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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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iPad Video Training with Mike Stewart

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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21. iPad Video Training with Mike Stewart

Lesson Info

iPad Video Training with Mike Stewart

So let's get into the blogging aspect of why this is important, not always important to convert strangers online to sales and business relationships. Blogging and social media Video is what you can do and you could do on a regular basis, and my and my students of my coaching clients that do this get rewards that they never dreamed possible when I'm gonna share it when those case studies with you in a moment. But you know one, the questions I get is, well, what if I blogged about? Well, I don't care what your expertise is. Just answer questions. I mean, it's amazing how many questions that I've been asked over the year that my people in audio and video would go. Well, doesn't everybody know that? No, they don't know that they know what camera to use, what microphone you use, What software to use, What is a but cut edit? They don't know that, you know, we just take it for granted. People know these things. So what is your business? And write down the questions that your customers ask and...

answer those questions in a video, and then you could always end it by being the solution. When you present the problem, I call it making lots of Did you know, videos next life? Yep. In here you go. Here's the guys tell you about that. If you look up in the dictionary under technophobe, there's the picture of how Coleman and how a couple of years ago said he says, I want to dominate. Uh and I wanted I want to get found as an expert at consulting pest control companies all over America, really, all over the world on you know how to market their pester because I want a pest control agency for years and I know how to market a small pest control agency. And he said, I know I can help them with all my years of experience, of marketing my own business. So we set up a WordPress blob pest control marketer dot com at his website, which is built in WordPress. He has a landing page video there. You can see his awards behind him down there. He's got a big play button over his face. I know that's ugly, but that creates curiosity. People hit that play button and then he talks to people. People are meeting him. And so from back this website, he's getting his phone to rain, and he's there on the right. He's getting people to join his opt in list, meaning he's building an email database next slide. Well, the next thing here. So this was Christmas of 2012 and he said, Mike, I've got a blawg. I've got a landing page video. I'm blogging and text. What do you recommend? I do us? They will get an IPad. And I said, start blogging and video rather than writing about it and just keep doing this every week without fail next slide. So he started making these helpful video tips, and he made a commitment to set there in front of his IPad once a week. Ah, and talk to people and answer questions that he knows his market was interested in. So now when you go into YouTube or Google, because how it was one of the few past control marketing consultants in the world talking about this subject, he's number one for his keywords in Google and YouTube. In fact, at the time of the screens a shot, he had 87 videos on his YouTube. He's well over 100 now. And these YouTube videos and this blogging posts are bringing traffic to his websites that are turning into consulting clients. Coaching clients, product sales, you name it next life. So why, you know his website was built a WordPress. But you could see there he is blogging. He is adding a new new page to his website every week, week built on keywords that he wants to get people to find it for. So he's now building a library of Great Content Index and Google of helpful shareable videos. They're not commercials. They're helpful tips. But then people are one click away from the things that making money, calling him to be a coaching client, getting his consulting, buying his membership site on Then, of course, people who aren't ready to call him. He entices them. This is hey, you know, download this free report. Uh, the seven things you absolutely must know if you're serious about growing your business, doesn't and pastoral business to be any business. And his list keeps growing every day from doing these weekly videos in his WordPress block next life. And so there's a living proof when you put pest control marketing into our beloved Google, my crazy technical folk, it friend and client, Hal Komen's number one, The world for his keywords. And it has taken him in less than a year from nothing to a six figure coaching business. So this stuff really works if you work it next life. And, of course, working with all kinds of businesses, especially local brick and mortar businesses. Everybody's excited about social media and, you know, and they all want to make, you know the business owners want to make money from it. You know, my wife wants to play, Ah, Candy Crush and Farm Bill and all those other fun things. And of course, ah, her Social Media's is having fun. But business owners want, you know they want to generate leads of business. Well, there's ways of doing that. Social media for free in there's ways for doing it paid, I think paid Facebook advertising is going only grow exponentially. In fact, back in March of this year, video started to an in stream video ads, so there's all kinds of opportunities to pay money to social media to get advertising. But if you want to do it organically, you're free. You need to make media that people want to share socially, and that's why they call it social media. It's It's easy to share texts and photos and opinions. Audios air not shared eras. Muchas videos. But video is one of most powerful media that could be shared socially, and so they're not going to share a television commercial. But they might share a helpful tip that really shows you to be the expert, and then you can tag it with more information. Go to our website so the