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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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What Matters Most to Your Audience?

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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1. What Matters Most to Your Audience?

Lesson Info

What Matters Most to Your Audience?

I want to talk about a huge problem today and I think this is a problem that we have all dealt with myself included absolutely and that problem is this business owners failed to create buzz and ultimately the sales that their products deserve if you're anything like me you put a lot of time and effort and energy and just brain power into the things that you create we literally I bleed over our products sometimes right and at the same time you know, sometimes we don't give the energy and effort and brain power necessary to put them out into the world in a way that actually gets them sold and what's even more important about them being sold right is that they get in the hands of other people so whether you're delivering a service or whether you've created a physical product or whether you have an information product or it's a program that you're selling we we want to get that stuff to the people who need it most right and that's ultimately the biggest problem with this core business prob...

lem is that when you're not creating buzz when you're not selling the amount you want to sell ultimately you're not putting your offer your hard work in the hands of the people who need it most so before we go any further because this is a big harry topic I want to talk about what we talk about when we talk about launching what we talk about when we talk about launching the word launched the idea of launch has a pretty specific connotation in the online marketing world, but launching has always happened will always happen and it's a part of marketing and sales whether you are a top internet market are making millions of dollars standing in front of your corvette and on you're in front of your sales page right all the way to the fashion designer who's launching her fall collection or the photographer who's launching her headshot offer or the the wedding planner who's launching a new baby shower promotion? Maybe right? So there's there's launching that happens in every single business and what launching essentially is is that conversation that lead up to a product release to the opportunity to buy the invitation to buy. And so I'm gonna ask you guys this morning to kind of forget what you think you know about launching or forget the context that you have kind of assumed launching is in and be open to making launching yours be open to creating a launch that is uniquely you that's authentically you that's genuinely you and genuinely ofyour business and what I'm going to teach you today is exactly that how to do that one more thing I want to get out of the way I am talking to you right? And I am talking to you online as well, of course no matter what business your end, whether you're a photographer or a web designer or a maker aa jewelry designer, a life coach, a writer, there is a place for marketing, launching and selling in your business, and in fact, your business will not exist if you don't find a place for marketing, launching and selling in your business. Now, I have a lot to get through this morning, but I want to start by acknowledging something that we all fear again, myself included and that's fear when we hear the word launch, when we think about the idea of marketing and gosh, when we think about selling, we feel fear, right? There is the fear that our products not going to sell theirs the fear that people aren't gonna get what will you d'oh. But instead of me telling you all about what kind of fears you guys fear, feel, I want to hear from you guys, what fears do you have? When you think about the idea of marketing launching, selling the things that you put so much time and energy and and let's go to you first, I guess fear of not knowing where to start and not being able to communicate it with, like, not being in a trance for what passion I have for the new project. Into something that is going to be effectively communicated to the people I want to talk to awesome that's what we're gonna do this morning okay um megan, how about you? What do you fear when it comes to marketing and launching and selling um really similar to anna um but also just that I'm going to be able to convey my message so that I reached the people that most need me um that feels really scary to me like how am I going to find those people and welcome them into my community? Awesome anyone else have a fear? Sasha I have the fear of boring people on dh bombarding them with the same message like I don't want to be one of those repetitive marketers yeah saint like twelve hours more you know all of that stuff just irritates me and I don't want to do that yeah so you don't want to be boring you don't wanna be redundant and you don't want to be irritating. Yeah honestly, I bet those are fears that people online are just completely resonating with right now anything else that we haven't mentioned tiffani no one's gonna buy it no one's gonna buy it? Absolutely whitney did you have one? I think there's a part of me that fears looking like I have to market myself why aren't people buying without me having to market? Yeah, absolutely absolutely so thank you all for sharing your fears and we're actually gonna have more opportunity to share fears in a little bit but I want to paint a better a picture of a better world for you okay, so let's think about this what if what if you could start selling a brand new product in weeks or less? What if you didn't have to worry about the amount of time you were going to spend planning a launch? What if you could ensure that you have the absolute right message to move your products prospects toe action? What if you knew what words you could use what ideas you could use that would make them understand how your product is relevant to their needs, their problems, their desires and what if you knew exactly who to sell teo to make sure you hit your goals? What if you knew exactly those three people those five people those twenty people who were most likely to buy and target them specifically look for them find them and what's even better find not just those twenty people but twenty thousand people like them does that sound good? Ok, good that's what we're talking about for the next three days we're going to talk about your messaging we're going to talk about keeping the mo mentum going we're going to talk about speed we're going to talk about failing quickly so that it's not scary anymore we're going to talk about figuring this stuff out on the fly so that you're making money now not later and we're going to talk about who you need to get in touch with to make this stuff happen because guess what, it's possible it's possible you can launch faster than you think you can much, much faster than you think you can, you can launch mohr effectively then you think you can you can get higher conversion rates, we can talk about what that actually means, but basically we you can launch getting more people to buy with less effort, right? And you can launch more genuinely so you don't