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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Move the Conversation to Sales

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

18. Move the Conversation to Sales

Lesson Info

Move the Conversation to Sales

We have a lot to cover this segment, we're going to go through the whole launch planning process, and we're going to hot seat at least one of you in this segment as well, so you can see me build a launch plan with one of these two fine ladies in front of me so let's, just do a quick review of what we talked about last time in the last segment. So this is what launch success looks like. It looks like building a story are with the content that you're creating and what's content content is your block posts your e mails, your pins, your facebook updates, your instagrams, all of the stuff that you're putting out pushing out online to create awareness about your business, about yourself, about what it is that you have to offer that's content, and when we're talking about a launch, what we're talking about really is just directed content, content that moves people from awareness to sales that's what we're going to do in this segment, we're going flush out all of this content marketing so that...

when you get to the climax of your story, your product release, you get people buying this afternoon, we're going to talk about active selling and pitching by email that's gonna be a lot of fun, but for now, as they said, let's focus on content, marketing remember back to our first session the key to grabbing your audiences attention is unlocking the door between before and after your customers have a place where they're at now it's their set of feeling circumstances, the situation that they're in is causing them to go looking for a product, a tool to fix those things right? Then they've got where they want to be that's the after it's, the set of feelings and circumstances and situation that they want, that they want to be in its their desired outcomes, and between that before and after, there is essentially a lot two door if people could get could make before after happened themselves, they would some people dio, but a lot of people need your help. They need your product and you have as an expert, as a creator, as an idea person, you have a key insight that unlocks that door and makes the after seem possible that key insight is part off the destination of where you're leading your content marketing if you're not creating a launch conversation that gets people kind of aware of that key and site gets them on board with that idea, then you're losing out on a big opportunity to help them make a decision about what you want them to purchase remember a great lead starts with where the customer is at an end. Lead is that little story that you tell that kind of moves that gets people in the right frame of mind for buying and if you remember back to the previous segment, I said a lead is like a short story and the launch conversation is like the whole novel, right? Or you could even think about it is the lead is almost like a chapter in the novel. Okay, so you want to make sure that you're starting the lead where your customer is at what makes sense to them right now? What feels incredibly relevant right now and then it leads them it's, a story that leads them to the insight they need to make or the inside danny tohave to make a great buying decision the before the after the key insight and the hypothesis that's what they need to understand to make that great buying decision that's the destination we are navigating them tio as great content marketers, I have four pieces of content of four types of content that I used to guide people along that path. I'm learning to talk through each of those four pieces with you, then I'm going to show you how you can apply them differently depending on who you are, what kind of business you have and what kind of launch your building okay, so in your workbook on page twelve, you have the opportunity to list out all the questions that I give you for brain storming through this on dh then reflections on how it builds trust and how it builds anticipation for each segment and then you can go through and actually jot down what your ideas for each piece of content are because here's the good news there's no one right answer there are many, many, many right answers and so you can plan a launch once that actually results in you planning many launches you could have many, many different conversations that lead people back to this destination all right, so let's look first at content number one content piece number one, which is the challenge piece the idea here is to challenge your audience on a misconception or an assumption that they've made so the idea here is that when you challenge someone you grab their attention it's hard to resist a challenge if you're anything like me at least but I think that's true of most people when someone comes at you with something unexpected with something that's counter too popular wisdom or at least counter to your popular wisdom it's hard to resist reading that if you think about the different types of headlines that are really buzzy right now the kind of click bait that's out there ah lot of them are things that challenge you in one way or another, right? Even if it's just you'll never believe what happened when you know and I'm not suggesting you write that kind of headline although it works so you know, do what you will but that even just that kind of headline is a challenge of a misconception or an assumption you assume you know what would happen to the poppy jumping off the couch but you don't know so you click it if you write a piece of content like that, people will click it and you can do it for any industry, any field, any kind of product, any kind of service rochelle you make jewelry and you make family oriented jewelry. I bet there are misconceptions or assumptions that people have about