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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Off-Camera Video Tools - Part 1

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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4. Off-Camera Video Tools - Part 1

Lesson Info

Off-Camera Video Tools - Part 1

In this segment, we're going to talk about off camera videos. This is one of those goofy little bit strips cartoons that I I had mentioned they get give you all kinds of little scenarios and things like that. So this is my oh my god, I'm scared crap loads to be on video, so we're going to be talking about off camera video and the main thing I want to kind of get out here for you guys and the folks at home is the difference between on camera videos and off camera videos and that it's okay to do both. So I want you to kind of broaden your definition of video, and I wanted to kind of change the way you think about video, so we're going to try both were going to be doing both on camera and off camera videos, but I want to kind of talk also about the different types of videos that we can do so that you'll start to kind of see this not as just talking head video or power point on camera, off camera, but all the different kind of ways that we can tackle this and I think that's going to make i...

t for everybody, ah, lot more accessible. And a lot more doable key, you'll start to realize, oh, I didn't know that was a video, I guess I could do it that way, so we're going to dive into some of this off camera stuff, but before we do that, I do want to talk a little bit about on camera versus off camera and some different kinds of videos that we can do for each. So a lot of times people will think of off on camera video is you're very typical talking head video. You can also do interviews like john does with google hangouts or any kind of live action video some people have on camera videos that'll, like clips of them like speakers, have speaker reels, demo reels, testimonials, things like that. So I want to think about that, but we're also going to talk about excuse me off camera videos like animation and motion graphics. Eso think about all these different kinds of ways you could do the screen castes, there's software called camp tasia that you might be familiar with that allows you capture what's on your screen and record that and use that as a video and even power point like this kind of presentation or something like president dot com, which allows you to do kind of fancy shmancy. See power points so those are different kinds of videos that we can do but I also want to ask you guys think about the kinds of videos that you want to do or that you think you want to do or if you have any other ideas that fit into these categories so let me start right off the bat with that and kind of ask you guys in a perfect world what type of video do you want to create anybody want to jump in? I want to get into doing the google hangout and doing the interviews and the really interact of tight videos where you're starting conversations you're having conversations live on it that's what I'm looking for yeah and that's a great way to do it too because again it's engaging and personal and you know, video shouldn't just be a talking at you kind of medium it should be a talking with you in a conversation and even those videos you do on youtube facebook I mean you wanna have that interaction? You want to invite the engagement and start a conversation? Anybody else have a particular type of video that they want to take a crack at? I definitely want the introduction video sorry and we've already talked about that but just to my website an intro video like when you're I am suit yes, exactly tony so beyond the intro video I want to start producing videos that are based on my hypnotherapy practice so guided visualizations and things that will help people resolve specific issues associated with their sense of confidence building their business, achieving success in their careers perfect anyone else yeah, I want to learn how to get the best quality I can doing eh a google hangout or scott interview with somebody in another part of the country perfect right? And you know it's funny because a lot of folk two tried skype or google hangouts early when it was sort of kind of feel bait ish they may have been burned for they may have said oh, you know, I tried to do that skype interview once and it didn't go well it's like, well that's technology that's gonna happen you've got to kind of get back up on the horse and you know, I think john will agree that google hangouts has become a lot more stable. A lot of this technology has gotten better and even if you did something early on and it didn't go quite that well because I know people that just like they did one google hangout they had a glitch they'll never go back to it's like try it again it's it's you know you gotta like anything you have to practice a little bit, so I want us to kind of think now of video as not just on camera off camera you know, talking head on not talking head really expanded to think about any kind of visual that communicates a message, so I think that'll open up some possibilities folks so before we jump into some demos is there anything that folks want to say chat wise people sharing the things that they want to dio salami means do training videos maybe about how to make or serve salami way of marquis productions this product videos gwen mayor about me video kathy tire johnny storytelling videos gwen mere behind the scenes videos honeycomb design animation on documentaries about landmarks and products while kathy educational videos lots of different so you can see that there's you know I mean, it really does go just way beyond that. You