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Editing with WeVideo

Now I'm going to talk about editing video and I know editing may sound intimidating and it may seem difficult, but actually there are ways to do video editing that is not that complicated and the good news is that a little editing goes a long way. So when I talk about editing your video, I'm really talking about cleaning it up a bit maybe slicing off the beginning in the end to make it a nice, clean start and finish. Perhaps you want to add graphics to your video or you want to add music or split the video and take sections out. All of that comes under the editing category, and you can use a number of different things to edit your video depending on whether you're on a mac or a pc. But I like to use online video editor's like we video because their platform neutral and in this case with we video, they also have a free version, which means you can edit your video online without downloading any software without learning any complicated editing programs for free with the video. Now, obvio...

usly, you don't get a huge amount of storage and you can only output to four hundred eighty pixels, so the quality is a little bit lower that's just the size or or quality of the video, but if you do have a paid account, you could do a lot more you could see the pricing plans here start as little as four dollars a month for the paid plans, which give you more features and more options for uploading your video to other sites like youtube video for now, we're going to look at the free version for demonstration purposes and we're going to show you a couple of different ways to edit the video, so let me give you a quick tour of the we video interface on the home page you're going to find the last video that you were working on the last video edited you're going to find some new toils that you can look at if you get stuck and it's going to give you a bit of an account some right now again, I'm on the free version here, so this is the basic free version of the video under the project's link you'll see all the various projects that you may have worked on, you can edit, publish, rename or delete so if I want teo get rid of something that I'm not using any more, I'm just going to delete it. You can also hear you could see these icons, this is new folder and this is a new project, so I have just created a new folder for creative live and when I want to stop my editing my video with sydney, I'll just go to create new project so I'll do that and we'll call this sydney's edit and description are just got creative live demo so that's now we've got a folder we've got a project while we're under this project have also the other tabs here from this area this is media, this is basically all the clips that I have imported into here I've got photos, I've got test videos and as you can see here, the clips that we have from sydney that we uploaded um under the upload tab we've already seen this before. This is where you get the material to work on your video. This is where you browse to find the files in the footage and exports just shows you what videos you've sent out already, so let's, go back to our projects page and sydney's edit now it says we don't have any videos in this project that's because we haven't started creating it yet you're going to stop by uploading content to the wii video site. Now in this case, what I've done is I've uploaded the video clips that we shot with sydney earlier so that we can go in and demonstrate how to edit those, but I wanted to show you this because I want also show you that aside from uploading files from your guest top, you can also upload from google drive you can upload stuff from instagram and flicker and facebook and dropbox and cloud and all kinds of other way. So there's a lot of ways to get your material on to the wee video platform in this case have uploaded video flips, but you could also upload photos and things like that. So all of our clips of sydney are uploaded here, and then we're gonna go to the editor and stop putting that video together. So just to show you how I got those files on here, I click brows files. I found the video clips with sydney here and I imported those too. We video so now they are uploaded to a video I've done that before to save time, and we're going to go and look at how to edit those files so we can go back to the home page here and then we can go to create new video on the left hand side. Now I can create my new video for sydney or edit the video. This is going to take me to my this is basically the bin with all my media, innit? And if I scroll down, I'll see those clips that we just added with sydney down here at the bottom, now what I want to point out here is that there are a couple of different ways to edit video, they have different modes here they have a story about mode a simple timeline in advanced timeline and right now we're looking at the events timeline but let's go back to storyboard mode because that's basically a little bit easier so now that we going to storyboard mode uh it's a little simpler you've really just got one time line down here you've got an area to drop some audio and you even have an area to do a voice over and themes we'll talk about it a bit but let's just say just for a quick demo of the storyboard mode that we just want to create a quick photo montage so I'm going to go back to some of my photo tips here and just drag that down to the timeline and these just pages from my e book so I'm just gonna put a couple of them in a row here so I'm just dragging the clips I want down to the timeline I can always preview them by looking here and see what they look like all right that's at that one you can move these around, shift them around for you can edit them individually you can put captions on them you can I don't know why you wanted to this beacon rotate them, flip them backwards forwards could scale them so they fit the whole screen like that and when you're done just click done editing so you can edit the individual clips or you can end video altogether um we're gonna use this little card at the beginning here as our title card and we'll just call this photo montage simple done anything at any time you can always play the clip will the whole video so this is just still photos basically that I put in a row kind of