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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Collaborative Narrative - Part 1

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

12. Collaborative Narrative - Part 1

Lesson Info

Collaborative Narrative - Part 1

Karen, come on up! I'm gonna sit down for a minute at least until I have to start furiously writing again so welcome. Thank you so karen is not a ringer because I didn't know her ahead of time but tell him but I have known of you for yes so okay, so great on we have mutual friends so tell us who you are, where we can find you online and what uh what your next big thing is so my name is karen baginski you confine me at happy momenta mme dot com and I am a writer and yoga instructor focus primarily on helping people transform emotionally and mentally through yoga and meditation. My story is I came to yoga because of depression, clinical depression and came out of that because of yoga. Awesome great. So um my next big thing at your next bag is already out there. Yes, but it's not performing as well as I like um it's called you again yoga and this was my personal transformation of the principles that I applied for myself teo a thirty day digital guide for someone to come to their own hope ...

out of depression and anxiety. So it's a hand holding email delivered course that has a ten minute meditation every day and for ten minute yoga videos it comes takes you through that journey of rediscovering hope and and coming back into a life well lived awesome and putting it in the context of something physical like yes beautiful I love it so what we're going to dio is build out another lead build out the story that karen comptel about this product that's going to lead people to the place where they need to be to make a great buying decision and we're not only going to do it just kind of once through, but we're going to take what we create and then apply it a couple of different ways all right? So we'll we can apply it with a personal story we comply the client's story we can create a hypothetical story we could think about two how would you do this visually? And how would you do this say verbally or with video that's not good and tara, I'd like to point something out we have a lot of people out there that are asking for more guidance on the product focus of it so it's kind of interesting hybrid here, so you're going to focus on the product uh pretty much primarily right? Yeah, yeah. So the product in terms of its a video it's a video of course great, right? So it's essentially like selling a dvd for video and audio exactly it just happened to happen online ok, cool so let's talk about let's start with your before for your for your client so you already mentioned that your customers are people who are suffering from depression yes in all its many forms yes. So primarily so depression and anxiety but you can pull from that feelings of worthlessness um being stressed just general unhappiness hopelessness um feeling disconnected from yourself and from others from community all right less um connected ennis let's move away from feelings and start thinking about circumstances what are some of the circumstances of before? A lot of times it'll be big life changes that will trigger these things for people so breakup um starting a new job or having left one either by choice or not um moving generally just kind of growing up finding out who you are uh and and feeling like you aren't quite sure what what you want to do with your life does this general this connectedness from from who you are and what you want to dio your purpose not knowing what's next hey how did they want to feel they want to feel at ease he's calm like you don't have to just be in a brain every single day that sabotages you so this idea of being empowered knowing you have a choice that you can get out of this um feeling alive again is a big thing uh and first feeling alive look like well for me it's one of my own phrases ah along with thinking your truth yeah, uh, guilty of both, I think that well, for me, it's not using other things to escape your circumstances. So for example, for me, at least it was sleep right when I was sleeping, I didn't have to feel the way that I was feeling so, um, or eating or drinking or any other kind of addiction that can't come along, so being able to face and confront in a healthy way, okay, um, and for a lot of people to its spiritual connection, so they feel like they have this sense of being connected to a higher purpose, too, what they were sent here on earth to d'oh. Okay, um, improvements and relationships. Oh, absolutely, yeah, having close relationships, too, and letting people help you and helping other people rediscovering close relationships, relationships as sort of like more money and less weight it's one of those like things that everybody wants, right? They want better relationships, they want people want to lose weight, they want to make more money, they want to save time and they want better relationships. So what do you can any time you can tie whatever product it is that you have backto one of those things, it's a good thing not everybody doesn't work with every product, but I'd say it works with most products so yeah, really self esteem having a higher self esteem because of that idea of not having self worth and then finding your words yes, but self esteem is one of those things especially we're talking about people who have a sense of hopelessness and depression to begin with if you tell them you're going to help them have more self esteem they're going to stay yeah, right you have to tell them what that looks like and it tricks them in a positive way and believing you ok? Eso what does having self esteem look like