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Why Choose You?

Lesson 4 from: Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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4. Why Choose You?

Lesson Info

Why Choose You?

Why choose you why you want to be the brand for your customer right that's the whole point of this course is that your customers choose you over the competition. One of the things you have to keep in mind is that people are less trusting and more easily distracted so they trust less and they're very easily distracted, especially online there are so many things that they could be looking at that they could be clicking on, you've got to capture and keep their attention while building trust, so those were the things I really want you to keep in mind is that you have to capture and keep their attention and build trust, so lots of provoking curiosity, helping people so they feel like they want to come back for more or they are so in love with your design style that they want to come back for more. So if you're a maker that you are creating something that has a very specific style to it because that's why people are going to keep coming and that doesn't mean you have to completely limit your...

self because I will go into anthropology, for instance, and there are a lot of things going on in there and it seems like a lot of different styles, but they all fit together it's a very similar field, how do you do this in your business? So how do you capture and keep their attention while building trust how do you already do this in your business? Anybody already doing this in their business? You think anybody chris, you kind of think you teo yeah, I think I really try teo I and I hope into a fairly good job I tend to give because I have a background as a teacher and s o I tend to give a lot of teaching and I spent an awful lot of time trying to give people like a takeaway when they come and they see me and they hang out on my blogged and they read the siri's that I'm working on I try to give them work sheets that are cute and fun but are really, really based and educate like pedagogy you know, I'm going teo in the teacher's school stuff, so I really try to create a value in education, but I also kind of try and make it not kind of I totally try and make it feel like they're hanging out with me and I'm a human being rather than a textbook because textbooks kind of sack. So you know, if you're if you're choosing between having fun and studying right, I wanted to be more like fun, so I think that I yeah, I try to do that, I know that once when I came to your site in particular on and I I was excited about the title of the block post, and so I came to check it out, and it was a really long block post. I scanned it first and I was like, oh, wow, very let's see about this, and I started reading it and I read every single word and it was one that I commented on and I was and I was saying this it was amazing. I'm kind of at a loss for words because it was that great that was I think that was bailey story, yeah, I use story a lot, and my kids and I I asked them ahead of time if it's ok to tell their story because they're human beings and it's not fair for me to just, like, steal their stuff on their life and use it to communicate, but yeah, when I tell stories that are rooted in, like things that have changed my life and stuff, I feel like people usually react to that really well, too, so I'm open and I'm an open book, so maybe that helps with the trust thing. Tio yeah, yeah, like chris and her way of doing things is that she is a writer she's a writing teacher, but she makes it okay to be casual. Two on very much is into finding your own voice and so it's kind of like when you first hear writing teacher it's like oh my god she's going to judge my grammar on and she's going to write in this really serious way and yeah and then yeah so I love that yeah yeah yeah you do do a really good job of making people feel like whatever whatever stage there at they can feel comfortable you make it feel easy I know that it's probably not easy it's all right your bottom and you put a lot of time into them but it feels like this is something I could dio oh good I'm glad thank you you have to be able to articulate why you're ideal customer should choose you over the competition if you can't do it they can't either so keep that in mind if they can't if you can't do it they can't either in your sales will show it so let's think about some different companies why do people choose uber over any other tack taxi company right they choose it because it feels more convenient you know exactly where the person that you know how long they're going to be you know when you need to be outside to meet them that's why you do it why do people choose lush over other bath and beauty products if you've ever been into who's been into a lush store before oh my goodness, my first time was it was this weekend are this is in a weekend? It was it was this past weekend when so I went in there and I thought, oh, I'm in heaven I love this place so much and we went back a second time because I had told my husband I was I didn't get enough bath bombs, I need more think so why do people choose lush over other bath and beauty products? Why did they choose to go to that store and by those products are lots of different reasons one of them is animal testing. Another reason is because they make their products, they're handmade and they let you know when they're made and they don't use preservatives. And so there are all these different reasons, right? Why do people choose target over wal mart? Kmart? I heard they ever go into a wal mart or k mart, I always choose target and it's because I feel like even if it's not true, I feel like it's higher quality when I'm going to target I like it. I like the feeling that I get when I go in to target I can't go in there and not spend at least like at least thirty dollars it's so hard not to why do people choose to work with me as opposed to other business coaches so there are lots of other people that teach this kind of stuff why do people choose to work with me over other people does anybody anybody have any ideas on that why they would choose me over somebody else yeah it's important that you make it fun and that you're very approachable and just kind of like I was telling jennifer about the whole like you're in it together you feel some investment and what we're doing and you care about giving feedback that's helpful hey I'm glad you feel that way and I agree with that as well and one of the things I think I love about your blogged is that you don't have advertising and you're very clear in your excuse why you don't and I feel like I've read blog's for a long, long long time and I've seen a riel move to this sponsored post and ads and I understand that and I understand a lot of blog's are contributing financially to families but I love that you're clear about it and I think your work speaks to why that's part of your brand so I appreciate that about you a lot and I'm kate at some bar paper car again kate at some flower people he dot all right perfect thank you that is so nice to hear because I haven't heard that from somebody before so that's really hopeful thank you so you see that their specific reasons