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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Craft a Sales Page That Converts - Demo

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

28. Craft a Sales Page That Converts - Demo

Lesson Info

Craft a Sales Page That Converts - Demo

I'm gonna do something I have never done on live television before and that is built a sales paige on the phone fly I want to prove to you that it's absolutely doable to write a killer sales page in less than seventy five minutes and we have actually even less than that this time so I'm gonna write in less than sixty minutes a killer sales page with sasha kegan so this is not just about my skills but also allowing her to use what she's learned over the course of these three days so sasha, why don't you come on up? We'll have a little chit chat first and then we'll get started so sasha's a returning creative live guest this is my third workshop and it's her third workshop here as well so I'm really glad to have her back and I'm really glad that we can spend this segment working directly with you. So tell us who you are, where we can find you online and what your next big thing is uh my name is sasha keagan and my website is sasha kegan dot com I am most well known for starting the quirk...

yalone movement, which is all about people celebrating who they are, whether they're single or in a relationship and really connecting to themselves first and this thing I'm going to talk to you now truly is my next big thing which will be my I've been working on a book for two years, and I've been living a journey in my life for five years. It is all about embracing my personal power through my sensuality, and so I've been deep in this process, and I wantto create something teo share this with other people, and the book is going to be called wet excellence. Yes, it is a great title, people okay, so tell us a little bit about that personal journey specifically let's talk about the tango piece because I think that that really embodies what you do and how you kind of use sensuality and you have used to travel and independence to kind of reconnect with yourself. So this story is that five years ago I worked in silicon valley after selling a company's, so after the acquisition of my company, I worked there and I was totally deadened and wasn't happy in my life, I wasn't dating I didn't have any creativity at that moment, and I was really kind of flat and I had an impulse to go on live in brazil after going there for three weeks because I noticed that they had a different way of being in their bodies, that I really struck me, and so that impulse I felt through my body and the airport in rio that there was something I needed to dio, and I hadn't felt that kind of instinct in twelve years because I had been, like, very focused on being in adults and impractical um, so that led teo journey that led lasted like four or five years of living in a very different way. I'm living in brazil, colombia and argentina, discovering tango, I'm finding my passion that way and really just growing from me as a person through better sex is part of it, but most of it is about growing into myself as a woman through connecting to my body and pleasure. Awesome, wonderful. All right, so you mentioned writing a book called wet, but we're not writing a sales page for the book this today, right? We're writing a sales page for so a coaching program that honestly could be a group coaching program or could be individual, but really, what I want to dio is figure out what are the real world implications for someone, you know? Because that's, my personal story and part of that will map with other people, but other they also have different circumstances. So what I want to do is basically take all the insights I got from south america and also from my study of alternative sexuality in san francisco and make that available to people so they can feel more powerful have better it's not just about having better sex is really about like feeling great and even making better decisions based on what feels good okay fantastic so we're gonna unpack that we've actually got our guest instructor for this afternoon is taking notes or will be taking notes furiously s o that as I'm up at the flip chart and kind of doing just some broad strokes note taking sasha we're actually going to be writing the sales page we're just going to be taking notes so that's gonna be fantastic so let's start with kind of the work that we did in session one which is before and after key insight and hypothesis because I think the easiest place to start writing a sales page you hopefully you got the idea of this earlier but we don't necessarily start with headline and work our way to the bottom when we're writing a sales page. Often we work on different bits and pieces as they come up and as they become easier and easier and clearer and clearer to see. But I think the easiest place to start writing a sales page is the lead because they're often the easiest pieces it's the most direct it's the most direct relationship to those building blocks that we worked out already so talk to me about the buffet fore and aft er for your client so first of all, who is this client on dh then where's she at right now? Where is he at right now feelings eyes he currently experiencing what situations or circumstances is here so it men and women are responding so far to be what, which has been surprising to me because I thought it would that men wouldn't relate, but I think that I will foot start with women because it just gives a better focus for the beginning. Um, so some of this I'm still getting clear on what are the most common before, but for sure there's a whole piece in our society that we're just not comfortable with sex, so, you know, there's like, uh, discomfort or not comfortable, we're talking about it. So there's a feeling of, um disconnection are yeah, just not knowing how to talk about it and all the lost potential because of that, um, that we'd also to being uncomfortable in relationships can be yeah, yeah, and, you know, without