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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Make Your Message Matter to Sell More

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

4. Make Your Message Matter to Sell More

Lesson Info

Make Your Message Matter to Sell More

When last we spoke, we were talking about before and after and that the key to grabbing the your audiences attention is unlocking the door between where they are now and where they want to be. They have a certain special set of circumstances, a set of frustrations instead of feelings that are associated with before they buy before they have your product, and then they have someplace that they want to be. They have feelings that they want to feel circumstances that they want to be in goals that they want to achieve, that's the after but between that there's a locked door or else they'd already be in the after right. The good news is that you and you and you and you and you have the key, right that's, why we're in business, we're in business to unlock the door between peoples before and afters, and we do that with a product, but we do it even more specifically with a key insight it's that idea that unlocks the door, it's a piece of knowledge that we have it's a system we've created it's ...

and it's, you know, a product feature set that we've that we've created at the workbench in the studio that unlocks the door between before and after. And that key insight is what we're going to spend the first half of today talking about, and then the second half, or I'm sorry, the first half of this segment, and then the second half of this segment, we're going to talk about a hypothesis, which, as I said in the statement segment before, is that one sentence that gives people the compelling reason to buy your product, so buy lunch today, you are going to have that one sentence that, you know, is going to help the right people make a buying decision about your product, all right? So let's, talk about what happens when you don't use a key insight, and this is what happens most of the time, because most people aren't using a key insight. So, first of all, your marketing and sales conversations feel all over the place. One of the best things that a key insight does is focus your marketing and sales conversations. Do you remember, back in the beginning of segment one, I talked about how your marketing, sales and launch conversations need to be focused and singular, right? When you're focused on a particular destination, a particular idea, that's going to get people where you need them to be, to make a great buying decision, all of your messaging is funneling back to that it feels consistent, it feels expected, and I feels those things in all the most positive ways, right? This is not about boring, this is about consistent of focus. The next thing is that customers seem interested in the product, but they don't buy it, and this is a really common launch problem that I hear about is people while they're they're liking my sales page on facebook, or they might be tweeting about it or they're posting the product image to pinterest they're putting it on their wish list, but they're not buying it right now. Well, one of the reasons they might not be buying it right now is because you're not communicating a message that unlocks that door that makes the after even seem possible because that's, the other thing that happens here is that so many of our customers have tried to get through that door between before and after for so long that they've stopped believing the after it's possible, they've they've tried, they still want those after things, but they've stopped believing it's possible it stopped believing it's something they could achieve, maybe they believe there's something wrong with them? Maybe they believe they're not prettier pretty enough or they're not smart enough where they're not capable enough, your key insight is the key to flipping around that kind of thinking, so you go from having someone who may feel defeated even if still feeling a bit positive, hopefully so feeling positive but a bit defeated to someone who actually believes that after is possible again uh, you also find when you don't use a key insight that customers undervalue the product because they don't know how it's relevant to them. All right? You don't know how it's relevant to them and this I see a lot with my coaches and I love me, my coaches and my therapist and my doctors have got some of them in my audience. I'm so glad they are here. But here's, what happens? You you lead with your idea, you're crazy. Awesome idea because you have you. You live and breathe this stuff you love diving into the world of ideas in your field, in your industry with your community. But you get so up here in the ideas that you forget to bring your idea your product, your message back down here to the real world, too. How it's actually applicable. Two people toe what actually makes sense to people and your key insight can do this for you. And let me tell you, this has been a long, hard personal lesson for me because I just like you, right? I want to think about I want to think about how you know micro businesses, just like silicon valley business is just like wall street business and how could I think about all these three things together and all the happy little babies that they can make right? Other people don't want to think about that. What do they want to think about how to make more money now? How to get more customers, how to put their product in the hands of more people, right? So what am I talking to you about today? How to make more money now? How to put your product in the hands of more people, on how to get more customers what's going on in my head, lots of fun, ideal world, world winds going around, right? So you could get that same feeling for yourself. Of I'm in my element, I am doing my best work, but even better you can get people talking back to you because it's relevant