that we choose certain businesses over others and it doesn't mean that one's right and one's wrong it's just that these air how these brand stand out so why choose you what's the value and buying your products? So if somebody tells me okay, you can come to this hotel room, okay, great, but what if it's a romantic getaway with champagne and a really oversize shower then it's going to feel different? The value is different, what's the meaning that your customers associate with your products. For instance, I don't know why, but I have to have my yoga clothes have to be cute. I usually do yoga at home doesn't make it doesn't make sense, right? I'm get just getting all hot and sweaty, but I wanna have que yo close it makes me feel a certain way. It makes me feel that I'm healthier, that I'm more athletic that I can actually do this downward dog that feels like I'm like breaking myself somehow like gives me confidence wait that the feelings that get evoked it's almost like people there's a whole psychology of I'm that kind of person when I when I do this or where this or by this and we're going to talk more about that till yeah, definitely why will your customers fall head over heels in love with your brand? How are they gonna love it? Why are they going to choose you? Why are they going to be excited about it? What's the feeling that you're going to evoke and as you can see, this works for product based businesses and service based businesses. They both worked really well. We shall tell me what kind of feeling you're trying to evoke with specifically your jewellery for your for your customers. Um, a feeling of nostalgia and that something's made especially for you. Um and I'm obsessed with excellent customer service and high quality. And I want the whole experience to be great. All right? And I know that jane has some of your jewellery. Jane, how does it evoke, like what's the feeling that it evokes for you. It connects me to her. Um and I know she's seen me and she's really she's been she's thinking about me and my memories when she's creating it and plus the other benefit is wherever I go. People are asking me about it. Uh, don't you love that, jennifer? I also have one of three shells, pieces and it's. Absolutely beautiful. It's the same as jane said, I go anywhere. People always ask me about the picture and happens to be a picture of my boyfriend I in argentina. And that just really, like, as jane said, brings a connection, and I always love to bring up stories that my boyfriend and I have gone on our travels have we've done? We've done all these great things, and that peace just really brings us together and it's a conversation piece between the two of us as well as people who I see on the street. So it's just it's beautiful it's absolutely beautiful. So we're making her blush for making her bless you guys. Teo, I think that's such a good point because it's kind of like not on ly are the pieces, one of a kind and makes you one of a kind it makes it makes for shell one of a kind and makes the person wearing it one of a kind it's like look at this, this is my and did you know that they were conversation starters? Did you already know that? Well, jennifer did tell me that that people were asking her about her necklace, and people usually ask me about mine, and I have always have a story to tell because they're my memories. So I want to come up with a way to use that within your business, because I think that that's also something that people want to be fascinating, they want people to ask about that. Your jewelry can tell a story. Yes, wearable stories. Yeah, where your story's wear your stories on your sleeve in your neck? Yeah, writing it all down great. Anybody sharing online about why their customers are going to fall head over heels in love with their businesses? Well, people are just sharing their different businesses in the chat room on people are loving these stories and a lot of people in the chat are familiar with the shells brand and they're excited to see it here on camera so you always have some fans in the chat room I know I love my chap people you guys every so happy so you never want to compete on price and knowing why people should choose you helps you move away from that I have teo be cheaper. I have to price my products lower because people are buying it because they're choosing you. What you sell can probably be bought somewhere else for les just the way it is pretty much everybody what you sell can something similar. It might not necessarily be the same thing, but something similar can be bought somewhere else. So what makes your products and services worth it? And the reason I have this that coffee picture up here is because I always go to the next door bake shop in blacksburg, virginia, to get my chai tea lottie's with soy and the reason why it's because I've had them in a lot of different places it's my favorite, I really love the taste in the quality, but also the environment of when you walk in, you see the pink, they've got like pink and I like pink and then they've got the display of all the desserts, and even though I am allergic to gluten and I can't have any of them, they're just so pretty and everyone is it just feels like a really warm, comfortable environment, so I choose them over pretty much any other coffee shop in the area for those different reasons, even though I could probably get it cheaper other places and the same people who run that next door bake shop also have this thai restaurant and in that restaurant, the customer services than is good it's not so great. I haven't had his great oven experience, the quality of the products haven't been is great, and so whenever we want tie, we go somewhere else because we get much better customer service. Well, my husband walks in and they go crazy way do what the say water, and we get excited because they make us feel welcome there. They already know what we want and it's just a happy place to go to an eat, and so we pick them over this other thai restaurant.

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Christine Aseka

Thanks for this awesome course with all these useful tips, a great workbook and an amazing April Bowles Olin. I simply love the way she shares her experiences in a natural, lovely and authentic way. I'm absolutely connecting with heart and mind.

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This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


April, I purchased your class and I love what you have created. The workbook helped me to identify key points that I needed to think about. I have had a business for a while now, and I wanted to give my shop and blog a fresh look. I certainly got exactly what I was looking for in your videos and most of all with your fabulous hand-outs and workbook. Your style is A-dorable and although I am 66 years old, I am never too old to learn something new. April, you will always be successful in everything that you do because your passion is contagious. Thank you. I am sitting here this morning with a notebook and your workbook. You have helped me identify points about my business that I was overlooking. By going through the process, I feel wonderful about my products and have a new outlook. You are amazing! Karen

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