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Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

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What Buying Choices Say About Us

April Bowles-Olin

Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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18. What Buying Choices Say About Us

Lesson Info

What Buying Choices Say About Us

What buying choices say about us and what buying choices say about your customers buying choices represent who we want to be and where we want to belong they reinforce our beliefs and they tell a story about who we are even when you're not thinking about this kind of stuff, they solidify our values, we buy something because of how it's going to make us feel so for instance, I buy organic body lotion because I think it's going to be better for me and that I'm taking care of myself and I'm pampering myself and it feels good to do that and I don't care that I'm spending a little bit more because I've got this feeling when I use it, then I'm taking good care of myself. I will purchase an anthropology dress just a little bit more expensive than the average dress because of the way that it makes me feel about myself I'm not wearing one right now, but I was I was in a previous course and a couple of previous courses and I like to feel a part of anthropology. I feel like when I meet somebody e...

lse who loves anthropology, we have this instant connection like I get you because we've got similar style we're on the same page or organic dog treats when I buy organic dog treats and thinking I'm taking really good care of my doggies I'm the best doggy mama right, I feel really good about myself. It solidifies my beliefs that organic is is what I should be doing and what I should be consuming and what I should be giving to my animals. And I think it says something about me as a person, right? So with that said who does your customer want toby and how are you helping her become that? Who does she want to be? Does she want to be sexy? Does she want to be beautiful? Does she want to be stress free? Does she want to be a better writer? Does she want to be smarter? Does she want to be more confident? Does she want to just feel like she's got it together? Does she wanna have? Does she wanna have a feeling of freedom? Like who does she want to be? And how do you get her closer to that? And that goes back to her beliefs in her values and what it says about her to buy your products. What do you think she's thinking about when she's going to purchase? My customer wants to be the boss of her own life and feel inspired and empowered wants to be the boss of our own life and who what's the opposite of that? Like what is she moving away from from doing what everybody else wants her to do instead of what she wants? Tio okay so that resonates with me a little bit more because I understand it a little bit better okay what do you guys think okay yeah yeah yeah and you help her get closer to that and where can we find you online jen and company dot com just in case people are are just tuning in they gotta know right that's right anybody else who does your customer want toby um my customers um usually by the custom jewelry as a gift so I think they want to be thought of as thoughtful and generous because it's takes a little bit of effort then just going to a storm picking something up and they want to like probably make the person cried tears of joy gas pumps yes yes goose bumps I like all of those things so they wouldn't be a thoughtful gift they want to give like the best get back because I kind of want to blow someone away yeah yeah and so whoever they're giving it to has got to be somebody special too right right they probably wanted to be the best gift that they get like if it's birthday they want their gift to stand out from everybody else is getting how I feel about my gifts I want them to be anybody else sharing anybody else want to tell us who your customer wants to be chris I want to know who your customer wants to pay I want to now okay, I think that she wants to be one of those people who can get up and talk and one of those people who was confident one of those people who has an amazing story to tell and I think that she secretly feels like she has that, but it still feels like it's something that somebody else khun d'oh and it's you know, do you know what I mean? Like there's those people who can do that and there's something magical and special about them and she secretly wants to be that and feels like I got a story, right? Like I've got a story to tell, but I don't know how to get up on that stage and like, let myself say it, why does she want to be that? I think probably because my ideal clients are women who are in business and they're in business specifically because their heart tells them to be so they want to she wants to be that person because she has a message that she wants to share with people that's really, really important to her, and so she wants to actually make change, and she has that that really strong motivation to make the world different for somebody specifically, and I think she knows that her story can help them and can affect them and have impact on them, but she feels still like maybe I'm not maybe I'm not good enough or maybe I'm not the right person to tell it or I don't feel like I know how to put words together right or I'm worried about grammar or I don't even know where to start or I'm scared or all of those things right so she just wants it feels like there's something magical about people who can do it and she wants that okay so as you've been talking about your business and what you want to dio and how you want to help people share and not feel like as if they should shut up and not say anything right what you just said about a business person having something to say wanting to help people in the world that helped me get your business a lot more cool look the ending of that helped me understand really who you're trying to target okay and why right do that do that for any of you guys cool okay good thank you once we do something it becomes a part of who we are and we support that identity with future thoughts and behaviours and this comes from the book the business of belief is another book that I really like that's a little one but it's packed with so much goodness and it's true it like once we buy a certain type of car we feel like we're that type of car person and then we often look at that even if we don't give another one of those the next time we like look at that one first I used to drive a vw beetle bug and I really resonated with that car and of course my husband doesn't want us to have a vw beetle bug because he's a big guy and that's not his favorite thing ever but that was a big part of my identity and when I got into a car accident and my vw beetle bag was ruined, I immediately got the same exact car just in a different color because it already felt like a part of me you know when we have those types of things that we buy over and over again because of that. So what you're buying choices say the meaning your customers associate with your brand is what matters so what did they associate what's the meaning behind their purchase? What does it mean to them to buy your products or services? What did they associate with your brand? So for instance, whenever I buy green juice so let's say I'm traveling and I buy some green juice from whole foods I really associate that with health and energy and getting myself like perked up and feeling really good about the day that's what I associate it with it's not just green juice for me it's a lot more than that so what what does it say about your customer when she buys from you what does she associate with your brand and with your products and I would love for somebody to come up here and share with me their answers for that one. Is anybody excited about talking about what their customers associate with their brand? Anybody excited about that one? Um I gonna have to just pull somebody up here I feel like I'm just gonna have to pull somebody sarah sarah shots come on up here. Come on up here, girl I know you got this. So the associate question um I believe or a desire ah, that readers associate my block