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Master Video Marketing for Your Business

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Video Product Launch Formula

Lou Bortone

Master Video Marketing for Your Business

Lou Bortone

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28. Video Product Launch Formula

Lesson Info

Video Product Launch Formula

the next thing that I want to talk about his first. We talked video sales letters, and now we're talking video product launches. And the online product launch was made popular by a real bright guy named Jeff Walker, who created a few years back something called the product launch formula with the PLF system. And it's essentially a system for creating a sequence of videos to build excitement and awareness up to the launch of actual product and data referenced earlier the Sideways sales that Jeff Walker is also the the originator of that. So this is Jeff. This is one of his pages. This is obviously just a Knop tin page, but he's the person that popularized this whole product launch formula, um, way of doing things. And it's really kind of a way to build anticipation and excitement with each video. You know, you, like, just builds this crazy frenzy that must have the product. Um, and you don't necessarily even need to do these four paid product launches. I have one that's a free Siri's, b...

ut I set it up in a in a product launch formula. So even though I'm not really selling anything, I'm just, um, using it as more of an opt in. I've got video, one video to video. Three video four. So it's really a series of videos that all build upon each other. Here's another example. This one's so recent that this video just came out yesterday. This is our friend Michael Port, who spoke with us a few days ago, and he's doing a traditional video product launch for his course. Heroic public speaking. So what happens in these, typically is you'll have the first video come out, and the first video kind of sets the tone and talks a little bit about what's called the opportunity like OK, here's what we're gonna be talking about in this video. Siri's, um, this is the opportunity. This is what we're gonna be doing explains basically a transformation or how your life will change once you have this product. Um, in Michael's case, he says, I can make you a better public speaker guaranteed. So that's the promise. That's the transformation that you get. If you take the course, and in his first video, he offers content, you know. OK, here's what not to do for public speaking. Um, I watched it. So I know Don't come out here and say I have a few housekeeping items, but I'll let you look at the Siris for all that stuff. Um, so again, what he does is and what you do in this formula is the first video is really about the opportunity. So if it's, um, if we used, like yoga for migraine example, the first video would maybe offer a few tips for that. Tell you, isn't life gonna be wonderful when you do yoga and you suffer from migraines anymore? Kind of painting the picture. The big picture of the benefit, the second video in the Siri's, would typically be released two or three days later, and that one talks more about the transformation. Eso if the first video is the why the second video is sort of the what, and the second video does a little bit more teaching case studies. Sometimes you're starting to build your um credibility, starting to build more anticipation. So all of this is again sort of building up to that big product launch. So by the time you know you up to video for people that just scratching at their screens, waiting to get this product the third and final video in, Well, he has four in the sequence, but typically it's three would talk more about what Jeff Walker calls the ownership experience on, and this is like the how What's it going to be like? How much will your life be better when you don't have migraines? Because you doing this great yoga. So this is the ultimate solution, and this is going to sort of paint the picture that leads to the fourth video, which is really where you can get the product. So each of these videos is usually about 10 or minutes in length. That's kind of the sweet spot for them, and they are typically released every two or three days. So it's again trying to create some excitement, some anticipation. You're offering contents, and you're sort of building trust and credibility along the way. And by the time you've done the third video, you think, Oh my God, Michael's given us so much great content. I can't wait to see what this product is and what it's all about. And then, finally, the fourth video is when they, um, quote unquote open the cart So in the Jeff Walker formula, the product launch formula. You've got a series of videos, and then you open the shopping cart and you make the product available to the public for a limited time. So here's a Jeff Walker example where he's got his, uh, basic videos up there and each one's below. But you can see you know, he's just in each video as it's launched. He's talking about something else. His here is talking about a seed launch. So all those videos lead up to the release of a product when they opened the card, and you can access the product for a very limited time. They usually have a pretty short window of about a week or so where you convey by the product, and then they close the cut and too bad you're out. And then they reopened it again later on. But you know, again, it's sort of this. Maybe not so artificial scarcity that they're building towards, and you can do these product launches with your videos for free products. For products that are 197 I've seen them all the way up to two and $ so you can have a really big payday when you open your cart and launch a product. If you do these product launch formulas, the other reason it's good to do them. And to know the how to do these kinds of videos is because when you actually deliver the product, oftentimes the product itself is delivered via video. Dre was saying before Now, most of these are, um, stand up videos. This is a product called Video Genesis with Mike Feel Same and Andy Jenkins. And once you buy the product, all of the modules that they deliver for you, uh, done in videos. So when you Okay, great. I've got my product. And now even the product itself is videos, and in most cases, they're on camera. They've got a whiteboard that doing this. They're doing that. So, you know, you're getting sort of more and more engaged with them even after you've, uh, purchased the product. Any