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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Let's Make Videos!

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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11. Let's Make Videos!

Lesson Info

Let's Make Videos!

Today we're going to dive into the deep end and make videos I think I even have a slide that says make videos so yeah we're going to make some videos today we're going to shoot videos, get it videos, upload videos and we'll see how it goes it z you know we're kind of out in the ledger but I think it'll be fun so what? I want to start with the o just to kind of get everybody thinking and wake folks up a little bit is to talk about the different kinds of video that we create so I'm gonna go back to my little white board and make you guys do the work because like I said my brain hood so I'm going to throw it back at you and talk a little bit about the different kinds of videos we create now yesterday we talked about why would create a video like, you know we want to get more visibility all we want to get more ceo now I want to kind of focus because we're gonna be creating videos today on different kinds of on camera videos we can create so anybody want to raise a hand to shout out and we ...

can go back to the chat in a few minutes but kind of as well how to videos excellent how to videos probably the most popular kind of video on youtube as well sidney testimonial video testimonials perfect so we'll send me a testimonial via video email yesterday so you killed two birds with one stone thank you su introduction in tau video yeah absolutely and we're going to come back to that one talking to starrett and tony thank you video thank you videos and that's why a lot of people forget you know when you do especially if you sell a product and then they go to a thank you paige you know they just get like a yeah thanks his you know thanks for the forty seven bucks thank you video's awesome and it's hard data first sales video sales video absolutely and I think they need another one product demonstrations excellent product demo videos perfect anybody else from what may be the same as how to but training an instructional videos training and I want to put one more in here called the about me video and this morning actually before we started we're talking a little bit about and an into a video on your home page versus on about me video and what the difference is and the way I like to make that distinction is that the video on your home page is really more like in about them video you want to attract your viewer it's really the kind of the first maybe the first time they come into your website so that's the kind of about them video you want to keep that short and sweet and just engage them enough to take the next step with you within about me video you can actually talk more about yourself and that's where you'd want to say ok this is my background this is why I do this so we talked about a lot a lot of different on camera videos welcome video about me video expert tips siri's is another one that's really good interviews you can do interviews via google hangouts like we did with michael port yesterday you could do whole panel discussions on google hangouts because you can have up to ten people on a hangout I think sydney mentioned testimonials sales videos so you guys had a lot of really good ideas and I'm really excited that you're thinking kind of outside the screen outside the box and not just thinking traditional talking head videos so that's really really helpful there are a couple of these that I would consider must have videos so a lot of these are sort of like you know, okay, well I'll get to this one or it would be really nice to have ah training video but there are a few videos that you may want to do first or what I call the must have videos and I can show you an example of my ah home page video because that's the kind of video we're going to create today and not that you know minds the end all be all or anything like that but it'll give you an example of the type of home page video, and you kind of see what it's all about, then we're going to look at scripting so that you'll be able to create your script for your home page video and I kind of I use the terms interchangeably, home page video, welcome video, generally the same thing the first video people see when they come to your website. So we're going to see if this decides to work and I'll play my home page video looking little thing is turning I am your tone and I help entrepreneurs and small business just like you get more visibility and more sales with great through video market. I grew up in the tv business, yep, that's me at w b z t v at the top of the age of seven, my dad worked at a tv station, so when I say I grew up at a tv station, I really need it. Since then, I've spent more than twenty years in the tv industry working in marketing at places like the entertainment television on talks with worldwide in los angeles. What about the time that youtube came along in two thousand five? I moved my business online to join the online video revolution and have been on the leading edge of video marketing ever since. Today I worked with online rock stars like michael port, sally brown, andrew j lee least wait nancy mama later and marry smith. Justin and I worked with coaches, consultants off those speakers, and I realize that most folks see video is a big pain in the ass for some taking nightmare, but it doesn't happen I make video easy and even fund I can help you get seen and get sales using the power of video it's a lot easier than you think even if you've never attempted a video before or maybe you have tried video and hasn't worked either way, I could help you create great video