know, I think I'll just be the talking head john so there's a number of ways obviously you can create videos if your goal is to let's say which probably has a lot of us to build a list to build, engage that list and built in that audience and then sell more of our products and services in your opinion, which do you think is the best way to do that that's a great question because there are different types of videos that are better for different types of goals I guess sort of a broad answer is if you are selling a personal service or product of something like tony, which is, you know, hypnotherapy something that's sort of personal and engaging, I think it's important to have that talking head that on camera video because it helps build the know like and trust, which is really important doing business online. So if it's some kind of personal service, any kind of real, you know, wellness and health and wellness like you guys do anything where, you know you're going to be interacting with that person and you want to build that trust, I think it's important have that on camera for some things you can get away with, you know, like a product you could do, like an explainer video, maybe it's software that's a little harder to explain that's where you can use animation, motion graphics, whiteboard videos like we're going to look at in a few minutes things like that, anything else before we move on, be good, all right, cool. So what I want to do here now that we've sort of talked about the difference between on camera and off camera is start to look at some specific software that will allow us to do off camera videos. So when I was that part of my job when I was in worked in los angeles was I was at a company called fox kids worldwide, and we we did the fox kids network and so obviously we did a lot of animation and back in the day uh the only thing hotter than doing a video was doing an animated video so back then when when I was at fox kids network we needed literally an army of animators usually overseas because it was cheaper and it would take them weeks and weeks to produce even a couple of seconds of animation but now we've got this software and these aps and I'm going to show you one of them here you could do the same kind of animation that it would have taken weeks on a five dollars app on your ipad which is pretty cool so I'm gonna go back here and show you um the first one that we're gonna look at is called video scribe dot c o video scribe dot ceo so if you have your laptops in front of you um we're going to go to the mac here in a moment there we go and this is video scribe dot ceo so if you go to the web site is gonna look like this now video scribe is the software that used to create those white board videos sketch things that is so popular now the thing with video scribed these guys gonna kill me but it's about I think two hundred dollars a year to use video scribe on the website however there is a video scribe app for the ipad made the iphone to but definitely for the ipad that is four dollars and ninety nine cents so I just say two hundred ninety five dollars really whether you use it on the computer on your ipad it's essentially the same it allows you to make these white board videos and I have um I did have a regular account but apparently it laps till now I'm back on the seven day trial, so if you're at home, check out video scribe dot ceo and if you have an ipad, look for the ipad app video scribe in the app store and you can play along and create with us so I have the trial version here and I'm gonna walk you through it a bit and this is how we create white board videos also called sketch videos some people call them explainer videos so does anybody from the audience want to come up here and join me and make one with me if you say so wait be volunteers yeah yeah I'm just gonna, um get come on over here and we're gonna kind of go through this together and I don't have anything prepared ahead of time we're going to kind of create a sketch video on the fly, so when you go to video scribe dot ceo not not video described dot com dot ceo you going to get the three seven day trial you don't have to enter any credit card information or anything like that. Nice, easy trial and you open up the desktop here of the software and it says create a new scribe. Right? So this is basically your palate. And from here, you can put text or images that you can either import or use from video scribe. So, what do you think? You want to make a video scribe about something? Well, you can all we can. We can all kind of do this together. So what do you want this message or this video scribe to explain? Why don't we do just something really, really simple? That says, like, creative live, totally box, um, about that. That sounds great. Right? So, let's, start with text. We goto our little text thing here and we type in. Um, if you'd like to learn video, video, video and then we can choose a color. So what color do you want? I love orange red on trade like that down a little down one mark? Yep. Perfect. Okay, I'm not gonna click the check mark. Oh, my god do it is if you'd like to learn video. Now, at any point, you contest this and see how it's going to sketch oh, wow. And so you can kind of test it out like that so that's our first frame now I have to remember how to get back yeah should um and this whole thing is like one big palate you could make this bigger or smaller you could move it around so I can say okay now next to it a way let's put a graphic under there too so I go to my images now I could pull in an image from my desktop or I could just um such the images that they have so if I search for video it's going to give me a bunch of icons so I will use this like typical play icon really or the camera