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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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On Camera: First Impression Videos - Part 2

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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Lesson Info

13. On Camera: First Impression Videos - Part 2

Lesson Info

On Camera: First Impression Videos - Part 2

All right so who else wants teo give this a shot I know dada wants to do it and send you hopefully we'll get to you as well but let's teo any preference get it over with right? So sydney today we're going only with people with foreign accent wait you have funny that's right? So you can sit with stand I also and but what is your accent? Australia ok is your portion australian? I'm a posh new zealand all right there we go so on by my accent is boston so yeah and like I said for the audience we're going we're going to do mohr later on just for the purposes of demonstration we may only have time to do a couple so should I take this off just a side? Absolutely all right all right so we go toe video here we don't want time lapse that would be bad just trust stark there we go. Video yes do make sure you on video and not photo when you do this and we are going to start whenever you're ready a good thing to know about if you are wearing glasses in a video which is totally fine but just be cogni...

sant of the lights and how it's reflecting off the glasses sometimes you have to move the camera a certain way so whenever you're ready you mean shoot your shooting already hi I'm donna in albany land under also known as the monkey dude and I'm a musician and a meditation instructor and in the next couple of minutes I'm going to show you how you can develop your natural leadership qualities like empathy and creativity and inner wisdom perfect that was pretty good so far right? You've shifting in the share a little bit which I do all the time like I did a whole video once and I'm like, what is that creaking? And it was like meat on the chicken I also did a video once where rocco was on my lap because it was the only way I could keep it quiet and he was sleeping so the whole videos you know, bosco snowing the we won't have that problem here so we could do it again so uh that was really good you want to go to the next uh all right the next line taken gotta figure out what I'm going to say okay that's your problem? I will try and well, this is steady as possible, but that was good didn't it sound nice and natural and and flowing flowing? Well, yeah, I transfer all my nervousness to my feet then they shift the chair through meditation practice I've helped leaders and and employees in a lot of corporations like google and cisco and facebook to tap into their inner source off emotional intelligence so that they can work more effectively with their colleagues and teams and really understand people they're communicating with and also so that they can connect with their own natural creativity so that they generate new ideas, ideas, dr industry and this is really the the currency off commerce these days and ideas come from inside of us, meditation helped us to get access to the treasures that we all hold within that great it's going well so far it's what I was going to say, but anyway, that's ok, better than what I was going to say sometimes when you're doing several takes, um, I have to try and hold this up here so you guys don't get a shot of the bug was not a nice carpet um but yeah, I mean, sometimes you just say like, you know, okay, well, that didn't really go as planned, but it's good, so I'll keep it and keep in mind again, like I say, even people that can't get paid millions of dollars to do this to dozens of takes so don't feel like you have to get it right the hell billions so I get, you know, you get great e hold on, let me make sure I'm sat here, I and I'm going a little bit closer here, all right, whenever you're ready more and more people in the corporate world in the academic world and in the entertainment business especially are discovering that meditation is a really valuable tool to help them to develop their their personal qualities the best qualities but a lot of people find it difficult because they think that they have to stop thinking or think of nothing I think this is misleading uh what I teach people is how to use music particularly to put them in the mood for meditation and then it becomes easy and rather than expecting people to think of nothing which is pretty much impossible I direct them to think off a particular idea that helps them to feel better about themselves and stop thinking too much very good we're almost at the call to action we are that was the tip perfect kind of thing effectively obviously always following the structure of this is really useful oh good theater tension interest desire action from rich focus who notes in this case data is using hand gestures. So would it be more effective to back up to include uh a little bit more of the hands or do you not worry about that? Um if he had a microphone I would be able to back up, but given the fact that I want to stay fairly close to get the audio I'm gonna you know, that's why I'm kind of in tight, perfect all right let's do the last section then we are good to go when you are so if you'd like to learn more about how to tap into your potential as a leader then just into your email and address and name in the space provided and I'll send you to guided meditation recording so you can start meditating right away twice a day which is what I recommend for everybody and you'll also get for free videos that will guide you through the process so you can learn more about it and how it can help you in your work and at home thanks very much great let's hear it for data perfect that was great. Thank you so much and I think we do have time for one more sydney wants to give it a shot thank you. Thanks a lot. So this is like I said this is not an easy situation to do this in because when I did my um welcome paige video my home page video I was at home alone with my laptop with little webcam and I could, you know, mess up a long as I wanted it much time as I want here were sort of condensing the whole process for demonstration purposes so again don't feel like you have to nail it the first couple times because it's you know especially if you kind of trying to memorize ah lot of times what I'll do again if I'm doing this and somebody else's is especially nervous or maybe not remembering their script is I'll just asked them questions I might say you know tell us about the people you work with or tell us the result that you get for them and by doing that it sort of