questions about that at the moment? Cool. Anything from the crew here? Uh, you ve, um when you deliver the product in this isn't usually, uh, streaming on the order that people can download it. Or when When you deliver a product. We make people buy it. Can they downloaded? Normally, order is that they have to scream it from your side. Or usually it really depends on, you know, I've seen it done both ways, but usually it's, Ah, a membership site like this that you get access to. And there are different platforms. Like Kat, job is one where you can set up all of your courses. Um, so basically what you're doing is you're creating all these videos and then you say, Okay, here's the module one videos. Here's the module. Two videos, Um, and oftentimes, they'll even sort of time the delivery, which you can do in the software so that when you sign up, you get, you know, maybe Week one videos and then the next week, the week two videos released. And I think part of that is just so that they don't overwhelm you with 50 videos at a time, probably also if they've got a 30 day money back guarantee so that you don't get everything exactly Tony first. So if you want to install a you know, memberships, I it's like, for instance, I use optimized press, which has got a membership site component to it. Um, you've got your videos. So they're on YouTube, For instance. If you're not using one of the other hosting things, do you make those videos unlisted? And then they use Still able to display the unlisted video in your membership site? You just had to, you know, there's probably settings within that membership site. Um, you could basically, um, hosted on YouTube and have it unlisted or private. But as long as you've got it so that it it opens up on your site, usually what would I do in cases like this is I have these videos on Amazon s three, cause I know they're never going to be used for YouTube, so they sort of locked up behind the paywall on Amazon s three. And only if they go to this membership site, can they access those? And then what Amazon s three does is you upload your video there, they give you a link, and you bring it back to your membership site. So it's a little convoluted. It's definitely more work. But again, you can have, you know, big paydays with this Jeff, especially with Jeff Walker product launch formula. Um you can definitely, uh, sell a lot of stuff in one day. Often times people will create these big launches where they'll get affiliates and partners. And, you know, like I've gotten seven emails about Michael's thing already from seven different people, and I'm promoting it as well. But again, that sort of builds the, uh, the mo mentum up to your lunch. You know what you're telling us? You have to see it 7 to 21 times before you have. So if I use the could you use the product launch to promote a hang out where you sell the product where you offer the product? Yeah. Would that be like, unnecessary? Or I think it might be to have two or three videos leading up to a webinar, maybe a little too much, but again, it depends on the content. Um, and if maybe if the webinar is the product off, the webinar is the thing that you're selling Webinars where you make the offer. Yes, in fact, in the in the example with Michael, Michael is doing a webinar today. No, no, no selling. But again, it's obviously in reference. The product that he's got coming up. So he's got certain emails that saying Go watch these videos and other emails that are saying Come to the webinar So you sort of like bringing him in from different places. So what I would was thinking is effectively that the webinar is the fourth video. Yes, the Webinars and oftentimes people will do that with the product launch formula. Another popular thing is that they will have a Webcast or live stream or some kind of, you know, one time event on. And that's basically the day that they released the product. So yes, so, essentially, the launch video is the webinar, like you said, makes sense that I've seen it done is, um that either, you know, they could have a webinar like you said, or, you know, they have their product and program, and then they create content that's not necessarily videos or can be videos where they just train and provide information, but at the end reference that webinar So they're not promoting the products with that content. But they're promoting the vehicle that you're gonna pitch the product on so that they would create like more blogged posts that lead to the training that's happening in the webinar and then on the weapon are they pushed the product. So it's just kind of taking them again through that funnel, but they don't do it in this manner where they send emails and direct you to a link. They just create content, whether it's a video or a block poster, an e book or something that they kind of guide you through without you knowing that you're being guided. But that that information leads to the next and it builds on each other until ultimately get the webinar and then that ultimate Lee builds to the product. So the webinar ultimately is selling a product. Yeah, great. Yep. All good examples. And I think the idea here is I sort of like in it to the Black Friday sales where you know, the story is gonna open up at 5 a.m. You got a line up around the corner and wait all night and, you know, pitch your tent and sit here and wait for the is And you know, Apple does the same thing when they do product releases. But what you're trying to do is build that same kind of frenzy or or anticipation for it that like Oh my God, everybody's talking about this. It must be really cool and I'll show you a couple of other slides What you see, um, they actually have Facebook comments under a lot of the launch videos, because that's continues the conversation and it gets more buzz, and it gets other people talking about it so often times on a video sales page. When they've got several videos, you'll also see a place for for comments underneath, because that helps to build the anticipation as well. We go the next slide. So, in other words, video rings the cash register. It's really important to know how to do these kinds of videos so that, you know, you're sort of empowering yourself. You're saying like, you know what? Any time I've got a great product, I know now have a way to sell it. I have a way to build awareness. I have a way to build excitement, and it basically will empower you to be able to do more. Here's my black Friday slides. So that's it. I mean, that's what we want. Let's pretend that