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Microsoft Office for iPad: Excel & Powerpoint

Lesson 33 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Microsoft Office for iPad: Excel & Powerpoint

Lesson 33 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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33. Microsoft Office for iPad: Excel & Powerpoint


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Lesson Info

Microsoft Office for iPad: Excel & Powerpoint

Going to switch gears and we're going to go over to excel. So the first thing that you notice is we have the exact same interface that we saw except the left bart instead of being words blue is now excels green and I have the ability to make a new file to open up a recent file or open up an existing file. You saw it just connecting to my one drive, so I'm going to tap on documents. I'm going to tap on my class files and let's see which of the spreadsheets should we dio let's use our revenue projections that we just did this afternoon? So here you can see our spreadsheet that we made this afternoon, and right now, it's all blown up, all I have to do is just pinch my fingers together and I could make it smaller and larger, and I could move it around on the screen a little bit it's a little too small. I'm just pinching and dragging to move it around, you'll notice immediately. The interface is almost identical, there's not as much stuff that we actually have to talk about now here is goin...

g back to my documents. My second button again is my auto safe now this time my auto save is on and it does say changes are automatically save tow one drive and that's because I have not I don't have this open on my mac and I don't have it open on office dot com same options for all of these things same undue same redux same ability to tap in any cell and I'll come up here to type what it is that I want to put in that tight in that cell and I'm just getting silly with that alicia was here but of course I could do any math at all here now with math I do have to go into my multiple keyboards in order to do this because I have to get to my equal sign so equals back to numbers six now I have to go back over here again to get to my times and then backed away numbers again but you're doing all the same calculations that you were doing otherwise whether it's formulas or whether it's functions so if I tap on any of these formulas and functions I can see them right up there waiting for me so looking through all of the features I have my same fonts this one right here is my cell borders a little bit more limited than the list that we saw on the mac I have my cell fills fonts, colors all the same things here here is is merge and center that button right there so if I wanted revenue projections, I'm going to tap on cell a one and drag across two e one and now I'm going to tap on merge and center and now I've just merging centered that text the next button here are my formats and I have my same all the same list of formats in addition, let me go ahead and just pick pick a number here I'll pick these percentages right here, but I think I'm I should copying and moving right now top drag there we go so when I come up here you can see that that just turned two percentage and if I tap on the eye next two percentage here I can have however many decimal places I want you know, maybe I'll just add one more decimal place just for kicks and turn it off and so now I have a small penis. The next button that's here is one that we didn't even really focus on in the course, but I'm going to use it to apply to the twenty sixteen figures that we used to base our decision to do the show again so I'm going to highlight those cells right there I'm going to tap on I four and in one motion dragged down and I'm going to come up here to where it says normal and here are pre formatted self formats so if I want to call attention to one particular cell I no longer have to go in manually turn this turquoise going down to this turquoise down here and then make the text white it just all happens in one step and that is available on the mac now this button right here is where we insert and delete rows and columns see if one button you just pick it off of the list you're good to go and we also worked with sorting and filtering now it's not necessarily what I want to do here I'll come over to body mind spirit and this allows me over here tio do some at least the basics of sorting and filtering that we saw on the mac it's not nearly as complex but I can now turn on I just tapped on filter right here and now I can actually see little arrows in the corners of my cells and if I tap on one of those little cells I can still do the filtering that I did earlier and so I can turn off select all and just see america's largest christmas bazaar that's pretty darn cold I'm pretty psyched to see that myself and then I'll clear the filter it's actually easier to clear the filter on the ipad than it was on our racks so that was the home ribbon and now I'll turn my attention to insert and so we can do the same thing with tables that we did before we have recommended charts which are simply clustered columns and clustered bars you know, things that it thinks would be suited for the data and if I wanted tio chart, I'll go ahead and I'll chart those numbers that I still have highlighted and so I'll come appear to charts and I'll make that a pie chart and let's do a three d pie chart and it's using think it's using those members it's got a couple little bit of extra data there just for the sake of what we're doing. I'm not going to spend my time to analyze what all these things are but that's how easy it is to make a chart and then I'll top off. As with any of the office applications, you do have the ability to work toe ad in pictures, shapes and text boxes the technique is exactly the same as we've been using, so if I tap on pictures, you'll see it's going to ask her access my photos right now I'm not going to