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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lesson 30 of 30

Repurposing Content for Video

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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30. Repurposing Content for Video

Lesson Info

Repurposing Content for Video

So I want to take a look at something that I call Leverage Ladder, because everything that I do has to be the same. Letter. 10 sees five peas, two l's on the leverage led a worksheet that you guys have here on. That comes as one of the bonuses with the purchase course so that you can look at the content that you have and start to leverage it and start to repurpose it. So this is really when I talk about visibility and about being able to take time off. This is how you leverage your time and increase your visibility. Basically, what you're doing is you're putting new content out, but you're not reinventing the wheel and creating new content every single time, so you're sort of repurpose ing existing content. So I want to go through this together here and online. And, you know, let's think about this now so that you can leave here with ideas to have your content repurposed and ready to go. So the first question in the leverage ladder one sheet is what content do you currently have that c...

an be leveraged or repurposed? Um, does anybody have you books that they've done? Yep. About, um, articles that you've written at a yes and block posts, tips. Siri's things like that. So right in the sheet here. What? You what content, You know that you have available that can be repurposed for video and other things. And I'll show you in a moment that it doesn't just have to be video. The content can actually be repurposed over and over again in different platforms, but we'll get to that in a moment. Anyone want a volunteer, their their thoughts for number one content that can be repurposed. Do you have anything doing, um, block post? Definitely. Um, like, for instance, a list post could then be turned into, like, if it's a list of five tips on branding, it could now be five different images that are tips that could be. We talked about slide shares. We could slide share that into all the tips that could be social media posts. So I think just I have a lot of written material more than I have videos. So but there's a lot of ways that I could create social media posts and images from those absolutely awesome somebody else. Yeah, I have a number of kind of 10 tips type things that I've created for various opt ins that I could totally do. Short videos on your, um, perhaps create create like a webinar just based on that particular content. You like something as simple as this videos of the building blocks of your brand. It's a PowerPoint slide, but I've also posted on Facebook and Pinterest, and I think it's to Graham. So you know. And yes, it's at this point, it's just a image. But it could be something else down the road. It could be the basis of a video. So, um, bucks in. One thing I did was I did a webinar, and then I turned it into a keynote. And then from the keynote, I turned it into a coaching program. Oh, cool. So that ended up monetizing. Really? Well, all right. Excellent. Um, so let's move on, then. For the next one is what are the top three social media platforms that you use Well, that you want to use if you haven't started yet? Top three. Um, And again I threw as many in here is I could think of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus Lincoln Pinterest Instagram vine Tumblr. Did I miss any Big East LinkedIn Got that one. So let me know. Let me know. I know the chats a couple minutes behind. But if we have anyone that wants to tell us their top three and either it can either be the ones that you're currently using, well, the ones that you hope to use because this is gonna be important as the basis for you re purposing plan. And I'll start with mine. Are, um, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. So that's just where I tend to get the most bang for my buck and whilst box and using social media, right? Barely. Yeah. Which ones you like? A testament. I will admit to say, I've been in business for five years and don't even have my website up. So, um and that's been a conscious choice. And it's interesting that I've been able to do that, and I'm a marketing consultant. So, um, so I've admitted it to America. Um, but if I were to choose Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest Yeah, you know, social media a lot. I, um I'm focused on Google Plast out so much you took that are really do videos by but on the Google hang outside because it's streams. YouTube is going to be really important in my strategy on then Pinteresque but all of it, that's just kind of like a personal rabbit hole. I love to fall down uh, Facebook YouTube and linked a number really interesting learning how to use linked in to connect with the business community. Yeah, you Are you on yet? E have you to Facebook and I want to do Pinterest and Vine is interesting and instagram I don't know about fine, but, um YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus because of the the webinar component And then I struggle with linked in just because I know that that's where a lot of the career oriented stuff is And that's my doorway for people coming to work with me. And at the same time, I just find it really dry and corporate. So I think kind of personality wise, it doesn't super appeal to me. Yeah, although logically, I probably should be their excellent Anything for the chatter will move on to number three here. We've got a couple of books were timing in. Denise says her top three our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Good day, says Facebook is where my people are. Also Twitter for work and love Pinterest personally, uh, let's see and then intends to get into YouTube now. Cool. Well, hopefully by the end of this workshop, if a bullet will have YouTube is one of the big three. Um, the next question in the leverage ladder is what are the biggest problems and challenges