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Manage Stress Through Mindfulness

Lesson 9 of 9

Personal Mindfulness Plan for Stress Managment

Rich Fernandez, Ph.D.

Manage Stress Through Mindfulness

Rich Fernandez, Ph.D.

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9. Personal Mindfulness Plan for Stress Managment

Lesson Info

Personal Mindfulness Plan for Stress Managment

So I've essentially and will review this in a second we've talked about basically six different types of mindfulness practice is that you can use for stress on dso what I'd like tio have us do now is really think about what our personal plan is to use mindfulness to manage stress and again I'd like you to consider six of the mindfulness skills that we practiced today so what you see here uh are those six the first is that we did this one minute breathing right for six counts in and six counts out we also did focused attention practice similarly using our breath, drawing our attention to our breath and especially using that when we're in a situation where it would be useful to d center being triggered or stressed like being cut off in your case that um we also did open monitoring just broadening our attention and just letting it move wherever it moves to just notice what is happening really useful for meetings really useful for work environments but also really, really great when you're...

out walking around out in the world, we use the body scan to sort of identify very clearly what thoughts and emotions we are experiencing as we're experiencing them in that moment directing our attention to our body because in our body is where we experience those thoughts and emotions but also just it's also body scans a great way to just relax um and then we also worked with a mind state shift the above the line below the line mythology ask yourself at any point during the damn I above the liner below the line there's a great app called mind jogger and it will send you notifications and you could type in a question, so what I do is I asked myself, where am I at in this moment above the line or below the line? And I have that send it to me seven times randomly through the course of a day it's a great way to check in what's my mind state nega divine state or a positive one or do I need to get to a possible if I mean deeply in negative one, which happens, right? And finally, a response flexibility, pause, reflect, respond as part of the bonus materials, you probably can't see it so well up here we have this mindfulness tool kit it's a one pager, and so it will explain to you a little bit about what the mindfulness tool is how do you do it? And then when to use it couple of last things to do, I'd like to ask you actually you see these six core mindfulness practices as relates to stress on dh, so what I'd like to ask you to do is just answer three questions as you are where you are um write these down it's always really helpful s o the three questions there simply what is one mindfulness skill that you will apply to a worker life especially as it relates to stress what impact you think it'll have and what's your plan to practice it? Like I said, mindfulness is skill and so it's really critical to be able to practice this on a regular basis so you can just make reference to one of the six practices that we did today so here's the questions what's one skill you'll apply what impact will it have? How on and what is your plan to practice it? And then here are the six skills okay, so just logging that for yourself picking one of these six skills and if you're online and you've just done this, if you want to send any to the chat room and just share perhaps a skill that you'll apply or impact, you think it'll have even more specifically a plan that you think will be useful in installing this into your life um and in the room is there somebody a cz we're waiting for it to come in the chat room. Is there anything that you could share about this this personal plan that you might have for yourself one of the skills that you apply? I don't know if it's much of a personal plan, but I really liked the um the response flexibility one myself responding or more reacting to certain things, especially in relationships, whether they re friendships, are romantically family where something happens in my immediate reaction is not one that I'm later proud of, or just sparks that, you know, crazy sunday spiral er yes, whatever. So so so I think, and I recognize that and I have before it's just a matter of and it's a theory about the plan to practice that I think, um, I think, um, I think it might be, like just taking a second and then, like, a judgmental way, not in a way like, I need, you know, break from you or from the situation, but, like, give me a second to think before I respond right or say anything because I do you don't want to do it in love and carrying and great honesty and openness. And so let me just have a moment to I have my initial reaction and then kind of reflect on it and realize what I actually need to respond with, you know, so that's great. Yeah. So hopefully the impact will just be stronger relationships and be more connected. Yeah, yeah, and using the pause, reflect, respond, very simply, right pause, reflect, respond. Remind yourself of that, especially when triggered and then doing body scan builds your capacity to realize when you need to pause and reflect on respond so that's why we did the body scan so thank you for that. Anything coming in online way had a comment from t funk in the chat room love that