allow it to do that. What I am going to dio is tap on shapes that we didn't actually work a whole lot with shapes during this course, but if I wanted to put in maybe that little pie chart right there I can tap on it and there it is now that it's in aiken see, I have a brand new shape tab and I can change the shape style let's go ahead and make it a little a little beveled I can change the phil and I'll go ahead and make it a little bit more teal and changed the line around it and so you can see that you do get a lot of options as you go and with working with shapes I had mentioned this in power point that there's frequently a little yellow diamond that allows you to change that shape you see those little yellow spots right there if I touch on one of those yellow dots I can now change the angle of this shape okay should made it yellow overhead pac man any questions about that? Okay that as I continue onward let's go see what's on the formulas menu since that's the whole purpose of excel here's our auto some button on the left and of course we have all the standards statistics if we tap on the little eye to the right of it, then it gives us information about what that formula is and what we would use it for and how we would actually use it so I'm going to tap on back recent gives me a list of formulas that I have used recently financial gives me all of my financials logical gives me all of my logical formulas text formulas are all their date and time formulas are there I don't think this is a cz many of them as there are on xl but I think most of them are there here's the v look up that we did this morning let's go see what this button is since it doesn't have a label more functions things that doesn't have room for on the title bar and this button right here looks like a calculator but I haven't actually seen it dio anything oh I see it down here there's a in the bottom right hand corner it says some let's see if I can actually see if this does what I think it does I'm going to just pick a couple cells here and I can see down in the bottom it says the sum of what I just highlighted and if I tap on it I can now see more statistics my average my count and I'm numerical count maximum minimum and some right there and I don't have to make any formulas anywhere all I had to do was highlights themselves and use this little calculator and boom it updates it in the corner for me the pull stats that's pretty cool is there anything anyone else would like to see under formulas? Okay all right so now let's go to reviewing notice here that reviewing is not as comprehensive as it was in word you don't have track changes the only thing that you have the ability to dio is show comments and make comments so you don't get as much ability to do any feedback for people and when I go to view here aiken, turn on and off the formula bar I could turn on and off the sheet tabs turn on and off the headings, which are the abc in the one, two, three turn off the grid lines so it's all await blank canvas and you do have freeze pains, so if I scroll back to my beginning here and I tap on cell before, if I go to freeze pains, what that does? You consent now see the dotted lines here, and if I touch on my ipad and I start scrolling, you'll see that I can scroll up and down and see column row three stay in place and if I go left and right column a stays in place, so freeze pains, especially on an ipad, especially for large spreadsheets that's going to come in very, very handy and I want to unfreeze my pains now, so I'm going toe tap on freeze pains and then tap on freeze pains again to turn it off so again, excel on ipad and it only took us a few minutes so you can see how handy it would be for really just getting work done. Um I don't have the three sixty two but has all these like preset kind like you saw and so how would those work like if you wanted, like there's the last stirs and the sort of thing yeah let's go look at those I'm going to go use to this arrow right here to go back to my documents list it saved the changes that I just made and I didn't actually show you this inward but the concept is the same so I'm going to tap on knew and when you tap on new it takes you into a gallery so that it has several preset documents already made and if you were looking inward you would see flyers and brochures and some of those templates here aiken see expense reports general ledgers, household budgets you mentioned movie list so since that one caught your eye I'll go ahead and I'll tap on the movie list and let's see what it actually creates so here if you have cds or dvds, you can keep information about what you have, what format you have and so this allows you to track your whole library of movies you know that stuff where you have to pretty you okay? Yeah, it's seems to be tom hanks friendly we have forrest gump and hey there and jimmy stewart has it's a wonderful life and rear window so you can see the bias of whoever got to create that template, but yeah, you would put in your own personal information and I'm going to go back again and it's asking me if I want to save the workbook that I just made, I was just playing around, I don't actually want to save that, so I'm going to come up to the corner right here in hit delete. If I did want to say that I would change the name and choose save if I needed tio make another if I wanted to put it in one of these folders I could, and what I don't see is a place to make a new folder, which is not to say I'm not overlooking at oh, add a place so I could within class files added new folder, but I am going to just delete this file for those of you who are looking to make invoices in the field. Here you go. You can make a standalone invoice right on the spot when you're out there with the client, okay, any other excel things that you would like to see? All right, good, then let's head over to power point, so here we are with a power point presentation, it's, not exactly when we were just working on, but it's