uh okay that's way too big so going to make it smaller now this is going to default draw to thirty seconds see that little thirty seconds down there I think that's too long so I'm gonna make it like maybe ten even and if that's too long we'll go back and change it but let's see how it looks I find it yes the drawing things kind of feel like that like the faster the better right right so let's d'oh well that's even when they do actually record somebody talking they tend to speed it are drying they do speed it up so that makes it actually feel a little more real so let stephen do shorter than that yeah, I say five five seconds okay um all right so now we've got a little text here we've got a nice little graphic now all we have to do is slide the whole pallet over and maybe do some what text if you'd like to learn video check out creative live dot com so for now that's great so that I could help thank you um and then I don't know what this does so so I'm gonna press it alright so we get one and stick with the same color love green thank you mr breen just stop one second okay thank you thank you um check out creative life dot com you know what I think we made a mistake on that green they wouldn't go back to the darker one top one perfect this one yes that's our visual thank see if it works checkout creative life dot com now again I can make this bigger or smaller I can move it around and once that animates all together you'll see how it comes together and this is going to draw in six seconds this is um all right so check out creative live dot com now if I had a creative live um logo or a picture or something I could bring that in here I won't do that at the moment for now I just kind of want to see I want to see how the whole thing's looking so uk preview if you'd like to, uh video and then we've got a little camera right cool now you could make this a female hand if you want you can change the marcus uh now we got a green choppy all right so far so good right now you guys get with this all right anything else you want to put in here I think we should need an animation of rest over there I e don't have that in here but we'll take a look I'm going to put micro just gonna put business hub of business just to see what icons they have now you don't have to you don't have to stick with the library of image the images that they have you can bring in your own photo or image but since I don't have any on this computer I'm going to just we'll try and find some fairly generic about I wear glasses okay good plankton and take his picture yeah um here we go put this ipad first which is kind of big because that kind of infers that we're doing stuff online right right with an ipad and don't forget you can do this all the same video scribe stuff on your ipad five seconds five wage I think I could just go in here and set it here so five seconds awesome uh let's see how long that takes to draw five yeah that'll work cool huh and you thought you couldn't animate stuff creative life dot com but maybe like one more line of text um where of us box it joseph so we don't have any pictures of you will get that we'll get that now we're gonna pick another color why do ah w blue yet so we haven't really love top blue on the middle all right uh over the most um so click the check put the check mark all of us rocks it and again I can take this and I could manipulate it move it uh the other thing with this that's really cool is now once you've got this text for now we'll just sort of typed it in there but you can I don't know why you'd want to but you could drive backwards um you can have it zoom you can control you can have a hand come up and stick it up there. Um right now we've got this hand doing it right so I'll give you that I'll show you an example of all the different ways that you can have it come in you can change the you can add a drop shadow so there's all kinds of wild stuff you can do to make your text a little more interesting um change texts can you change different funds? Uh you can change funds with this f I think uh beach ball oh let's follow that it's great, I mean this um shows you a lot of the different fonts that you can create I think I just employed a font exit out so here you've got a choice of all kinds of difference font styles and they've since I've last used this they've added a ton of stuff so it doesn't really always have to be in that sketchy stuff you really have a little bit of leeway although is gonna want to import the fun so I'm not going to mess with that now for now, I just want to see all the different possibilities that there are a few typed in a bee would it come up with even more funds with like okay, so we'll leave it basic for now, but I also know that within the text properties there are all kinds of different things that you could do you could change um the hands that I can't maybe all of a sudden a female hand wants to do all right it's got a pen instead, so a lot of flexibility on a ways to go here, but the point is you see how quickly we've created this quick little animation so let's, look at how the whole thing looks together for now that's good for her right? And I might you know, I mean everything always feel slower when it's on video so I might even speed this up a little bit for the time being I think it's good just to be able to see how the hand draws the and they are library of images is really extensive so almost anything that you want to talk about I'll create a video about you can probably find an image to be drawn all right, so and then once the whole thing happened so I just had this one pull in instead of taking the taxi and then a little zoom out to show you the whole thing very good so that's your whole thing I wasn't missing music is a trade you can impart music