brings out what they want to say all right let me switch to video here all right cool now and also normally I would probably think more soup probably knows this from photography about the rule of thirds we kind of divide the script sort of into a tic tack toe board and a lot of times you want to be a little to the right or the left but again because of the space constraints here I'm just sort of trying to send to it and just kind of give you a demonstration so uh oh thank you thank you thank you call all right so we are going tio start whenever you want okay hi this is sidney craig heart of smart simple marketing and then the next two minutes I'm going to teach you how you can sell more of your products and services to small business owners. Nice am I looking in the right place? Yeah. Okay um because sydney's voice is a little softer I might get a little closer just to make sure that but again there's a lot of things you can do in editing on dh you know good editor can clean up a lot of these little ok maybe she's a little too soft we can boost the volume a little bit but I wouldn't worry about that should I be louder? You know, just doing what you're doing I think if you want to know I mean I was trying because I always feel like I'm screaming at will when we recorded video. Okay? As a small business marketing expert, I've helped many fortune five hundred technology companies and the marketing professionals at thes companies to generate more leads, nurture more prospects and generate more sales of their company's products and services cool uh and feel free to you know if you want to be read something that's totally fine as well no that's okay? And that's why I want to help you to reach more small business owners, increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and decrease your marketing costs oh, when I was going to after that was so that you can meet your company's internal and external goals. Well, you wanted the whole line together, so yeah, I couldn't remember all of what I was trying to say. Um my arm's getting tired so I'm sorry for shaking, but I haven't done my p ninety x for as a small business marketing expert, I've helped many fortune five hundred companies and the marquis eating professionals at these companies to generate more leads to nurture their prospects and close more sales and that's why I want to connect with you so that you can do the same and reach your company's internal and external sales goals nice huh? One quick tip that will help you get started now is to incorporate webinars, email newsletters and live events into your existing content marketing programs. These three marketing strategies are highly effective because they created a lot of engagement with your audience and allow them to really experience your brand and the benefit of your products and services versus you just pushing at them the latest promotion or sale that you have to offer nice well I'm gonna stop and start again okay whenever you're ready we'll have to find that the name of the white paper what did we call it if you'd like oh sorry it is okay if you'd like to find out more about how to leverage these strategies to grow your business oh no I don't want to say that I forgot host I nto started over if you'd like to learn more about how to leverage these strategies in your internal marketing programs enter your name and email address in the boxes on this page and I'll instantly saying you are white paper how to successfully sell to small businesses good uh see what I can say the uh go ahead and sign up now and get it oh, I don't know what I want to say. Then what should I think? That you could just reiterate the called the action and say, look forward to seeing you on, I'll just leave, okay, thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you on the next page. Good, thank you. That was great. So we have a couple minutes left for questions, and what we're going to do in the next segment is I'm going give this to the awesome production folks here and say, hey, can you figure out how to get this from here there? Because we are switching a lot of devices now, again, normally I would, probably because I have I'm moving on here, I would probably just keep everything in the same device, but I want to show you in the next section how to edit on an online platform, because that way was sort of device neutral, and I also want to get some questions from the chat and the audience here about that that whole experiment that we just did, and I want to say out, takes a good thing, so you may notice I reference once in a while, and we'll look more today two movie folio, who does a wonderful blawg, wishy answers viewersquestions and things like that on video, but she incorporates out takes or mistakes into her videos, like at the end and it's always kind of one of the most popular little features, because people want to know that, you know, you're human, your screw up. I actually one of my favorite out takes that I did was I had to I think I mean, mention this before, but I had to dress up as a character for a children's charity, and I was dora the explorer, I had to get the big, old costume, and I said, look, if I got this costume and I have to wear it at this event, I'm going to take it home into a video with it. So what I didn't realize was that when you're doing a video in a big costume and it's so hot that you get a little light headed, I have this problem with costumes, and in the video, I pretty much kind of like I got woozy and kind of passed out a little bit, so doors, like, going like this on camera, and all of a sudden, you see, boone, door went down, door is down, so that was the best part of the video door passes out on video, and, you know, it takes a great you khun do again, a lot of sort of band aids and cuts, and you can do overlays where if you say I really screwed up that that potter so you could tell I was reading it's like well weaken in sort of a photo there well if you're talking about your offer you can cover up and say maybe you've got an image of what you're offering and you khun put that on we'll get into all that when we get into the editing section but for now let's see what's cooking out in the world well um I think you pressed the screen to get that little box around the subject what does that do that it's just something that the ipad does on the photo thing we're tries to center or tries to kind of find the focal point andi typically just ignore that shoot anyone touching the screen is how you focus in the ipad at her in the camera app okay so I've got a question from online if we don't have any more in here you were talking just briefly about some special effect type things do you ever photograph or do video