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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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How to Create & Use Key Insights

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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6. How to Create & Use Key Insights

Lesson Info

How to Create & Use Key Insights

Let's get some more key insights from in here as you guys were watching me work with Whitney. What key insights did you come up with? Jessica? Can I go to you first? So tell us who you are, what your next big thing is and what you're just quickly, you know? Sure. I'm Dr Jessica Michaelson. I'm a psychologist and a parenthood coach. I work with parents with kids five and under, and my next program is a on intimate discipline coaching pro program and the key inside it probably need help with it. But in my mind is that people are bringing an A plus mentality to a C minus game, meaning that when something's hard, they do what they did to make get them a pluses in school and get the promotion at work. I will read. I will find the answer, and I will do it. And relationships don't work that way, particularly relationships with little kids. I think those brilliant key insight let me tell you why you have named a problem for people and not only name to their problem. You've named to their appro...

ach when you name something in a key insight is a fantastic place to name something. You galvanize your audience, you give them something that they can relate. Teoh Something that makes them say I get it. This is me. Now I have language to talk about this. So you create conversation when you name something like that. So I love it. And yes, of course it's going to take a bigger story. It's gonna take some content strategy. But this could be the thing you talk about for the next year on your blogging in your email marketing all about the A plus game versus the C minus game. I love it, excellence. And I'm curious if you came up with the key insight A speaking of makers. So I'm not gonna lie to you. I'm having a little bit of difficulty okay in finding something consistent, so I had no problem. So Okay, so I should take one setback, because I'm ah, maker who is launching? My next big thing is going to, uh, we're opening a boutique and it's a multi use place, or it's gonna be boutique first. And then we're offering a workshop space for kids ages 5 to 18 to work with local creatives right specific yearly. You're launching it on Kickstarter, right? We did an Indiegogo campaign and to go and then and it's basically that's done. Now it's just this. Okay, so you're so almost your may be doing more of, like, a PR kind of launch like that and actually physically executing the space. Okay? Still in construction and everything. So it's managing all of that, making sure that I keep that moment that positive momentum to when we actually opened our doors. So I had no problem with the before and after, and I'm having a little bit of difficulty. You know, I've picked out my three people. One is because obviously with it's like we're serving the kids. But we have to market to the parents or the adults that are going to be responsible for bringing these kids in. So, um, one of them is, um, a very, very busy mom, like I've already written them down, and she has a little bit of like trusting confidence issues with bringing her kids who are very like scholastic into a creative setting. Okay, um, and then the other one is a mom who's who has Ah, young child. That's very creative, but is stimulated by a bunch of different things. Um, and she and she's also very creative in the arts community. So she kind of is like, Well, I can see why all of this is I might not have time to, but why would I bring my kid to something that I could just go on Pinterest and do at home? And then the other one is, um, cardinal kind of more of the anti setting like, Oh, I don't have kids myself, but this could be kind of a cool solution to do with my niece or nephew. Um, and so I'm having a little bit bit of difficulty finding something that transfers over. Sure. So I think the thing that you're missing here is a cohesive after there's gotta be two or three results that all of those people have in common that they would like to get out of the experience of coming into the workshop Er and yeah, and doing the activities with you. What do you think that would be, uh, two or three things I would think, um, be having the opportunity to reconnect with their little one, whether it's their own child or even if it's like a mentee. Kind of, um, something that is this idea of, like, a one stop shop. I don't have to shuttle my kid to a 1,000, different activities that they're interested in. We can just go to the place and have access to a bunch of different people teaching a bunch of different things. Um, I feel like I'm missing something really obvious, but maybe, like, ah, now there they have the opportunity to balance what they're learning in school with something a little more creative. Yeah, hands on. Yeah, I think, um, I might say something along the lines of because I I've got an idea of what your key insight could be, um, learning and exploring. So having the opportunity for kids toe learn and explore in that kind of environment. So I think the real reason people aren't connecting with their kids um, that there Well, it's also having to do with shuttling people around or looking for activities outside of the home and trying to learn and explorers that people are doing it on devices instead of the real world. Right? And so I would look for a great way to say it, but essentially, the key insight is put down the device. Step into the studio. Yeah. Okay. Maybe like ahead. Idea of, like more hands on and getting messy rather than lake a screen? Yes, Exactly. Exactly. Break through the screen. Come, Teoh. What's the name of the workshop? I don't know yet. I telling Tiffany knows like it's it's there. I just have to stop pressuring myself to figure out. No problem, no problem. But yeah, I think there's something in technology. Okay, um that is going to be feel super relevant to everyone in that all three of those people that you talked about but that you have you have the antidote for you have the the answer to write. So I would look to technology is your key insight and find, You know, I think really, the question is just What's that? There's a clever way to say it. The real reason these things aren't happening is because people are searching these things out online or through the screen. And so then you just need to take that and turn it into a message that's clever and concise and clear so that when you go and pitch to the media, which is probably gonna be one of the big things that you're doing. They see the story right there. All right, so it's not about the painting app. It's about getting the paints out right. It's not about the