probably from itunes someone online they were asking if you can do ah voiceovers salami was asking if you could do voice over yes, this little microphone thing here is to record a voice over I've never tried this before and I don't even know what we have because the computer is not here it won't actually pick us, so if I wanted to do a voice over and actually say that stuff I could come in and say, you know, if you'd like to learn video I could do that but I'm not gonna do that at the moment, but I wouldn't but I do want to do if we can't add music and as you can see here um they give you all kinds of different tracks to choose from so you can help me choose one um, I mean, you have to kind of listen to them to see what they are exactly brightened shining bright and shiny that sounds pretty weak and I use that one. So click on that one click the checkbox and, uh, god willing, it will all right, so now I'm gonna play the whole thing much more fun. So music is I mean, it can add that emotion to it. It can add a lot of feeling to it way could have made a really dramatic and scary. Yeah, but in this case, it's just music, it will be total running time, way musical faii down by itself, which is really nice too. Um, so let me ask before there's a few little things here and there, thank you so much, su ah, let's see if they're any audience questions or anything that we want to look at it here and then we'll go to chat. But again, I want the point I'm trying to make here with this is this is, you know, four dollars and ninety nine cents on the ipad, you've seen how weaken create a quick little video in minutes using this stuff, you could see how there's a lot of different bells and whistles, things that you can play with on here, I tend to use thes for, um I do I trying to birthday greetings on facebook so I can just do like a kind of a generic birthday wish and then when it's somebody's birthday on facebook if I'm on facebook that day I'll just upload the video to their timeline because a lot of people say oh yeah happy about to happen but but then if you get a video it's a little bit more interesting and pops a bit more any questions first from the audience on this yeah if if I import a graphic which is a simple line drawing well this part will the program analyze it and be able to draw it yes it's sketches it not quite to the extent and the detail that it will do their little icons here but but it will kind of because I put in a picture of rocco the pub the other night and it kind of a quick little sketch of him so and then you can even adjust the picture like the detail amount of detail it will sketch but at the end of the sketch it will be the photo like jay pick photo whatever so even though it's sketching it it will still show up as a photograph okay two we've maybe have something on the computer that we can just important and sages grab some random image I don't know but we could take a look see I want to do a picture of this eva now it may take a little while to convert the line drying say this is live tv so what do we want as eva? I think this this is kind of cool like that one too. All right, now we've gotta obviously move it over capture it, bring it over we can shrink it. All right? So that's how you import a photo it's still asking for thirty seconds I'm going to bring it down a bit. Well, the answer john's question is there a certain file type that you want to upload like a transparent file type or something? There isn't going to always pretty forgiving I think j peg and p and g's of the preferred vials types so I'm going to take a look I think I could just play this one because I want to show you how it's sketches just the zebra photo booth I think that's also cool about this as you notice I didn't have to go in and extend the music. Russ is a big fan of zebras, by the way, so but like when I played this it extended the music along with it so that was kind of cool time's so cool way on and then it will just show up as you as you're finished photo oh wait do have some questions about kind of how you would use this as faras strategy for it you want to take some of those questions about about things like no yes I do want to take this so lizzy wants to know balaji has a newbie to something like video scribe what do I need to know about aesthetic or design how much is too much or too little and like for example salami was also asking could I do an hour long video scribe video or is that too much can you talk a little bit about how much you want to use this I mean I find and I think it's really a matter of personal opinion it's very subjective but I find in general for animated videos like this you know one to two minutes is max I mean he's a kind of you know people say that these are sort of hypnotic to be ableto watch the drawing but I don't think that I could watch it for an hour you could use this as an element in a video too to make it a little bit more interesting or to illustrate a point or you could just do a nice little one one two two minute video and it's a way again to get your message out there I've actually seen people even you do this on their home page as they welcome video and again if you think about that sort of okay my home page welcome video is is who I am I'm introducing myself to my my webb visitors and it could be a problem solution kind of thing so you know if you suffer from, um migraines you know my my my yoga migraine program may help you so you basically spell out that story in text and visuals you know, you could go in here and say I wonder if there any if I search yoga what would come up you know so god only knows but oh no matching what this is health okay? So if you suffer from migraines take pills so I'm sure there's some fine pharmaceuticals we confined