not being afraid to show who you are with other people okay, right like being being okay, tio tio most speak your truth right? I guess they were confident. Okay, when you're more confident, why do you let what do you able to do that you couldn't do before you? You you go for things in your life that you weren't going for before. Yeah, that's exactly where I was going to be using opportunities because I've been there done that. So yeah, okay. Seizing opportunities. Um, great. So what was, uh what is standing in the way of people moving from before to after, um themselves think in a big level in the way that they feel like they have trying things before perhaps medication or not on nothing has worked so this idea that well, I made, like kind of an effort and I didn't feel better right away e think that quick fix um also just the the idea that it's going to take so much to change, they feel like they have to change a lot in order to feel happy a solution must be so big. Uh, what about, uh, negative mental pattern? Absolutely ab negative self talk, huge one, especially for those who have that anxiousness along with the depression. So what did you decide? Odd for your key insight? Well, that's, why? I was hoping you could help me, but I was happening. I was thinking that, um, because when I'm using right now isn't working to the best of its ability, and so I was thinking that yoga and meditation are more natural methods, and a lot of people are trying western methods, and they're very attracted to yoga and meditation because of the promise of not having to perhaps beyond a medication and so that it's not you don't have to spend a lot of time every day to feel better, and there can be a natural, better way for you to feel better kind of taking out that that long period of time from their minds, yeah, so, um, small changes can make big differences as cliche cliche is that is all right. And what are those small changes that it leads to skin real specific care for us. So that's movement moving your body great. Changing yourself talk. So changing your thoughts, patterns? What else? Learning to be okay with what is alright, I'll give you that in other words, being okay with with the fact that what you have is here. So identifying two nor to move beyond, like, like it's, you know? Yeah. All right. So let's, start this with a personal story. Since you have a personal story that has kind of shaped this product is the reason this product is here right now. Let's, start there, tell us your personal story incorporating as many of these things as possible. So when I was growing up in high school, which is a big life change going from middle school to high school, I started to feel very stressed because of the competitive nature of the school that I was in, and I started to feel disconnected from my peers. And I didn't know at the time, but later realized that it was depression that this stress had built up. And then I was very disconnected, self isolating and had come teo full blown depression, and, um, I didn't know what was next, how to get out of that until fast forward to college taking well taking antidepressant and then things getting better for a while was that band aid right and then fast forward to pass through college changing now being in a new state out of college changed in my first job ever and going straight back deep into it after a break up thought he was the one right it's so naive in young on there it wass at all of the things that I thought that I had escaped growing up and so um a friend introduced me to yoga for the first time and when I attended my first yoga class and started to meditate I began to feel for the first time that I had an experience of being awake in my chivas and at the last pose in class and not having a single depressive thought and so it was that idea that I could have an hour of my waking life whereas all of the other twenty three hours were well except for sleeping were filled up with the junk that I could have an hour of ease of calm or it wasn't sabotaging myself and I was beginning tio develop a spiritual connection with the divine with god so that I could rediscover a close relationship with myself and with others and begin tio sees opportunity do you like I e o tio tio further my practice and get off of my medication because I was so deep into reversing and the negative self talk and forming and knowing it wasn't going to be a quick fix. But I put in the work I put in the time realized that by those small, just goingto one yoga class a week that I could completely changed my experience boom so small changes can make a big difference. You could incorporate movement, changing self talking patterns and learning to be okay with what it is and where you're out now to create maury's in your life, get away from self sabotage. Uh, rediscover your close relationships and sees more opportunities. Yeah. Yeah, well, the story you just told was ridiculously more powerful than what you have on yourselves, page right now, um, what you've done is created experience off the transformation that makes it seem so much more believable because what you have is a clientele that is, by its very nature, unbelieving they have tried everything else. Why would this work? So you have to create that sense of vulnerability, that, uh, that sense of personal connection that's going to draw people in and make them actually believe. And so you know everything that you said you you combatted this objection, this objection, this objection and you brought people over here. And then all you have to do at the end is reiterate what you just did in the hypothesis statement and brings everything together into a clear statement of value that then allows you to say that's why I developed you again