puzzle app. It's about making your own puzzle. Okay, Does that sound okay? Absolutely. All right, Cool, Thank you. We've got some key insights that we, Chris for the K, who's also tweeting with a K on Twitter, says Key insight that a lot of other chatters air agreeing with you are not an impostor, your business Israel, and you can tell it's story better than anyone else can. Awesome. That's one good key insight. And, ah, 2nd 1 is from Rebecca. Are Nash photo on Twitter? Key insights. It's not just a file. It's a storytelling piece of art that tells their story for life. Yeah, that's a huge one for photographers. Many different kinds of photographers can use that in many different kinds of settings, and that's one that I know I come back to with the photographers I work with over and over and over again. So yes, so just like Whitney's clients don't need to reinvent the wheel. You all don't need to reinvent the wheel, either. All right, so cool. So let's talk about because we've got just a couple minutes left and we have to get to a hypothesis. How do you use your key insight? I've already mentioned this a couple of times. Create a killer headline for your sales Copy. Um, look at the the key insights that you've that you've already come up with and just think about how many awesome headlines there are. That could be the main. It could be the main sentence in your product description if you're a maker. Or it could be the headline on the top of your sales page where it could be the name of a product, even focus your messaging on what your customers need to know to buy. We don't focus our messaging on what people need to know to buy nearly enough. We focus in on our ideas on our big picture thinking, instead of on what they need to know to buy. Set your customers up to actually make a decision that's gonna be positive for them. They want to buy. People want to buy. Give them the information they need to make that happen. Um, your cancer gives you a final destination to create content that leads people to making a decision. I talked about that a little bit already. When we're gonna talk about that way more over the next two days, your key insight is a destination. All of your messaging, all of your content up to that point leads people back to their. So when that sales page comes out, when they next real, when they read the product description or the when they finally see your physical good on a photo, were right in front of them say it. A craft fair. That idea is in their head, and that feels expected in the best possible way. You also use your key insight to build the hypothesis that convinces people your solution is the right one. So here's your quiet power strategy for this for before lunch connections are the gold. Standard connections are the gold standard. Your hypothesis is a way to connect what you know. Toe what your customers want, and connecting those kind of ideas puts money in your bank account just quite simply so. Connections are the gold standard. Let's talk about what a hypothesis is. It starts with Wen, and that's your key insight, and it leads people to. Then those were the results that people want. So this is really easy. You've got all the pieces of the hypothesis on in your workbook already. Take your key insight and pair it up with three big after results. So let's do Whitney Israel fast. Okay, when you understand the ins and outs of user experience designed the better way that already exists, then you feel more supported and connected. Uh, you have the terminology to reinforce what your ideas are, and you gain influence within the organization that you work for. So if Whitney is learn the Ropes group coaching programme leveraged that key insight. When you are a part of the UX design world, you feel more supported and connected. You have the terminology to make your ideas understood, and you gain influence within your organization. If you were a UX designer and it's were an aspiring UX designer, would you want to buy that product? Yes, you would write. And so from there, from not hypothesis, Whitney can then say, let me show you how I'm gonna show you the ropes of the UX design world. I'm going to show you the better way that already exists. But you've already convinced them that this is the key from getting them from here to there, which is where they want to be. Makes sense. That's a simple if the hypothesis is, and it doesn't always have to start when then. But it's a great way to set it up for yourself when the key insight, then the after results. Okay, pick the three after results you think are the most heavy hitting, the most universal, the ones that are really going to inspire people to buy and pick the key insights that is going to give you a world of things to talk about. Right is Whitney could pick any one of, uh, these other key insights. She could talk about negative self talk. She could talk about makers versus managers, which key and say does she want to use now? That's all I'm asking, right? It's that simple. It's your choice, all right. Last thing I promised you this example of a physical product. I got this email from Tom's two weeks ago, I think and thought, What a beautiful example of a key insight and I have apotheosis. And so let me show you monochromatic. That's the key insight. Okay, that's the key insight. Here is the hypothesis. Keep it simple with this collection of blacks and grays that let you concentrate on what's most important making it to class on time. So they've taken this message, making it to class on time or subconsciously getting dressed faster in the morning. They've used their key insight, which is, if you have a wardrobe of monochromatic clothing, you can do that. And they've put it together with one visual and one sentence with a call to action to shop. That's how simple this is ISS. And so for a company like Tom's, where they're going to be, you know, I get an email from Tom's probably twice at least twice a week, right. I click on most of them, but anyhow, they have the opportunity to cycle through P insights over and over and over again. So you know, they if they've got a list of 20 things they'd like to try, they can try all 20 right? So can you. It's just gonna take you longer, okay? But this is this is how simple it can be. So if you're a maker and you're saying why, it's what I'm coming up with so simple. Wouldn't anybody think of Best Channel this example? Think about the email marketing campaigns that you could put out. Think about the visual how you could visually represent that key insight instead of verbally. You know, it's always going to be easiest for me standing up here to write stuff down and to talk it out with you or to pretend that I am making a marketing video. But this is this is how simple it can be to be extremely effective. Current fist to five. Do we get hypothesis audience fives and fours Wonderful.

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