on a green screen in order to use a video background template? Yes I do it all the time green screen is my middle name it is a bit more complex and it adds kind of a level of complexity to the editing but a lot of times if you shoot basically what we're talking about is on a green screen or green background in the tv industry, they called it chroma key, but the common faces green screen and basically what you could do is replace that green background with anything you want, a photo or animation, so in editing you keep your subject up front and they're they're behind you you have a green screen and when you edit you knock out that green screen and replace it with an image of with animation and it's a lot of fun and you can actually even do it in my movie I mean, usually it takes a slightly bigger editing program like I use final cut pro ana mac, but even with my movie, they have pretty good green screen capabilities, so if you decide I really want to do a video about this event that I'm doing in las vegas, but I'm not in las vegas I want have a las vegas image behind the green screen's well made do that sydney eso further to that question, where do you find those backgrounds? Like if I wanted teo just find a background that looked like this, something kind of natural and muted colors or I wantedto pretend like I was in hawaii aired vegas or whatever how do I find a background that I can stick in their great question? You can't really just go on google and pull anybody's photos, so I used a site called video blocks dot com and video blocks dot com has animated footage scenery you know basically if you put the search term you know beaching hawaii they'll give you all kinds of different both animated and still pictures because I use a lot of kind of animated backgrounds again I'm trying to take the attention away should be so look at all the cool stuff going on in the background and I get those backgrounds at video blocks dot com something that like we can learn how to do or is that something we need to hire someone to do for us to swap out the green screen? It depends on your editing program and how you know how well versed you are in the editing it really programs like my movie have made it much much easier back in the day when I used to final cut and when I first was doing that and doing chroma key video clients would send me a video that they taped like when I did allie brown think she's on a green screen but she wanted a white background it's actually easier to shoot on a green screen and put the white background is and then it is to shoot on a white background sometimes so I had to do that like in final cut pro you had to do all kinds of adjustments and all kinds of crazy things now in my movie and final cook pro it's one click and you replaced the background, and it looks great quick, follow upon that someone was asking, what do you recommend if we need to record a whole bunch of videos? Is there a location that we can rent? Do you ever go out and hire studio stuff like that? If you're doing a lot of aa lot of work at the same time once in a while, andi again, sometimes one of the things one of the resources that we have locally that we forget about is a lot of communities have local public access, cable channels that have equipment and many times those studios adornment, and they'll let you use it if you live in that community or rent it. So I've done a lot of stuff we have gone to the local public access place because they've got a nice little set or they've got, you know, hey, this living room looks better than my real living room, so that's totally fine share as a photographer and really into color, okay, they I've heard this about tips about painting your house, so if there's a color that looks great on you, you bet your wall that color, because when you're standing in front of it, your look good, right? So that's another thing you can go toe photography like where they sell cameras and all sorts of camera equipment and you get sheets of whatever color of paper that you want to literally rollout and have is your backdrop just it yeah I bought a big sheet of white paper and put it on tact it on my wall and it's just a you know really neutral background on dh michael port mentioned this yesterday when you're talking about when you're shooting you really do have to consider your background and this is two story somebody sent me a video once and there were an organ it they were an organizational coach whatever that is but the background was a bookcase that was totally disheveled and looked like it like ok the organization coach has a really so be aware of what's in your background and make sure that it is khun grew int with your brand michael port office I know because for being there that you know he's got all the books in the background it's very professional it's very clean it's not distracting so be aware of your background when you're shooting your video fortunately here we have this really cool set so we're good with that. Any other questions from the chats above? The second one more what if the credibility this is going back to the scripting and talking about your thing so say nineteen seventy seven what if the credibility comes from my personal experience and I don't have others toe list for credibility that's totally fine again if you're if you're able tio say you know any accolades that you have awards that you've won or maybe you're you know certified in something it's totally fine to do that the other thing that you could do is in the background you kind of have like if you are a chiropractor and you've got all your certificates on the wall in your office you know if your service professional the background bling I guess you'd call it can help with that like my dad won an emmy because he's in television it's not miami it's my dad's but every once in a while just for fun I'll put that in the back and kind of out of focus a little bit I didn't say it was my emmy but it looks good in the background so you know you can have some authority bling in your background and again if you just stayed it and if there's no reason to know there's no reason for people not to believe you unless you like you know I'm the vice president got a question yeah, I think a book is a uh credential absolutely so well and just uh like length of experience if you've been doing it for a long time so I've been doing it for this long yeah think about that yeah trust me, I know what I'm doing so perfect and obviously I'm not a camera personal videographer. So, again, if you want to have a nice, steady shot, you know, try and use a tripod. Um, and that'll usually keep things a little bit less shaky.

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