jewelry gift giving heirlooms keeping track of their family history that you could use to challenge their thinking it doesn't have to be crazy it just has to be attention grabbing that's the goal here so here's some questions to ponder what does your customer believe about the problem your products solves not what do your customers believe about your product? They don't know about your product yet. What do your customers believe about the problem your product solves? This could be part of the reason they feel like there's a locked door between there before and they're after it could be the things that are standing in their way for instance I have a lot of people believe their prices are too high and that's why people aren't buying that's not true the reason you're people are buying might be that your prices are too low that's a fun misconception to bust to challenge right so what does your customer believe about the problem? Your product solves question number two what does your customer believe about her ability to attain the desired results? What does your customer believe about the ability, her ability to attain the desired result? One problem that a lot of marketers run into not a lot of idea people run into people just like yourselves is that their customers have been stuck for so long that they have started to believe that the result they want isn't possible and so that's a great assumption it's a great misconception to bust and there are all sorts of different ways you can do that the next question is what frustration stands in the way of your customers ability to believe that she can solve the problem what frustration stands in the way of her ability to believe that she can solve the problem thinking about frustrations is a great way to think about ways you can challenge people I mean just think about what we've done so far with this course I've challenged your assumption that launching has to be hard but it has to take a lot of time that bigger is better and you guys have responded pretty well to those misconceptions being busted right? You two can bust those frustrations final question what past experiences have shaped the way your customer feels about the prat of problem your product solves what past experiences, so think stories what past experiences have shaped the way your customer feels about the problem your product solves. So these air things that she's run into in the past she's tried to solve this problem before, and she's gotten in hot water or it hasn't worked out. You've tried to launch a product before, and it flopped. If you think about all the different ways I've already incorporated your past launching experiences into this program, then you can see exactly how you could do the same thing. So again, the challenge piece of content is all about what misconception or assumption your big thing busts for your customer. What misconception our assumption does your big thing bust for your customer? What did they have to what piece of information? What false piece of information did they have to forget to move forward with your product or offer or service or program that's the challenging piece tiffany, would this sometimes like this answer? Could it also be your key insight? Yes, absolutely got it. So thank you for reminding me about that one point that I want to make clear that I haven't made clear is that your key insight access the theme for this whole story because that's because that's your destination because that's where you want to lead people, your key insight has to be the theme of the whole launch conversation. Okay, so dr jessica, in the previous session we learned, is wanting to revolutionize people's relationship with discipline, all right, and that the way we are relationship with discipline is part of the problem that could be your first. That could be your first piece of content. Your relationship to discipline is a big part of the problem that would get people's attention. Now what in it? Thats a great headline and it's a great way to kick off a conversation about discipline and new ways to approach it all right, and especially in a situation like jessica's, where she's going to be facing people who have been around, you know, to use melissa's words from yesterday? This isn't their first rodeo, right? They've read all the parenting books they've read, all the parenting blog's if you can come out and say, this is different or you have the wrong idea about or you've been sold a line of whatever that's a great way to start a new conversation, because it's jarring and a jarring is attention grabbing. It's also a bit polarizing, so if dr jessica is presenting a message that's really going to turn off the say, dr serious people that's a person, right? Yes, so if she was really going to turn those people off, she might as well just turn them off in the beginning, and they might as well jump ship and unsubscribe and leave it's great! If you could get a lot of un subscribes with this now, ideally, you're people are just like, yeah, yeah, yeah, right, but if you're having a problem, maybe you need to shift audience is a little bit maybe you need to target a little more distinctly this piece of content ideally will polarize your audience in a positive way to get the wrong people to unsubscribe or jump ship or stop following and get the right people to become even mohr engaged. Something to keep in mind here is that this doesn't have to be four pieces of content. It can be eight pieces of content or sixteen pieces of content, and if you've got an issue with targeting and your audience and needing to narrow your focus of who you're actually talking to, you might want to list three or four misconceptions and bust them all in a row the make a great blog's siri's are great facebook serious or whatever you want to dio and that's not only going to set you up really well for leading people to your destination but it's going to get the wrong people out of the conversation makes sense cool