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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Collaborative Narrative - Part 2

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

13. Collaborative Narrative - Part 2

Lesson Info

Collaborative Narrative - Part 2

Megan remind us who you are where we can find you online and what your next big thing is yeah um so I'm making route and you can find me at megan dot com my next big thing is sort of two parts and I'm still trying to figure out so hopefully this will help I'm working on a mini book right now that is part my story apartment client's story that takes people from almost recovered two completely free basically seven steps or practices um and then as I've been writing that getting feedback on it I've realised that it's perfect for a community to go deeper and build more of a group offering around okay great awesome so let's talk about before and after so where are your people at now and where do they want to be yes so sometimes I feel like this list can get really long so um like I was playing three feeling and three circumstances three well okay embarrassed if they still have a problem after all these years of treatment therapy antidepressants um uh they uh they I had all the treatments ye...

ah they've spent a lot of time energy and resource is um self worth is based still on number so size of clothing number on the scale they still will default back teo basing their self worth on a number and their definition of success being that okay um negative self talk is huge and then um I would also say that um that principle that we talked about a lot of unable to make decisions because of self doubt never trusting themselves always looking for outside opinions um outside advice so it's sort of the, uh lack of self trust and then also self doubt so okay was the after um after there's a lot so like we said at the beginning of the segment today was that she sees his opportunities without double thinking okay um no longer living in fear of relapse um she used your voice to set boundaries and stand up for her beliefs sorry I'm talking about writing um she's also she has better relationships but she's able tto have to a relationships healthy real relationships not just her giving giving giving giving yeah um he's great is that enough? Yeah, actually I go online. I know you thies air really specific though, and I think they make a lot of sense maybe not everyone but to your client right? Like two way relationships I guessed at what you meant by that but I would bet that your ideal client knows exactly what you mean by that they're used to being in a one way relationship and a two way relationship would be something pretty nice. Yeah, right so what's standing in their way um have I made a lot of notes about this at lunch? Um when the five pages on um standing in the way well thinking that trying to think what a word this um believing that they're not worthy of um moving from almost recovered two completely free okay um um I would also say that um being stuck in what they've always down to the western current medical model of treatment and not realizing that there's another way to do it realizing there are other modalities think of using that word properly and then um I think also it really gets in our way is like believing that she's terminally unique like she's the only one stuck here terminally unique um okay that's good, good yeah that's good uh key insight hypothesis this's very um stuck because, um it's this one I love this this is like um how do I describe why that is so good to be king any of you describe why that's what whitney for many people an eating disorder is a terminal illness and so they may still have the mentality that they're on that path but there closely held beliefs about their own uniqueness on that path is preventing them from breaking out of the aloneness and that path and you're trying to tell them they don't have to walk that path at all anymore and certainly not alone yeah yeah and we need do you have a sense of why this particular insight is I think going to be more compelling than the other two insights because believing that you're not worthy and not realizing there's another way is not unique to the issue of eating disorders yeah, but terminally unique is something that we couldn't necessarily apply to any other one of us yeah, I totally agree and I think that this is just like it really cuts to the core not in a way that people aren't self away where of it but in a way that they don't realize that that's what's holding them back right on dh there's there like that we could just make a hole like mind map of details of a smaller stories that you could tell about being terminally unique so I think yes exactly what they said plus all that other thing this thing this is a huge conversation in and of itself which is great because you want your key insight to be able to fuel your content strategy for a month two months, six months, maybe even depending on what your offer is and this is the kind of unique insight our key insight that could do that makes sense. Okay, so when you realize uh is it when you realize you're not alone or like what's the opposite of terminally unique um may think howto worth this yeah when you realize you're not alone but that seems like it's over simplifying it almost yeah um what about something like when you when you integrate this's bad television uh waiting for you in here? Yeah when you uh how about something like this is gonna be a slightly cliche we can always massage later when you walk the path of eating to sort of freedom with others who were in the same place as you you find more ways to seize opportunity without double thinking remove your fear of relapse set boundaries and have more two way relationships. Yeah, okay, like I said it's it's slightly cliche but when you walk the uh e d freedom with others going through uh same. Ok, so, uh this is also good in terms of a hypothesis because not only is it directly related to your key insight but it's related to the format of your product as well. This wouldn't work for a one on one coaching offer, but it works really nicely for a community or group coaching offer where being with others who are like you is part of the value proposition right it's the change still is realizing you're not alone realizing you're not unique, but we're just working it slightly differently. All right um so let's, talk about the story here now, um we could talk about your personal story, but I don't think that's going to be the strongest way to go, especially since we're uh, leading people toward the destination of they're being multitudes right um so this might be a great place to bring in a hypothetical story since it's a new offer and you don't have necessarily a client's story that khun speak teo a group coaching experience with you you might need to tell a story that hasn't happened yet so can you do that for us using the information that's up