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Segment 13 - Word - Additional Formatting

Lesson 13 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 13 - Word - Additional Formatting

Lesson 13 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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Lesson Info

13. Segment 13 - Word - Additional Formatting


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Lesson Info

Segment 13 - Word - Additional Formatting

I want to show you something. Um, go ahead and take your second paragraph and change the font color so that it's obvious which paragraph is which and go ahead and let's color code a few of our paragraphs, so I'm gonna make one of them green, and I'm going to make one of them orange just so that you can see this really easily, and then we're going to highlight those two paragraphs. One way of copying and pasting is, we'll take it back, you know, highlight just the green paragraph. If I want to move this text, I can highlight it and then click anywhere inside that selection area and drag it and it will move the text. No notice it doesn't move the paragraph marks unless I include those paragraph marks in the text that I drafted that have selected, so I might have to clean those up a little bit, but that's called dragon drop, so highlighted pick it up moving now go ahead and highlight the orange paragraph in this time include the paragraph mark that's ahead of it, and this time we're going...

to do the same drag and drop, but I want you to hold down the option key, so push option and then start dragging and notice that you now have a green plus sign as you do your drag. And I'm going to get down to the bottom of my green paragraph and let go and now I just duplicated my orange paragraph so another way of copying and pacing is toe option drag okay now let's make one of our words really wild so I'm goingto highlight typing a sentence and I'm going up to the top of the document and highlighting in the first words typing a sentence you can use any words doesn't matter and I'm gonna go ahead and make it bold and I talic and turn it red okay, so it has a whole bunch of different font styling to it now when I want to reuse that formatting in different places in the document, you don't have to go to the next part and make it bold italic red bold italic read over and over and over again you can use this tool appear called the format painter and it's a little paint brush there's two ways to use it the first thing is that you have to click inside the text that has the formatting that you want to replicate and more often than not if it's not working that's the part that you forgot so click anywhere inside that text that you format it and if I click on the paintbrush one time the very next thing that I highlight we'll take on that formatting so it'll do all of the formatting all at once now, if I want to use that formatting in several different locations I don'thave tio format paint click format paint click format paint, click I'm going to start again by clicking in the font style that I want to replicate and when I go up to the format painter this time, give it a double click click on it two times now it turns on the painter and you can see that my cursor is a little bit different this time it has a little plus sign next to it, and so I can now apply that formatting to any text anywhere in my document and I'm being completely random here it doesn't matter if yours matches mine, but you can see that eye congest click on things, swipe across them if I double click it will highlight a word and it will keep that formatting it's like a painter, you know, dipping their paintbrush in the paint and then swiping and painting on the canvas so it's that same effect now to turn it off, you do the same thing that we did before you can either click back on the format painter button or just hit escape on your keyboard and then it it won't keep replicating that typeface did that work for everybody? Hollywood that work for you thing to remember is make sure your clicked in the font that has the formatting and then one click is a one time use a doubleclick is a multiple painters use now watch what happens if I did that make it make sure I'm in my formatting and I'm going to format paint one last thing I'm going to format paint the very last word of this paragraph right here and what happens with text formatting is that word stores all of the formatting information in the paragraph mark interestingly enough and what happens then is when you get to the end of a paragraph and you hit return it then carries down the last formatting that it saw in the paragraph and so when I clicked after great and I hit returned, I can see that all of this is still red bold and um tell sized so that's again where that clear formatting comes in I always like to keep at least one paragraph marked down at the bottom that has no formatting attached to it so that when I get back down to the end of the document and they hit returned, it doesn't carry forward any centering or justification or colors or anything. So I'm going to use that same technique that we did, but for I'm going to highlight anything that I have down below my last paragraph and I'm going to come back up to this clear formatting button and clear that formatting again and it puts it back to normal as a reminder I'm not really trying to create a pretty document right now I'm just trying to create something that shows you all the techniques the next thing I want to show you when you're entering text is how the auto correct works so if I start typing the sentence and I don't capitalize it oh it's working the default is usually that the first word gets capitalized didn't work for you if you start with a lower case letter no mind stand a little interested okay they might have changed that default setting in the past a the first letter would always capitalize let's see if my second example works or not now if you have a a common type of like if I'm trying to type the word the and it's I spell it wrong notice that it auto corrected itself so I typed in a commonly misspelled word and it fixes it for me here's didn't mind okay um well teo let's go up to the auto