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Segment 16 - Word - Page Layouts: Part 2

Lesson 16 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 16 - Word - Page Layouts: Part 2

Lesson 16 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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16. Segment 16 - Word - Page Layouts: Part 2


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Lesson Info

Segment 16 - Word - Page Layouts: Part 2

Okay, so now what I want to d'oh is make some columns make multiple columns in my document and columns are another example of section breaks really at heart and so I want you to go way down to the last page of the document and we have a section on page which is now page ten we just don't from seven pages to ten pages because now we have all of these new newpage breaks and I want to put my direct competitors into two columns so we're going to highlight from our area down to kay jewelers and there's actually two places where the columns button lives one is on the home ribbon right here under paragraph you can also find columns on the page layout ribbon has a big columns button right here and there the exact same button just in two different places and I'm going to tell him that I want this to be two columns boom there it is I will go down right before in direct competitors er and give it an extra space now that I have these columns and again this is one of those reasons why I like having...

on my show hide paragraphs or the non printing characters because I can actually see what it's done notice that I have a section break like I did before but this time it's a continuous section break before we used the title page we did a a section break next page, a continuous allows you to make a different page layout setting without going on to a new page, so it's using that to say ok, everything above this line is one column going all the way across everything below this line is two columns going all the way across, and this section break here is saying everything above me is two columns going across and below me is one column going across so it allows me to make I could do different margins. I could do different columns, aiken do different paragraphs, styles, anything I wanted in between those continuous page breaks when you do a column set the way that I just did, word will make an effort to balance them, but there may be times when either it doesn't do a good job or you want it to balance a little bit differently, so I'm going toe create kind of an artificial scenario here, but just to demonstrate it, so I want you to click after the paragraph for a plus elegance right here, and we're going to insert a column break so that golden land jewelry goes up to the next grow for the next column, so I'm clicked at the end of a press elegance, and I'm going to go back to that break button that we've been using. And lo and behold, here's a column break and its specific purpose in life is to force everything after it up to the next column. There is an extra paragraph mark right there, so I'm going to do a function delete to get rid of it. Now these columns air now unbalanced, so either I could hit the back space and that's that little column right here, and if I hit return before it, I can see it right itself out so I can either get rid of it. Or maybe I want to balance these columns a little bit. I'm going to pick up to temptation, and I'm going to drag temptation before the column brake lines to the little black line right there, and that served to balance the two for me. So those are a few tricks with columns my words company competitors has little green underlying squiggly. What does that mean? I see that right up here on mine, so for some reason it thinks that that's a grammatical error, and so if I right click or control, click on it for some reason, it thinks that it should be capitalized and it shouldn't. So I'm going to ignore that so because I see company here and company here, I'm going to click ignore, and then I didn't do and ignore all um it usually will do all of them I want to actually point that out to is if I have a typo in here if I have a misspelling word will underline things in red for you at which point you can either run the spell checker or more often I just control click or two finger click on the word and it has the spelling option up here if it was actually correct I could tell it to ignore it or maybe it's correct and I'm going to use it a lot I can add it to the dictionary that happens a lot with people's names so you might want to add your own name to your dictionary but I'll go ahead and I'm going to tell it yes I want company to be spelled properly within a and it fixes the spelling errors for me thanks all right so now we have our columns and we're going tio now add our table of contents to the document so we're going to go way back up to the top right before the next page section break on the title page and I want to add in another page so I'm going to go up to break and insert just a regular page break the title page and the table of contents are all part of the same section so I'm going tio make another make a page break there and notice that it carried down the centering of the table of contents in this case I'm gonna let that be ok with me what I might do differently in real life might be tio dio to make that page break after the section break but it's going to confuse what we're going to do later on with henderson footers so I want to keep it simple so this is going to be our table of contents so I'm clicked in that space on page two and I'm going to go up to the insert menu and down to index and tables and then over to the tables of contents and it gives me a number of different preset styles the one that matches what I'm doing best is probably the traditional when you're creating a table of contents you have several options first it says show levels three so this is going to put in my table of contents all of my heading ones my heading twos and my heading threes you could bump it up you can also knock it down if he wanted it to just have all of your heading ones you could or just your heading ones and twos but I want my heading ones my head into his and my heading three's there is an option not to show page numbers if he were doing an e book this is what you would use but I definitely want page numbers that's the whole purpose of it for us and you also have the option of right aligning your page numbers or having them up right next to the text that's a little style choice and then on the far right you have the option for a tab leader and that's what makes the dot dot dot dot dots in between your title all the way over to the right hand side and if any of you