here? Yeah, I think those are hard for makes them so used to turn telling personal and client so it's um I think the hypothetical it would be, um that a woman can be on the path to eating to sort of recovery and moving from almost recovered two free and trying all of these different things and that are very individual and one on one um so she's tried therapy she's tried coaching she's tried all of these things um but she's feeling isolated and she's feeling that terminally uniqueness. And when she's in a community of like minded sisters and people who are experiencing her pains experiencing her challenges, she realizes she's not alone she learns quicker from them from just one person and is able to move forward. Yeah, so I might actually tell that story in the second person so using u is a really powerful device it's it's really powerful where you're actually speaking to the person that is reading so and normally I like unless you're telling a very specific personal story. I'd like to show I away from I, but one way you could almost hybridize this for you is to say something like along the lines I have watched you struggle through therapy through coaching through treatment centers. I've watched you based your self worth on numbers on your side, your dress size and your weight. I've watched you talk bad about yourself I've watched you be unable to make decisions because of your self doubt on what I want for you is for you to seize opportunities without double thinking. I want you to focus on what's in front of you instead of the food. I want you to set boundaries I want you to enjoy to way relationships on the way that you do that is realizing that you're not terminally unique. There is a sisterhood of women who are walking the path, teo eating to sort of freedom and you conjoined that path with us. Does that work? E? Yeah, I think that's a fun way to kind of hybridize it it's, super powerful it's, a kind of a but lead ary way to approach the story as well. So you're not just speaking with vulnerability, you're speaking with strength, and that could be a really interesting way for you to differentiate this offer from other offers that you've made. Um I'd sit with us a little bit because it may not be the best way to communicate for you but it might be a way really good way to push your edge since I think being a thought leader being voice for these women is important to you might be a really good way to start exercising that power a little bit that's great thank you yeah that's I'm good yeah cool alright thank you alright so pretty good timing let's think back over today uh let's think about what you've learned where you started today where did you start today? Hopefully you came here with your next big thing in mind you came with an idea no matter how kind of unfocused it wass for what you wanted to be selling and today we've walked through understanding what is going to matter your customers about that idea about that product we've thought about where they are now we've thought about where they want to be. We've thought about the knowledge that you bring to the table and that you of exercise within the relationship and we've brought that to bear we tied it all together then we've learned to tell stories that make our offer's infinitely more compelling than they would be on their own so how much more confident are you about telling the stories you need to sell your next big thing? How much more confident are you we could fist to five it? Yeah. Okay. Fifty five. How much more confident are you okay? Beautiful, beautiful. Any ah ha moments in particular that you'd like to share. Tiffany, it just feels lovely. Tohave a formulaic approach that is based in service. Um, for those of us who are service providers. Um, and in a way that my challenges a za coaches always do not talk like a coach and to actually help people see the tangible results, and I feel like this is such a clear, positive way to do that without saying, I'm going to help you make a million dollars, but instead it's like I'm going to help you, you know, seize opportunities and that that feels great talk about good, good. I love that you picked up on that. This is a formulaic approach, and we've created at least three or four different examples here, and I don't think any of them felt formulaic, right when I was talking through them with each of our hot cedars, I don't I think they felt like, oh, she's just saying the same thing over and over again. Yeah, the process exactly. The same it's. Exactly the same, always. This far as I'm concerned but the end product now you especially with this segment you've got these tools you can tell your story you could tell a client story you can come up with a story like what we just did with meghan you can tell it of in the written word you can tell it through video you can tell it visually you could tell it verbally even so you have all these different tools to make that message keep feeling fresh and new and different so even in your own business if you keep using the formula you never sound like a broken record you could always find something new to bring to the table with your sales message thanks for you're welcome thank you yeah anything else any other ah ha moments yeah rochelle the lead story idea I I had not thought of that I mean I do tell a story ah kind of technical story about the product yeah but to actually tell a story about why you would want it is I mean so obvious so we shall I'm totally going to put you on the spot for a little bit here because I have a feeling the job maria going to say terra please talk about products like actual products that people physically by so tell us what your product iss where we can find you online and how you're planning to apply what we just talked about to your business I make jewelry and I specialize in custom photo jory with your own family photos, I'm we're gonna brace it right now with old family photos. Awesome and I'm at the red scorpio dot com and what was the rest of it and how I was doing? You just talked about this like lead story idea, kind of being revolutionary, a supposed to how you have been doing well, I think a lot of people buy it for gifts, so if I told a story about what a great gift it would make and how the person would feel when they got it and how you would feel giving it its more compelling, then you know, I use high quality, you know, materials and I've worked on my process for years and yes, absolutely and so that's what we've been talking about, this idea of idea, people makers their idea people too, and they get really fixated on techniques, materials and on quality, and all of those things are important just like all of your ideas are important. But there is a better story to tell, and it sounds like that you've really honed in on exactly what that story is that's really exciting, I have to rewrite my whole good that's exactly what I want you, teo, I want everybody to dio

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