these people that the websites over here and these people are all madly rushing towards it allowed this one. So, um, and as I mentioned earlier, um, some of these Web pages and some of the again using lead pages they have the area built in for you to like it and then to comment and the comments build upon each other. And it's really a great way to create that engagement. Create a conversation. If the market is smart, they're going into every single one of these comments and adding another comment to keep it going. And you can see in this particular lead page, the main video is gonna be here. But if you clicked on video three once it's released, then you get to that. But you can only you know they only you could only access the videos as they release them. So even then, this sort of building anticipation and creating buzz. Um, so that's a great way to create engagement, create conversation around it and make some money. So video sales that is video product launch video sales that is relatively easy. Video product launches kind of next level a little more complicated, but but still worthwhile. So let's see how we're doing with questions, comments, discussion, etcetera, lots of discussion going on in the room, people talking about different courses, that they've products, that they've seen that of where that have worked and helped them to find something that was valuable to them. I like Good day says I've signed up for two courses with the formula they're talking about. Recently they promoted the Webinar. Only I attended the Webinar and got real value than they pitched the product, which I was eager to buy, So well, yeah, So it's fantastic. Any questions or thoughts from anyone here in the room? Any ideas on how you're going to apply this to the absolute work? Well, I have a question, Lou. How do you How did what do you think about using Google hangouts for this whole as your video maker for this? Like what? Sort of your take on creating maybe three using the Google Hangouts platform. And then you're holding the webinar on Google? Absolutely. Yeah, that's a great idea. I think, Um, you have to remember, if you're doing a Google hangouts on air, it's kind of like a webinar. So if you're doing the public webinar, you'll have. You may want to, um, go to YouTube and make it enlisted if you don't want the world to see it yet. But if you're doing them as you go, like OK, I'm gonna do video one on this day, and I'm gonna share my content, and it's basically the same formula. But instead of a pre recorded video, you're doing a hang out, um, benefit. There's again your live, you can interact. Um, you can provide content and then, you know, three days later, you do another hang out. You just have to remember that as you do those that kind of going up on Google Plus and YouTube Good question. I be able to be used their Teoh evergreen. That whole bottle is not necessarily a bad thing. Good question here from Chris. Is it possible to over promote your product? No way. No way. I don't know. I mean that, you know, I guess it's kind of possible because I know on some of these big, big launches where all the Internet marketers, you know, team up with each other and you've gotten 14 emails that basically say the same thing because they all use the same email copy. It can get a little aggravating, but I don't know that you can really over promote it, because the worst that could happen is somebody's really really aware that this product is coming out and they're either gonna buy it or they're not. And maybe they'll opt out and say, Please don't ever send me anything again. You're driving me crazy. But if that's the case, they probably weren't gonna buy it anyway. That is a fair point under the thoughts here in the room. Yeah, I just had a more practical question, really, with regard to adding the Facebook comments section. Is that like a plug in? Or is it something that say, for instance, lead pages offers is part of their It's in this case. It's part of lead pages, and I shouldn't mention a few words about leave paid. Just cause I've referenced them a few times. Um, lead pages is basically a great way to create Web pages from templates, and they have hundreds and hundreds of templates. Um, and I used lead pages because I create a lot of Web pages, and I didn't want to be held hostage by my Web designer of Web master. So these guys have come up with all kinds of really cool templates that you can essentially, you know, just pulling your own copy and customize. So in this particular example, you know, they've got several sales pages, and this one is for sales launch. So you saw how I kind of customized mind when I put my own course in there. But you put the main video in here, and that's just a YouTube video. So you upload your video to YouTube and then you add the code to lead pages. You can change or customize any of the graphics or the language in here so you can totally customize all that. And then, um, this one does have a Facebook comments section that you can enable so that these comments could be live in real time. And you can either have it on your website or you can host it with lead pages. So leave pages has been a real huge help for me because I create a lot of different landing pages so you can create squeeze page. You can create a sales page. You can create a thank you page. Ah webinar invitation page. So a lot of different screenshots and pages that you've seen ah that I've been showing were created in lead pages. Another just additional question. So about the Facebook comments piece, What happens if ah competitors leaves a comment or there's an undesirable comment or anything? Do you have any control over it? It is filled with them and you can delete them out. But yeah, I mean, it's so funny because a lot of this becomes sort of this one upmanship of like, Oh, I want to be seen in the things and I want to be. So I've seen people argue on things like that, so, you know, know what? But that's a conversation. And that's not even a little. Controversy is not necessarily a bad thing, because this whole thing, this this becomes a social media unto itself. And all of that is again just building back to the launch. And some of these launches have been unbelievable. Just, you know, they sell hundreds of thousands of dollars with the stuff in one day, and then they closed the cart and then, you know, a week later they may reopen the carpet at a higher price. So it's always, you know, just this game of timing and scarcity

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