do it in just silly ways because my writing a silly up I'm not one of my cells pages I have as one of the steps um this is right for you I believe it says this is right for you if you're a fan of gilmore girls so it's just a silly addition to it, right? But people who get that I've had so many people work with me one on one they see that part and then that helps push them over the edge to purchase because they're like she gets me I watch gilmore girls too for me that's my favorite show as well. So that's what way? So what about all of this stuff just makes great content I mean any kind of content this khun b block post email newsletters tweets, facebook post any of it right? My concern is that stuff seems kind of dry like when you talk about grammar, people exactly start standing up and clapping this's what you put into the boring stuff okay, you add this, and it makes it less boring, so like using examples from songs that might use grammar incorrectly culture in general. So if you're just using it like, if you, for instance, if you let's, say whatever sentence it is and says something like, I love britney spears, if not your example, sentence, right? Because it has something to do with pulp pop culture that could be an example, and then you change it to whatever you want it to be. You should I'm saying, so you're just using that within the sentence to make the sentence more fun. That's a good idea, so you don't have to necessarily use the song lyrics, but using that in the examples to just make them more upbeat, fun frame and your personality. You wanna pull your personality into the post that you write about this kind of stuff? So all of the other modules, you're going to use all of that stuff to pull it into these, to make them more exciting, and you let people know why it's important, so right away you tell them why this is important. Is there a way to do that? That's, not clunky. My concern is that bones like the ninth grade essay mode, where it's like, I think that this is important, because is there a punch your way to do that? Because I always get stuck with that like trying to convey it in a way that's not heavy handed one way that I do it is I'll show how it's helped my business, so if I am talking about why blogging is important, I'll say blogging has helped my business in this way or I will use other examples of other people and how it's helped them story examples story all of that is going to make that not just this is why you should do this and town robotic like that yeah, and think about how would you say it to a friend like if you and I were sitting down having coffee, how would you tell me that it was important? What would you say to me? Those kinds of things used that stuff like just pretend that you're sitting down with somebody that's a good idea? Yeah, that makes it less scary and less like I'm afraid I'll be on a soapbox too much being a poster saying grammars a born I know that people are coming to you because they want help with all of this stuff, right? Yes so yes, some of this stuff feels a little bit boring and stiff, but they're coming to you because they want help with it they want to present their work in a way that's professional they want they have a story to tell they want to connect to their audience so bring it back to this stuff all the time if you want to connect to your audience you have to do these things you were holding a sign about grammar I would like it better theo you want your principles for the thief with grammar will be correct so any other ideas do we have any? Yeah um you're funny and I think you should incorporate that into your post and so I feel like is the last couple of days have gone you've talked more about your experience and you have a huge breath of experience that could hit a big audience I think so you know if one day you're talking about you know you've edited a hip hop magazine and and some examples like april the same specific examples about how you helped customers or maybe you've done standard operating procedures like you have great experience and to me that's one of things listening to you talk about it you're so excited like do you know how many people dread the editing process and you're to me your excitement is contagious I'm like this is the kind of person I want to hire because you're excited you've got good experience so as much as you can interject that I think it will be super popular I love that yes we talked about passion being contagious that people want to work with you because you're excited about this stuff, and you can help them with this stuff. So sometimes we think too hard about this stuff, like we make it too complicated. And if we just simplify it a little bit, as in, like, just talk to me like we're having coffee, right? It, like you are excited about it because you are and it's going to translate that's. Great. Thank you. Give way. Keep calm. So if you need help with any of those things, that's, a great place to go.

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Thanks for this awesome course with all these useful tips, a great workbook and an amazing April Bowles Olin. I simply love the way she shares her experiences in a natural, lovely and authentic way. I'm absolutely connecting with heart and mind.

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This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


April, I purchased your class and I love what you have created. The workbook helped me to identify key points that I needed to think about. I have had a business for a while now, and I wanted to give my shop and blog a fresh look. I certainly got exactly what I was looking for in your videos and most of all with your fabulous hand-outs and workbook. Your style is A-dorable and although I am 66 years old, I am never too old to learn something new. April, you will always be successful in everything that you do because your passion is contagious. Thank you. I am sitting here this morning with a notebook and your workbook. You have helped me identify points about my business that I was overlooking. By going through the process, I feel wonderful about my products and have a new outlook. You are amazing! Karen

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