getting too heavy, there's just a lot of shame that people have and, you know, for women there's this heavy thing of, um, not knowing to talk about what they want and feeling like a slut or just, you know, just all of this sort of heavy it's hard to be a woman and be sexually expressed basically ok, so you've also started talking about single shame too is that related here as well? Yeah, I mean because I want to work with people who to express their sexuality and their sensuality whether they're single or in a relationship because I mean there's a vision that I have that everybody has this power inside of them tio feel more creative, radiant, happy secure within themselves that is part of a relationship that is also us an individual. Okay. Okay, great. Um how do any of these things express themselves say at work or with maybe the family at large? Um, at work? I mean, I think that they're sort of there's like a lack of sexual energy in our culture so people can feel kind of like dead end or block or something. Would you draw a connection between sexuality or sensuality and connecting with that with connecting to your creativity? He talked about that a bit on your so there could be, like, a lack of creativity in the workplace, even the way you were so passionate about writing sales pages like I would call that turned on. Yeah, you know it like you were like turned on about your thing and I think that there's a route to getting turned on about your thing that has to do with connecting to yourself in your sensuality. Okay. Great. Um anything of relationships outside of, like, partner relationships? Well, I just talked to one woman who is going to become an individual client with this stuff, and and she just wants to feel more afraid of, like, go and make out with someone you know, like just not having any kind of kissing or, you know, it's not just about intercourse, but just like feeling more free and not having this big, heavy shame thing around. Just feeling afraid. Dealing free to express themselves. Yeah, and have the benefits without you could call a shame over physically or otherwise. Great ba force. Yes. Okay, let's, look at the after we could se teoh with one of the women I was talking to here, there was that before was just not having sex, okay? And that could be not having sex in a marriage or relationship or as a single person. Yeah, absolutely. Let's, look at the after, okay, um, more comfortable on yourself, more powerful and like in your body to there's a part of this that is just taking pleasure in your body. I want to add one more to the before so that's okay, we can like narrow zone there's a part of this is fear of aging oh it's like you're going to get dry as there's a literal part of the wet and try that as a woman you're going to get dry and it's all gonna be downhill, which especially applies teo postmenopausal right or just anyone any woman who's thirty five and he's like I'm gonna be aged out nobody's gonna be attracted to me yeah, yeah, yeah very interesting see how a couple of these things are? They're not necessarily related exactly two the work that sasha does but what they are is what is actually mattering most to the people that matter most people who are most likely to sign on to this coaching so lack of creativity um work lack of turn on and work fear of aging those aren't things that are like the direct before like no sex or not being comfortable talking about it, those air like the direct connections, but here we kind of we've drawn out the connection's toe other other things that people are uncomfortable whether unhappy with because these are the things that might actually be top of mind. People might be interested in sasha's working and she puts so much writing out there and lots of people have read the quirkyalone book and get her blogged updates and reader on the huffington post and so they might have an interest in what she does and what she's exploring but they don't realize how it is relevant to them in terms of the work that she does like the work with people coaching work and so by taking these connections and drawing them out a little bit more and looking for their kind of natural conclusion, you're that's how you're going out and meeting the customer where they're at lack of creativity, lack of turn on in the workplace, fear of aging, lack of passion, right? Those are the things that people can't have lots and lots of people can relate teo that's directly related it may take a little longer to get there but directly related to the work that you're doing or the work that you're making available to people one more before so yeah yeah that really the central theme of the book is how do you figure out what you want in life and, you know, especially in my case if you're not on the traditional road map, you know it's like what am I doing what I want and the answer comes through sensuality and sexuality yeah, so then the after is know what she wants and asks for it right big piece yes asking for it huge or creates us all right other after um more radiant and attractive and that especially has to do with the aging piece that there's like this different type of femininity and beauty that is not about bo talks you know that is like about what is inside you yeah absolutely um what else um more vitality better able to make decisions because you have this way to like connect to yourself and of course yeah better sex or and when I say sex I mean like everything I don't just mean intercourse I have a really expensive vision of that so it's like just a better experience of yourself essentially and with a partner absolutely awesome so that's our before and after let's look at the key inside what was your key insight from earlier? Um well I guess that it's that you can find your way through your sex and sensuality or that you could like that I mean what I wrote here is better sex is just the beginning but there's something about like how you can um yeah I mean you can grow is a person is not what I want to say I want a thing like that I think your key insight is a how so in this case when you when