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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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On Camera: First Impression Videos - Part 1

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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Lesson Info

12. On Camera: First Impression Videos - Part 1

Lesson Info

On Camera: First Impression Videos - Part 1

So I'm going to like totally put folks well maybe not put them on the spot because we kind of talked about this a bit but we are goingto really kind of get into the work part of this workshop and shoot some videos so I want teo say a couple things first of all because this is kind of can be the scary part it's like first of all it's okay to mess up it may take several takes this isn't something that we do every day thea other thing that I'm doing is it would be lovely to have one of these beautiful expensive cameras but most of us don't have you know, thousands of dollars for that so I shoot most of my videos on the ipad and the ipad is a great solution for shooting video because it's a camera it's a telephone it's your ableto access youtube there's all kinds of cool app some of which will show you later on but it's really a good way to shoot video because it's relatively simple so I have my ipad on a regular camera tripod with a funny little adapter called the caddy buddy and I'm not ...

affiliated with this company or anything but and we've got a few extra things hooked up for the for the purposes of the demonstration here rocco the pug loves to chew on this so mind doesn't work that well because he found it and he decided to use it as a snack but I'll hold this steady when I shoot folks and I know it's also a little intimidating toe look a ah hunk of metal and think of that is like okay now I have to talk to this and think of it as my audience but you do get used to it after you do it a few times and that's it so I suggest you know you can use an iphone or an ipad or smartphone for video especially if you're just starting out don't go out and spend a lot of money on equipment kind of get more familiar with it first and then you can go from there so with that said I know we've kind of talked a little bit about folks wanted to do videos and I think tony maybe our first volunteer I won't say victim if you're up for it yes I looked for it all right what would you like to do about the script? Do you have it's totally okay if you have something and you kind of read off it just got it on my ipad okay do you have your I've had with you? I do we can do that we can kind of wing it and do it's funny cause a lot of times I'll tell people get write the script and then I'll say don't use the script just speak extemporaneously like I have I mean I kind of have a script for this entire presentation, but I've only really used it a couple times to kind of reference where we're at so feel free to pull that up and what I do the way I um do this with the ipad is I just go to my camera app very simple just the regular camera app where you can do either photo or video you could if you have a movie on your ipad you could shoot from there but really I'm trying to you know, make this as sort of a lowest common denominator as possible so and the other thing I want to say for the folks doing videos is you know, this is really for demonstration purposes and for you know, to kind of see how it all works this doesn't have to be your final home page video for the folks in the live audience you know, weaken after the show is over we can actually to some more, but for the purposes of demonstration we're going it's no, there is not a earthquake in san francisco I just keep just keep moving the ipad so yeah, so we'll just come up and do it no pressure it doesn't have to be perfect you don't even have to necessarily room remember all the lines? Obviously I didn't remember that line and uh we'll just wing it because it's really more about dunn is better than perfect and it's really more about you know let's see how this looks let's see if we can pull it off with the ipad and just give you some practice and then tonight we'll kind of clean things up off off camera that sound good alright thank you for being brave and being willing to step up here I'm gonna move to the other side here because obviously have to hold this steady or you're gonna be if you want to do like a video like you in a batman movie you khun twist it like that but we won't do that okay so you want to come on up and we'll sit here and the other thing is you probably shouldn't put your hand over the camera which is right here my name tag there okay perfect now remember this's just for you know sort of practice purposes uh getting some of this campus I want to get rid of that hold on a second so can I just say like a sentence or two and then absolutely we ended up in editing see are you going just because this thing's being such a pain in the butt I'm going to take it off of here and just shoot you only it steady as I can okay sorry carrie by you're fired so I've got I'm using my camera app on the ipad no problem and um I'm in the video section and I've got my little time here in my little record button and you know you can stand us that whatever you're most comfortable with but if you're doing this at home you're probably sitting in front of your computer there's a webcam on your computer you may be using the ipad I want to see if I got enough court here and then I will try to be steady and then you can do it you really even if you just want to do it kind of one line of the time I can pay we can edit it later on because we're going to try and do is take this test video and you know edit it and go through the whole process just so that you guys can see exactly how it's done so a lot of times I don't even tell people I'm rolling I just say let's do a practice version but I'm actually taping so let's give it a start let's just say you know who you are what you dio before you start one other thing if somebody if you're doing this and you've got a partner or spouse to somebody helping you sometimes it's also good to sort of do it as an interview because sometimes that feels more natural if you just say so tony tell us about what you do but if you have a little bit more discriminating that's perfect let's do it that way okay, we're going hi, this is toni marie torrey and for the next two minutes I am going to help you learn how to get out of your own way and accelerate your just sitting there staring at a pressure no pressure. Okay hi, this is toni marie tori and for the next two minutes I'm going to help you learn how to get out of your own way and rapidly