social media quite factors make one piece of share terrible content that's not advertising but helpful tips and place it in four more locations. And those four locations that I recommend is YouTube. First, share the share it on your WORDPRESS website, then share your Web press WordPress website on Facebook and then shared on Pinterest. And then you can do it. Share it in other places. But those are the places that people can watch your videos in all four places. They can watch Pinterest. They can watch it. YouTube. They can watch it on your WordPress blawg, and they can watch it on YouTube. And I called that to social media video contact to make that one video tip with your IPad and put it in four place, then rinse and repeat passionately if you expect results next line. So the process is make a new video based on new key phrases that you want to get found for. Repeat the process over and over again. And this all process can start with a great piece of Dejan Oak Kant video content where you're just ants answering the question that your customers have, where you're the expert and people now have a way to find you that could turn into business and making money. This process works for me. It works for my customers, and I know it could work for you if you if you take action on this. So I had, you know, Lou, this was originally a 90 minute presentation. So, through the power of editing, I've brought it down to 40 minutes. Awesome and and so, hopefully to recap, what you can take away from this presentation is make lots of video. I don't care what device you make it with, but make lots of video and get it online. But I believe the IPad tablet and it's APS. Even if you're a pro at making video, you're gonna love it for two reasons. It's powerful. It's great to more reasons. It's portable, and the battery runs all day on a single charge. So when you make lots of video with the IPad and it saps, you're gonna come out ahead. And even though I can make video with lots of the programs, other devices all I do these days is my IPhone or my pad. And when you populate social media with videos titled With the keywords and the key phrases that you want to be family for, there is the potential that you'll be found more and shared more in social media. So it's an expertise about your products or your services. But use the video quite factor method of making one piece of video input into four places and then make sales videos and social media content videos for your business. And here's another thing. I get paid by coaching fee to take my IPad and produce videos for other clients, so I'm out in the middle of Lake Lanier, Georgia, on my boat with my IPad, making my coaching fees in my flip flops and bathing suit. So life couldn't be. You know, people say, What do you do when you get retired? Mike, I guess I'm retired because I'm always going to do this. I'm never going to stop. I love it so much. So, Lou, uh, I know they said they wanted if we want to take some questions, you know, the last line. And this is where people can get some more information about, uh, music and more in depth training. This is the training is that I created. And there's the link to it. Tablet video training for it slash loot. And it includes over 160 tracks of my original music that you can use legally. So, uh, what do we do now? Lou? This is this is awesome. I think we got time for questions. That sound good? Yeah, we got time. So if you don't mind sticking around for a bit, I think we can I'm sure we have some questions from the live audience and from the chat. Do you want to start here in the room? Yeah. The real question. I just want to say that you are so awesome. and so fast and furious. And it's just been such a pleasure to have you here and thank you for all the information. That's it. Thank you so much. You're welcome. I never left the house. This is That's the idea that it has a question. I wouldn't know what that shiny discount over and do represents. Okay, well, I'll tell you, I'll take a quick story on that. Now, here's a little. Here's a little bit of advice for video bloggers. Hang your athletes behind. If you noticed my pest control guy had all his awards behind him because a lot of people go what I make for a background when I make videos. Well, hang your awards behind you Now. I had some pictures that I had to take down. They told me last night for copyright reasons, but, uh, but I'm very proud of that. I was in a band in 1981 called Buttner Garcia. We had a hit record called Pac Man Fever, so I did and for Pac Man Fever. And that's why I know the music business. And that's why I write legal music for YouTubers and bloggers. But more importantly, I want to tell you the power of doing that. When I hung my gold record behind me and my block close, my sales went up has nothing to do with my products or services, But it's the fact that there's some credibility. Hey, I want to do business with the guy that really has a gold record. Let me tell you even the other more magic. We've been blogging about our record for the last 10 years, and two years ago Disney searched the Internet for us, our old band, and say, Are you guys still around? We said some of us of our lead singer Gary passed away a couple of years ago, but we're still around 30 years later and they said, Well, we have this movie called record Wreck it, Ralph, would you guys like to do the same song to wreck it? Ralph said, Uh, absolutely. So we phoned our parts in You're looking at my recording studio here. I recorded, uh, music for an Academy Award nominated movie. And here's the only thing sad about it is that you know what happens when you go to the movie and to start playing the credits at the end of the movie, everybody gets up and leaves. So we were the only people standing in the theater when our song so get people listen to record record round by Buckner Garcia. And that was made possible because of a video block. Awesome. Uh, who has a question in your if we download your music or we buy your music package? What is the type of music? Is it? Is there all types of music? Or is it? Oh, yeah, Because one of the things when you're underscoring video in, which is what I did, you know, years, you know, post one hit wonder. I