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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lesson 6 of 30

Trust & Credibility

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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6. Trust & Credibility

Lesson Info

Trust & Credibility

We're talking really about trust incredibility in this section, which is going to be fun, but I want to start by asking you and this may sound a little bit obvious, but why do we make videos? I'm going to write down some reasons here, but you guys are going to shut him out to me, and then we'll get some from the chat as well, but you'll have to excuse my horrible handwriting. I went to school in medford, mass usually that's followed with whenever you say you're from medford, you have to say, you got a problem with that, but seriously, folks, but why? So why do we make videos? Anybody introduced ourselves and talk about our services so into ourselves, okay, I really just wanted to use a whiteboard because I never get to do it now, like, right gotta build trust and credibility, excellent trust that's a good one, uh, somebody's neck to connect other people connect that's an awesome one as well, I think provide clarity on what you do cloudy, thank great to teach to teach. All right, anythi...

ng coming in from the chat? Absolutely. We're just starting to come in. Now we've got to come design who says to communicate information and ideas, we have green fire herbs who says they're more engaging to the customer becoming engaged oh, I love that okay, this is the part where the writing starts to go down like anybody else wouldn't thought he saw another hand oh, I just think it's about creating intimacy as well right? It really is that that no like and trust and entertaining yes that's like a bonus if you could be engaging and entertaining for me you can demonstrate something that is more difficult to demonstrate love pictures or text exactly okay, these are all great reasons why to do video obviously and we're going to talk about some of these as we go through this but I also want to kind of make the point that aa lot of this can kind of be boiled down to uh I think somebody said it before making connections we make video to make connections so on dh that's really important because it's about I should probably come out but what I'm talking about this I want to make sure I don't need my white board but video is really powerful to create no like and trust and whether we doing an offline business on online business or brick or mortar business people want to do business with people that they know like and trust makes sense and I think back in the ancient days of our parents and grand parents they you know that maybe they knew the local shopkeeper the butcher of dentist whatever and trust was built up over a long period of time now with video, you, khun really accelerate that and start to create that trust more quickly. So we make video to make connections because it's personal it's engaging, it's immediate it's kind of like the next best thing to being there, I guess, and one of the ways that you could do that, and I'll get to that in a minute with you, the mail or video mail on the great thing about doing video mail as a way to connect is that you don't have to be a big grand, like a bmw or coca cola. You're not to have tons of money to do it because these brands spend millions and millions dollars to try and create that trust were able to do it with something as simple as an iphone and video e mail, for example, so I sometimes we photo this is video outreach or video networking because it really is a way to kind of do that networking without having to go to the local chamber of commerce meeting and things like that, which is perfect for an introvert like me, because that means with my iphone or ipad, I really can network, and I really can't connect um, kind of hiding behind a computer, but not having to always go to these events. And nothing against in person networking because obviously that's really powerful to but video gives us another way to do that like if you live in the hinterlands like me up in new hampshire and snow's like eight months a year it's really convenient to be able to take your iphone and do a video email and connect with somebody that way so I want to show you a little bit about this video email and some video email tools and then we're going to do some of it together, so I love video e mail, by the way, and I would even go so far as to say is v mail is the new email the emails hidden behind the female there but that's okay, so I use a couple of different aps teo create video email and, again, if we have at home or in the audience, if you have this is one of the few times where we say it's okay to have your iphone or your ipad out because I want to show you some of this video email stuff it's really cool it's really powerful and it's really easy. So I'm going to give you a couple of resource is to do this and then I'm going to show you and they're going to do a couple ourselves, so um v snape is one of the ones that I use because that's one that up until recently it was free, I think now there's a slight fee for it, but they allow you to do sixty second video email message is one of the benefits of that is that it makes it easier easy for you as the sender two forces you to get your message out there in under sixty seconds, and it makes it easy for the receiver because they know they don't have to listen to a long, drawn out message it's kind of like that they used to be when answering machines were first out, those kind of the old joke where you're trying to call maybe in my case, trying to call ago you're like you leave the message, but you hated the message that you left, so you called back again and try to fix it. And so video emails that way too, cause you could actually erase it before you send it. And another one is that bomb bomb dot com that's a tough one to say bomb bomb dot com mail view is the one that we're going to look at an eye job dot com so these are all different resource is and tools that you can have two send video, email so I