pretty much the same and so as we look at the power point presentation let's just start by playing it so you can see any differences there just in the plane because in power point that's what it's all about now I have you noticed there a slightly different transition applied and so did that toe wet your appetite when we start topping on this when I'm giving my presentation instead of tapping I have to swipe from right to left to make it go and so I will keep swiping from right to left to move all of the information into place and when we get teo this transition, you might have been expecting that vortex that we did earlier. Now power point on your ipad can run any of the transitions that you saw in on the mac, but power point on your ipad has a whole lot of really super cool graphics that like that little origami cream that goes flying off but they don't sink back to your mac you can on ly use the really fancy ones on your ipad so their ipad on lee so they keep running through this presentation because there's one other thing I want to point out here's that animation that we were playing with this is what the whole finished product looks like if you had taken the time to run through all of the elements so a rotating solar system now the bad news movies don't play all you get is your poster frame so there's no luck on that one and one last crane and one last spin and there were so it looks like it's got some really cool advanced features let's go take a look at those everyone's to see right now so I'm going to come up and tap on transitions and I have my transition effects and so we had in the previous session put applied vortex and so those air still there but there are two rows of any exciting that there's no designation that these are ipad on lee and so I wish that they had made another bar here that says ipad because I think a lot of people are going to get frustrated when they choose curtains and you get this really wonderful curtain effect and I'm going toe go ahead and play it so you can see it no, I didn't apply that to all slide so it's just on that first slide right now. So for people who play with these, you're going to see its rendering the curtains right now and I believe that first time is a one time render so as I go through, we're going to see it on the first one than the last one I just did a pinch to close that to close that the transition effect was on this slide right back to my transitions it's backto origami I'm going to go ahead and tell it curtains and I'm going to apply it to all the slides you can see it pop up and say the curtains transition has been applied top play starting so does it substitute something that when you want to play it back on your mac let's find out well I'll go ahead and I'll save it with curtains and let's see what it comes up with on the other one so I run through and I don't come back again okay now swiping left to right to see what's happening there it isthe look at that absolutely gorgeous but not yet on your magic that nice yeah, a lot of smiles out of that so there's this whole section in here of these just gorgeous fractures and crushed paper and peels and page curls and paper airplanes so now that we made that change, I'm going to go ahead make sure I've applied it to all of those all of the slides let's make sure also I'm coming up here it has auto saved and I am in let's figure out where I am to make sure I'm opening up the right presentation since I have several versions of these some saving it back and once that is saved let's go see how a curtain shows up back on my computer saving saving ok so that was in my finished files power point but really where iwas ok finish files power point good tap back over to my power point I'm going to close this file I'm going to open finished files power point wandering star did that actually say that was saved yesterday? Where was I but save my one note has actually synchronized up to date instead of doing it from there I'm going to go to the finder I'm going to go to my one dr folder let's see if there's any difference here power point wandering star that still says yesterday all my files the sense that today one dr documents finished files power point so it looks like it hasn't actually finished synchronizing yet so I'll go back in the power point open let's see how it does even though it says that it's not it finished files power point wondering star and we play it and drum roll we get a fade okay so it's substituted this absolutely beautiful flowing curtain with the latest transition there is pretty impressive. Yeah, it was cool yeah so I really look forward tio seeing what other things there are for that are to come with this transition between all the different versions with all this new graphics capability so let me go back in I was just going to go ahead and open up another presentation this is one that we had exported yesterday I think I'm just now having a memory problem I mean, just make a blank one, see if it lets me do that, okay, completely blank presentation just so we can see the rest of the features that that it has. So just those before home ribbon, we have new slide, and that gives us all of our different slide options funds find options, same buttons that we saw in the other programs. When I go to the insert ribbon, we have inserting a new slide, inserting a table, a picture, a shape, a text box, same tools, it's kind of neat. Once we give you the tour in one program, you've seen the tour in most of the programs and it's just a matter of seeing the differences. So we've already seen the beautiful transitions under slide show the only option you have here remember all those different options for how to show it slide show that we had? All we can do is show it from the start or show it from the current or high to slide and then reviewing you have the ability to just show comments and make comments. You don't have the ability to do actual change. Tracking now glaringly missing are the animations, so you do not