screen right? And anti funk was really, really like the focus attention exercises and said that the distractions were really troubling them thinking about today's to do list and being judgmental about, you know, not focusing on the to do list taking that time to stop and not worrying about what you're not doing while you're focusing completely perfectly said actually I can't improve a planet thank you defund kia for the focused attention and its benefits so just as we start to conclude actually hear useful resource is that will help you continue to do these practices and learn more about them. I've actually assembled a mindfulness and stress resource guide for you as part of the bonus materials, so you can check that out if you're interested very briefly by way of summary there's a couple of great books I would recommend fully present and mindfulness those air really great foundational books about mindfulness eso if you want to kind of get going with the mindfulness practice understand some of the science behind it those are great books search inside yourself dear friend of mine, when I used to work at google, wrote that on and it's all about emotional intelligence and using mindfulness to enable emotional intelligence, ten percent happier. Dan harris, wonderful news anchor who actually used this to find peace without losing his edge, is he likes to say, john cabins in is one of my fundamental teachers, and wrote a beautiful book called wherever you go. There you are, and there is a monthly publication called mindful magazine, which I highly suggest, because they keep very relevant in terms of mindfulness practice is for modern life. I really like technology, so there's, ap sites and devices that could be really useful. The first four had space com be life and beautify are all wonderful mindfulness, meditation, aps. So if you want to use technology to help assist you, getting into a mindfulness or, more specifically, a meditation practice, those air great will dot com has some great content as well on those lines. And then the interacts on muse is a wonderful head. It's, a device head bandit, monitors your brain wave states for active and calm brain waves so wonderful, and sends it to user interface on your on your device. Really wonderful way to track your progress, efficacy at these practices, there's, some greats, events and programs wisdom two point oh mindful leaderssummit greater good science centers at uc berkeley they often host lots of different mindfulness related events, compassion and happiness related events and then the mindfulness based stress reduction course is one of the fundamental courses it's very structured a little bit longer term but it's wonderful again created by john said cabins in and a number of his colleagues finally you know my company wisdom labs we focus on the art and science of thriving both happiness and ways to deal with stress and difficulty as well as emotional intelligence, compassion all these other qualities you can always check us out at wisdom labs dot com and the final thing I'd like you to leave lead the final thing I'd like to leave you with is a quote from another teacher of mine met you re card where he talks about happiness and he talks about happiness a zit deep state of flourishing that arises from an exceptionally healthy mind it's not a mere pleasurable or fleeting emotion it's a state of being it's an optimal state of being and I was experiencing that a bit in this photos you see here which is wonderful hike and what I like to call the outdoor office near my business partner's home hey actually took this and this is actually the day we had a work meeting but we had a work meeting in this place we don't always have the opportunity to be in places like that for work. But if you can get to places like that, great. But if not cultivate what is described here is this optimal state of being through this girl's of mindfulness, and especially as regards stress. So thank you for your attention. And I wish you all well, thank you.

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Your job doesn’t have to overwhelm you! Learn how to skillfully navigate daily challenges and invite more peace into your daily life in Manage Stress Through Mindfulness with Wisdom Labs.

In this class, you’ll learn science-based techniques designed to help busy professionals manage stress amidst the chaos of work. 

You’ll learn: 

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  • Strategies for labeling and reframing stress 
 All professionals face deadlines, competing priorities, and challenging personalities at work. Manage Stress Through Mindfulness will help you develop the skills and resiliency to manage them.



Rich is a fantastic instructor. Organized, realistic, and relatable. I love it that he draws on scientific research, including that done by John Gottman (of the Gottman Institute). I tend to avoid attending lectures on mindfulnes and meditation because often it is presented in such a "new age" type of way - it isn't something I can relate to very well or find truly helpful. But Rich does a great job in this class in keeping it real and giving truly helpful and information and advice. Excellent course!

Swimming Ink

Rich shares powerful tools that I can see myself seamlessly applying to empower me through a variety of stressful situations. Thank you Rich!


I appreciated the way that Rich made Mindfulness approachable. I knew what Mindfulness was, but I needed ways of applying it into my life. Thanks for helping me bridge that gap Rich!