you're coaching people there are certain like there's homeworks that you give them write that our house like taking a tango lesson or what are some other homework pieces that you've given people that are at least pg it's pretty feed you at this point um well it's sort of like exploring really knowing something in your body like how do you actually like believe that something is gonna happen you feel it through your body or like getting more comfortable with dancing and seeing your sexuality or your sensual energy as a thing of beauty and you know opening up in that way to be seen and b have that energy and not I feel ashamed of it okay, okay um so I need your key insight is very simply there are practices that you can use to build your skills four um being mohr radiant and attractive knowing mohr of what you want and taking pleasure in your body yeah practices attitude adjustment and practices attitude adjustment and bread and practices okay, I'm assuming some of the attitude adjustment comes through the practices as well. Yeah and I mean even just having a conversation about this I think is really huge for people whether that's just with me or in a group because there's so much silence around yeah remember focused and singular so absolutely you could choose to talk about how you know, talking about these things is one of the steps on the path like that could be your key insight, but I don't think that's the strongest key insight because it's really just your product then that you're talking about are you talking about the offer here? This implies that these practices air available whatever whoever you are aware of your out whether you choose this offer not and I think that ends up making a stronger case because you're not saying the on ly way to get these results is to buy my coaching or to coach with me. But you're saying they are there are practices, there's, an attitude adjustment you khun make. And there are practices that you can use to hone your skills for feeling. Mohr being mohr turned on and being more radiant everyday. Okay, so that's the hypothesis, right? Bridget did you get that? The hypothesis? Okay, perfect. I'm not going to write that down because that's all here already. So, um, now we have everything that we need to write the first. A third of the sales page. The lead. Okay, so, uh, is there? What are you feeling in terms of the story? Do you want to talk about use your personal story? Do you want to use a client's story or you? Do you want to use a hypothetical story? Mm. Gosh, um, maybe a hypothetical would be the most valuable. I mean, I can draw a little bit of what I know from me and others, but I'm tryingto look, I'm just trying to find my way to where people are, okay, okay, all right, and it's not kind of discomfort with the public the idea that's telling you it should be a hypothetical story. Well, of course, this is tremendously uncomfortable for me, tio. I know tremendous modesty. Peace, like I grew up in new england, you know, like it's, not like so, but, I mean, I feel strongly called to do this, but for me, this is like dealing with a lot of those things. Um, so I don't yeah, I mean, it could be personal. I mean, I guess I know at this point I know my own story. Yeah, I think hypothetical is fine. I just think that you should do it. Got checker up, body sensation check and make sure that as you're writing that hypothetical story or as you're editing that hypothetical story after today, that there's not some piece of fear holding you back from being that little bit more vulnerable, that could really just open up that sales page and make it saying, okay, why do you have a story in minds now? Okay, that's. Very specific. And it is the potential beginning scene of the whole book. Okay. Fantastic. Yeah. Do you mind sharing? Yeah, it's sort of. I mean, don't be funny to see if people think I'm a weirdo, because even my agent thinks that, like, it's too weird that people aren't gonna identify with it. I kind of want to know what people think. Um, so it's basically one of it's in the first week of when I went to brazil for a longer period of time and, um, I was at the beach with the brazilian woman who brought me there, huh? And I met these guys who help me dive off the rocks. I was already doing something like very edgy for me and then as is common in brazil, they will just ask you to make out with them like after, like, a few minutes of conversation like, do you want to kiss? Really? So basically, I did this I like, made out with this guy behind a rock, and it was just making out like it was fun, like I felt very sort of celebratory and like for me, it was a great moment, and then I walked back to meet natalia, and I didn't think she saw what she did on she totally judged me and she made it really was like, you are not supposed to do that kind of thing, and it became this conversation where then I felt slut shamed and I was trying to dig myself out of it and like, don't you do that when you're traveling and all that kind of stuff? And she admitted, yes, and then so it took me like, a week to get out of that story because I felt so bad about it. What's crazy is I went back and interviewed her via skype just a couple weeks ago. Really? That moment changed her life. Two thousand ten was the year her life changed. Afterwards, she got this confidence to go up to men in bars she went from like, being really shut down to making out with guys all this high on now she has this great boyfriend, and basically she was like, everything changed and I thought you were crazy, but then I thought about it, and I thought, why not? Why not just do something? It feels good. What do you guys think? Way with these hand kind of went up dramatically. I don't know if anyone else noticed this, but sasha, your hole body language changed when you started telling that story. Uh, I think that that story is so powerful, I don't think there's anything weird about it, agent, if you're listening, I don't think there's I think probably every single one of us, whether or not we've had that experience can identify with that experience, and