boring at the moment but you can also add different graphics for music or even text maybe we want to put a text at the end so I didn't want to have that here I'm gonna drag that over to here at the end and then we will edit out text and just say the end something simple like that now we've done editing we're backto our timeline so we have a little intro slide we have a couple of photo clips and we have outro end slide now because we're in storyboard mode and this is sort of the simple mode it's going to add transitions for you so it's going to create transitions between these clips automatically. The other tabs here are four graphics or effects, so if you want to put some kind of effect of background and then you can play it and see what looks like a movie all right, I'm going to get rid of that one I just wanted to show you it looks like so you got various effects back here and you can see the lo rez version of them so if you want to have a nice sky thing, you just add that to your project and there it is now. Like I said, this storyboard mode here is going to add the transitions automatically, but you can add music audio as well. They have sound effects, as well as free music and premium music that you obviously only get if you upgrade but here's the free music and there's different genres sad, serious romantic tension, jingles, action so let's do a jingle like all these different kinds to choose from, and you can play any of them and see how they sound wave got children can tell bythe what they're like classic piano. You can see this dozens and dozens the themes and jingles and stingers s so you pick the one that you want to see what this is. Wait that's been added to our time line down here in any time we could go back you in preview it. I haven't gotten the transitions here yet because they haven't had a theme when you're done with the background music again, you can put a voice track on here if you want you choose a theme, and if that all kinds of different themes and different colors, some of them very basic, some of them have quite a few effects to them. So you select a theme you want you can preview that theme and based on the theme it's going to add music and transitions for you so if we take this sweet flare theme for instance we can preview it here wait so you can see the transitions and music have been added and I could just say used this theme and we had done it has now replaced the song that we put in there with the song from the theme called sweet flair and all of our clips in there and we're ready to go when we're done we can click publish and title photomontage that's good now you can output it for four hundred for eighty pixels which is pretty decent quality for free or you can upgrade this all kind of up cells and upgrades here on it we'll always save it to your video account but if you want to send it to youtube ofhim eoe of the box you have to use a one of the premium versions so I can publish this to my account and I will be back but now what I want to do is go back and look at sydney's video that recorded earlier that this was all done with the storyboard mode and this is the simple or mode to use if you wantto apply a theme and have the music done and all that kind of stuff the themes are nice way too do a video pretty quickly because you could just change the theme and the video will look completely different with same uh elements it just different music on different effects so again based on the theme that you choose the video look somewhat different you see it is different music in different transition so that's storyboard mode we're going to go back now and we're going to go to the timeline mode and it'll take the same project and put it in the timeline mode this just gives you more control because it gives you more tracks first of all you just additional video and audio tracks and it gives you more it gives you the ability to add your own transitions and it also gives you the ability to add text like the other one does s o we're going to use the timeline mode and go back and find out sydney project so that we can edit the video that we shot earlier so let's go back to create new video because we haven't started the sydney video yet and we can now go in here and find a sydney clips and bring them onto the timeline so I think I'm not sure of the order of this this is a clip oh five nine seven so we'll put that one first nine eight I'm not even sure these in order but there's one way to find out nine nine let's make time at a little smaller so we can see everything that in their sleeps, we don't play that just yet, and now we've got another clip I can add here at the end five, nine, nine and last but not least six oh, all right, so that's our timeline, we're gonna bring it and here to fit it all in where we can see it and you could drag europe. This is called a play head, you could drag that back to the beginning because now we're going to start editing the clips within the timeline here. So you want to find the exact spot where sydney starts speaking and we can play that to find out where that is, right? When she looks up that's where we start, you could see him just scrolling here to find that exact spot. So now that I've found the spot that I want to start the clip, this is basically what we want start the video I can even go here, which says split selected clip at play head or I can drag this to that actual place I could drag this over to that approximate spot where she lives her head and says hi, the split is a little bit more accurate, but let's, try this and see how that works, and then we can play it e I think that will work just fine but now since we cut that clip the second clip got separated so we will bring that back here and let's see how this clip ends so we could make sure the transition works okay, you could deal with theo yeah, you want teo I was trying because I always feel like screaming at you all right, so obviously we want to, uh, trim that clip and clean it up and get all that extra talking out of there so this time we'll do the split so rather than rather than doing the click and drag we'll do split clip now here's the extra talking that we don't want so we're just going to go into this little teeny trash bag trash can icon and delete it now we're gonna bring this party back here that's the second clip that we just