have to worry about being born boring and redundant and irritating because you're being you you're harnessing what it is to be you and tow have your business in the community that you have to create a low launch that's authentic and genuinely you and your business and your community that's what we're doing and it really is possible so what I want for you is this kind of reception I want you to feel like your standing on stage in front of a stadium of raving fans in the spotlight, doing what you do best delivering the product that people love, but the good news is you can create that kind of feeling and those kind of results without the tor bus, the groupies and the smoke machine all right because a lot of what you see online today in terms of launching is all about the smoke machine, the tour bus and the groupies but what they don't tell you is that underneath all of that there's a great songwriter right there's someone who gets how to connect their lyrics and their music to the hearts of the people who love it that's what we're going to do today and then later on if you want to apply the tour bus the smoke machine and the groupies to your launch be my guest and please tell me about it but we're going to focus on the stuff that you can absolutely do today without all of the craziness all right, so that leads me to our very first quiet power strategy we were going to hear me talk a lot about quiet, quiet power strategies over the next three days. The truth about launching is that bigger isn't better bigger isn't better what I mean by that I see a lot of marketers try to go big, big, big and in going trying to go big they lose out on the core results that could keep them moving forward. They try to fill one hundred and fifty seats when really all they need are ten people to buy their product and so they waste all of this effort and energy and they don't get what they need to begin with so I want all of you to remember throughout the next three days that bigger isn't it better that you khun b quietly powerful on this on the scale that works for you right now and work up to bigger when you want teo or when you're ready? Teo and if you never build up to bigger that's fine because you know what, you're going to be paying the bills you're going to be happy and you're going to feel abundant because you've created the thing that gets you that kind of stadium rock reception but without all the hassle without all the trappings of things that you don't want to begin with all right? So remember that every time you start to go into information overload over the next three days every time you see your to do list grow bigger and bigger and bigger I want you to remember the quiet power strategy bigger isn't better so let's talk specifically about what we're gonna learn first well, this is actually not first this is last so you have to tune in but I want to tell you what's coming I'm gonna teach you how I generated over one hundred thousand dollars from a product from a program without planning a big launch with small, targeted, focused launches is that have put my business in a better place than I've ever been in before and now we're planning the big launch all right, I'm going to teach you how and why my clients go from planning a launch months out to making money right now some of them are in this audience, so I'm very excited to hear from them I'm going to teach you the mork quiet power strategies that'll supercharge the way you present offers to the world and I'm gonna teach you how to market launch and sell with integrity and focus that's what you're in for over the next three days and as I mentioned, we're going to do that with quiet power strategies. The first one that we're going to talk way more about just this morning is personalization, not generalization this is about people not markets. This is about individuals, not whole communities you sell to people who have credit cards and cheque books and cash, right? Not communities who can get excited about stuff but don't pull their resource is and by right we're going to talk about personalization, not generalization and just how powerful that khun b we're also going to talk about how to connect with what matters most to those who matter most and for you in your business right now, those who matter most are the people who are most likely to buy right now we're going to talk about who they are and how to find them and then what you need to know about them we're going to talk about value and service based conversation so that instead of thinking about sales, is something selfish. You think about it as a service, and hopefully that will be a big, haha reframe kind of moment for everyone that putting your product in the right people's hands is an act of service, not it not a selfish act, and then we're gonna talk about interest of launching that focuses on sales first shiny later. Do you see a theme emerging here? I want you to start making money now, not later. Why wait? Why chase shiny for shiny is sake when the best way to get to shiny and big and bold and ridiculously well known if that's, your goal is to sell now to make money now. All right, so that's, what we're going to talk about good news. The strategies that I teach you over the next three days will work whether you have two days to weeks, two months or two years to plan your next promotion. So if you're kind of stressing out already that you have a product idea and you would really like to get it in them on the market safe right after labor day. I got you covered if you are instead sitting on something that you've been working hard on, that you've been testing that you've been, you know, experimenting with for a year and you're planning a big, big launch for next february. I've got you covered if you're thinking about launching a business not today, not tomorrow, but a year from now. These strategies will also work for you. All right, so that's that's the beauty of this that's the beauty of getting the fundamentals down is that you can make it work for you no matter what your timeframe. Iss all right, so we're gonna start by discovering the message that matters to the people who matter most it's a mouthful. We're gonna discover the message that matters to the people who matter most. But before we do that, I want to check in on the interwebs and ask for our first twitter share of the day. Of course, you can also share on the chat room a swell what's your number one fear about putting out a new product service or offer what's your number one fear about putting out a new product service our offer and I'm betting you have some of these already we okay, great, they brought, they brought their fears cassiopeia. Re a says yes, I'm afraid that people won't get what I'm trying to develop kris with a k says fears equals crickets and then people noticing the crickets and diminishing the brand that I have already and coco event las vegas actually says, I fear that my products will not be liked and not so awesome. Yes, I think those air very common fears audience common fears yes, these are things that we've all faced, their things I face even though I'm heading into my next launch and subsequent launches with more confidence than I've ever had in my business, I would be completely lying to you if there are also wasn't that little voice that says, are