sasha does that mean that each email bus to separate misconception or that you're have foreign one? Most of the time I would lean toward separate emails so instead of doing here are the four misconceptions you have about disciplining your child I would say set it up in four different ones because those headlines are going to be way stronger on their own the subject lines are going opened mohr they're going to get shared mohr ah list post is great you know you could probably take that same brainstorm and repurpose the content and put it on a guest post somewhere which would be fantastic but I would I would focus mohr then doing a list post makes sense cool let's talk about content piece number two this is your expand piece what and the thing that we are expanding is your customers vision of what is possible all of our customers have ah kind of basic understanding of what they want their results to be they know where they want to go they have an idea of who they want to become but the good news is sometimes what they want isn't even as good as it could be or they don't really believe that what they want is possible this is your opportunity to say yes. Not only can you get what you want, but I can show you how to get this. I can make this real for you. I can show you what it's like to transform from before toe after. So if you remember, in the previous segment, I talked about dr samantha's lunch and that her second piece was feeling better versus feeling well, do you know the difference? What she did in that piece of content was actually tell her personal story of realizing she had on ly made herself better not feel well, and so that made the idea of actually achieving wellness feel riel and tangible for her audience. That was how she expanded their vision. Let's talk about what questions you can ask to figure out how you're going to expand your customers. Fission how is what your customer believes about her ideal outcome limited? She might have limited knowledge about what's possible she might be limited in terms of her feelings. She might be limited in terms of her scope. How is what your customer believes about her ideal outcome? Limited question number two how can you create an experience of an even a better outcome? How can you create an experience of an even better outcome? So one thing that works betterthan just telling people. It can get its even better than what you want is by telling them a story so just like what I said with dr samantha you can tell a story of an experience of what is actually better a client testimonial works really well hear a personal story works really well here ah hypothetical story works really well here does that sound familiar good. So all of those stories story ideas that you had in the previous session incorporate those here think about what other stories you could tell to give people an experience of an even better outcome and remember details draw people in details draw people in ah what can your customer expect if she buys into your case in other words if she accepts your key insight as truth what can she expect it to change how can she expect her experience to be different what can she expect the outcome to be if she buys into your key insight how will her experience be different what can she expect what will the results be so this is specifically linking it back into that key insight so the big question here is what vision does your big thing help your customer to achieve for re shell that might be carrying your family around on your rest or carrying generations around on your wrist or on your necklace for anna that vision might be having amazing creative relationship with your child or your niece or your nephew for jessica, that might be that vision might be having a home where there's less yelling more cooperation and more play. All right, so see how we're also bringing in the pieces of the puzzle that we created yesterday those foundational piece is the before and after the key insight and the hypothesis you can use over and over and over again throughout this process, we are not reinventing the wheel with this content marketing we are leveraging each and every piece we've already figured out. This doesn't have to be a lot of work, it could be done extremely quickly. All right content piece number three analyze this is probably the most open ended one the idea here is again to bring your expertise to bear on the problem at hand. Why is it that your customer hasn't moved from before to after themselves? Your key insight is one reason, but just like in the previous session we talked with whitney and we actually came up with maybe four different things that could have been key insights. The analyse piece is an opportunity to list some of those things or two analyze some of those things and show the show the situation there and still to tie it back into the key insight that's what this analyzed pieces these are the questions you want to ponder, what success stories to your customers tell and most importantly how did they achieve those results? What things change? What realization said they made what what choices did they make? It could just simply be the choice in michelle's case too send for shell some photos and get a piece of jewelry may right so easy, so easy that's a success story though all right? And the choice is the how so what success stories to your customers tell and how did they achieve those results? How did you attain success using your own idea it's another opportunity to bring in a personal story but instead of just telling your story kind of picking it apart and saying, do you see what I did here? Do you see what I did here? Do you see what I did here? I made these different choices from what you've made right now I've taken these actions that are different from the actions you've taken that's why I've been able to achieve this and you haven't your opportunity to add allies and the third question is what insider information do you possess that explains