cleaned up and let's see how it looks as a small business marketing x okay that's all right but it's not a very good transition so what we'll do is to go here you can have magnetic snap that just means that clips will snap together and you can also see the clip volume here which we're gonna probably have to raise but I think it's just about as high as it will go you can also add a delete tracks using this little tool box in the left hand side here ok um you can look at your clips this way now again I don't want to confuse you with all the old clips the clips were working with a down here and now they're in the time line so if I double click on the clip itself, it will open up a new screen where I can, you know, change the scale or flip it about if I want I can raise the volume but it's actually a hundred percent so I can't really rest of volume anymore than that I can animate this this's best pictures this is like that ken burns animation where it will zoom in zoom out of a photo I can also adjust the brightness and contrasts and things like that and if I had a paid account, I could do other things like color king and, um slow motion and stuff like that but that's okay, we don't really need to do any of that stuff because the clips look good, we just have to clean them up and edit them, so when I'm done editing, I clicked on editing now let's go back there again, you look at that transition so we might want to add some kind of a transition in between now we know we have to clean that up because when she finished I didn't cut the power off okay, so that's what we'll split that clip here select the clip looks split clip and get rid of this little piece right here because we don't want that on anymore I just deleted it now if we want to add a transition between these usually uh the simple of the better like a dissolve our cross fade is going to be pretty simple you don't want to get too crazy with the effects, but you can see basically what the effects look like if you preview them wipes and transitions and mosaics all kinds of stuff but I think again, we should always try and keep it simple when we're doing these clips so I can just bring that down here and drop it on the main track hoops you have to put that on the main track you didn't quite take their we'll fix that in a moment we'll fix that in post wait this is post so what I've done here is first fight of this down to the main track because it's easy to get it on the main track here what's his main and I added a cross fade by just dragging us down here to the timeline. So now we're going to see is a transition or cross fade between the two shots now it's not perfect but again for demonstration purposes it does what we need to do, so we've got a first clip all cleaned up ready to go have a transition that goes into the second clip now another helpful thing here is that you can adjust the zoom so you can make the clips the whole timeline bigger or smaller so you can see what you're doing when you start dealing with transitions and militant eclipse that's going to be helpful pursuit sometimes you might want to just get an enlarged view of what you're doing for now I'm going to shrink this down a little bit because now I want to go from our second clip, tow our third clip and see how that looks because I suspect we're going to take her back to stuff in between here so let's see how that looks go back to our main file here so that you can let your company's internal and external goals I haven't done my own idea so she did this line twice so we're going to take the second one and we'll cut it right about there so get in that select this clip I'm going to say split clip at play head because that's what we want to cut it delete this part by clicking little trashcan and see if this works see what happened is gonna take that laughing out so I didn't get it quite enough so let's enlarge it just that we can see and make it a little bit more precise hola you just have to really find right where she starts to speak looks to be right about here and then we'll select the clip split the clip and get this elite see how it looks now as a small business marketing expert help me all right there's a little bit of laughing in there but I think we're gonna be able to get over with it I would see it as a small business marketing expert has helped many fortune five hundred companies and marketing professional athlete companies to generate leads to their prospects in closed more sales and that's why I want to connect with you okay so that's we're going to split the clip again select clip doing a split selected clip this time we're going to get rid of the second part of that just make sure there's nothing else in there that we need highly effective yeah, we do need some other things in this clip so uh I want to connect with you so that you could do the same and reach your company's internal and external sales girls nice right now but that's what we want to take this part out so a suicide starts again about here when she looks up at about thirty four way split the clip again and I'm gonna delete that part so let's hear that looks together one quick tip that will help you get that's good now again we can go in here and out of transition in between those clips if we want but for now let's just leave it the way it is and tighten it up a bit. You just pushing at them the latest promotion or sale that you have to offer? Okay. That's, good. That's the end of that clip. So we're gonna split that right about there. But clip delete you can also use the delete key. And finally, I believe this is the last part of the clip. Hoops snuck up on us on that one. Okay, so let's put that right there with this piece and we'll look at the transition you have to offer. All right, that's, why? I was at the chopper here. Split clip and delete if you'd like to find out more about how to reverse these strategies to grow your business. So, no, I don't want to say that I'm different video. All right? This is why we end it. You got it. Go through it. The footage, little by little and find out the correct. All right? We're gonna I have all that one select clip, that piece and one more time. If you'd like to learn more about how to live strategies, your internal marketing programs entered your name. Email. Adjust in the boxes on this page and I instantly saying you are