marketing that will get you results get started, just sign up on the box on the right and you get things done access to my get going out video cheap plus they'll get a four part video series how to turn prospects into raving fans and paying clients who doesn't want that just filling the form and you'll be on your way I look forward to helping you becoming online video roster going form and I'll see you on the inside so that's my welcome video that I think it's long really for welcome video and I felt like because I do video, I had to put a lot of bells and whistles into it that you don't necessarily need to do I mean music and graphics and, you know, just little different shots and things like that, so I felt like, okay, I've got to make mine a little bit more details and had a few more bells and whistles because people expect to see you no more professional video from a video guy so that's not to say that you guys need to do that, and even though that was only two minutes, it felt like an eternity to me so on guy kind of memorized and kind of had some things on the screen for that one because two minutes of text is a lot to try and learn. These are the kind of videos you want to do because that's kind of a must have video. When people come to your website, they expect to see you. They want to know what's in store for them. They want to know what you can find there. And these are also the videos like that going really put you front and center and to sort of help you plant the flag and say, ok, this is who I am, this is what I do, and these are the kind of videos that are going to give you the very important I feel like I already know you effect, and I really can't tell you how powerful that is if you go to a conference or an event or networking, and you've never met these folks, but somebody comes up to you and says, I feel like I already know you because I've seen you on video, that means you've already established that foundation, which is great, I mean, it saves a lot of time and a lot of back and forth because you sort of already have a relationship even before you've met them in person. So when you appear on camera and do these on camera videos, you're making a connection with somebody it's like, kind of like a virtual handshake and it's really, you know how you start to build that I feel like I already know you effect, so, um, I want to stop making videos, and in the previous session we talked about, you know, at some point, you really do have to step out in front and be on camera and put yourself out there as scary as that may be it first, but on camera videos are really a necessity for business, and the welcome video is probably the first one that you want to do. I also have a really big fan of tips, siri's or expert siri's videos some people call these frequently asked question videos or fax videos because if you as an entrepreneur again in the same kinds of questions or concerns from your clients or customers, then you might want to create a serious about that. So, like, I have a serious of video tips because people say, you know, well, what are the top two or three things you recommend for video? Or people would always ask me, what camera should I use? So I made a video that says, I don't care, what can you use? It doesn't matter, but really, if there are serious questions that people are always asking, you create a frequently asked questions siri's for those folks and they don't have to be long, they don't have to be complicated. They just have to answer the questions that you most commonly get. I also like doing these as a batch, so if I do a ten tips siri's, I can do them all at once and do them really quickly. I actually will sometimes use google hangouts to tape thes because they go directly to youtube. So even though I don't have an audience in google hangouts, I know that it's going to youtube and that's, really, what I'm trying to do is just as quickly as possible get those tips out there, get him up on youtube. I could go back and edit them later if I need to, but they're all done just like that, I've got ten tips I can release them once a week, once a month. Well, you're talking about briefly yesterday about being able to have your business working for you while you're out, you know, on vacation or hanging, what kids are doing, whatever it is it's important to you, that's great being able to do all these things, all these videos at once and then that's content that's ready for the next however long you've got? Yes, absolutely. So I wanted to think about, you know, all the different fun kinds of videos you can create. It doesn't have to be scary a complicated, but you might be thinking like, oh my god, where do I start? You know, you've been doing this forever, I'm not really sure where to begin, and like we talked about yesterday, you really start with the goals, and the goal is going to determine the type of video that you want to create and the home page video, like I say, it is a good goal to have because if you don't have a video on your website, it's kind of like you know a few years back if a business didn't have a website that you know you kind of think well that's kind of lame now it's like if you don't have a video on your web site kind of like well who are these guys you know they for real um and the welcome video is actually a video that some folks you know they have trouble with it because it's intimidating they think they have to squeeze all this information in there and what I want to show you when we go through the scripting part here is that it can be really short and sweet it's the intention is just to grab the viewer and give them a quick sense of who you are and what you do and then move on so when we do a production we typically go in the order of step one is scripting step two