your client's face? Uh, what, that What are the questions that you constantly hear from them? Um, And again, this could be the basis for your tips. Siri's. So, for instance, when I had a lot of folks asking me, what camera should I use so that that was a, you know, a perceived problem that my clients had. So I had to do a series that basically said, um, you're asking the wrong question. It doesn't matter. What can he use at least in the terms of the kind of video we're talking about? Um, anyone want to chime in on problems and challenges that your clients face? This would be an interesting one for you, Sue, because I don't know that that's what you do with Senior Portrait is so time specific, right? I don't think that it even applies, actually. Well, I think the problem is it okay? Absolutely. There probably is. Is that they get awful photos O they want to look good. Okay. Or the bombs don't take the time to actually schedule the time to do it. Okay. Yeah. I was thinking more like someone asking me a question about taking pictures. Well, you talk like a target market of of juniors and seniors, I guess, Um, which of my kids aged like, I know my daughter is like, you know, she'll do plenty of selfies, but she has to make sure it's the right. Totally. And then when it comes to your senior portrait, that's sort of like something that's gonna be with you for a while. Right then. That really has to be something. And especially with regard to the girls, they want to feel beautiful. All right, well, the thing that was said, a lot of them don't well move. Blue wants to feel beautiful, but I don't remember what the statistic waas. But I heard just recently that apparently one of the most common search phrases is Am I ugly? So So there's a real, you know, I think American teenage girls, because the assumption is that they're probably the ones that are Googling that question if they're not, you know, there's a riel crisis of self esteem and now kids, and I think that that's something that you can really help him with. It's true. Excellent. Yeah, the good point c So he's got you know, everyone has the client challenge anyone else. Dad, I'm curious. What? Your clients Oh, there alone stressed out liking clarity, liking focus that was seeking creative ideas. Try to manage their emotions dealing with tension within teams between, you know, management style from all that kind of stuff thrown around mental state. Right? Okay, trainee, that your clients are they, uh ah. Lot of it stems from tools to use and the different elements that are going to make them visually stand out online. So, um, you know, the the top sort of ability, Teoh, like, I think you much should not be at their designers, uh, beck and call on. And they want some strategies that they could influence themselves to really stand out online and online and around all the noise. Cool so again, the reason that we asked this question is that the problems and challenges your client's face Ah, the no farther basically for your products, services and content that you can create around this and keep creating. Do you always have Teoh lead with a problem? Um, not necessarily, because again, it's that kind of goes back to that pain and pleasure thing. So you either want to help them gain something. I help them escape something that they don't want to have some gain something that they want but escaped something that they don't want. It just seems as though when you're doing you know, when you're working with a client, they usually coming to you to solve some kind of ah problem what, to gain something that they don't have. So I maybe should awarded that differently, but that's a good question. So because again, um, you can see, like if somebody goes to ah, a gym, Um, is it because they want to lose weight or gain self esteems like you want to lose something? Gained something at same time? Typically, the pains more powerful. It's muscle Bible based. Yeah, right. Um, I And finally, how will you repurpose your content for new platforms? So I'm not gonna let you off the hook. List your ideas for, um, taking content that you have and using it in new places. So a blawg post a video or an e book toe, a video or a long video to shorter videos? We talked about slicing and dicing some of those longer clips, and I'll give you a chance to write that down and I'll pop over the chat and see if there's anything cooking there. Just about done here. Anybody have anything off the top of their head for? I just want to hear. Like, I am going to take my vlog post and make this video. I'm gonna take this e book that's been sitting on my hard drive ages and do this with it. Yes, I'm going to remove the hello world blood post. That doesn't currently e t I know I actually instead of instead of riding blood posts, I think I'm gonna video blogger posts instead. That's a great idea. Data. Yeah, I'm gonna make video versions of several of my block posts. Excellent. Anyone else? I think I'm just gonna take some interviews that I have and peace those down into tips from different experts that I talked Teoh on some of those I didn't have video, so and I don't have a podcast, so But I could put that audio to either one of the ops that you showed us, like describe or something, or just stick it over a power point. Exactly. Perfect. All right, so continue to work on this kind of stuff because the more you review the materials, the assets that you already have your expertise. I think a lot of us, um, have these digital assets that we have expertise that we have material that we kind of think, Oh, nobody would want to see that. And you'd be surprised. I mean, there's a place for it. There are people that need it. And there are certain ways that you can put it out there that could be helpful to people. So maybe nobody wants to read your entire, you know, senior your thesis, but they might want the bits of pieces from it. Right? I was just gonna say that also, once we put out the content I know so many times I thought, Well, I put it out there a year ago. And so it just exists that you have to dig that far into my