want to ask before we jump into this, I don't know if you've had a chance to check your email or not today, but how many emails would you say you've got? No, you know that you get in an average day anybody wanted three hundred venture? A guess sue says three hundred emails in a day to one hundred twenty, five hundred twenty five. Okay, I probably get a couple hundred today. Now, I'm wondering if any of those really, really jump out at you, aside from the ones that say, a nigerian prince has just given you eight million dollars, but anything you know, anything that distinguishes those video, those male regular email data if they're from a close friend, okay, that helps, if you know the center. Yeah, definitely. Now, let me ask you another question. How many video emails have you gotten today? Mmm. So you think if you had something show up in your email box, that looks something like this, but well, actually, if you saw that, you might try and click off it is possible, but typically, if you get it, a video email from somebody it's probably going to kind of jump out of the e mail box a little bit and make a great impression, johns or, uh, so how did they know to click on it? It was it just have a headline was ever used these before? He doesn't have a headline that sticks out differently or is it they start to click on the headline to go to this they'll see the headline to go to this, but once they get to the email they'll see you know the image so that they'll know it's a video email and how do you not be in the junk pile? Um again you have to it's a lot to do with the subject line on how you do that so that you don't make that spam e but any kind of it's really regular email so if if you get you know a few gmail comes through this is going to come through, so what I'll do is being very daring and testing the limits of technology is I'll try to do it I will do a the a v mail mail view v mail for you on my iphone on your pull up male view dot com that's m ay I l ve you dot com um this works on iphone android ipad so let's say you uh you just came back from a business meeting and you want to follow up with an email or maybe you just came back from a conference and you want to do something that's a little bit more engaging wherever you are with your iphone ipad android you click take video this is going to be the scary part but wait that's you guys you turned the camera around oh that is scary and press the record button and you just record your message into male view dot com so I would say I'll just make something up hey it's lou it was really great to meet you at that conference I'd really love that idea we talked about we should definitely follow up about it so give me a shout or his my number here's my e mail let's talk about that and do that deal bye for now fifteen seconds boom ok I can play it back hey it's lou it was really great to meet you at that conference I really loved that idea we talked about which you definitely follow up about it so give me a shout or his my number is my email let's talk about that and do that deal bye for now so I don't have my number my email all that information blow and here it says either retake or use video so I'll say use video and then it says send email and we put somebody in the subject line I'm gonna actually send it to myself so that I can pull it up and show you at and you could write a subject lines really important obviously because that's kind of like your headline so I mean, I could just reference like that idea we talked about you know, it was great meeting you like that something innocuous that won't get messed up in spam you could write a message in there as well I'll just put test and then you can see here it says notify me when the email messages read so if they haven't read it you can call them and harass them and say, why haven't you open my email consent yourself a copy you can have it actually self destruct after a certain amount of time which is kind of interesting self destruct after three I don't want anyone else to see this email it's like snapchat what kind of goes away real quick and then once you're done with the fields here that you've put in and you can send to more than one but I like with video email especially I like doing it one on one because it's more personal click send say a little prayer to the technology gods and it says sent so you sent your video email I can send another one from there for I can hopefully go back to my um screen here takes a little while to come through, but we'll see um when it shows up in the meantime I'll see if they're any quick questions about that while I wait for this v mail to show up I think I saw you thank you. I was just going to say, what? Is there a huge difference between that and actually just doing a video of yourself on your iphone and attaching it toe I message, right? Not a big difference other than the fact that, you know, this email sends it, as you know, the whole video's within the email and okay, so here's the let me just pop this up, it says great meeting probably so. So the way it looks online is it says you've got video mail, so they know it's a video email when they open it it's going to look like this. So they're going to see my lovely, smiling face on the male. You've got video email so they don't have to go anywhere. I mean, they just click on this and it will open up in play. Hey, it's, lou, it was really great to meet you at that conference. I really love that idea we talked about which you definitely follow up about it. So give me a shout or his my number is my email let's talk about that and do that deal. Bye for now that simple. So they've gotten john. Looks like they have a basic a business, a business pro. Is this just the basic model? It looks it's free to use. It looks like right? I'm using the free version here, which is, you know, for my purposes, it's cool to just kind of follow up in touch base with people. I like the fact that it looks that, you know, when it gets in the e mail box, you kind of see the video right away so that you hopefully recognized the person and see how you want to, you know, just click, click and play so