can also tell you a one hit wonder doesn't make a living from one red gold. Uh, but I made money underscoring corporate television and television commercials. So I had all these years of experience of knowing that depending on the mood, you know, is that exciting, Is it Is it sad? Reflect fel? Is it of a time period? I mean, there's music can give so many undercurrent messages, So when you're making a video and you want accentuate it with the right kind of music, you have to have music that you could prove to YouTube and really anyone that you have the rights to use it. You can't just use any instrument music. That's that's copyright. So it's all types. And I knew that. You know, the the probably the most popular types that you could use. We'll give you another example. Um, the 2000 and one Space Odyssey is a public remain piece of music, so I recorded it. You can use my version because it's a public domain of famous theme. The sting from the movie The Sting was the Entertainer by Scott Joplin. So I recreated this thing so you can use music like that and have the legal rights. So there's all kinds of public domain music we did holiday music, things that sound like Halloween. I mean, this list goes on and on of how you could underscore videos and make them more power. Awesome. Thank you. Uh, Sydney would cut a question first. Did Mike you mentioned that to win after you post or you create your blogged or excuse me? Your video you've posted to your blogged posted to you to be posted to Facebook and Pinterest. Are there any other marketing a promotion tips you can share about how to get more visibility for your videos. Well, absolutely. You know, one of things that how is doing is building relationships than a linked in group, and you don't want to do that right off the bat. But if you're in business, you might find a niche licking group where you become a respected authority. Then you can share your videos in the length and group everything I was talking about. What this was free. Now there are paid ways of getting more views to your videos. I just came back from a YouTube conference in Los Angeles last week, and the video AdWords is going to be an amazing opportunity. And so there, you know, everything we talked about today was stuff that requires effort and creativity. But you know, you can pay your way to the top or you can earn your way the top of great content sharing your videos. You know, I know the kids are Maurin Instagram, but there's probably possible ways to do that. But, you know, you just you just go where there are people and you know, like you heard 200 million users of Instagram of 1.5 billion plus and Facebook. That's where people are. So I want my video seen there if I can. Tony had a question like You mentioned a green screen app that you like to use from the IPad and I did a quick search and it seemed like there are several. So I just want to understand who the maker was that you prefer. You know, we're seeing new APS every day. It's just amazing how fast the last time and I discourage people from doing green screen for the reason that you have to decide what you want to replace your background with. But people just my students. Oh, is there a green green screen on the IPad? So the one that I tested and I like is green screen by D o I N k doink. It's about a $4 app. There's probably five or six more that have come out since I last checked, and the reason I don't check for more of them is that I'll never keep up with him. And once again, I unless it's a really important scenario. I tried avoid doing green screen because those folks then you gotta go. Well, look, kind of background were gonna put This is background makes sense, you know, it just slows down the process for me. Here I am. I'm in my office. I shut my door by my gold records Behind me, I look at the camera. Go, go, And then I'm done. You know, there's no I got two lights on either side of me, so that's lit well, and it's a very simple process so that I didn't want to discourage you from green screen, but I won't tell you. That's why I don't look for more other than the doink one. Awesome se 1977. How do you get more visibility if your market is saturated with similar videos? For instance, there a ton of yoga videos online? How do you set yourself apart? You have any thoughts on that, Mike? Well, you know, it's all about trying to think of other search terms that, um that the other people probably aren't thinking about. We used to call the low hanging fruit and backdoor key words. So what problems do yoga solved? So then that you might get optimized for sy Attica. You know, you might get optimized for other keywords that lead people back to yoga. So the truth is, is that if yoga is your keyword, Yeah, that's probably gonna pretty crowded. But, you know, one of the things that YouTube loves is when you start building on authority video on authority, channel fact one of things that was, you know, building that subscriber ship. Once you get past 10,000 subscribers, they really pay attention to you. And your videos might start ranking above the lazy people. So, um, just just keep looking for key words that you could build videos about. Even though it's about yellow, It might be something about, you know, something totally unrelated. You know, kicking off other search terms and and then, you know, trying to make get videos optimized for other search firms that when people watch it, then they realize Oh, that was a problem in yoga is the solutions that does that make sense, I guess. Sure. Anything else? Fantastic. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your being here. Yeah, very, very awesome. Good stuff. Thank you. All right. And, Mike, just really quick. Really Quick, Mike. One more time. Where can people find you online? I, uh well, the best place to find more about me is at from the desk of mike Stewart dot com. That's my video blogged I've been doing for 10 years. There's over 10 years of off great information, and then I tell you, can get on my list and learn about all the new things I'm doing. And and, of course, we would love you to check out Tablet video training dot com four slash lu Wonderful.

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