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Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

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Write a Compelling Sales Page: Part 2

Tara McMullin

Market, Launch, and Sell Your Next Big Thing

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

27. Write a Compelling Sales Page: Part 2

Lesson Info

Write a Compelling Sales Page: Part 2

This is the why I developed this now this could all so you could just think of this as a bio, sometimes a straight up bio, you know, in maybe two paragraphs is a great thing to dio other times, I like to make it weigh more narrative, and so I'll actually talk about why that hypothesis or why this key insight is so important to me. Okay, why I developed this it's a really strong way to talk about your experience, your credentials, you know, maybe your education, maybe your certification, those little things that don't actually matter as much as we'd like them to matter, but you want to work him in if you work them in narratively by telling people why you developed this, then it becomes much more relevant to them. Does that make sense? Good. Um, this is khun b this doesn't have to be a throwaway section. I see people treating it as a throwaway section. Well, okay, I got to stick my bio in there, so I'm gonna copy and paste my bio that you see everywhere else don't do that. Rewrite your b...

io rewrite you're why I developed this in the context of your key insight, your hypothesis if you haven't shared your personal story yet and your personal story is relevant, share it here if you have a particular client situation or there's something that happens in the market like I do this all the time I see too many entrepreneurs doing this and I'm ready for it to stop right on dso I'll start my story that way I see them doing this thing and that thing in this thing and I know there's a better way that's why I developed this product that's why I developed this system so you're relating your experience and your passion to your key insight and as I said it's a great way to work in those credibility pieces I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and I've presented on stage and I've been featured in this these different kinds of media and all right and you back it up going back to the key inside yeah testimonial this is another great place to put a testimonial this would be a good place for a testimonial ah that is related more specifically to you okay now and on lee now do you get to talk about your product format and features because guess what? It doesn't matter to this point oh all right so now we're talking about the product and again I would do something a little bit more narrative here so there's there's a paragraph that's explaining what's great about this product and how this product relates to the key insight okay, so specifically how the product format relates to the key insight so for someone like michele, when you're talking about the product description of your photo jewelry, you're going to talk about how the specific nature, the technique, maybe even of your photo jewelry makes four gift giving that gives goose bumps right. You're going to relate those two things together so it could be about technique, it can be about format, it could be about the idea itself. It could be about different features of your product, the materials of your product, whatever it is about your product that relates back to the key insight that's, what you're going to talk about here. So you're continually rian for saying the same focused, singular message. Okay, and then absolutely you khun do features with bullet points here. This course is six weeks long each week you get a different module, you get access to a coaching call with me every week. Whatever those features are, uh the other thing that you could do here again in terms of information products, mostly or coaching programmes, is that you, khun do the curriculum here is well, this would be your spot for that. Um a word about talking about curriculums. Feel free to tune out for a minute if this doesn't apply to you in terms of speaking about your curriculum again, verbs start sentences with verbs, please it makes it way stronger and also um you make the sentences short maker paragraphs short don't tell me module one and then write one hundred and fifty words about module one right module one and give me one sentence about what you're going to learn in module one we're give me three bullet points that are very short sentences about what you're going to learn a module one okay not big paragraphs just give people that bite size nugget of what they're gonna learn what they're going to get out of each part of the curriculum okay, that tiffany is this where if you're doing so my program is gonna have three different levels of participation is this where you had list the different yes this would probably be the first place I would start talking about that so you know, one way to do that is with boxes like this my drawing now is really hitting off the hook. So yeah so if you got three different levels you're gonna put your the the one you expect people to buy most often in the middle but the people the one you want people to buy most often in the middle and then you put the other two on the sides okay? And they don't have to be formatted exactly like this but this would be ideal on dh yes, this is where I would introduce that for the first time okay, think cool, absolutely, um, any other questions on product format and features no great f a q again, not a new page, same page f a q all right so frequently asked questions frequently asked questions is not just, you know, clarifying format and features, which is a great thing to do in the q section, you can actually kind of continue on from the section before, but if the accused is actually where we really hone in on what people's objections to this product might beer to what this offer is, it could be a new objection to the price it could be an objection of, you know, I'm just starting out. Is this ready? Um, I ready for this? It could be an objection like, how much time is this going to take? And your goal here isn't to put everyone at ease, your goal is actually to filter out people who shouldn't be buying the product. Be realistic if your coaching program requires a time commitment of ten hours a week, make sure you say ten hours a week because not everyone has ten hours a week to commit to your coaching program, and if they enter into it thinking, well, it might only take you three hours a week. They're going to be really frustrated when they don't make the kind of progress because you kind of pulled the wool over their eyes in terms of how long it was going to take or what kind of commitment they we're going to need. All right, so be realistic with your f a q, but the notes that you should be taking on this section are definitely what are all the different objections that people could have to purchasing this offer in addition to just kind of normal questions like, you know, like one of the accused on my kickstart lab sales pages? When are the calls everyone calls her first wednesday, third thursday, unless I have travel plans, and then I let you know ahead of time, blah, blah, blah, simple logistical question, but most of the questions you have are going to be about objections, shammari fun policy or things like that is that I would probably not loop that into the f a q section, but I put it right around thie f ake section because it's absolutely related information, but if anything, a refund policy is something