it's really that simple, and they do have free plans, paid plans. It really depends on how much you're going to use it. This might come under one of the paid plans, but do is there a way to integrate it with infusions after a constant contact? So you consented to part of your list or that's a good question, and we can find out on the fly what I usually do is use me. I use these to, you know, do real quick little kind of on the fly spur of the moment things, so I don't even attach it to infusion soft or anything like that, but I will pull up as john said, they have a basic plan. It's two dollars and fifty cents a month business plan and a business pro plans so it really depends. I think on how much you're going to use it. I'm not sure I would have to kind of look into it a little bit more to see how it integrate with other aps, but I kind of used it as a stand alone and you could use it to send group females. But I really find that just the nature of video email is just it's just so much easier to kind of do it one on one and directed to a single person. And you can also do it. As you can see here on your desktop, you just allow the computer. This one doesn't have a webcam, but you just allow it to use your webcam. So you khun, do you know I can come back from a conference on event and and do follow up and, you know, crank out ten of these real quick and send them all at once and then the nice thing is, you also get a notice that will tell you when they opened your mail so that you know, okay, now, it's good, good time to follow up because I know they saw the e mail. Um, questions it's, like I say there's a couple different ways to use this and there's a couple different resource is, but the basic idea is that this is an easy way to connect really quickly again. It's like, all right, well, maybe I'm having a bad hair day. It's not really about how you look on the video it's about making that quick connection by video got one from coming in online. Can you upload pre recorded videos to this serious? Or is this just a record through and then send it up? You can upload pre recorded videos. Do you know how long they can be? Um, I on v snap just sixty seconds coming over you. I think they have a ten minute limit. Last time I checked that's pretty good. I mean, I don't I don't know. They do a ten minute video e mail, but if you had toe say, you know, hey here's, how to use that software has a quick little demo attached. You could do that and send it now. Is it better than just doing, you know, attaching a video to a gmail or something like that to a regular mail? I don't know, I I find that it's just if I have this open in front of me on my desktop I could just bang out a bunch of them and again it's not une mail blast it's not a mass email it's very one on one and very personalized yeah, you go back to those kind of words that we use it's to trust and theirs to create trust and connecting that personal connections. Lovett well um in your when you pulled it up in your email I didn't see where the body of your text wass I think you wrote test in there what does that show up? Uh good question I have to go back to it well, basically in gmail they're going to show you kind of the first line depends on your email provider but all I vote in that was a test so it'll it'll show you what's in the emails you know you've got a good deal you should show like right before the u s so it wouldn't be right there below your video mail so you could put a whole message in here. Is that where you put your you know what I think it was rather than say, you know, my email address is probable call me you got the idea I could put my contact information there um and of course they have a nice way to say you know they sent you an email from male view you can also send free video e mail from bellevue dot com so they promote their service there and again I just use this one because it's the one I have on my iphone but you get just you know, whether it's male view of the snap all of these services do essentially the same thing and it's about making a quick connection with video without having to do a big production you know, I don't advise that you do it when you're driving, but other than that because I've tried to that and it's not that good, so if anybody has a knife phone or and why would anybody want to give this a shot and be brave how she was looking for a phone or something? Everyone has a knife you guys going to send me a video email somebody's got to send me a video email that's that's the homework and even if they're at home, I could just email it to blue dot four tone at gmail dot com for folks out there and I am new not goingto move onto the next thing until something fantastic but seriously it's it's so simple and so fun to do and if anybody has it, you can download it as an app on the iphone um I believe they have an android version you two obviously have a desktop version at male view dot com and all that fun stuff, so if anybody wants to do that that's great if not, we'll move onto other stuff, but I do want to see you guys I mean, even if it isn't right this minute, I want to see some video email come in just to show you again, you can do this what, you do it once, it's fantabulous yes, I've had, but I'm just concerned that I have to actually subscribe and put in the credit card info and stuff yeah, I don't think you need to do that yet and don't worry about doing it now, but a lot of these, you know, especially the free versions they they let you try it out before you have to kind of delve into all that I'm a big believer in free, I mean, I know this business plans and for people that are sort of, you know, heavy users that's great, but for my purposes, you know, I use it maybe once every week or two, especially when I'm you know, going or coming to a conference really powerful also, if you're going to a meeting and you want to make sure that you went into somebody here, here, you're going to be at the such and such hope we have a chance to connect, you know, let's do lunch, you know, love you don't change so that's my l a thing

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