for you but again, you know move this wherever you want that was that one's looks like it may be kind of hard to swallow so I'm gonna make it but really anything any kind of story that you want to tell you can probably tell it in here but again I would suggest that you use this you know, relatively brief you could do an hour I don't know that it would be strategically you know, fun to watch unless it was a really good movie with lots of fun pictures but yeah you khun you know you can add your voice over you can add your music you can have your photos and again the music there's so much of it it can really change the mood of course so that's kind of really techie right? But you know you just find something so a great question here from somebody on our ask for matt can the video scribe videos be combined with other video formats such as as an introduction to a talking head? Yes, absolutely could use this as an intro video for your talking head video and again, as I said, you can change there's so many different ways to draw it, so if you're doing, you know kids business or something, maybe you want to use a crayon instead to draw um, well, the orange kranz right book so then finally the very important to mention getting in off the hard drive your video's done, you're all ready to go and you publish or render it even though we've got that random pill in there, um you can save it as a video file, you can send it to your youtube channel, you consented to facebook or you can create a power point um now again, I'll probably just I would probably in this case just save it as our as a test file. Um and I don't I don't think you really need to mess with you cannot export a file during your trial, so of course they want you to pay to do that, but the but again, the main idea here is that once it's done and you've got your file and you've got your cartoon you can save it on your high dives, you can send it to your youtube account again, which I don't want to do. Um, well, you can add it to facebook, so once you've got it let's say, you save it to your video file because you want to use it as an intro video two you're talking head video in that case, then you just and we'll get to this later, but you just go to your editing software, you say, okay, now, I've got my cool little video scribe animation, and I've got my intro that I shot separately, I stitched him together, and now I've got a really cool zebra intro. Teo, you know, because I'm the zebra whisper, maybe is a zebra whisper, and you want to do, and then you just click publish your video and you get good to go. You have a couple of people were asking if you can, uh, import your own music or fonts, you can import your own music. Um, I'm not because you just got onto this folder here and pull it up. I think you probably can import your own funds, but I've never tried to do that, and now that they've added so many different funds, I think you have a lot of flexibility to kind of you know say how you wanted to look like oh I want this particular text ah a different kind of text so if I go to my font button here my big f and I can look through I mean it's amazing because when video scribe first started they had that sketch font and model the font and that was it and now you can really use almost anything and the important thing to remember about this and the good thing about this is that perhaps your brand or your website has a certain look and feel and font and you could match that so if you say oh my you know my header in my website is tahoma so okay I'm going to use that text in my video scribe it's going to import the type and well I won't slow it down to take a look at that but you could have the whole thing drawn out in that font so it's a great way to brand it and keep it consistent with the rest of your look sue just a lot sorry on those same lines do you know if you can use other languages like korean japanese do you know if they have other alphabet sets um I don't but we could take a look tell agu and devon I agree that's a that's not a okay tony got those interesting her so well loneliness together uh and again I won't I won't plug it looks like that is an option at least in some some excellent just gonna ask about your logo can you then import that and it does the drought I've done that on a few occasions were brought in my logo and I've had it sketch tried on there at the end of the video so he can grant the whole to describe yes john so in your opinion what are the best uses describe videos for your business? Oh excellent question again if you're going tohave when I do the things like the like the facebook videos I try and keep it kind of fun and light because I think like these fonds these sketchy fonts just a little bit more frivolous I wouldn't do like a corporate video with this fund but you really could sketch pretty much any kind of story that you want to tell if it's for corporate you might want to use different fonts in different music but you have a lot of flexibility I like to use these as real quick little hits and engagement videos so I will do I've done a video scribe that basically just says you know you walk you know, thanks so much so like when I come back from a conference on event and I met somebody instead of just saying oh, I think I'll stick this video card on my door and never talked that person again if it's somebody I wanted connect with and keep in touch with and they're not a stalker. I will send them a video scribe that just says hey, great meeting you I mean really personal really engaging really pops so I think that's a great way sort of just general engagement videos, birthday videos, anniversary videos, holiday videos I do all my christmas holiday videos with video scribe so again, you know, if I just go