correct settings then and go up tio there's the insert menu and tow auto text and then to auto text again and let's check and make sure these air turned on we want to make sure that automatically correct spelling in for manning as we type is on and go to the first tab that says auto correct and make sure that your show auto quite smart options are on and that all of these are checked and here you can see a list of things that get auto corrected and all kinds of typos now the fact that this is on and it's not working in my document is very interesting well of emotion in the chat room says that they're working fine they're working fine ok good all right I'm going to go ahead and click ok and let's see if this changes at all as I start working all right other things that are going tio auto correct them themselves is maybe you want to use an m dash in your sentence and so if I type dash dash and then keep typing by the time I get to the end of my next word those two hyphens turned into an m dash for me so there's certain punctuation marks that will happen automatically now if for any reason it does this for and you don't want it to for example wandering star the abbreviation that I use his capital w capital s t a r frequently I think I had this in the exceptions already it will change that one for me you know what? I'm going to fix that so I can do this demonstration properly give me one moment all right? I'm having technical difficulty if it makes a correction and you don't want it to I'm going to go ahead and just use again even though it's not now it did the capitalization for me interesting haven't changed anything at all if it ever when it does a capitalization notice that it has a little blue underlying underneath the letters and it gives me this is a little smart tag that pops up that when I click on it, it gives me a few options here if you didn't want it to make the change if you really wanted it to say whatever you had typed in, you can tell it toe undo that automatic correction if you wanted to stop ever doing something, you can tell it so this right now stop auto capitalizing the first letter of sentences and I don't want to stop that I want that and then it also gives me the option to stop automatically correcting h t e so because it did two things this time it capitalized it and it changed the spelling it's asking me what exactly don't I want it to do here now? I like that it changed the capitalization whom I like that it changed the spelling so I'm not going to use these but when you want it tio not do whatever behavior it's auto corrected you would use that just click on that little smart tag and you can either under at one time or stop the behavior in the future do we have any other questions about anything I've done so far anything from the do it but that's ok a ha moment when with my copy formatting those kept double clicking the word that I wanted to be the next war but when I realized I have to double click formatting box and now going around my document making changes I love it oh good eight oh great I'm glad ok, so for our next section I want to actually open up a real document that we're going tio work on and as a reminder it once you register for the class you get the files that were looking for I'm going to leave this sample document open we're going to come back to that as well but I want tio I'm going to open up a document and go to the files for this course and this time we're going to be working in the folder called documents inward and the file that I want is the one that says jewelry store kiosk dot docs x we don't want the one that's his final we don't want the one that says text it's the just plain jewelry store kiosk and give that a double click and so in this scenario wandering star is putting together business plan toe open up a kia a jury kiosk in the mall so you know when you walk around the mall and there's those little shops in the center wandering star wants to open one of those and so we're taking an already existing but unformed added business plan and changing all the formatting to make it our own and adapting the content so that it suits our company and some of the work has already been done and there's still a whole lot of work to dio so we're going to work in this document from now through the rest of the day today if you don't have the file and you don't have access to it for any reason one trick that you can dio I'm going to go out to make a new blank document and this is just for people who would be stuck at this point is I could make a document that has a random text by typing an equal sign and then the letters are a nd and a parentheses e and then type twenty five which means twenty five paragraphs comma five sentences each and and the parentheses and this little excel shortcut so I'm doing twenty five paragraphs of five sentences and want to hit return it just goes ahead and it makes me some blank text that I can work on so if you don't have the jury kiosk file you can kind of play with this I'm going to close that and come back to majority store plan so before we start formatting this plan I want tio show you some ways of getting around the document I want to show you some selection tricks I want to show you how to navigate a little bit and so the first thing they look I already mentioned is that when you are selecting text, I always started the end and then work to the beginning. First I'll go up and then I'll go left. And the reason is that the end of the texas a lot more forgiving than the beginning of the text. If I try and select from the beginning, I got it hey, my cursor really carefully right before the tea and that margin and then go down from there. The end of the paragraph is much more forgiving. Aiken start all the way back here and it doesn't care so from end to beginning now, if I want to highlight one word, all I have to do is double click on the word. If I want to highlight a paragraph all I have to dio I'm going to go somewhere else. Not on that blue again is triple click and it highlights the whole paragraph now as a reminder, a paragraph is not based on how long it is just one line is a paragraph, even one word can be a paragraph, so whenever you triple click it's