accelerate your career keep going and I had here my face that's ok, I'm goingto stop it and taken to take the other thing I don't want to mention while tony is doing this and she's doing a great job so far, right? Yeah, and with the, um ipad or an iphone, you don't want to be too too far away from it because I'm recording the audio right off of the ipad as well. You could attach a microphone to the ipad or iphone, but that's too much work so we're going to do it this way house there I'm getting there getting instruction that we good. Okay. Oh my goodness cool. So let's re taking that one? Sure, yeah hold this is steady as I can that's my job and whenever you're ready okay hi, this is toni marie tori and for the next two minutes I'm going to talk to I'm sorry that's just like this is exactly how it's supposed to go I mean, this is, you know, this's perfect because I want folks to see that you're not going to do this all in one take the video that I made on my home page I don't even wanna tell you how long that took because I always say all you can do this in no time absolutely I'm starting well, I've folks this is like tonto show show you what we're seeing thank you could make it stick out it's harder for girls I've decided that so it has to come home with me perfect okay, so whenever you're ready hi so I was shaking my father time. Okay hi, this is toni marie tori and for the next two minutes I'm going to show you how to rapidly accelerate your career success and get out of your own way perfect one to the next line yeah, as a career coach and clinical help it it would be good if I could pronounce my own you know what really, really difficult? I have to commend tony because it's more difficult to do this like we're taping the taping so it's like you're under, you know, but it's fine, just relax, take it one line at a time and we'll get we'll get there as a career coach and clinical hypnotherapist, I have helped it's okay to look at your notes also because when people you know especially with the veldt welcome video um I was looking down at my notes it's like people don't you know even with newscast is just like look you know they don't expect you to memorize the whole thing so it's totally fine looking you know as a career coach and clinical hypnotherapist I've helped ambitious professionals athletes and entrepreneurs surpassed their inner barriers to success okay so can we get up tio entrepreneurs and then aiken say that next time I'm going to stop first because I want to tell you another trick if you were doing a video and then your editing it like we're going to do it this afternoon you khun ad what what people call b roll which is extra footage and a lot of times the reason that you do that is to cover up what happened when you're actually on camera so like in one part I made a mistake on my video I drooled or something so I put in a picture I put in that moses picture and I'm like, you know the jewels not that attractive I'm just going to cut away so bear in mind that we could do that when we're editing and on that way like even if you have to look down there were things that we can do in editing to fix that so let's start again and whenever you're ready surpassed their inner barriers to success, rewire their brains, make brilliant decisions and open up to new possibilities in their lives and careers. Perfect. Okay think I can just talk about this? So have you ever wondered why it is that sometimes you set goals and then don't achieve them? A typical example of this is all those folks that sign up on january first or second to join the gym and then come february, they find themselves lounging on the couch and not going in for their workouts. This happens because they haven't aligned their subconscious beliefs with what they consciously know that they want. So what happens is that for the first month or so, they can use their willpower and get themselves into the gym because they're inspired by their new ambition. But then they deplete their bank of willpower, and eventually it dries up completely perfect to see how much better that is when it's gets conversation, which is just kind of talking about what she does and what so that's awesome. But so, even though the first step in accelerating your career is to become really clear on your vision, your passions and what lights you up, you also named toe work with getting all the parts of your psyche in alignment with what you know you want so you can ignite your light in the world and then keep it shining perfect. So once you get your subconscious mind in alignment with what you consciously know you want, you will be in the flow, brilliant ideas will come to you support and opportunities will come out of the woodwork and you will take your life and your career to new heights. Awesome! It was that they called the action perfect. I know it looks a little shaky here. It looks fine on the camera, so don't worry, it's good. So if you'd like to find out more about how to train your brain for career success and get out of your own way, click the download now button, why don't we take that way? Okay, okay, so if you'd like to know more about how to train your brain for career success and take your career to new heights, click the download now button to my right and into your name and email address. You will instantly receive ah free paint performance report that will teach you how to transformed the way you think and open up to new possibilities in your life. Just one question um, when someone is looking at your website, is it on the right hand side as they're looking for it's a really good question? And I wondered about that, I would say, don't say, just say on this page sometimes maybe they're maybe they're but just be aware of like if they look at it on mobile and it changes yeah that's true because on the mobile it's it's below the video so just when you whenever you're doing that oh you referring the opt in to the opt in box or something like that just say you know on this page or it doesn't have to be below justin you go find the often box if it's to think about that all the time when I'm trying to direct people on the creative live site joining in the opposite direction from where things feel like that thank you e no it's like I probably the audience probably sold a little mental machinations going on it looks like is that the side photo? All right, so we're going to go back to the call to action line and whenever you're ready. So if you'd like to find out more about how to train your brain six that's a tough one ok it's a tongue twister okay, so if you'd like to find out more about how to train your brain for career success and get out of your own way, then please