to them, it feels it is their essence of now for them, right, that's. Huge. You get to do mohr of your best work when you leverage a key insight that makes your ideas relevant to the people who matter most. So how do you go about, uh, when you nail your key insights? These this is what can happen tell me if these things sound good to you. First, you can have dramatically shorter sales conversations. Sasha, I know you are currently in sales conversations with people and they're taking awhile, right? It's it's taking some time it's taking some energy you have to be on the phone for a long time. You might have to follow up many times you have that initial sales call and then you have to follow up and then you have to follow up and you have to follow up. What if you had? What if you got to stop following up? What if you got on the phone with someone and made the sale that day nailing your key insight khun b the ticket to that experience the same reason it's the same same thing going on when people land on a sales page ah long form sales page and say immediately that's the thing for me I'm going to show you later how email marketing also makes this happen, where you can show a key insight in a single email visually and be the thing that makes people want to buy now okay, sound good. Would we like more of that? Yes. Ok, good. Uh, you get additional word of mouth or social sharing because here's the thing we all just just like we are idea people we also have idea people in our audience is and so they like to geek out with us they kind of well, you know, raise their own personal standards of what they're looking for to be able to play with you in your on your playing field but what they don't dio is share your product, your service, your offer with their friends, their network, their family because they don't see how it's relevant to other people too it's only relevant to them because they're geeks right? And I think you guys know I say that in the most positive way I am such a geek had I loved my geeks, but geeks are a very small part of your audience and if you want more sales if you want more money if you want more customers one way is to stop just appealing to the geeks or early adopters and to tap into a much wider market. So if you could give people a key insight that feels relevant teo one hundred people a thousand people ten thousand people more of your key core customers more of those people who are most ready to buy most likely to buy will share your offer with their friends and family and they we'll be able to tell a story about that product that feels relevant to their friends and family that's really the trick to that right? So if you're asking yourself why don't more people share what I do why don't more people talk about my product or my service on facebook or twitter? Lengthen or pinterest? This could be one of the reasons and probably is the last thing is your customers will be willing to pay more money, your customers will be willing to pay more money, like I said before, your customers tend to undervalue things that don't seem relevant to them. So if you're having a problem getting the price you want or need to charge for what it is that you're offering it's, probably because people don't, val, you don't find the relevance in what you're offering. If you make something so relevant to somebody that they understand that this product service offer program solves a core problem for them or helps them achieve a core desire, what price wouldn't they be willing to pay for that? What lengths wouldn't they be willing to go teo to find the money? That's? What makes the difference between people who are willing to go out on a limb for your product or your service? And people who just say, oh, no that's too expensive? It sounds good, but it's too expensive, right? People don't say it's too expensive because it's actually too expensive, people say it's too expensive because they don't understand why they should part with their money the key insight is your opportunity to prove that you have the product that you have the know how that you have the system that you have the skills it's going to solve the core problem or core desire in a way that makes the money it relevant short that's simply your key insight builds trust and authority this is your opportunity to share from your perspective you guys know I talk about the customer perspective all the time I say I'm a customer obsessed business strategist there are few things I love maur than getting in the heads of my customers or getting in the heads of your customers that's actually even more fun for me because you know, I've been getting in the heads of my customers for a long time but each new customer for me it's a new client for me as a new opportunity to understand a market better but this is your opportunity to bring your skills, your knowledge, your know how your passion to bear in the sales conversation your key insight builds trust and authority by unlocking the door between before and after all right, so let's go back to those three people who are most likely to buy and I am now in the workbook on page seven I've got another one of those handy little chart and I want you to take the same three people that use from segment one and again we're naming names and we are putting those names in the dark gray area here so name three people who are most likely to buy your next big thing and they were going to answer another siri's of questions remember these questions are going to be from your perspective so this should be easy that's what that's kind of the cool thing about the key insight too is that it should be easy it should feel fun all right? The other thing could take some work this should be easy here we go the first question is what do you know is the real reason your customers haven't moved from before to after what's the core problem what's the core problem wide what do you know is the real reason people haven't moved from before to after let me give