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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lesson 3 of 30

Getting the Audience Invested

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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3. Getting the Audience Invested
Essential tips and techniques for making your video marketing count on YouTube.

Lesson Info

Getting the Audience Invested

One of the things we're going to talk about, a lot of the things we talk about in the youtube section is doing it strategically, obviously, and see you could see on the sheet we've got questions about do you optimize for ceo? I kind of put these is sort of trick questions like, I don't really expect people that know how to do this yet, but we're going to show you how to do some of this, including a call to action in your video is extremely important. We'll talk more about that at the end of all your videos, you have to actually tell the view of what to do. Um, well, they'll go down a rabbit hole and you'll never see them again. I saw fittest statistic some way that said, if you sat down this morning or today to watch every video on youtube, it would take you eight thousand years so there's eight thousand years with the video on youtube, and you have to be found in all that, um, another one is custom thumbnails. We'll talk about this in the youtube section, but invariably youtube picks ...

the thumbnail where you got your mouth open or your eyes closed and the like, but you have the ability to select a thumbnail. And customize it so that you can use the one that you want to use, which is really important, because a lot of people will make the decision on whether or not to watch a video based on that little teeny thumbnail, uh, adding annotations to your videos to make them interactive this's a big um, people say that, but you don't have annotations on your video, I'm doing my client's videos first, and then I'll get to mind, but I'll show you how to do annotations on your video, which is a really powerful way to make your videos interactive and to kind of get the viewer to take the action that you want them to take. Um, sharing your video once it's on youtube to social media, this is a lot easier than people think it's really kind of one klick to facebook one clip to google plus so you can leverage your video and get it out into more places and also kind of making them a za lot of folks have said, just better quality, just a few tips and tricks on making it look shopper yes, john, the first one you say upload strategically, are you talking about naming your file, your mp three, your key words that you're saying looking exactly the title, the description and the tags and your key would so strategically you know because like my great video you know dot a movie to six for is not really a good keywords term so um all right? So the next question on our video vision sheet is do you currently use video marketing for publicity promotion and visibility and if so how and how often so take a look at that for a moment and if you know kind of off the top of your head some of the ideas here to do a regular weekly webinar or hang out which I know john is doing um using google hangout or skype now you can use these one on one or two a group I do a lot of one on one coaching using hangouts and skype so it doesn't necessarily have to be a big broadcast you may be doing a web tv show all you may want to do a web tv show uh we're going to look at uh we've got a case study and we're gonna look a little bit at marie folio who's a wonderful entrepreneur who does marie tv and she hasn't of fantastic like I should call it a web tv show where she regularly answers fewer questions and people always called me up and say I want to do it marie's doing looks like okay, well I can you know I can't make you movie but I can show you how to do what what she's doing a lot of people are also podcasting podcasting seems to be making a big resurgence and I think it's because we're all on the go you can listen on your iphone or in the car and there are ways to kind of leverage that into video so if you're already doing audio podcast, they're always that you khun basically making a video podcast I mean the simplest way is just turning on the webcam while you do your podcast so that you're kind of on the year but there are few other ways to do that so we're gonna look at that yeah, I mean again if if you've got a lot of people have a podcast and they say you know is there a way it's leverage this and make it a video podcast and yes, there are so we'll start with the in studio folks first um is anybody using it's sort of for marketing purposes yet and if so, how? Yeah video in general not necessarily just youtube but do you do any kind of a weekly hangout webcast? Um we as will said he's doing um video blog's posts and then uploaded them to youtube in his blogged so when you do that you recording a video uh each week or you're doing a whole bunch of once and then putting them up once a week um recording each week so I do um a slide presentation and we have worked with the voiceover or sometimes I don't use voice is just music with content on dso it's a tip is for the focus is engagement matters is a temple howto engage with your target market so that you know they view you as a resource in the industry so I try to keep it to about no fewer than three minutes and make sure that I do it every week so that it stays consistent that's excellent yeah and see that's the thing you don't have to necessarily do it on camera will's doing sort of a power point video with narration or just with music which kind of takes some of the you know intimidation factor actors to say oh okay well if I just do a siri's that's basically a video power point um that's another way to get a presence out there and I know you're doing how often you doing your google hangouts yes we do one a week we have a life like