your customers current circumstances are experiences? What insider information do you possess that explains your customers current experiences? What do you know that they don't remember? How I'm always telling you to think from your customer's perspective this is your opportunity to geek the heck out it was one of my favorite parts of the content ark the launch conversation because I get to geek out, I get to say, hey, you know how this has been going on? Let me tell you why let me tell you what I know that you don't know and how that's related to how I can help you. So the big question is here how it is your customers typical behaviour differ from how your big thing approaches the problem, what's different between what they've been trying and what you are suggesting you're looking at how you're analyzing those differences. All right, content piece number four is deliver and I chose the honey image because this is when you really sweeten the deal says when you give them a little sugar, okay, thie deliver peace is about creating an experience of the results that your product service program or offer creates for your customers. It could be a simple as an image of someone wearing your product or an image of your product in a home or the results of your last wedding shoot. It could also be something as complicated as a tele class where you simply lead people through an exercise where you coach them. It could be a sample one on one coaching session with you, so if you're selling to individuals instead of a group, the deliver peace of your content could be sign up here for a free call with me okay, you're creating an experience of the results that your product delivers. Now, this could be a simple piece of content, like an email or a block post, something like a tutorial or a nim ege like that, but it can also be an event, so the event version of on image is like a runway show or, ah, house party, we're inviting people in and actually touching and feeling the product that you've created. It could also be the release of your holiday lookbook or your holiday catalog, right? Ah lot of companies make their catalog releases into an event. Um, and some companies do that even without thinking, like, without making a big deal of it. But it's still like a big deal, like when the catalog comes with the new stuff in it, like, hello, I mean, I was looking for the ps twenty fourteen stuff for, like, a month before it came out, right? So purchased any I really need to rectify that, but you could so you could take a physical product and turn that into an event to take a visual and turn it into an event, you could take a video. So, like, my daughter is really into american girls right now, and this isn't start with american girls that started with, like teenagers and the mall, but girls that are really into the american girls all store create these hall videos where they go to the store, they buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff and then they come home and instead of unpacking the stuff and playing with it, they set up the video camera before it's unpacked and they show everybody what their whole waas so they know I know it's funny, right? But they're unboxing stuff and so what american girl has essentially done probably without even knowing it but they've created ah community that's essentially creating deliver pieces of content for them on a daily basis or when the new doll of the year comes out or when the girl of beer comes out. Hundreds of girls are going and buying the doll all its accessories and going home and making youtube videos showing everything off so that that's an example of another kind of event was something that's visual, physical okay, but a teeth like a live workshop like hello this is kind of a delivering an event for me, right? This is an opportunity to give you and everyone out there and experience of the results that I can create for you every single creative live is essentially a put piece of deliver content for me it's an experience of what I dio and you notice I don't hold anything back that's one of another important part of a deliver peace because here's, the thing you want to get down to a single concrete result that you can create for your customers right now, the biggest mistake people make with this is trying to create an overview of what they're doing. When you give people an overview, they don't actually experience a result sure, they understand your system better. Sure, they understand what it is that you do better, but they don't have that experience of a result that makes them want mohr when you give just one single concrete result when you change something for them, they don't think oh that's good, thanks. That's enough. They think I really would like some more of that. Please write that's what they're thinking. Is that what you're thinking? Yes, exactly good, eh? So what? One single concrete result can you create for your customers now? So for all of my information marketers, my service providers, my program creators out there one really easy way to do that. To really focus in on a single concrete results is to actually strip a piece of your program out of your program and make it a piece of launch content. This is stuff I teach in ten thousand feet, right? It doesn't diminish the fact it doesn't diminish the value of ten thousand feet for me to pull this content out and deliver it here, right? So you're not you're not taking anything away from your program by pulling out one concrete result a lot of times that's gonna be your first module your first lesson, your first video, your first exercise that you do with everybody but a lot of times it's something deeper in the middle like this is actually in the last third of the program but it's that one concrete result that I know is going to make you want to invest in doing the hard work of the rest of the program? Sure, I could've come on here and spent three days talking to you about the only nous inventory and the