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Marketing Your Etsy Shop for Sold-out Success

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Intro To "Market Your Etsy Shop"


Marketing Your Etsy Shop for Sold-out Success

Lesson 1 of 15

Intro To "Market Your Etsy Shop"


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Intro To "Market Your Etsy Shop"

Today, we're going to talk about how to market your Etsy shop to sold-out success, and we're gonna be in marketing all day long. So, if you're looking to make more sales, you're in the right place. I love a sold-out shop. In fact, I love it so much yesterday when we were building an Etsy store for just sold-out success. I was getting chills when I was pulling up the success stories. I love the sold-out success. I love a thriving creative business. And most of all, I love the strategy behind it. That's one of my favorite things to look at and explore. So, we're here to turn your Etsy shop into a sales machine. That is the name of the game, and why I'm asking you to join me here, we are gonna dismantle top selling shops for all of their working parts. We're gonna look at why their shops are doing so well. Today in marketing, we're gonna really look at what's causing so many customers to come in, what's attracting them, what's converting them to sales. And we are going to create a marketi...

ng campaign that is going to attract the perfect customers for your product, leaving them hungry to click and eager to buy. So, let's start off by talking about the daily scramble. This is where I find a lot of creatives. This is where I myself lived for about four years. And the daily scramble means, as creative business owners, we wake up today and we ask ourselves, "What am I going to do today to make more sales?" Yes? Yes, we do, and we say, "Why I will share this on Facebook. "I'll renew it on Etsy. "I will post it to Twitter and Instagram." And we start sharing and scrambling. Essentially, that's what we're doing. We're just scrambling for today's sales. We're scrambling to make it in our business today. And the way that I recognize that I was doing this is that a couple of years ago, I just had this winning day, where money was coming in, my inbox was lit up with sales, everything was good. I had a meeting, I had a great collaboration that day with another creative business owner that I admire and respect. I was on it. My day was really singing along. And then I quit my business about three o'clock everyday to get ready for my family to come home and warm up to them, and I walked away from the computer with this sinking feeling in my stomach, just like the most horrible failure feeling. And I caught myself a few steps away from my computer and I thought, "Oh my gosh. "What happened? "What changed my mood? "I had a great day today." And I made myself backtrack to the moment that I left my computer, the moment where everything went wrong. And I had pinned something on Pinterest earlier in the day. I checked it right before I got up from the computer. Nobody had repinned it and that sinking feeling was nobody shared that post. Have you ever had that happen to you? We do that to ourselves all the time. We always let that lack of instant gratification, that one-off thing, that daily scramble affect whether we're doing well. It's how we gauge our own success in online business. And it's such a dangerous thing to do. It's not good for our morale. It's not good for our creative business. And that's what we're here to cure once and for all. By the end of the day, we're gonna cure that instant gratification. We're gonna cure that scramble. We're gonna create a marketing plan that we can really grow with and build with. So, it was just absolutely astonishing how the win had left my sales over that lack of instant gratification. And I know that the majority of creatives online are doing the same thing. And they're not doing marketing that matters. Rather, they're scrambling for the day. They're scrambling with no plan or end result. Moreover, we are the only small businesses that try to succeed by operating that way. So, if you were to buy a franchise or open a restaurant, you would never in a million years open that restaurant with a plan of, "Everyday, I'll just try to figure out "how to find customers." We are the only small businesses, as creative businesses, who even think to try to earn an income that we can rely on by scrambling for it every single day. So, this is obviously not an effective strategy for success. It's obviously something that needs to be cured once and for all. So, that's not to suggest that we're going to cut out daily activity. It's still very important that we continue to contact our customers in a spontaneous, impromptu way. That is a friendship, and that's what we build as creative businesses with a lot of passion in our work. We do form a friendship. We do form a more intimate relationship with our customers than most small businesses would. There will still be daily contact in a friendly manner. However, we're gonna look at what to do annually. So, we're gonna look at what to do with the year in a glance and what to do with it. We're gonna look at what to do so seasonally and how to boost sales, how to weather slow seasons, and how to really make the most of the big seasons. We're gonna cover what to do monthly, especially when there's a month where there's not a holiday going on, there's not a lot of seasons going on. And then we're going to break that down into weekly and daily activities.

Class Description

This course is part of the 
Turn Your Etsy® Shop Into a Sales Machine Bundle.  

For makers whose livelihoods are dependent on their hard work and passion, taking on the task of connecting and communicating with customers online would seem to be an extra burden. You feel as though you’ve already entered untested waters by growing your online business with Etsy, and now you have to become a veteran marketer as well?

It’s actually easier than you think. Join Lisa Jacobs for this class and learn to:

  • Talk about your product in a way that gets people excited to buy
  • How to gain big exposure for your brand and products
  • How to create a consistent business plan with predictable results
Get paying customers to your Etsy storefront using simple, proven marketing strategies. No far-fetched theories, generalized blanket statements, or big business comparisons here - just specific, direct training for creative business owners. Stop scrambling to connect with buyers, and focus on the work that inspires you.


Trang Le

There are a lot of great information in this course, but also a few problems that need improvement: * Lisa used presentation slides to sparingly that sometimes it's hard to follow her point. She needs more coaching on designing effective presentation. * A lot of examples in the course are personal observations from her own strategy, which may not apply to everyone. There are not enough varieties of examples to consolidate into an actionable step.

Elisandra S.

I now understand why I´m not happy with how my business goes. I´m avoiding way too many of the things I should be doing out of "shyness privacy, not wanting to "molest" people and some weird pride" being afraid of exposure, limitig myself... I understand that I have to totally rethink and restructure everything

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