is taping and step three is editing and we're going to do all of that today actually going on a fourth step for uploading but the main steps are here so that's what I want to think about when when we get into this and when you do a welcome video or really any video for that matter a great place to start is the sort of tried and true time tested madison avenue advertising formula off a I d a uh and that stands for attention, interest, desire and action and this goes way back people have been using it for years I remember my college professors telling me about a idea aye, but it's a great formula for creating your script because it means that you don't you know you don't have to there's no guesswork involved you know you have to start with attention which means you have to grab their attention right from the get go um one of the things that's interesting when you watch tv news for example yesterday michael port mentioned in the old days tv's had tv shows had these long intros and now tv shows have real quick and toes and they get right to it because you want to get their attention so if you're watching you know, I watch nbc nightly news once in a while and what they do is they start with a quick tease of the main story so it's story story story then a quick little branded intro with the music and then right into the news so they don't waste a lot of time with the opening they get right to it and that's what we should do as well um and then on the interest part obviously you've got to start to generate interest and tell folks why they should listen to you interest is a good place to kind of put maybe a line or two about who you are and what you do show your credibility so people watching it probably saying like, okay, who is this person? And why should I listen to them? So you want to start to generate interest in the body of your script and then you want to create desire? You want to you have something that the viewer wants, you have the answer to their problem, you have the solution for what they're looking for, and finally, action is obviously your call to action, and especially in online video, you have to tell the viewers exactly what you want them to do, you know, tell them, show them, have graphics, whatever it is, but make sure that you have a clear, compelling call to action, so we have a handout and basically it's a cheat sheet for scripting, but what we'll do is we go over this together, and for the folks at home who are downloading the pdf, I tried to make it as simple as possible. Now, this doesn't mean you have to follow this script exactly, but as a cheat sheet, I want to make it sort of fill in the blank dead simple azizi is you can do it, and I kind of go through it with you, so typically in a welcome video, and like I said, this is just a guide, you don't have to say exactly these things, but if you like, oh my god, I'm no way to start this is a good place to start so you would start with hi this is lube or tone and then the next not forty five minutes, not twenty minutes try for two minutes one minute so the viewer knows right off the bat what they're in for so that's a good way tio grab attention because the view and know what's what they have to invest in time, so I'd say hi, this is the war tone and in the next two minutes I'm going to show you how to blank what do you gonna share with them? Show them demonstrate to them what is the sort of big outcome for big result you get for your clients? Maybe yesterday we used an example where yoga for migraine relief so in the next two minutes I'm going to tell you how to get rid of your migraines once and for all. For me, I might say in the next two minutes I'm going to show you how to make video simple so you can move your business forward. Then you want to go into the sort of interest section, which is as a blank that's kind of where you put your title or expertise um, I've helped now you mentioned your target market, I've helped, so I would say as it as a way I'm going to throw something cool now because I think I wanted a word once as an award winning video producer thehe wood was like a certificate that I got in third grade but that's ok? They don't need to know that I've helped knows your target market entrepreneurs you saw in my welcome video I was totally name dropping because I had worked with cem cem you know high profile online folks so that's totally fine you want to establish your credibility as quickly as possible so I've helped entrepreneurs and then what you helped them do again? What do you help them do or get or have what problem do you solve for them so again keep it real simple just give the top line you know big result that you get for them now you can go into a little bit more detail about what to do for folks here but the ultimate goal is what are they going to gain by working with you? But what are they going to gain by taking that next step with you? Even if it's just opting in to be on the mailing list now here's where you want to share some kind of ah quick tip or a small sample of what you provide this is a good place to say you know, okay, by the way and here too quick tips for you whatever it is you do, because that way you're starting to add value and you're starting to kind of build that relationship with them. A little bit of the law of reciprocity is that you say that goes into effect because you've given them something, and now they may want to give you something, so maybe it's three quick tips for whatever it is you help folks do, it could even be one so that's fine as well, then you go into basically the action section, which is if you'd like to find out more about blank. What you do, just enter your name and email address in the space provided because we're talking about a welcome video where folks opt in to sign up