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Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

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Your One Sentence Message

April Bowles-Olin

Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

3. Your One Sentence Message

Lesson Info

Your One Sentence Message

You're one sentence message I'm excited about that, I say that a lot I'm excited about so many of these I just can't help myself so before we dive into a bunch of details it's important to be able to describe your brand in one sin it's not a product but your entire brand. This is what you'd say if you only had a few seconds to describe your brand to someone an example for mine I helped turn your creative dreams into reality that's what I would say if somebody if I only had a few seconds if I only had a really short sentence and on my twitter profile you can use this all over the place. One of the reasons you do this is because you can use it over and over and over again and then people start to associate it with your brand. I use this on my twitter profile, it says I make creative dreams a reality if you dream big, we should chat and I've had so many people tweet me saying I love you what you've written in your profile or I found you because of your twitter profile or I sign up for you...

r email newsletter list because of your twitter profile and then they start to see this one sentence in multiple places and start to recognize it as something that's a part of my brand another example is my my car leases a tiny artist with a t rex heart doesn't this describe her cell well for everybody who knows her she is she is a tiny person with this huge heart and she uses this sentence over and over and over again and people start to associate it whenever I hear t rex now I automatically think of her on your work in your workbook on page ten we're going to start to figure out your one sentence message consider what you want your customers to say about your business so what do you wish that they said about your business? What do they say about her business? Jot down five words you'd use to describe your brand this can help you kind of figure it out and finesse it a little bit I would describe my brand helpful, creative, supportive, caring, valuable so I start to pull some of those pieces into it consider your values what you stand for and the words you want your customers to use when describing your brand and know that it's going to develop and get better over time like it's okay, if you're reading your sentence and you're like thiss isn't so great right now because it doesn't happen overnight I bet my didn't come up with it the first second she started her business I mean maybe she did she's pretty brilliant, but I doubt it I didn't try saying it out loud how does it feel say it to someone else how did they respond that can also help to see what it feels like saying out loud because sometimes it feels really cheesy and you're like that's not quite right I need to use this word instead of this word if you're really struggling asked three people who know your business really well how they would describe your brand in just one sentence and then you're going to see a lot of overlap and then you pull that into your sentence so I'd love for two people to come up on stage and you guys say your sentences to each other and see how the other person reacts and then everybody else compare up and also say you're one sentence message to the other person until you guys were just staring at me right now so I'm pulling so so I'm pulling you to up and if you're if you're a three person group you guys can be a three person group to it so come up here and say your brand message you're one your once in its message to each other it's extremely hard to to condense my message into one sentence comes on a little bit wordy but uh well my tagline is turned your favorite memories into wearable works of art but I like it I love it and then I also sell joy that's not custom and so I put go ahead and be a rock star I like that that's cute and it has a very specific style and feel me yes absolutely fits with you definitely yeah so I always say my tagline is creating a life more awesome and so are you using that all the time and it feels good but I'm also wondering if it now you're making me wonder if I should be saying something like empowering women to create a life more awesome like should I be getting more specifically to me again? I it says jen and company creating a life more awesome and the reason I got kind of vague is because it's like I'm creating a life more awesome and you're creating a life more awesome and that's just what this is all about in this kind of overall thing but do you think I should get more specific as in this is a business that I am helping you create a lot of pals let's create a life moore also yeah that it's created yeah yeah yeah what do you think something like that. Yeah. Okay. And I also really like the word in power because you use it a lot and so I think it says something about the fact that you used that word a lot ok? It's girl power yeah yeah okay so empowering and loves so so let's create a life more also yeah well, I mean you can play with it but yeah, I mean, my mom were freed and I really like that it started out with almost like co creating a life more awesome but then I felt like that like maybe some people wouldn't know what I meant, right? I think that the basis is perfect and you could tweet like get at the source that's what I would do it and just like yeah, because ideo like yeah yeah and I know awesome is like everybody uses it but I love it it's my fine about it go with yeah yeah thank you for coming up here so I want to know what happened when you said your once in its message to somebody else did they give you any feedback that helped did they tell you kind of how they felt about it did it help you tweak it at all? Yes. Yes. Can you tell me hello? I am john leonard at brand new ways dot com and we had a great little session going back and forth. I think it's just so good to get out of your own head and get feedback and so I think, um together we got to a good place, so shall I share yes. How do you want to know what it s oh brandy ways the tagline is rule breaking and change making so it's all about innovation and helping people do that personally and in their work so I inspire purpose driven creative two breasts two bust through blocks and create brand new ways of thinking about themselves in the world say it one more time okay? I inspire purpose driven creatives to bust through blocks and create a brand new ways of thinking about themselves and the world or seeing the world. We were kind of playing around with brand new ways of seeing brand new ways of thinking southers all that okay possibility I really like it and I like the idea of it but I kind of start to get lost. Okay? Do you guys feel the same way? Because it's really long I start tio get lost because I'm thinking of what you've already said and still trying to follow along so what I would dio simplify shorten okay, so just take what's the most important part of that and use that so I helped purpose driven creatives break rules and make change yes okay that's okay, perfect. Thank you. Is anybody sharing in the chat room there once in its message lots people who shared their five words now they're kind of building those in the sentences a couple here asia photo adventure says that theirs is training and inspiring travelers to master their camera and create lasting memories of their unique journeys and amanda sue says, I specialize in helping other cheeky creatives take their multiple passions and their unique weirdness, and turn it into a business that sews their soul and their bank accounts. All right, theo, I would say the same thing to you. Shorten it a little bit, simplify it a little bit because I believe quirky and the other, whatever else used to describe it, we're pretty similar. So choose one use quirky a lot. So I would pick quirky and kind of simplify it just a little bit.

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Whether you’re trying to stand out among thousands of online sellers or a hundred fellow crafters and makers at a trade show, the ability to distinguish yourself from the competition is a required skill for every creative entrepreneur. April Bowles-Olin will show you how to make your business unique by differentiating yourself and making your business a magnet to your target customer.

April will help you cultivate a deeper confidence in your product through developing a more nuanced understanding of your brand. You’ll explore what makes your business original, how to “bake” that uniqueness into your brand, and how to use it to inspire customers to choose you. You’ll learn how essential it is to understand the stories of your customers, and how to motivate those customers to broaden their stories to include your company.

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Christine Aseka

Thanks for this awesome course with all these useful tips, a great workbook and an amazing April Bowles Olin. I simply love the way she shares her experiences in a natural, lovely and authentic way. I'm absolutely connecting with heart and mind.

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This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


April, I purchased your class and I love what you have created. The workbook helped me to identify key points that I needed to think about. I have had a business for a while now, and I wanted to give my shop and blog a fresh look. I certainly got exactly what I was looking for in your videos and most of all with your fabulous hand-outs and workbook. Your style is A-dorable and although I am 66 years old, I am never too old to learn something new. April, you will always be successful in everything that you do because your passion is contagious. Thank you. I am sitting here this morning with a notebook and your workbook. You have helped me identify points about my business that I was overlooking. By going through the process, I feel wonderful about my products and have a new outlook. You are amazing! Karen