content. But I think you have to resurrect the same things over and over on different platforms. And just after a few months, you've got new people finding you knew people following you. And frankly, how many articles do you remember that you read three months ago? So reintroduce it to your community and get more social goodness out of Yeah, that's such a good point because a lot of us think, Oh, I posted that on Facebook or I posted that video on YouTube a year ago. You know, you know, a tweet is like a moment, right? And even a Facebook post. It's like, you know, if if you don't happen to be on the banks of the vivid when that thing goes downstream, you missed it. So I constantly repurpose my Facebook stuff and I even take old videos that I did your years ago. And you know, Facebook has this throwback Thursday thing. It's like, OK, throwback Thursday his a video from 2010 Um, because I guarantee you that the people who saw it back down. I'm gonna be the people who see it now. So thank you for mentioning that and thank you for bringing it up. So I kind of referred to it as the wheel of content. So I may start with a block post. I may take that same blawg post and bring it to Facebook. The way I would amend that now, though, is I would make sure that I include a visual with Facebook. So the block post with a photo or even just the photo that was in the block post go to Facebook, then put that photo on Pinterest from there. If I have a power point, I would put that to slide share dot net And believe me, slide share dot net is a sleeping giant of sites. It's owned by lengthen. And it is like the YouTube for power points. And I think people tend to ignore because it's kind of not as flashy. Got it. I've should have acted on this Goes A friend of mine put some pretty simple teaching slicers on that. And they went they became like, best sellers and wow, it was amazing. A lot of a lot of competition they yet. But the thing about I'll mention a couple things about slide share, while on the subject of it. It is owned by Lincoln. It's they have a free version, which I used the free version for the most part because I'll just take my power points and put them up there. You know, five great tips for YouTube or something, and really, they get thousands and thousands of views, sometimes more than YouTube. But there is a premium version of slide share for, I think, 20 bucks a month. That allows you to put videos on slide share so you can also upload your videos to slight share. And with the premium version, they've got little contact forms so that people who watch the video or the slide Sharq and then get emailed to you like If you like this content, contact the owner directly. So this sort of, um, client form that you can put into the paid version of that which is also very powerful. And then finally, let's not forget a video to YouTube. Now we sat all this, whether I should have mentioned a written blawg post that turns into all this, then I do a video version of it. And then at the end of the time, I put the same video version back to the Blawg because it's a week or two later. So that's how we do the old, uh, beautiful circle of life there. This is the leverage ladder that we talked about taking existing content, putting it into social platforms, looking for your client's needs, and repurpose ing that for new content. All right, um, so again, I said this before, but find the stuff, find the assets that you have and get it off the hard drive. You can breathe new life into your old content just by putting it on a different platform. So get it off the hard drive. Um, I want to show you how I sort of use this whole system for sharing and from repurpose ing. And for sort of like appearing to be everywhere with basically just a bunch of clicks and a few scheduled posts, I want to go back to YouTube for a second just to point out that even with one video posted on YouTube, if you go to the share button, you can send that to Facebook Twitter, Google plus blogger read it. Don't even know what some of those are. But, um, it's really easy to get a lot of mileage out of YouTube with the social networks because you can share directly from Facebook to all these other platforms. So I've got my lovely little chart that looks something like this. I start with YouTube, and I make sure that I take the embed code and put the video on my own website. I may or may not do a 15 2nd version for Instagram. If it's appropriate from YouTube, I can go to Twitter, Facebook, Google, plus lengthen tumbler interest and maybe slide share. So that's a lot of platforms from one video that's uploaded, Um, and again, the point here is to work smarter and not harder by taking all your best stuff and giving different audiences a chance to see it wherever they may be. Like, Dre said, if you posted something a year ago, I mean, I've actually taken actual articles and blawg posts, and we posted them and have people say, Oh my God, this is the greatest thing ever And I want to say, Oh my God, I'm over three years ago. But but that's okay if it's still relevant now. What I wouldn't do is take a YouTube article from three years ago because that technology has changed so drastically that it's just not the same deal. But if the content still works, give people a chance to see it always repurpose your content and remember that everything old is new again. So give all of your peeps, as we like to say in Social Media, as many chances as possible to see your stuff, because chances are they didn't see it the first time. I mean, if you have, um, a lot of Facebook fans or followers, they probably didn't see it the first time you posted. I know on the Facebook fan page, it's kind of depressing. Little actually tell you. Three people saw this post. Well, I guess I'm gonna be posted it again. Then, Uh, and then, like I said earlier, you might think it's being repetitive, but it's actually just branding, so just because you're getting sick of you on content doesn't mean other people are so make it easy for your audience to find your content. So I want to share like a quick little case