yoga, right? Okay, that's, something to really easy eyes is really easy. Do you've a client's story that you can share too do the exact same thing. I don't know the details, okay, her specifically, but I know a lot of the people who have done it, and they're mostly women. Okay? She was saying that it seemed like I was the best friend, the handholding guide kind of in her head telling her the things that she knew she was telling herself and calling her out on it. So a lot of the things I get this a lot that with either with my blog's or my product it was like, how did you know? It was like he were me? You know, you said the things I needed to hear so I could kind of call myself out and move on. Yeah, so probably the story itself is very similar to yours personal story, but that would be there would be that added element of this product or karen did karen understood he's different thanks. So if you were to do that, would you why would you write that for the person? Would you have them write aspects of this and put that on your sales page and not just a small little testimonial but me no more blown out way yeah so you absolutely can't do it that way this is a place where experimenting is really great. You might actually test two different sales pages one where you use the client's own words and what I would do in that case is kind of create an outline for them to follow in the form of interview question it's so tell me where you were before tell me what you're feeling tell me what your circumstances where what was well with the one transformation what was the one moment you knew you were suffering from depression? And what was the moment that you realized you could get help and then, you know, do the same thing with the after what was the moment you realized you were breaking free? Describe that to me what was happening because actually the most a powerful piece of your personal story was you say I was in I was in the posture of chivas anna and I had a waking experience of myself being easel calm and without self sabotage that was the most powerful part of that story because it was just a picture perfect detail I could imagine what exactly that moment right and it was so focused where is the other stuff is fine if I were coaching you on it, I'd probably coached you to add some more detail or tell a specific story like what was the job? Where did you move and what we're what was light what was work life or what happened with the break up like I'd add those details in and yeah, sure it might make it longer but it's going to make the story better too I mean, you're you're a journalist, right? You you get this preaching to the choir but that that might be happy the only way I would adjust to that and then so yeah so I would test a sales page where your client is telling her own story and where you have retold the story? Um yeah, sure. Um online actually for karen directly, which is it's a devil's advocate statement so setting enough as such why should I buy your product rather than just going to my local yoga studio there? Seeing that as a potential stumbling block on dh how how much she addressed that? Yes. So tomorrow of sorry not tomorrow that saturday when we talk about sales pages, one of the things we're going to talk about is frequently asked questions and objections like that are great thing to put in frequently asked questions so that's where I would recommend putting it on dh the you know, the beautiful thing with these different kinds of products is that they're the market is vast you absolutely can go to a yoga studio down the street and probably karen's uh product is a good fit for you as well or you could do one or the other and that's the other thing a neat thing that happens when you're really thinking about sales stories as service is that what you've done here is created a story that's helping mohr people get help whether they buy your product or not because that person that's reading it I'm thinking you know I kept meaning I keep meaning to try that yoga studio I am I'm going this afternoon there there's a class in an hour I am going today and you did that in the process of trying to sell them something and that's awesome and you'll be surprised how many times I think people will come back and then by later but even if they don't you still change someone's life you've changed someone's life through a sales page because the story was so compelling because the transformation felt so real because you were telling a story that resonated with them so completely you've changed you've changed their life which is all I want right right that's why I have decided to do this for my sight I actually thank that person for that question because I had never really thought about that before and my answer to that would be and I think this is applicable to all of us who have products for someone thinks well why don't I just buy this other one or why don't I just go down the street is that yeah you can go to the yoga class once a week and but maybe it's not going to be specific to your needs its going to be general or you could go to the one time workshop or you could have this experience that's just for you right? Right like I made this just for you and just for your need yeah so and that's like I said that would be a great thing to put in your f a q section of your of your sales page when you when you rewrite it so yeah let's talk about how you might approach this in terms of verbal, visual and video all right? So video is really easy especially since your personal story is such a powerful component of this particular sales story I would love to see you create a beautiful video of you telling that story I wouldn't do it in place of a sales page because they think you're going toe I would imagine your