you an example from my own business this is actually the kind of core problem that we talked about in my last creative life workshop on value pricing and business models um so many people think that the reason they're not making more money is because they need to get better at marketing and when they say marketing they mean promotion so lots of customers phrase their questions in the form of questions about promotion how do I do better how do we get more people to like my page on facebook how do I get more people to follow me on twitter how do I get more retweets wow that could not be further from the actual reason why you're not making enough money now, and how you can move to making more money, right? One of the core reasons is that you don't have a business model that has the systems within it that make money for you easily, without you having to do all of the crazy promotional tactics. Okay, that's, the core reason that's why a lot of my customers, this one key insight that I actually use to sell one of my programs, that's the real reason people don't move from before to after they never work with a coach to develop a business model that actually works for them. So what's, the real reason your people don't move from before to after next question, what's the one thing they would need to know or experience to ensure that they buy. Now this, I'm going to ask you to think a little bit more from their their perspective again, but what do you think is the one thing they would need to know or experience to ensure that they would buy so again, I could use the same example here my customers might need to know what a business model iss the fact that just putting out willy nilly products or services out into the world and promoting them once and then leaving them be does not a business model make right? It doesn't bring in consistent revenue it doesn't actually help you achieve your revenue goals so the thing they might need teo so that might be the thing they need to know and they could experience that by say, hopping on a tele class with me and having me actually work through how to set up one of the systems in your business model all right, so that could be the experience they need to be able to identify all the different parts where they need to experience all the different parts of what a business model is so that they could imagine crafting one themselves even as they're thinking about hiring a coach to help them do it okay, so what's the one thing they would need to know or experience to ensure they would buy and don't worry we're actually gonna sit down and do all of these things in the hot seat so I'm going to give you you'll gap more examples okay uh and then last question what? Ah ha moment for your customer would make your offer infinitely mohr compelling what? Ah ha moment would your customer need to have to make your offer infinitely more compelling? So the ah ha moment in my example might be that when they write down all their products and they they kind of go through all the different parts of the business model they realised that the numbers don't add up at the end there's no way to make their current business model work so that could be their ah ha this isn't working because it doesn't work so my mind's fairly self explanatory there's math involved but still but is there an ah ha moment in that your customers have that make them more open to your work you might actually even think about work you've done with the client um because I can tell you that now I know I can put these things in my marketing but where it used to happen was actually in client sessions I'd have one of those awesome early adopter geek clients sign on with me we do some sessions and one of the very first things we did it's review all their offers look at how their business model worked out do the math and very quickly and their first or second session we'd get to that point where the math doesn't work what are we going to do about this? And it was that ah ha moment that took them from interested in doing the work two ready to show up and make changes right? What if you could move that moment to the sales process instead of the work process? How much more likely do you think people would would be to buy if they had that ah ha moment that early? Does that make sense question tonia so could the ah ha moment be what would happen if they don't use these products? So for example, like if you don't take action, your business will fail? Yes, absolutely, yes, yeah, it could be negative, it could be positive, yet all of these things could be either negative or positive. Some people are really adverse to using negatives in their business. I'll tell you, though, there is a huge part of the market that is motivated by not motivated by fear because I never want people to market through fear but acknowledging fear on eggs, acknowledging the potential of failure. That's just realistic, right that's, not that's, not a scare tactic. That's kind of saying, hey, this is I get where you're at, I get what you're actually thinking, so if you're at all adverse to going that negative direction, think about that. What am I not acknowledging? Because I'm not actually willing to state the negative, but you can also do the positive, too. You know, until you get the system figure well, when you get the system figured out, you will have a business that runs itself.

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The timing of this course was perfect. I am in the middle of a launch and able to immediately apply what I am learning to my sales page. I have confidence that I can use the tools to catapult my next big thing to even higher levels. I am grateful for Tara's bonus gift, free month in her Kick Start Labs. I am taking advantage of the knowledge and resources there as well. Tara is a role model of action, authenticity and clarity, that I aspire to be. Thanks! Linda Germain

a Creativelive Student

I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.