white paper, how to successfully sell to small businesses all right now. If I was coaching sidney and if we were doing this again I'd probably say you know before you look down at your notes pause for a bit so that we have time to edit the clip but again no we're just doing this for demonstration purposes so you can see how on we video here you can find the exact spot you want to cut and then just split the clip at that spot and any way you want that publisher says go ahead and sign up don't want all this other stuff clip delete and and check go ahead and find out now and get it I don't know what you could just reiterate the called action and say look forward to seeing you okay clip because we've made a mistake there so clip that out the action and say look forward to seeing you on inside split flip delete a lot of cutting cunning in moving thanks for stopping by record to see you on the next place that's fine now I'm going to take this transition at the end called dipped black and just bring it right on the cliff here so that we'll have a nice fade to black so you see what we added the transition at the very end we're also going to add a transition at the boat beginning to see if the same thing will work if we get to black great now we have a fade in see that transition that fade in we've got a fade out the end we've got a little sample transition here business marketing x I could cut that a little tighter but I'm not going to do that this time we're going to see if we can put in a couple of little transitions here just smooth it out a little bit to try this one maybe too much one quick tip that well that looks altogether internal and external sales one put that will help you get started now is great you can actually shorten the cliffs also you know we lengthen our timeline to make the whole thing a little bit bigger so we could see it better by hitting that button here I can see I can shorten this clip just to make that transition little tighter and everything is going to come with it so don't worry about moving anything else one put that well okay that's good. I'm gonna put a cross fade in between here and here my other transition and I think that's gonna be too long but that's okay? We're looking for that you have ever like to learn more about that's pretty tight so let's tighten that went up a little bit too so these you're just going to be quick quick dissolves in between clinton if you'd like to learn more about how to leverage these strategies in your internal marketing programs, enter your name email and we'll do a white at the end of different transition here let's see how that looks small businesses thanks for stopping by I report to you on the next page all right? So we've got all except cleaned up not as difficult as it looks once you get a little bit more comfortable with the software and the wii video the way they do this I'd like to edit in the timeline mode because it does give you more flexibility I could add a voiceover track here if I wanted to I could add another audio track which is we're gonna put the music which we're going to do next but I've also got another video track which means I could add text like a little third and I don't want to do that so I'm going to drag this out soon so it looks like it also do subtitles um but I think the lower third is going to be the way we want to go so I'm going drag that into the video one timeline section here right after they fade in so now it's going to superimpose over our clip which is exactly what we want to do now I want to go in here obviously because I want to customize that I can actually have this fade in and out which is a nice way to do it and we go to the text section here and for line one we'll put sid oops sydney greg and flying to will do the same for company if I was doing a website I do it all together but I think I'll separate it now I could even change the type face if I want because I put my text in here um I mean I could change it to hungy typewriter kind of thing something lighter a boulder I got a lot of choices here but I think I will keep it relatively simple so you can see that you've got a lot to choose from here then use something that's pretty standard I could make this bigger if I wanted just by dragging this slider here and I think I'll make a bigger um and again I could animated the only thing I'm doing for the animation really is just having it faded and fade out so when I'm done with the text in my lower third click done editing now I'm going to see how it fades in and how that title comes in hi this is sidney craig heart of smart simple marketing and then the next two minutes I'm going to teach you how you can sell more of your products and services to small business owner okay so we saw that faded in and as she was saying her name the little third came up so that makes sense to have that there at the beginning so that's my graphic that I have over laid on the text here by going to the text heading up here at the very and I could just messing with this lighter here where she says opt in but she said something about signing up different edit that piece out, didn't I our audience and allow them to really experience your brand and the benefit of your products and services versus you're just pushing at them the latest promotion or sale that you have to offer if you'd like to learn more about how to leverage these strategies in your internal marketing programs, enter your name email adjust in the boxes on this page and I instantly saying you are white paper how to successfully sell to small businesses thanks for staff uh so where she's saying, uh and your name and email I'm going to reiterate that with some graphics on them take that same lower third text bring it down here over this clip and I'm gonna click on the clip actually wanna shorten it. I can do that by dragging the sides here just to make it a little bit short and when I click on the clip, I go to my text and I'm just going to say a name I could add another line I could make that bigger, I'm going to make it a little bigger so it fills the frame there and then I'm just gonna click done now I've got hopes didn't remember the fate that in and out I'm going to go back to the animation here click fade in and fade out just because it looks better when it kind of teases in and out so let's see how that looks your