business model review and all of these funds stuff that all of this fun stuff and megan would say that stuff is valuable, right? But this is the stuff you're going to go home and actually execute on tomorrow, right? That's what you need to do with your delivering piece of content as well. Okay, another thing to think about so you're gonna think about one single concrete result, but I also want you to think about three additional outcomes for that because if you're creating and as a result for someone if you're I'm sorry if you're creating an event it's for your audience you're also going to need to sell them on the event you're gonna have to create a landing page, you're gonna have to create a lead for the event and a call to action that says sign up for your exclusive invitation or call me for your session or, you know, email me so I can give you the address to my house so that I could invite you to the party right? So you're gonna have to think of three additional three additional outcomes of that result so if I teach you how to market lunch and sell your next big thing, I'm also teaching you how to make more money now stop worrying about the size of your list and stop stressing out every time you have a new product to release boom three outcomes and so those are the three things that I said you should come ah and watch the creative live workshop for right that was how I built out this the pitch for this event and then I said r s v p okay that's how you do that's how you do that, okay? And we had talked about building out an interest list before that. This is your interest list whether that's a group of invitations, whether that's a separate email list whether it's a bunch of people contacting you for a free exploratory session, whatever it might be that's your interest list and so you're moving people through this door of the delivering peace onto that interest list okay that's sort of like an extra step you don't have if to do that but I think you will find it very handy when you dio it kind of puts you at ease about a whole lot of other things okay fist two five zero to five if you're online with us how much do we understand this concept of these four pieces of content fist to five we have fours and fives in the studio audience great questions yes please this is kind of related to this but it's really a general question from fit for bunny uh when you what if you have a new program and you don't have any clients you've helped uh when you how do you give your launch in your product more credibility? Sure so one way you could do that is actually giving people a preview of the program so you might select one or two or three of those people you think are most likely to buy and actually give the program away if you're if you're just beginning or if it's really brand new and you don't have much other credibility to actually sell them on it s so you can give it away and get their experience of the program that way so the exchange there you want to make an exchange in exchange there is that I will give this programme to you if you give me feedback doesn't have to be positive it could be negative because that would be helpful to but ideally you get positive feedback you khun using your launch and on your sales page and all of that good stuff another thing is that you may not be able to use customer stories of people you've helped but you can often use stories of things you see in the marketplace so while that doesn't work, say for a testimonial it does work when you're thinking about what's kind of stories I can tell that illustrate what I'm illustrate my key insight what am I trying to say? What am I analyzing here? So you know you could look you know if from using my example for example for instance I could look at other businesses in the market I could say look a silicon valley business I could look at a wall street business I could look in a mom and pop business and used those examples to illustrate my point it's a different type of credibility but that analysis len's an immense amount of trust and credibility to the situation makes sense other questions in the tiffany so for the delivery piece the idea of an event and like a mini class or a live call do you think that the impact in terms of like a single concrete result could be achieved if I do say like a live call? But I pull one person out to do like a mini coaching session on so everybody else might witness that result without actually doing it themselves. Yes, that is a great example, because it's unexpected too, and it actually will end up feeling more real, like the whole point of the deliver pieces to make this thing feel riel. So many of the products that we sell today don't feel riel because experience is a huge thing that we buy in the new economy. We want to experience things on dso. The products that we're selling and the products that people bought are buying are largely experiences, so if you can let people be a fly on the wall for someone else's experience, it makes it much more real. So it's a great way to approach. I've actually done that before, and it was one of the most successful things I've ever done right now. It seems like then a follow up piece of somebody didn't make it would be like, make sure you check in at the seventeen minute mark to witness terrorism. Ah ha. Moment of translate. Yeah, exactly, exactly so the when I did. Basically exactly that. Those calls then lived on my site someplace for quite a while, and that's exactly what we did. This person went for it because I did a siri's of nine hot seats, essentially over three, calls. And so there was this person, this person and this person in the call here's. What they realised here was the result that she had here is the results she had, so you could figure out where you wanted to listen in and what you are actually experiencing it. It was a really great sales technique for me, for quite a while. Thank you, absolutely.

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