you sure? Are you sure? What do you doing? You know what you're doing, so I will admit that you know we're all human, right? It doesn't matter how much more confidence you get in what you are doing, these fierce crop up, but but it is totally possible to find a new level of confidence in your marketing process is your launch systems and your sales process is that's what we're going to do for the next couple days, so I want to introduce you to a client of mine this is melissa mccreary she's, the creator of where thin begins you confined it on wear thin begins dot com here's melissa's story in two thousand twenty thirteen in two thousand thirteen, melissa launched a program she called healthy, happy and thrive she did it all the right way. She followed all the right tactics, she had lots of videos, she had great content, she put this offer out there following all the tactics she had seen the big guys use of the big gals use and the offer didn't land. She hardly had any she didn't make the sales that she wanted to she didn't have her goals. This was going to be her new big signature program here's the fun thing, she flipped it around, she repositioned it, she started, she changed the offer so that it were reflected a message that really mattered to the people that mattered most. And so then when, where, when she launched where thin begins, she didn't do it with a big launch. She did it out of the blue with a couple of emails targeted to the right people, and it sold five times mohr at a higher price than the original program of healthy, happy and thrive. So just by repositioning the offer so that it was relevant to the right people, she was able to raise the price and sell five times as many spots, and the best news is she did it in less than three weeks less than three weeks, and she had a five figure launch that's a good way are going to do the exact same kind of launch plan in this workbook that melissa did and we are just about to get started on page two, page three with it in just a minute so if you haven't rsp peed yet, you absolutely have time tio teo hit that button download the workbook and get started with it so as I said, what changed? Melissa leveraged a message that mattered and here's the thing I worked with idea people and I know you guys are all idea people and I'm betting that our online audience is all idea people your people who get excited about the ideas do you have your people who get passionate about your own creativity? And so what happens is that you end up creating something that you're excited about that you get that you understand but you don't have the ability yet to connect that to a message that matters to the people who are actually going to buy the product because they're not you they're not having the same ideas that you have they're not making the same connections that you make and so you absolutely need to find that message that matters to the people who matter most so why do most marketing campaigns fail that's why and that's our first question on page three of the workbook why do most marketing campaigns fail? They failed toe leverage a message that matters they failed to make the product relevant. They failed to make the product look like it could actually fit into someone's day to day life if you were along for the ride for my very first creative live workshop, the art of selling what you make, you learned that products are tools we use products, whether their information products, whether their services, whether their programs, whether it's something you can hold in your hand or not everything we buy we put to use or we wait, I think we're going to put it to use, but not all of us have those kind of powerful consumption habits, but when we buy something, the reason we spend money on it is because it's going to do some thing for us whether that's just you know, a knickknack to sit on your shelf that makes you happy and makes your home feel more like home, or whether it's something that's going to create a huge personal transformation for you there's a use there. And so the message that matters the way you make sure your marketing campaign doesn't fail is the you pinpoint what that use is because that's how you make it relevant that's how you make it matter so your message needs to break through the noise, break through the noise, especially in today's new economy we are looking for products that have a clear use more than ever before, it's always been a fundamental part of why we buy things, but now it is that way more than ever before, our threshold for purchasing something is higher her than it's ever been before. We are not keeping up with the joneses anymore. We are not spending our money willy nilly, so if you want people to buy and people love to buy that's not changed, but what's changed is you have to raise the bar to stand out in the crowd, to break through the noise by making your mask message matter more and more and more, you need to appeal to your audiences, core desires or fears we need to appeal to your audience is core desires or feeling fears you need to know fundamentally what they want or what they don't want, which also works. Some customers prefer one way some customers prefer the other way. One is not better or worse than the other. All right, so if you have, if your audience is coming to you and saying, this is what I'm afraid of, this is what I don't one that's fine, but that's the message that matters right if they're coming to you and they're saying, I want this, I want to become this, I want to be like this that's desire, right? And so you can focus your message around that their core desire to make it matter to make it more relevant you, khun reflect back to them what that desire or fear is and it needs to be focused and singular. And this is a huge problem that I see because marketers in our world are unsure about what the message is that matters to their right people. They put out ten messages and hope that one lands that doesn't work it's confusing it's a little wishy washy. It doesn't, it doesn't kind of create a focal point for the product so that people they don't remember it when you put out ten different messages. People are trying to remember ten different things if you come back to the same message over and over and over and over and over again, which can sometimes feel redundant. But trust me, it doesn't look redundant. It looks powerful if you come back to that same message over and over again, people remember right? Our attention spans right now are the same as I believe in aunt, like that's what technology has done to us, right? So if you don't make your message so focused and so singular that people can remember it in the intention span of an ant, you've lost.

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The timing of this course was perfect. I am in the middle of a launch and able to immediately apply what I am learning to my sales page. I have confidence that I can use the tools to catapult my next big thing to even higher levels. I am grateful for Tara's bonus gift, free month in her Kick Start Labs. I am taking advantage of the knowledge and resources there as well. Tara is a role model of action, authenticity and clarity, that I aspire to be. Thanks! Linda Germain

a Creativelive Student

I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.