discussion usually we're sort of like a video podcast where we invite a guest expert lu is on one of ours and it myself my partner and lou and we have kind of a one engaging show that we d'oh on hangouts each week andi actually hosted through an application called webinar jam which lumi touch on in a little bit where we can actually collect emails on the front end to so you build your list a little quicker and has a really nice q and a so you can talk to your audience live so it's a really neat feature I'm sure you'll yeah I think that's just a great way tio kind of get into that whole video thing and get something going regularly ay dio again we'll use ah michael port example he has something called an always have something to invite people to offer will knows about this and basically the idea is to give folks away to engage with you and interact with you but you know doesn't cost anything kind of a low hanging food no risk way for people to get to know you so I started doing I didn't want to be on camera again but I started doing something on fridays called lose labs where I just do basically a twenty minute or half hour webinar and share power point and now I'm doing it on google hangout but it's just a way to kind of say okay you confined me every friday I'll be answering questions and talking about different resource is and again I don't because I'm using google hangouts I could be on camera but I usually share my screen and just show my slides so they heard my voice the seeing the slides they're getting content and it's just a way to interact andi I have to admit that I took the summer often have been a little slow to get started getting it back up again but it's interesting because even with that weekly video hangout and that weekly always have something to invite people to I noticed I was getting more and more traction in the first week it was like, you know okay does rock or the pug countess of viewer because he's what? But you know, six viewers than the next week ten viewers and then there was some weeks when had fifty or sixty or seventy so you know it's great because it's really a great way to build community and get yourself out there and again we're doing it with video but not necessarily on camera video anything on the chat on ways that people are using this we do we have lee m who say they're doing video promo is for small business websites we have let's see well and then we have lizzy on the other hand, who says not using video yet but this is the goal to have video be an integral part of my marketing excellent. All right, the next one we're almost through with this section here on a video vision sheet and I know this may seem like oh my god when we get to the video stuff but the strategy and the goals and the planning is so important it's going to make everything else so much easier once you kind of have this foundation in place uh, the other stuff is going to come much more quickly. This is the kind of find it foundational work that you really need to do so that your videos will be successful. So next question is, are you using video marketing in unique ways and with different platforms? So this is kind of on camera videos versus off camera videos and a lot of the stuff I put in here to intimidate my clients and make them think I'm really smart, not really intimate, but but I put in language like hair, you doing spree cast yet or touch casts and these just different platforms of different ways to do video, and I know that they're not using them yet. I just want to show them I want to show them the possibilities I want kind of paint the picture for them that, you know, really the sky's the limit. There are so many ways to go at this in so many ways to do videos, other than just putting it on your website or youtube and way to get into some of that, but does anybody want to talk about it? They doing on camera versus off camera videos yet? Well, well, I mentioned one part of our video strategy, which really is in the strategy, but I was talking to roxanne earlier, and she said you and sydney should be on videos together and I was like, oh man, you know, we hadn't really talked about that and they want you why aren't you on the video? I said, well, cindy so much pretty of them on which is true and she oh she's really good on camera and so when we do talking head videos it's sydney and I'm not on camera so much, but I appreciate roxanne for sharing that idea yeah, I get that I just remembered something about off came a video so I have a lot of songs that are recorded over the years, you know, three albums with the songs and quite a lot of them I have slide shows to go with him so I could easily just turn those into videos and off videos and I have like twenty three minute for minute videos I think what folks don't realize is that they have, you know, stuff or the fancy, what is digital assets and you may already have a lot of content and a lot of digital assets that you can use or kind of turn into videos. We're going to talk a lot about that too like you guys have all this information and all this knowledge and it's just a matter of kind of pulling that in and saying ok, well, how can I slice and dice that and turn it into video anything coming in for the chat? Yes, indeed we have christina who says that she uses her slideshow galleries of her client sessions and portfolio so that's her off camera way of doing it let's see, we have marquet productions as they're doing a combo but both um yeah let's see it marquis productions continues off camera as much as possible and says I think talking head is a bit dated and not as interesting agree with that yeah, I mean the traditional we'll talk about this a little bit more but the traditional kind of just talking head it's like okay, well, you know let's use our imaginations and try and do something a little more interesting than that and even google hangouts gives you the ability to you know, different