in here and and type in holiday I can do fourth of july or I can have my nose so I can create a holiday video just based on the icons that I have and again I can always go in here and delete yeah or a webinar data can you add to the library graphics um only to the extent that you can import images or cartoons okay, so they do have a pretty pretty extensive library of graphics to choose from on dh they are kind of all the same style, but if you go and you look at like people, you know you could do either sort of the generic crowd of the the people crowd of the protest ng crowd let's have a protest. I think you need the premium version to have eyes and mouths so no that's just the style that they used so you want if you want to face you got to pay more and you know what they're protesting about you have to be pretty yes, I just you know, I could put the busting into the protest sign so I could protest me a lot. Yes. So any other questions on video scribe for in the chat and see just confirming this is cross platform the android in pc devices, right? Eso you khun absolutely use it on there that's for sure um just one other thing I want to point out cause I forgot before was you can also change the background and the background color so if you want things to really well I mean in this case it doesn't work but if you want things to really pop my dad was a designer but I'm not so clearly but again you khun you know you've got all kinds of different texts and backgrounds so that you could kind of change the overall look of it so it doesn't always have to be on white and you could put your protest people upside down all the good stuff just going to bring this back around teo using it for your business and again we're talking about low impact low budget really easy ways to get video out there how long does it take you to really create a compelling videos here? But um I could do you know, like the holiday video scribe, you know, in fifteen minutes perfect so if you want to do a holiday greeting that you could put on facebook or pinterest any wells, you know, you should be able to bang that out fairly quickly. You thought, you know, you can start with text, you could start with icons for the holiday video, you know, like I might put my photo on my logo at the end of it just to kind of personalize it, but think of this in terms of, you know, okay, how can I engage? How can I do it's kind of a good way to do shameless self promotion? That doesn't seem cheesy, you know, it's like, all right, I just met you at the conference I'd love to do business with you are, you know, maybe my client, but this is some kind of a fun, unique way to make it fun and playful and just again, very engaging and something that's, not just the usual email tool. I'm going to go into the next off camera. Um, tool tip trick anybody else have any other final questions about video scribe before we move on? Just a quick note from green fire herbs who says that there's actually a new app for android and kindle? Out there as well so this is great with cross platform that's great so this is one of those when we say you know you can have three videos you can actually have four or five video's done over the course of this workshop because honestly and I'll see if you guys are doing it and I'll catch you but honestly when I'm at a conference and I'm really bored with speaker I made my I made my birthday video for other people while I was watching the speaker and they thought I was like tweeting them out and stuff I'm like no, I'm on video scribe doing my so it's kind of a cool way that use do something constructive and multi task if you board but yeah, I mean literally you know, from I take my ipad to the baseball field because I know I'm gonna be stuck there most of the summer and I could just kind of crank out quick little fun little videos I mean I could literally take a photo with the ipad of my son playing baseball and imported into video scribe and do a video on the fly like I'll have this done by the third inning so that's v ascribe dot ceo they do have a monthly subscription they have an annual subscription, which apparently I didn't pay so I'm on the trial version but the ipad app is four dollars and eighty nine cents

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One of the best video marketing courses! Lou presented a comprehensive overview of the best and latest technologies that make video more accessible and doable - for beginners and advanced users. The course is filled with terrific resources and how-to guides that save hours of searching on your own. I watched the live broadcast and purchased the course for ongoing reference. Lou's expertise and years of experience really make this course an amazing value. It's well organized, fun and includes fantastic guest speakers. Thanks CL and Lou!

a Creativelive Student

This was a really great course. I am definitely going to apply what I learned. It was so much information that it will literally take me months to apply it all, but building a business is a long game. I loved how Lou mixed high level strategy with the specifics of how to use key tools and recommended a variety of useful resources. This course was very practical. I've already started applying it and have a basic blueprint for my way forward that I will flesh out as I make more progress. I definitely know I'm going to add a lot of success to my business through what I learned in this course.

a Creativelive Student

Hi Lou, I bought the replay up sell so that I could listen and watch when it fit my schedule. So far I've watched the first 3 videos. It's great and I'm so glad you put all this together. The handouts and bonuses are useful, too. It's obvious you are a master at video and I'm happy to learn from you.