a love letter to adventure with travel dreaming freedom and adventure. Okay, so what does it say about them if they were going to purchase something from you? Do you think so? It says um likes giving up here I think that she my ideal customer uh reader doesn't it always see herself or feel like she deserves that? So I think when they make the choice to purchase something it's a big step in like giving a gift to themselves okay, so they associate it with giving a gift to themselves probably even like taking better care of themselves in a way doing something more of what they want instead of what all their responsibilities are in there eight mile high to do list ray yeah, okay and so using that in your everything basically I mean the point of this is to use all of this stuff in your block post in your email newsletters in your social media all of that kind of stuff so I think one of the big things for you is going to be giving permission like moving permission to people to take adventures and to spend time on themselves on I feel like that's something that I do for people a lot is I give them permission to be themselves on their blog's I tell them that it's going to be okay that it's going to be ok if they're themselves in their businesses and I give them permission tio take time off and not be doing business stuff all the time and I give them examples of how I do that and so I think giving examples sharing your story and about how you do it and why it's so helpful and then sharing stories of other people and you definitely did that for me like until I took the connecting the gaps course I would wake up go to my computer check my email and feel like I had to prove to myself that I was working all day and then once I started having more adventures and doing things the self care for myself I saw a huge change in the work that I was doing so and I want to help give that other people busy work sucks doesn't it it like takes up your whole day you think you're like I'm doing work when you're really not doing work the worst ever and then you don't feel good at the end of the day okay? So we're really getting to know you're you're person and what she's going to represent and it's a good thing because we are going to take a look at your about page in a little bit but I think it was helpful for you to come up here and kind of introduce us to this had to stuff thank you, sarah anybody sharing online about what it is what their products are associate id what their customers associate with them yeah we've had some people sharing we did have a question come on way had six people vote on this so I know we touched on this a little bit but would love to just get your opinion as it relates to this particular module but kayla raven posted this and we had six other people vote on it and kayla right now says she's not selling anything yet she's trying to understand her customer and she wants to know do I have to work out my product first before I actually start building this profile of a customer and what they want to buy kind of timeline and what we were just doing here with sarah she was wondering if you could add some some light on that perfect that's a great question kayla, thank you for that I think you have to keep in mind your customer when you're creating a product so no matter what you need to know a little bit about who you're creating the product for during creation process it's going to make it much more successful instead of creating it in a vacuum and not having any idea who it's right for and then trying to put it out in the world and sell it, I think it will help with the success of the product, so having that person in mind even talking tio some people who fall into that target market it really is helpful to do that work even while you're creating the product, getting feedback from your audience while you're creating it all that kind of stuff when your customers buy your stuff, they're buying into the lifestyle of your brand, right? So how can you use this in your branding and marketing when I buy something from chris carr? Do you guys know who chris cars? Okay, so she is all about health and wellness, and when I buy something of hers, I feel like I'm buying into the lifestyle of disease prevention. I feel like I'm helping myself be healthier now, but more for in the future or when I am buying something from warby parker if I'm buying some eyewear from them, I I'm buying into the idea that I can have multiple pairs of glasses and that I can change them out with my outfits because really ah four warby parker I had one pair of glasses all the time and I wore the same pair for gosh maybe six years or something before I needed an update to mike for my prescription before then I didn't need to update it so I just did an update my glasses and so it fell like this whole new area open up to me when I realized that I didn't have to spend five hundred dollars on a pair of glasses and they would still be cute and I would enjoy wearing them so they're buying into the lifestyle of your brand and you want to use that in your marketing because it really helps if you have any suggestions for like I keep thinking that it would be so awesome to have some aspect of like a certain percent of the proceeds go to something you know like certain of my profits whatever go to helping young girls like empowerment programs things like that girl's leadership programs but it feels a little overwhelming to make that declaration like right from the start and to be trying to think of exactly how that would all work out is there jeff any thoughts on that I know that people care when they see that you care about certain things they feel better about purchasing this is for sure people feel better about purchasing when they also think it's helping other people in some way when I there, when I buy a pair of glasses for more be parker, I know that a pair goes to someone in need, okay? So every time I bit by a pair of glasses from them, I know that that's happening, so not only do I feel like I'm getting another cute pair of glasses, but I feel like somebody who wouldn't otherwise have them is also getting a pair of glasses, and I haven't mentioned that, but it goes through my mind every single time I buy from them, so there is that aspect of it it's not necessary that you need that for your business, but I know that it gives people that extra feel good like those feel good feelings of I'm doing good when they make a purchase, and they no part of it is helping someone somewhere who otherwise wouldn't get it, and there have been experiments that have been done to show that it actually increases success of certain businesses. I don't know all of the statistics for it, but it's up to you what you really what you really want to do, and you don't have to do at the beginning and something that you can add as you go, and if you do do it, I would just introduce it as this is really important to me and so I give this amount of money towards this charity because this is why it's important to me basically kidney did you have something to add? So I started doing this at the first of the year for the law firm and I dio a certain percent of my proceeds of a certain percent of my earnings go to kiva loans and to ah local place here in san francisco that's called the renaissance center that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and that's exactly what I did. I have a like giving back page that says, you know, I feel really, you know, important I think it's really important for women entrepreneurs to get their start, and I feel really lucky that I have a successful business and so I take part of my earnings and go back and I've had clients say who did my loan go? Teo and I've told them who I used, you know, their proceeds what keep alone I supported with it so yeah it's been really great that is so good to hear that and that's really cool that people ask you who had helped we really do feel good when we know that our money is doing something good, it makes us it gives us those good feelings thank you for sharing that I really appreciate it

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This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


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