that should stand out from the rest of your sales page, because essentially a refund policy is a promise of quality, we're in assurance of quality and not something that you want to make kind of a special note up. So this is a great place to put it at the end of the page or close to the call toe action is also a great place to put it, but somewhere in this kind of last third of your sales paige, great question, any other questions on faa cues now thinking about testimonials if you have a testimonial that relates to the format and features of your product like I really loved hopping on the phone with terror every week and it was amazing how much clarity I got from the fifteen minutes she spent with me every week, that would be a great testimonial to put in the product format and features section or around that at the end of it same thing with faa cues if you've got testimonials that combat people's normal objections great place to put those testimonials, so see how you can use testimonials really strategically so such an underutilized, undervalued part of the sales paige, don't just slap him up there don't just put him at the end of the sales paige, don't just flood people with testimonials, use them strategically. All right, then I'm gonna have an outcome reminder where do you think you find the words? The ideas you need for the outcome reminder in the hypothesis exactly, this could be just us restatement of your hypothesis. It could be that hypothesis just differently worded totally up to you, but this is that's where I put this I want to remind you that when you purchased this program because you've bought into this key insight, you will get these three things or you can expect these three things. Okay? That's the outcome reminder now strong hall toe action, c t a strong called action do you remember in our previous session when I talked about the direct sales email and how it's not just click here for more information? It was also not just register now or register by such and such a dates it is, uh, join ten thousand feet so that you can double your revenue with less work this year. Okay, so strong call the action again. You're reinforcing that singular sales idea. You're reinforcing the the hypothesis you're reinforcing your outcome reminder always always, always, always that's going to make a call to action stronger now you've gotta by now, but okay, now, uh, you're by now button should be pretty uh, whatever pretty means to you whatever fits again your brand story, your audience, different colors work better for different audiences. Uh, if you if you have any questions about those kind of things but nesa van edwardsfirst course for creative lives, really juicy stuff in it in terms of color palettes and, you know, different formatting things that worked really well depending on who your audience is and what those different colors and formatting things communicate so highly recommend that but this is something you can also just test and again look around your industry do you want to do the same things as other people or you want to do different things sometimes you're gonna want to see the same things because those things work other times you're going to choose to say no I'm not going to make my buttons purple like all business strategist that work with women make their by now buttons purple I don't have herbal buttons for a reason blue buttons or teal buttons sometimes I have orange buttons but I don't have purple buttons for a reason because I'm different gosh darn it uh think about what the details are in your industry that you want to use for your buying out button another great technique is putting your credit card's images down here whatever reason that includes increases conversions okay any other information that you wanna have about the check out process for instance if everyone and their brother and your industry on lee has paypal check out but you've gone the extra mile and also set up a credit card processor which I highly recommend um this would be a great time to state that yes you could check out via paypal but I also have a credit card processor to take your credit card but directly. Okay. It's a great, great thing to do there. Um, yeah. And then from here, sky's the limit. You can start repeating information depending on how long you want your page to bay. This is sort of all of the basics down to the point where you make the first call to action and put your first by now button, you can stop here or you can keep going. You could put mohr faa cues. You can put mohr testimonials. You can put mohr details about the payment processor bonuses, extra urgency statements. You can put images, anything that reinforces that focused, singular message and answers questions and objections for your customers. Khun go! You can go on and on. An odd just every so often have an outcome reminder. Call the action and by now button. Okay, it really is that easy questions. Yes, tiffany. So for for somebody I'm doing, I'm a coach and I'm doing a program that I do think is you could be like my signature program. Would you recommend me housing the sales, paige? Because I own the girl one hundred rejection letters dot com should I make that its own thing, or keep it on my own website really, really good question, so this to me is more like a question of resource is than a question of strategy yes ideally I think a sales page on its own domain really gives a lot of credibility and authority to up tio eh to a product or an offer however we don't always have the resource is to build that out and more importantly we don't always have the resource is to build it out over and over and over again as we test our messaging. So one thing that I dio is star by building a sales page on my website and I might still by the domain and reroute that redirect that domain to that page on my website so that I can still give out that earl but I wait until I have the messaging down two houses down own site so like right now the ten the ten thousand feet sales page has always lived on terra gentilly dot com but for this round eye we're going big we're going strong this time I feel like we've got the messaging down so now ten thousand feet strategy dot com exists and the sales page will live there right now it's a landing page and there were testing a few things there but but when the cart opens when we're ready to start enrolling people it'll switch over to a sales page at ten thousand feet strategy dot com etsuko so um one of the um product, I'm thinking about doing it's ah, pre marriage counseling over and for cross culture marriage where one person moves into the country to stake its much higher so and I'm not sure if it this is after, but sort of the value of that is like you could save you could potentially save a lot of money and divorce rate eighty percent like that's kind of scary thing also, is this something at right in after or like what they get on? Where'd I put it, I am imagining that those statements like this offer could save you time, save you money and save you heartache is actually a really good set up for a positive hypothesis. So essentially that's almost like a negative statement, even though you're saving them things but it's it's, like triggering something negative, so I would use that as a set up to then make a positive statement for your hypothesis. Okay, I'm going to help you get in the relationship that's gonna last the test of time. I'm gonna help you feel confident about the big choices that you're making right now, and I'm gonna help you be happier months from now and years from now with this offer.