audience would be very split on whether they'd prefer video or to read so I I would maybe have to separate sales pages or have the video like off to the side it shouldn't feel like you have to watch the video before you can read the tax to look inwards I think that's a mistake that people make um but yeah, but I would love to see a video of that I think it's also you should be thinking in terms of telling that story on the media so if you know it's, the local radio served the local television station you khun pitch producers on telling that story and why you created your business they love stuff like that and you know, you're actually telling your sales story, but they think it's a really great um your heart warming party people, you know, public interest story, right? And it isthe it's both of those things it's beautiful, right? But using this process gives you a great story to pitch the media as well, and on the bridge is gonna be talking more about that, but it's a great opportunity visually, um, you know, I would say you could probably this isn't necessarily applicable to the sales process, but to the marketing process are you on pinterest? Yeah, but I haven't used it very much. Yeah, I think you could actually go and build out boards that show that kind of bring these kind of feelings into just pictures of people doing yoga or just pictures in general and you really think about displaying those feelings, embodying those feelings through visual element, so pinterest is great for that instagram is great for that! You have lots of opportunities there, any questions? So one of the things that I do right now is give a preview of the us, but I'm, uh, an audio one of the meditations, as well as a preview kind of ah, really, of the yoga videos that joke I haven't really seen a lot of people click their use those things. So what is the value? I guess in giving more away from your product? Er is there should you not give any more away? Yeah, so giving pieces of your product away is fine and sometimes it's not as effective as we think that it's going to be. I think you taking the audio sample the three days pretrial, the video sample off the sales page and focusing on your story would be the most effective thing now. Obviously, these are things that ideally want to test, but I think especially when you're talking about in terms of samples on a sales page, they distract people from be from the actual task at hand, which is considering whether or not they're going to purchase something, so if you're going to give away a free trial of free audio of free video, do it in the list building uh process okay, so created landing page that says, um yoga can be your path to becoming you again maybe or small changes can make a big difference here's your one day sample of you again yoga this you can use this exercise every day to build more movement, positive self talk and presence into your life build the landing page you get their email address, you deliver that first lesson to them then you build at an auto respond or serious I'll teach you how to do that tomorrow here and build out on auto responders siri's that's going to lead them teo your sales page where you tell your story so maybe you've introduced them to more about these three concepts movement changing self talk and mental patterns and learning to be okay with what isthe those could be your three three pieces of content and then you set them up and you say I've done these things I incorporated these things into my own own life into my own practice here's my story and here's what I've made for you this is awesome good that's that's what I would do great. Thank you. Yeah, any questions for karen? Any other etsuko? My question for you some if those yoga that the videos that you make other like um I'm sure it is but just to make sure they're specifically helpful for the pressure a yes and I would imagine that they might want to know about that that it's not just regular yoga but there's a research you know, backup that this specific and I'm sure it's in dvd but who those who don't know and that could be one of the things that could go on we can't ask questions, I guess, right? So that would be something that wouldn't belong in the lead unless you knew you had a very scientifically minded, data driven type of audience which some people dio and and that's going to meet that audience where they're at but where your audiences at that's I agree that stuff is really great on a sales page, but it would go in the bottom half of the sales paige either in an f a q or just supporting information you could absolutely included I just wouldn't put it in the lead but yeah that's a really great point sometimes that those kind of information you have to ask is this really important to my customer right now? Is this the information they need to know to care or is this the information they need to know to all? Ultimately open up their wallets okay, so that that information you put further down and you focus in the lead on just the information just the story people need to really care right now to keep reading because if you can't get them to keep reading, you're not going to get the sale right? Yeah, and I think that's, I have a lot of it information on my page, coming from the idea person, right. These are all the scientific, proven ways of why this word, but clearly that's, not the person, it's not appealing to them. No, no, no, they also know that scientifically prozac works, right? Yes, and that doesn't matter to them, either. And that's. Fine, so let's, meet them where they're at, yeah, and leave them to where we want them to be. Okay, okay, many questions, I think. That's it. Okay, perfect, awesome. You're welcome.

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