study, Um, and what I did with an e book, Um, and really kind of put this into practice and put the e book in a lot of different places. And it worked out really well, and you can do the same kind of thing. Um, I like to joke that I actually make it impossible for my audience to avoid my content because I call it to buy four marketing. And that means basically, you take a two by four and hit him over the head with it until they get it. So that's a technical term, by the way to buy for marketing. Um, but it really is part of the I see you everywhere strategy. So let me share this quick little case study, and I'll show you that I started, um, doing a some daily blawg tips. I decided, OK, I'm gonna do 25. And then I made it 31 to make it match month. I'm going to do 25 quick tips for video marketing. So on one lovely autumn afternoon, I sat out my back deck with Morocco, the pug and I just wrote in the notebook 25 quick tips didn't take very long. Um And then that night I went upstairs and kind of type them out and I decided, OK, I'm gonna match these with graphics. So every for every little tip that I had, I'm gonna find a stock photo or graphic or something to go with it. That way I could add the photos to Facebook and Pinterest because now I had a visual to go with the tip. And then I turned the same tips into video tips and the way I did that really easily was I went on Google hangouts and I popped on at the very beginning and said, Hey, it's Lou. How you doing? Then I shared my screen, which was simply the graphic of the tip. And then I signed off. So they were like quick little 32nd video tips and was able to bang out a whole bunch of those at once because I just kept doing them one by after the other. And again, Google hangouts goes right to YouTube. So I had them on YouTube. I posted it to YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest. I posted it to slide share dot net and Lincoln again. This is when I was using a paid version of slideshow dot net. So I posted the video to slide share dot net, and I posted the video toe linked. And don't forget that you can post videos on Lincoln as well. And eventually those same video tips appeared back on the block where they started as written posts. Ah, and then when I was done, I had 31 tips that I could put all together into an e book because I just basically had 31 graphics and tips. And now I use that as a list building to give away at, ah, best video tips dot com. So even though I created this a long time ago, I'm still using it as a list builder and as a giveaway and as a freebie. So you can see, um, I'll show you here. So I I had the tip, and I had a nice little graphic that went with it. So for each tip that I came up with, I just found a you know, three or $4 stock photo on photo. Doone dot net and I had a little paragraph. I actually used a Mac application. I think it's called Apple Books, so I can't remember the name of the But it was a nice app that basically let you put it sort of in book form so that the graphic was, it looked professionally produced. And then I took that tip and did the video version of it. Um, and just the title for YouTube was LIBOR Tones. Best video tips, video marketing, tip number five. So I got, um, video in the title twice there. And then, like I said, at the end of the at the end of the 31 days, I had an e book that I could crank out. So, uh, it was really a great way to take the same content and put it up in several different places and really kind of repurpose the crap out of And so we'll go live live post here. So this is what the block post started out like, So this was number 22. So all I did for this one was this was a separate graphic video marketing tip number 22. Female is the new email. Where have you heard that before? I'm still using it. Um, and then for the block post. You know, I put a little bit more information in there just to have. But I could also use this separate graphic on Lee for interest and Facebook and all that. So that's my blawg. This is my old websites was how old it is. And then that's the video tip. I want to point out a couple things here. 42 seconds for one and the other one is that playlist. And yes, I'm wearing the same shirt in every single one of them. And lightening didn't strike and the fashion gods didn't kill me. It's like sorry, It is what it is. I'm just cranking these babies out. Um, I did go to the extreme effort of putting a chroma key background in the background, but again, I did them all at once on a nice autumn day. Didn't change, didn't do a wardrobe change. Um, so that was the video 42 seconds. And then, um Pinterest, as Dre pointed out, you can post videos on Pinterest now. I know they look kind of all the same and I'm not really that concerned about it, cause I just wanted to get a bunch of stuff up on Pinterest and I didn't go and put these on pin just one of the time I just sent them from YouTube. You can see here they came from YouTube. So all of those all those tips were now on Pinterest as videos. So I have a whole you know, Pinterest calls them boards. I have a whole board of quick video tips on video, but Dre reminded me that Oh yes, you can put video on Pinterest. Sometimes we forget that. And then, of course, at the end of the day, it was the free e book and the, um, lead pages opt in page. That's about as simple as you can get. It's got name email, download the guide and when they download the guide. Actually, I think I've updated it since this because this one was sort of like Day one day, two day three. And that little lead page is at best, video tips dot com. So I use that now. Even though the e book was written a while back, I still use it as a lead generator and as a freebie to give away on on that particular site so you can see how you can really, like, ramp up your visibility and get that I see you everywhere effect from just a handful of brief tips. And I mean, you have to start with good info that's relevant and decent content. You can't just throw anything up there. But I thought I had, you know, 25 30. Pretty good tips. And by just marrying them to