internal marketing programs enter your name email adjust in the boxes on this page see how that comes up at the precise time that you're saying that so you just match it up to in the woods she's saying match the lower third so a lower thirds already your products and services first is you just typically we would go through this entire thing just to make sure that we got all the stuff out because way want to make sure it watch it start to finish I'm not gonna do that now but just to make sure that everything's the way you want it all the clips of their all the transitions they're so we that we've organized and trimmed our clips we have added transitions between the clips we have added graphics to reinforce what sydney is saying and last but not least we want to put some music under there so that it's got some nice little jingle to carry it through now we don't want sound effects uh we want music so click music and they sure do have a lot of different kinds but we're gonna want something I think that's a little bit um more like a jingle so let's see if we could find something appropriate and this is very subjective just have to kind of listen and see if you can find something that will match pretty well e much you tell first few bars no that's a little much ah eyes you can see it's going to take some uh definitely going to take some looking around to find the right deal here somebody's gonna be oh eyes gino's a pretty fast so let's do something let's go something that's more fun I think we owe you our music but for the purposes wait just use one as an example so I dragged that down to the audio section of the timeline you know, I could see it runs past where music runs so we'll deal with that in a moment but right now I think this is gonna be really loud and overpowering obviously, but see here we have a volume control and we can take that and drag it down so that it's much much lower probably something like twenty percent let's see how that sounds still too bad we're gonna have to keep that way way down. Um let me see if something around ten work your company's internal and external sales girls one put that will help you get started now maybe that's too much so you want the music so that it's kind of setting an atmosphere and tying it all together but not overpowering the voice common mistakes people leave the music too loud it overpowers the voice marketing strategies are highly effective because they created a lot of engagements with your audience and allow them to really experience your brand and the benefit of your first you're just pushing at them the latest motion or sales I think that'll work the only other thing we have to do is because the music ends before I mean the music continues on we're going shop it up and make sure that it ends when it ends we can actually let it fade out so we'll go a little bit longer than the video and then we'll go back to split clip now on this music track and we'll split the music clip and we're just going to get rid of this one at the end the other thing I can do here is I can go to the volume here and track that down if I click on here and I can add what's called a key frame volume point what I could do is up now I'm a the end of the video now I could go here and totally faded out see how it just will easily fade for that little spikes at the end that got away from me so let's enlarge it so we could see what we're doing and we're gonna take that and drag that all the way down now it's gonna be a nice little fate at the end let's make sure that that fades out okay by you on the next case that's it we're done all right so now we have our entire edited project we've got music graphics clips transitions the whole deal and we can publish now again because we're in the free version we can only publish it too we video if we had paid version we could publish it to youtube video toe a drop box or google drive but I'm gonna click published video and it's going to do the whole thing and we're gonna play it back and we're gonna be done uh I'm gonna pause this uh pause here for a moment while video is processing and we'll show you the finished product in just a moment once the video has finished processing we video will send you an e mail to let you know it's ready and in the status here it will show that it has been published and that you can now watch this video so let's take a look at the finished product and see how it came out hi this is sidney create heart of smart little marketing and in the next two minutes I'm going to teach you how you can sell more of your products and services two small business as a small business marketing experts have helped many fortune five hundred companies and marketing professionals at these companies to generate more leads in order to their prospects in close, more sales and that's why I want to connect with you so that you could do the same and reach your company's internal and external sales. One quick tips that will help you get started now is tio incorporate webinars, email newsletters and live events into your existing content marketing programs. These marketing strategies are highly effective because they created a lot of engagement with your audience and allow them to really experience your brand and the benefit of your products and services sources. You're just pushing at them the latest promotion or sale that you have to offer if you'd like to learn more about how to leverage these strategies and your internal marketing programs, enter your name and email address on the box on this page and I instantly saying you are white paper how to successfully sell to small businesses thanks for stopping by for seeing you on the next page so that's pretty good you could look at it in three, sixty feet p or for a teepee doesn't make too much difference from a quality standpoint. You can also change the thumbnail, make the video private or download it so again this is in your wee video account we finished creating sydney's video and editing it if we wanted to upload this to youtube or somewhere else like video would have to have a a different plan, but that's it for editing the video. And as you can see, we are done. We have a video here, and I've been, and we're good to go. So the next section, we will talk about uploading and distributing the videos.

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