going to highlight from one between two paragraph marks my years, I notice is blue when it highlights mine happens to be great. Is that something you set up in preferences? That's actually on your macintosh is preference preferences if you go in this system preferences and then to general, you can control your highlighting color. Okay? The two basic defaults are either blue interface or graphite interface, okay, and so yours might be set too graphic. Now, if I want to highlight a whole sentence, if I hold on my control key, I'm sorry, my command key and click anywhere it will highlight the whole sense, and so that's from the capital letter to the period. So command that's the little curly cuba little clover so a clover click I will give you any one sentence I might have to click off and then command click again to select a different sentence if you want to select everything, as I said before, command a will select the whole entire document or select all is also up on the edit menu and then there's sometimes when you might want to highlight on ly one section of a document, and if you've ever tried to start a click and then dragged down past the bottom of your screen all of a sudden boom, it starts flying away from you and you don't have very much control over it, so here's the alternative? Click wherever you want to start highlighting, and then wherever you want to stop, hold down your shift key and then click of the end and it will highlight everything in between that starting point that starting click and that ending click so that's a shift click so again if I wanted to highlight from here teo here I just hold down my shift key okay? So once you've got that them, I want to introduce you to an invisible tool I don't know if you've ever noticed, but when you hold your cursor in the left hand margin of your document all of some starts pointing to the right and the on ly place where your arrow points so the right all of word but people don't realize what it does and what it does is this is actually called the selection bar and when I hold my cursor anywhere in that selection bar and I click one time it highlights a row now it's not a paragraph and it's not a sentence it's just one line on the paper and when I click and drag I can highlight multiple rose if I double click it highlights a whole paragraph and again whatever size that paragraph actually is if I triple click what did it just do the whole document so you even have to do the command day you just go to the left margin and give it a triple click so that's a neat little invisible tool I want to show you a little bit about how to navigate around your document as well and if you need to jump to the very beginning of your document, no matter where you are, if you're on an extended keyboard and so that's not these short keyboards like I have on a laptop, but if you haven't extending keyboard, you have a little six pack on the right hand side that has keys that's a home and end and if you do, you can hold option and click home and it will go all the way up to the top and if you do option and it would jump all the way down to the bottom no, I don't have that kind of keyboard here, so I can't do that particular trick if I won this one go up and down and left and right obviously that's going to go one row and then one letter left in one letter, right? But if I hold my option key down and I use my a barrow and my down arrow it's moving one paragraph at a time and if I dio option left an option right, it jumps one word at a time, so that allows you to move across the document fairly easily now here's one of my favorite things if I have to highlight a segment of a document, I can combine that shift clicking that we did earlier and the option arrow that we're doing now and so if I do shift option so hold those two kids down at the same time shift option and go to the right you can actually highlight one word at a time or up and down it will keep it'll go one paragraph out of time so it makes it super easy to highlight even without dragging you don't even have to take your hands off of the keyboard to do it anyone have any comments about selection tricks now these are the kinds of things that you tend to forget about so it's good to get a little bit of practice and gather some muscle memory with it oh I didn't also mention that with deleting I already showed you that you can function delete delete forward but if you function option delete make sure doing that right I'm sorry no function command delete it delete one word at a time so the four delete combined with the command key jumps it to a word now I actually want all of those words back I don't want to undo that but I don't want to also go undo undue undue un deal I'm going to go up to my undo button here and drop down that arrow and that allows me to undo several actions all at one time so I'm going to undo all of those delete words that I just did with either the command to delete or the function command all right so is everybody feel pretty good about that, okay go up to the top of the document and I want to start by highlighting the title of my document so the jewelry store kiosk through wandering star designs, and we have just learned several different ways of doing it. For me, my easiest is in the selection barges clicking and dragging those three rose right there and let's say, I want to make all of those all capitals I don't want to have to turn on my caps lock and re type all of that there's a button on your ruler right here that says change case and when I dropped that down, it gives me several different options. I could turn something sentenced case, which would capitalize the beginning and put a period at the end, I can make something all lower case all upper case I could make something title case and then also have you ever had your caps lock on and you start typing and then your ships are all backwards? If you khun toggle that so all your capitals will become lover case in all your lower case will become capitals so you can talk all is well now we just want upper case, so I'm going to go ahead and choose uppercase and but I have all caps I did not need to re type that text.

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