some decent stock photography, Um, I was able to kind of turn it into eye candy and and put it in a lot of different places. Very active in chattin with each other. Kind of come up with ideas. So Hey, I hope this is spring. Some ideas for you. Anybody have any comments on how to do this? So why from the peanut gallery? Yeah, is say I don't have a Pinterest countries to camp. If I open a Pinterest, you can't start posting relevant stuff with following these guidelines. Is that gonna build me a following every time? It depends on, you know, is your audience or your target market on Pinterest? Um I don't know. I don't use Pinterest a lot, cause I don't know for sure that that's where my folks are. But it's so easy to just send it there from YouTube. That would be crazy not to. Because, you know, chances are somebody's going to see it there. So it's if you have the content and it's already on YouTube and it just one more click to chair the interest. And why not? Um, hear from you guys? So we've seen kind of that process of taking a single product and moving it and repurposing it, putting it out there. What do you guys have that you're going to do the same things with? I actually really, like, lose ideas of putting the tips on, um, on a PowerPoint slide. I have definitely got content that I could do that with right now. I do have a question around that. How long did you let the slide? Kind of. So you did you little talking head intro and outro. And then how long did you let the sly? Only as long as it turns. You read the tip. Okay. So you would just kind of sit there, read it tip time. That was on the, you know, that was on the slide. And yeah, you can do the same thing with you know, it doesn't have to be an e book. It can be slides from a PowerPoint presentation. The thing you want to do. It's a lot easier now to get good images and to create good images because of things like Can va um, can va dot com even gives you, They'll say, You know, here's some stuff for social media posts. Here's some stuff for a Twitter has some stuff Facebook's that. They kind of give you all the free done sizes, and all you have to go is take some of this stuff and change the text on it. So that didn't that photo did individually say you're entering a video marketing zone. And then again, you can upload your own images to canvas so I can take my goofy cartoons or whatever and overlay text on those if you can. Vote also sells images for, like a dollar each, like if you want a specific image, so that's a good way to find it. And really, it's important now because Facebook is so visual and obviously pins interest. M o said Instagram Pinterest and instagram eso photo driven that you know It's just the easy way to put up photos. And a lot of times I don't post photos to Instagram. I post quotes with images in the background because it was a really popular um, so I just want you to think about how your business could look if you're really that visible and if you're online that way. Yes, this may be a broader topic, but do you have any opinions around with Facebook? Whether like when you say you're posting to Facebook? Is that kind of MAWR your personal profile? Or is it a page that you do for your business? That's a good question. I don't even really make the distinction, cause when I started Facebook, it's like my life, my business and my personal all mixed in together. So my Facebook, my original Facebook profile pages kind of. It's all out there. I do have a separate business page where I try and keep that a little bit more business oriented, but basically on Facebook, it's kind of what you see is what you get. So you're gonna get Rocco, you're gonna get baseball and you gonna get video marketing tips so I would put Sofia there, too. But you doesn't want me to. Um, but again, think about how your business could look if you're that visible online. And if you're the first person that your customers think about when they think about what they need in your niche because they're so familiar with you. And once you've got your videos out there working for you 24 7 across the globe, building trust and credibility, you're making it really easy for your prospects to find you and work for you. And that's the ultimate thing because people say, How do you How do your clients find you? How do you get your coaching clients? It's really all just a matter of visibility and some of it's word of mouth. But word of mouth starts with visibility. So to kind of bring things around here to the clothes video really does give you superpowers. So I hope that everybody will take what we've done here over the last few sessions and just keep that video mo mentum going. And then I'll really kind of just know. We'll probably want to do some wrap up here, but I do want to end with one interesting fact and I kept statistics out of this on purpose. But this one is something that I want to leave you with 89 million people in the United States today going to watch 1.2 billion online videos today, and I hope that some of them will be yours. So I don't think that's asking too much like, Hey, you know, I know you're gonna watch 1.2 billion online videos today. Would you mind watching mine? They can't watch it unless it's out there. So get it out there, get your videos online and make videos, make money and make a difference. I, like that is like a closing thing. I just came up with that. Make videos, make money and make a difference. Fantastic. Let's let's you know what? Let's give a round of applause for Mr Thanks. Just people here in the room who loved it. We had Megan online who said really enjoyed this class. Outstanding content. Thank you. Lube or tone bonus. Great stories and very entertaining delivery. Thank you. So I know that we all hear really learned a lot and enjoyed it. And so I'm grateful to you for the effort and the time that you put into creating it. My pleasure. Thank you. It's a fun. We have, like a amazing audience. Amazing group in the chat. You guys are awesome. The cruise great. And this is blasts. Thanks.

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