people could be on camera so it's a little bit more like a cnn kind of thing and I know this is a little off topic, but I want to mention it because I think it's really fascinating recently maybe in the last year. So I've noticed that nbc, cnn even the jimmy kimmel show they are now skyping in and and bringing guests in via google hangout, which would have been like unheard off in the television industry. So I say you know what if cnn khun bring in a guest from skype from london or kansas city or wherever they are and accept that quality of video if it's good enough for cnn it should be good enough for us so they've kind of hate to say lower the bar but they've sort of made it acceptable to use that kind of video I know for them it's probably economic reasons but again now they've made it possible for like okay, well we're gonna go to a guest via skype it may not be the best picture in the world but you know that's on cnn so we can do that too so that's kind of cool I think the next question is do you have a video counter overall plan for video now I know again probably don't yet but that's something to shoot for especially like you know will's doing the weekly videos and when I say video editorial calendar that's kind of a fancy way of saying what are your business initiatives during the year what do you want to accomplish in the next ninety days or six months and how can video help get you there? Well, what can you use with video if you say okay, well I want to you know, three months from now I want to have a much bigger presence on facebook has a lot of my folks are there I want to have a real consistent planned presence so if you build that into your video editorial county you'll know okay, well, that means maybe I have to make a video every week or every two weeks and release it on friday like it's going to be in sort of an appointment viewing regular kind of thing, so the video editorial counter basically just helps you map out your initiatives for the year or for the ninety days however far ahead you plan I have like a ninety minute plan I don't have time today plans, so I'm not even sure what I'm doing the next hour and a half, but but you can line up those videos so that you can say all right, now these videos are going to support my initiatives and I'll know if I'm doing a product launch for instance, if I've got of course, that I want to sell a new product that I want to do, I can back that out and say, okay, well, I need the video for that, you know, two weeks before a week before, which means I need to write it then and shoot it then so the video county just sort of helps you put that all indu perspective and make it more realistic and more doable like, oh my god, what am I going to do this video? I just look at the calendar and say, okay, today's the day I'm going to shoot the video, hopefully the lawn mower guy's not doing his thing next to us and and then you could plan it that way. So that's what we mean by when we say video editorial calendar so it's just a fancy expression we made up tio make a video sound all professional um the next question is where do you feel you need the most help and support with video again this is what I use when I asked my clients and it's a biggie because a lot of people it's gonna be different for everyone but where do you feel you need the most help what's the you know, the one thing you know okay, yes, I may be a little afraid of being on camera but what I really need is this but what I really need help is here maybe you need hand holding in a specific area anybody have ideas for that? Well oh, no, I don't have ideas way help looking for support get making, you know, talking here videos cool and making the you know, powerpoint type video to slide show thing a little cooler and less boring so I guess sprucing things up a bit that would be where I'm looking for some support perfect. So and then again, a lot of times we'll people will say, you know, well, how do we make my videos just look better? How do I get away from that simple talking head video you can put your dog in it or wear a wig, but that's not necessarily what I would suggest when I do power point video is one of the nose kind of silly little tricks that I use is to find a really cool template like for example, this is, you know, essentially a power point, but I, you know, purchased and licensed a template, a customized template so that it wouldn't just be the black text on a white screen try and put a lot of visuals in there, you know? I try and add photos and things like that, so even little things it's like making your power points pop by using a template or using photos, I'll tell you another little trick that I use there's a I think it's, a facebook app called bit strips and it's free it's a free facebook app, and what it will do is it will create a cartoon avatar ofyou on dh sometimes it's, you know, relatively accurate and other times it doesn't look anything like, but you can customize it and you might have seen I took some of those bits, trips, avatars and, you know, used me as a cartoon character because I don't look like george clooney and, you know again it's just another way that you can add that little personality to your presentations even if they're off camera to give you that little edge, you want to look like, you know, you want to start to establish your brand. You don't want to look like everybody else. You know? I don't, everybody says, don't use powerpoint it all. So I say, if you have to use it, a tte least have nice fonts and maybe a custom template.

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Video can bring your business to life. When you produce a video to market your business, you can connect more deeply with your audience. Join video marketing expert Lou Bortone for a course that will cover everything you need to know about using video to grow your business.

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