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Manage Stress Through Mindfulness

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The Relationship Between Stress & Mindfulness

Rich Fernandez, Ph.D.

Manage Stress Through Mindfulness

Rich Fernandez, Ph.D.

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4. The Relationship Between Stress & Mindfulness

Lesson Info

The Relationship Between Stress & Mindfulness

Let's talk about that relationship between mindfulness and stress so what does mindfulness have to do with stress on? And as I've talked about earlier, we have this part of our brain that is essentially the thinking part of our brain to simplify it which is the executive function area the prefrontal cortex and then we have this emotional center of our brain in the limbic system structure primarily like the amidala that causes us to get into kind of emotion emotion into action as a result of external stimulus and that action takes the form of an emotion and the emotion motivates a steptoe to react. And so both of those things are really important right? Including the part of thinking brain that's about forecasting and about analyzing and the emotional bring but how do you bring it all together and really where they meet is mindfulness it's again applying that present moment awareness to what our thoughts our toe what our emotions are and in many ways navigating the balance between the t...

wo stress for example can be an overwhelming experience, right? It could be something that allows that makes us feel extremely triggered you might be familiar with this word triggered right it's a mental or emotional situation that happens mostly between these years mostly in our minds that gets us quickly to feel an intense emotion all right, can you think of a time when you were triggered recently and if you can give an example if you if you venture yeah, I'm not entirely proud of it, but driving I often perfect example time perfectly reasonable, right? Somebody what? They cut you off the yeah, yeah? Or take my parking spot or yeah, isn't moving at the pace of yeah, I want them. Teo, you are all right. And I think everybody can relate to that to some extent. Right on dh then. So what happens in that state? I'm triggered. I get that, like it's a and I recognize it's a very quick, like flash of on maybe it's just clearly gunfire. Billy heat. I get really, really angry for no reason. And I need to take a second to, like it's. Cool, it's fine. Just go. Oh, yeah, but do you kind of try to to try to do to try to do that? Yeah, but it's, just that it's it's obviously a very quick reaction run. Just like anger. Yeah, exactly. Exactly right. So if you remember the definition of stress it's a strain or adverse or challenging situation write that kind of trips the wire in our brain and gets us triggered essentially on dh so in many ways being able to step out of that and I'm not. I'm not sure how you accomplish that. But it's, great to be able to kind of say, wait a minute. Okay, that wasn't personal. They just didn't see me, for example, or something to do with pivoting the attention, pivoting the perception in many ways, that's. What mindfulness is.

Class Description

Your job doesn’t have to overwhelm you! Learn how to skillfully navigate daily challenges and invite more peace into your daily life in Manage Stress Through Mindfulness with Wisdom Labs.

In this class, you’ll learn science-based techniques designed to help busy professionals manage stress amidst the chaos of work. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Breathing and relaxation techniques 
  • Mindful communication practices 
  • How to have difficult conversations 
  • Strategies for labeling and reframing stress 
 All professionals face deadlines, competing priorities, and challenging personalities at work. Manage Stress Through Mindfulness will help you develop the skills and resiliency to manage them.

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Rich is a fantastic instructor. Organized, realistic, and relatable. I love it that he draws on scientific research, including that done by John Gottman (of the Gottman Institute). I tend to avoid attending lectures on mindfulnes and meditation because often it is presented in such a "new age" type of way - it isn't something I can relate to very well or find truly helpful. But Rich does a great job in this class in keeping it real and giving truly helpful and information and advice. Excellent course!

Swimming Ink

Rich shares powerful tools that I can see myself seamlessly applying to empower me through a variety of stressful situations. Thank you Rich!

Fati genese

I appreciated the way that Rich made Mindfulness approachable. I knew what Mindfulness was, but I needed ways of applying it into my life. Thanks for helping me bridge that gap Rich!