have any ability here, tio do all the bullet animations and all the photo. Animations that we did, we do have some cool transitions that something to be happy about, but there hasn't been enough time to put in all the graphics, and I would also guess that you have a big file size limitation as well that because you only have so much room on an ipad, especially if you have a sixteen gigabyte ipad that's really gonna limit what you're going to be able to do in power point. So I imagine people are going to bump up against that pretty quickly, so I want tio move on, then to wonder, which is the big exciting release was both one note for ipad and one note for mac, and we started off this course with how to use one note to organize all of your files and the assets for your company, and so I'm going to go to this left hand button right here and let's, take a look at how that actually shows up here in, uh, in this file, I'm going to go back again, we have the same buttons across the top right here, so I want to find my wandering star notebook, and there it isthe has a few assets to get because remember the things that we did with it, and so for those of you who missed our one note presentation of several sessions ago, what one that does is it allows you to maintain content into really organized fashion that you can have several notebooks that have different tabs that all contained different kinds of information. So for example, this advertising tab once it loads I have been here a whole lot of images because what I'm using one note to track once it comes up is our ads that I ran over the years and so what you'll see when this comes up is different magazines and then a list of the different ads by date so right now it has to pull up and render all of those files let's see if it lets me, I think we're making it do a whole lot of work I'm going to go over to to do lists instead, I think right now there we go to do lists so one of the features that one note has that a lot of people really found incredible where I made some to do lists here like the things that I need to pack when I'm packing for a trade show, what do I need to bring along with me? And I'm going to go ahead while that is loading, I'm going to pull this up and I'm going to airplane my phone as well onto my screen because I can pull up one note on my phone at the same time this is probably going toe confuse one drive a lot right now, but you can see on my phone right here this packing list once this renders is the same that you're going to see over here and so I can have two different people packing for the show and there it is and so let's say I have my iphone in my pocket and I packed up my catalogs I'll put a check mark in front of catalogs here on my phone and in a few moments if all goes well, we're going to see catalogs gain a checkmark over here as well, so let's see how it actually does with that. So the fact that you can now use one note tio have different sections of information and organize them is just this absolutely wonderful wonderful opportunity to organize here's what I did with one note earlier in the course, if you have reasonable snippets that you use in your branding, you have your tag lines in your mottoes and your elevator pitch you can have all of those available to you right here so you can just copy and paste them from any device and looking on the right on my iphone. I'll leave to do lists and come over here to that reusable text and you can see the same information in the two different places so as a way of sharing organized snippets it couldn't get any better than that so pretty exciting, huh? Isn't it? Meet I love how technology changes that what I plan to dio at one point turns out to be different in another point I love teaching a class and all the sudden it's like, well that's new that's really cool let's see if this works so I want to wrap up I'm going tio let's take a look at what we've done over the last several days so we started with desktop publishing and it was kind of like jumping in the deep end where we started with the graphics tools that word could do, and people did not realize that you can knock out photographs and for matt text and change colors and crops and actually edit photographs right inside word. We then one moved onto our training for one note and looking at one note on the desktop and all the things that it can do to help you organize your business. We then turned our attention to outlook, and we saw that it's not just for email that you can run your calendars and task lists and your contacts and organize people by different tags you know, find all your friends and find all your family and all your trade show information all just by doing a search we then looked at excel and we started with building a basic spreadsheet we saw how to use it to analyze your sales and later on, we went into pivot tables and data analysis and little charts like spark lines. We spent a lot of time in word we started from the very scratch of entering in texan formatting it we looked at how to work with long documents, including headers and footers and page numbering entitle pages we got in deep with styles, and I want to also mention that when you registered for this course, one of the downloads that you got was a free chapter of my book and the chapter that you got was aa lot of tips and tricks with using styles. Why do you want tio and how they help? We did tables, we did graphics, we did mail, merge, and through the whole way you learned a lot of different tips and tricks to save you hours of time. Then we went into power points and we built a slide show completely from scratch. We animated it, we worked with graphics and we learned the ins and outs of exporting it as a movie and last but not least, we looked at office for ipad talking about what is office through sixty five and one drive, and we took a tour of word on the ipad, powerpoint, excel and one note on the ipad.

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