I just noticed such a change in you as you were telling it, I got it. Chills and I think that if that were what you lead with, it would be a pretty powerful story that people would want to replicate in their own life. I completely agree, I think that's that's the story that's the story, so I think the way I would structure this in a sales page is I would tell most of the meat of the story, and then I would reiterate with these points so I would incorporate as much of these details, like I'd use this to make sure you were building out all the right details in those first couple of paragraphs. But then I'd come back and say, we live in a world where women are women or women have a fear of aging because they fear they're going to dry up, where women are shamed for their sexual needs or sensual needs and shamed for being single. We live in a world where there's a lack of creativity in the workplace where we don't feel turned on where our passion isn't being a tapped into in work and you are ready to break out of that world you're ready to be feel more comfortable with yourself, you're ready to make better decisions that are unique to you, you're ready to know what you want and be okay with asking for it. You're going to you're ready to take pleasure in your body and take pleasure in your work and take pleasure in your creativity you're ready for more vitality, your men ready for more radiance and to be more attractive all right, so that story before after in my world I did this through a siri's of practices and activities and crazy attitude adjustment step by step by staff I can show you the steps that I took I can coach you through taking the steps that will be true to you and when we do that you're going to get in touch with what you want and you're going to know how to ask for it you'll be able to take pleasure in your body and you'll feel more vitality every single day of your life okay that work? Yeah, okay. Yeah now it's really thrilling? Cool. Yeah um and then so now we're up to a testimonial, right? So before and after hypothesis testimonial instead of a test since you've coached people but this is technically a new offer, I won't do something crazy here and actually put that story from natalia in here how would would she let you use her picture? You know, I bet she would she's pretty into it yeah, so I think that could be a really interesting way I mean, the story would recur and then no so actually, so you maybe do the hypothesis and then you'd set it up and you'd say do you remember natalia from the story I talked to her a few weeks ago here's what's different for her yeah and then this so it's so realty teo I mean, you can't feel it was the way we call this stories behind the rock way have like a joke about it it's like the day everything changed behind the rock yeah, because you set it up so beautifully up here to the circle back to it in an unexpected way he's like, well, can I just have one thing for the can say I feel like maybe there's something about going outside your comfort zone that I don't know if that should be said they're somewhere else but this attitude adjustment piece I'm not loving week yeah so what you might say is through a series of practices that regularly took me outside my comfort zone I was able to rediscover what I want and how to ask for a blah blah blah blah blah because that's on better yeah, I mean there is that it is challenging I mean, that will be a lie to say that it's not that's why you need a coach, we need a coach and you want someone who's really ready for that? Absolutely so the next section would be your bio right or you're why I developed this okay now you've already shared your personal story so now let's share your professional story so I would actually use this as an opportunity teo give some of your credentials or your training so one of your credentials is writing the quirky loan book one of your credentials is you know, acknowledging that you've had special training and women's sexuality and sensuality even if you don't name names there and I think how on dh then of course all your tango training as well then this is one of the chiefs because that would be that would make for great images in here as well so you know you've got this's a tango image huh yeah okay and so you've got this and then kind of transitioning into I'm currently writing my memoir called wet but before you know that's going to take me another two years to finish for another year to finish and I'm ready to help women now and so I've developed this coaching program to get teo to help you now to stop start breaking down these barriers now okay so that's what I put in the bio section on then I'd have another testimonial on this would be a client testimonial can you you know obviously you don't have to name names but where do you have a client testimony you think would fit there? Well it was someone I raised my hand about I have one woman wrote me that I helped her see her sexual energy is a thing of beauty is fantastic right there since also you're going talk about tango and here you might want to use a testimonial that specifically mentions tango so one of the people who went on your tango retreat maybe that would be really good so there's that opportunity as well um what is next product for back okay, I want to unite something else yeah this's more testing of like how out there is everything might be more out there than behind the rock um I have this concept in the book of I don't even know if I can say this um following your p u s s y like basically owning and following it and like really tapping into it. So really anyway, I'm sort of like I talked with my agent like, can I say that on good morning america like that? Like, can I say that on the sales pitch was that is what I'll teach you how to dok so whether you can say that creative live or not, I don't know, but I would say you can say it on the sales, paige because if you're going to say it in coaching and you then you need to be able to put it in your marketing everyone's like, oh yes, yes

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