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Linda Makes Impressions

The timing of this course was perfect. I am in the middle of a launch and able to immediately apply what I am learning to my sales page. I have confidence that I can use the tools to catapult my next big thing to even higher levels. I am grateful for Tara's bonus gift, free month in her Kick Start Labs. I am taking advantage of the knowledge and resources there as well. Tara is a role model of action, authenticity and clarity, that I aspire to be. Thanks! Linda Germain

a Creativelive Student

I'm so disappointed I didn't have this information years ago!! Just the sales page information alone is more than worth the price of this course. I finally have a structure and a sense of how it works and ties into a bigger picture. I have a clearer sense of how the pieces fit together. Writing sales pages has always felt like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Now that I know what I know, I'm pleasantly surprised I've had the sales I've had and I'm so excited to now be able convey my message more clearly so I can help more people and generate more income. Thanks so much for shedding light on how this all works, Tara. Your clear and grounded approach are incredibly helpful. After having spent A LOT of money on various online marketing courses, and not gotten nearly as much from them as I have from this course, it was incredibly refreshing to take a hype-free, sleaze free course on marketing, sales and product development. Thank you! Lisa Gillispie


Took this course and followed along in order to get my new product launched. Wow was I surprised at the amount of sales I had right away. Doing the work is paramount. You have to want to create, edit, rehash and be persistent. (Guess that is called discipline!) Tara is well spoken, methodical and full of the business advice I was lacking. Got a product to get out into the world? Tara's course will be a great help in your success. Do it.