for your mailing list so that you can continue the conversation with them. So sign up here and I'll send you a blank because you usually want to give away some kind of freebie or some kind of free offer that will entice the viewer to give you their name and email address. Now this used to be really easy, it's, like, you know, sign up for my newsletter and now used to be good enough, but that doesn't cut it anymore. Nobody wants to get another newsletter, another easing in their email box and people these days much more hesitant, teo even give you a name and email. Because they're barraged with email all the time so you have to make your offer or your freebie really compelling something that's really good something that's actually valuable so and again that's that's really up to you, but what I do on my site is a four part video series because I feel like that's something that normally I might charge for. So maybe it's got a real dollar value, but I'm offering it for free in return for the person's name and email address, I also give away a quick tip sheet because I want to have that immediate gratification of the minute they sign up. They get something right then and there that aren't awaited also watch a video siri's there's kind of an immediate gratification like the minute they sign up they can download the tip sheet um and then you want to reiterate your call to action? Sign up now so that you can start again you can start, you know, stop suffering from migraines or you can gain this. You know any kind of benefit again? Be sure to just reiterate the call to action. Tell the viewer exactly what you want them to do, whether it's to sign up for your email list or to call a toll free number, or to order now on dh you really do have to, you know you see if you're on the video, paige, think of the video in the context of that page, so if you've got an opt in box on the side over here, you've got to be like signing and there's a box right there there, so so, you know, it seems a little over the top, but really tell them in clear and compelling language exactly what you want them to do, and then just kind of giving thanks for watching and we'll see you on the thank you, paige, I want to say there's any questions about that? There sure are, yeah, there's ah there's one here, coming in from green fire herbs who is talking the chat room and says, I'm not sure about this script for my home, page says I'm there a number of videos I'm planning on making, but as an interested oh, I am I don't know if the script makes sense for may says that they are I'm not sure how to adapt this, too. I need simon herbalist and I make herbal products. So do you have any thoughts on how to adapt this for less? Somebody who's providing a service and mohr for people who are selling products right, it's the same basic concept you wanted, you want to kind of provide a problem solution shin so if people are coming to that website they're probably looking for some kind of you know, homeopathic holistic remedy to something so what again whatever it is people are not necessarily buying the the products they're buying what the product does for them so if you go to that next step and say well does it help you sleep if you have insomnia but again go go that step further and asked what problem are you ultimately solving and then kind of set up a problem solution scenario like if no if if what they're offering is a product if you suffer from migraines and you've tried everything else maybe this homeopathic herbal remedy may may work for you sign up here or call now order now ah lot of times with welcome videos you don't necessarily want to ask for the sale right off the bat you want to start to establish that trusting credibility first so that's why I like to do the video that kind of gives them the next step and then eventually you can kind of build enough trust to sell them a product like that and I think maybe if instead of giving tips on how to maybe tips on like here's something that you could grow it home that you could really easily use to do x so we looked at this this like I said this this template won't necessarily work for everyone but it's a good starting point and I've also created a little bit of a cheat sheet that if you don't want to follow this template, some other things that you might want to consider when you write your script are what are you going to talk about? And why should they listen to you? So you want to kind of establish yourself as the expert, so tell them what you're going to talk about and why they should listen to you. Um, talk about who you are and who use of who's your target market because people want to know, am I watching this on my and the right place? Am I know is this for me? If you're again if your migraine sufferer than and you're watching the video that migraine relief you in the right place, so be sure to tell, you know, kind of call out your target market, and some people say, well, I want to help everybody but that's, not a target market, you know, of course you want to help everybody, but you've gotta narrow that niche enough so that you're reaching the right people and that you can find those people to reach in the right place. So tell them what you could do for them or what result. You get for them. I know I've said this before, but it's really that's what it all comes down to its the person watching the video wants to know what's in it for me, how can you help me? So, like I said, this is really more of an about them video than about me video um, why you want what they can provide, what is the ultimate benefit that you're providing to them what's that big result again, give them like I say, a small taste or a sample of the value provide so that they can see you for real people love to get a quick tip, they