click the download now button on this site into your name and email address and you will receive my free p performance report that will help you accelerate your career and your life cool okay when you say a ton of it's not easy, but from folks in the cinemas well waving rich focus says bravo, she did a great job under all this pressure today, seriously, my mind would have been black this's not easy to do in this situation because you sort of, you know, if you're at home and you're talking into the webcam on a computer, you know, you messed up, but, you know, she's got an audience and an audience at an audience, but that's awesome. I appreciate you being so brave and doing this of grace under pressure you're welcome telling a friend that I was going to do this the other day and he's, like I'm so I'm like, I'm taking a video within the video and he's like always that a matrix thing? Ah, video of a video, just briefly about that kind of experience. Do you think that that number of takes is about normal? Do you think that that kind of level of nervousness that gets like air time to get comfortable lt's about normal? Is this something that is pretty typical? Or do you find that she was really good at it? And I'm really, really more comfortable above average bliss now, bette really good under the circumstances plus, you know, honestly, like on my home page video, I probably did it fifteen times you know, honestly, because I was tryingto sort of memorize and the thing the great thing again is if you want to just do it line by line back in the day, what was called a jump cut was considered bad tv like, you know, you don't want to jump just for one thing to another and have a bad transition, but today I don't know, I guess it's youtube or whatever jump cuts a totally fine dissolves it totally fine, you can do it one line at a time and then just stitch it together in editing, which is what we'll do. So just what I liked about the video you were shooting with her is that you're and it's a photography thing, right? When I shoot people, I'm usually right in their eye level and or above. And so in shooting the video above her, I like that she's looking up it's just very engaging, so I just want to share that and I had to kind of wing it because the last minute the tripod thing wasn't really working as well as it should have something like, I just keep next just keep going. There's always a work around, and like I said, you know, I I might have been shaking a little bit so you know, later on off camera with my clean a few things up here or there, but for the purposes of the demonstration it was awesome. So thank you so much. Thank you for the opportunity, you know, after just a quick clear you can go ahead, but quick clarification for the folks at home eyes that the ipad had the cable coming out of it that was actually just for us here, creative lives so that we could see what was happening on the ipad. That was not something that you actually need while you're shooting at home, right? Which is why when it was on the tripartite kept going like this and I just had to give up on the tripod after a while sydney question just about the sound quality or the eye level, how do you how do you deal with that? If you're splicing a video together like, are there considerations about making sure that the voice, the the level of the voice sounds consistent or one of my trying to say, I'm asking this because my voice is really loud and so what? Sometimes I feel like when we're shooting video, I'm not sure if it's consistent, so I just wanted to ask about that a lot of it really is you you watch a little bit and then you try it again you watch little bit tried again so you'll know okay, I was let my voice was a little too hi there but really if you're doing sort of this mobile video with an iphone or an ipad the trick is just don't get too far away from the camera because the further away you get from the camera obviously the harder it is you're gonna be to be to hear you yes so they're the option of doing your video and then after doing that if you have an apple product to download it to put onto my movie yes and then then you can work the vocals on my movie and and maybe camera shake I think you can a little bit with that I hope so so yes onda again because we don't want to make this you know totally mac a totally pc we could very easily take that same video on the ipad and because it's an ipad and mac product an apple product downloaded tow my movie and edit it right and I'm movie what we may do for the purposes of this demonstration is during the break will upload that to an online site we video dot com and edit it they're just because that way whether your macro pc this's an online solution my preference if I was doing this myself with an ipad my preference would be to keep it all in the ipad edited and I movie uploaded to youtube and never really have to leave the device I mean that's kind of a cool thing that you can do the whole thing right in the ipad any other questions or comments from the er yes, I just want to say that this really has been an amazing exercise even if it ends up not being the final video that I use I did liu go and use last night your well actually it was more like four thirty this morning I I used your script on it was super helpful is a full meant so I differently recommend that to anyone that wants to get started it's right place to stop excellent I think we have to go over it with do sydney's question and I think we have time for another volunteer if if we want to do that this may be premature, but I really liked on your website how like the video was kind of like popping off the page or like it's set off the page like I thought that was really cool stuff at some point you could share how you did that. I'd really love to know what I mean if you ask calling my way oh, I can ask you yeah, but think about that's a good point because you want to think about where the video is going to be in the context of the web page, because we're talking about doing a web page video. So you really want to know what the design of the web page is going to be. I would sort of do the website first and then fit the video within it. So the first thing I asked people when I'm doing a video for their web pages, you know, let me see the design of the website, because I want to make sure that we're consistent in terms of color and feel and tone. If you have a website, that's really kind of grungy and funky, and then your video was really corporate it's going to be a disconnect. So try and think of the video the way it's going to look on that website. That makes sense. Excellent.

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