wantto leave that video feeling like that they really gained something. And then, of course, the called action what should they do next and give the viewer very specific directions for the next step? So with that in mind, I hope you've been working on your script templates, and I'll see if there are any other questions to give you a chance to uh uh, fill in the blanks a little bit more, but we're going tow jump into doing some videos, so let me check and see if there are any questions first, just because I want teo give folks a chance to kind of get their ducks in a row as faras the script stuff goes absolutely maybe we could talk a little bit about the kind of distinction again you know you talk about a couple times but the distinction between the intro video and the about me video one person asked is it okay if the video is on the about paige instead of the home page have a big photo of myself on the home page and in small space for text enter that won't fit a video seems that photo is more important than a video in that spot so you want talk just briefly about where these where this should go on your website and how prominent itch toby can it be kind of buried a little bit let's talk about that yeah that's a good question and I think you know I mean obviously has a video person I think that the video should be front and center on your home page in fact, I've seen many pages that home pages that are nothing more than a video sometimes these are called squeeze pages or landing pages and in many cases they'll have a headline in a video we'll talk a little bit more about that we'll get to sales pages but you know the video is your opportunity to really connect with that person beyond text beyond a photo so uh I'm a big believer in having a video right on the home page you know is big and splashy is you can make it now the about me video is also important in a good place to have it is on you about paige obviously and sometimes folks are going to come to your website all land on that about paige if they do a search they may not come through your home page they may start on your about paige and that's fine again that's it a place where you really can get a little bit more into your background and your credibility and if people decide okay, I signed up I think I wantto work with this person. I'll learn from them or buy from them then they may go to you about paige and they want to see that about me video that say's let's see who this person is you know ah and what they're all about to send a sense makes chris that's excellent. Any questions from the the live studio audience? Can I just really quick? Just tow because we're going to see some of you maybe do some video enough there's a surprise to you guys r do how many of you do services versus products first? Maybe do you mind if we just really quickly go through and have everyone introduce what what you do love to hear just a sentence or two elevator pitch let's start on well heart my company's called smart, simple marketing and what we do is help our clients uh small business owners sometimes big businesses to connect with their target market and follow through on the right marketing activity that's good for their audience so that they can get the clients that they need I am sydney craig heart on the other half of smart, simple marketing and in addition to what will just said we typically use a lot of content marketing strategies b it's written audio video to help our audience to reach their clients and their target market more effectively and stay in touch with those folks consistently so they can build those relationships, increased their client base and increased the revenue hi, I'm toni marie tori I'm a career coach and clinical hypnotherapist and I help ambitious professionals take their careers to a higher level I'm sue van dyke and I own studio sixteen and walnut creek and I love to photograph seniors in high school I do senior portrait it's roxanne hourly and I'm a marketing mentor and coach for small business owners who want to amplify their message and get more of their work out into the marketplace I am dr beltrami and founder of the brand is still opener and I help silla preneurs create stunning visuals tio stand out online and help them create visual strategies unique to their business. Hi I'm donna vanilla and under also known as the monk dude and on a meditation instructor and a musician and I help people especially in corporations develop leadership qualities like love, creativity and wisdom through meditation and music. All right, thanks. So you guys all provide services. Eso maybe lou, as we're going through today, let's at let's, be sure to kind of just keep an eye out for the product people out there and make sure that we talked to that a little bit, just to see if there are any differences and whether there are or not that's, a good question, okay? And you know what you just said. There is the essence of your welcome video, so you've kind of done it. The only thing you were you would add is, you know what results you provide for folks and a call to action.

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This was a really great course. I am definitely going to apply what I learned. It was so much information that it will literally take me months to apply it all, but building a business is a long game. I loved how Lou mixed high level strategy with the specifics of how to use key tools and recommended a variety of useful resources. This course was very practical. I've already started applying it and have a basic blueprint for my way forward that I will flesh out as I make more progress. I definitely know I'm going to add a lot of success to my business through what I learned in this course.

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