have ever tried making a table of contents yourself, you probably spend a whole bunch of time putting in all these little dots and then adding them and taking them out as things moved around so we are going to use a tab leader just so I can show you what that means. Now I see my dot dot but and I clique okay? And look at that I now have a table of contents now what's neat about this is after we've inserted it, we can also update it and later on in the course will come in and we'll make changes to it. But right now it shows me that my executive summaries on page three my market analysis is down on page ten and so we've got it started and later we'll update it so this brings us now to putting in our headers and footers with our page numbers and I'm not going to lie to you this can be really tricky to d'oh so there may be times when I do it and it doesn't quite work and I have to retrace my steps or depending on the different document it might behave differently so I'm going to give you kind of my best practices for how to make it work smoothly so my first advice is don't do your page numbers from the beginning of the document to the end of the document work from inside the content back up to the beginning so what I mean by that is I now have two pages that are my front matter and when you're doing a long document the precious information always has little roman numerals whereas the page numbers have regular arabic numbers and there's a convention that you never number the first page you always the first time you see the page numbers starting with page two now word has no wave of automating this so you have to kind of do it as you fly so what I have discovered is that instead of doing the page and bring on page one I started the end and move backwards so I'm going to start the page numbers for the first section not on the title page but on the table of contents page so go to page two and then up in the ribbon go to document elements make sure you are clicked somewhere on page two and since we just inserted the table of contents you already are but when I go to document elements, I'm going to now insert of footer my first footer something I want you to see about it is that it gives you because we made mirrored pages when we did the page margins it has footers for both even pages and odd pages, whereas if we hadn't made that step, it wouldn't care it would just have one set of footers that you would choose from, but for us we're making it harder on ourselves. We have to do separate footers for the left and the right ages and the reason for that is when you look at your long document, your page numbers are always in the outer corners, so we have to have a different footer here then we have on here so we're going to doing the footers for all the left hand pages and footers for all the right hand pages, so because the first page of every section is always on the right hand, I'm sorry, yes on the right hand side of the page this would be our odd or I'm sorry and and it's the odd page so this is the odd footers and this is thie even footers so because I'm on my table of contents page and this is page two, we're going to start with an even footer so I'm going to go toe footers and I'm going to choose this first one right here that says bottom border even page and I click on it and it says and I can see now I have a footer down at the bottom and I can get and so I'm going to put in my document title where it says type the document title and so I'm going to call this wandering star jewelry kiosk and then I'm going to highlight the page number that page number two that's right there and go up to the insert menu and down two page numbers and I'm going to go into the format button and I'm going to change the number format from regular numbers two roman numerals and then click ok and then click ok and now I can see that this is roman numeral two on the left side of the document and because we're doing on and even pages there's nothing here on the title page so so far so good but I've learned that every time I do one of these steps I have to go back and relook at the steps that came before so so far we're perfect so now we need to put in our page numbers for the regular document itself. The executive summary will be on the odd page on the right hand side so we're going to start with the even side even left side for on which is showing up as page for with the business objectives now that I've clicked there it actually showed up with that previous page footer and it says here same as previous and so what it did is because I'm still on uneven page it said what you had one before let's put one in now but it can't be saying this previous because the previous one was roman numerals and this one is regular numbers so while I'm clicked somewhere down in the footer notice that I have a brand new ribbon that was not there before I have a whole set of tools just for the headers and footers and there's a check mark that says link to previous and I'm going to turn off that linked to previous that way any changes I make here on page four will not effect policed ideally will not affect the one that we did on the table of contents so what we need to do now is this isn't really page for because we're going to restart the numbering on page one as of our executive summary so this is really now page two of the main document so I'm going to do the same thing that we did before I'm going to highlight the number four and go up to the insert ribbon and choose page numbers and go back into the format button and this time I do when it's still in number in this number format so I don't have to change that but I needed to start over so it says continue from previous section but we don't want it tio we want this to start over at page we're going to tell it to start over at page one and we will see why in a moment okay so is tell it to start ovary page one and click ok and then click ok again now the reason why I was told to start over on page one and not page two is because it's numbering according to those section breaks that we put in so even though I told it to start over page one it knows to start over on page one at the beginning of that section does that make sense so it knows that the executive summary is page one and my business objectives are really now on the new page two now like I said always go back to the beginning and see if everything still looks good okay bye total paid still has nothing my table of contents still is on page two of the preface with the room and numeral my new page one has nothing on it so far so good my new page two does in fact say page two and if we look further back will now see that all of our right handed left hand even pages are already numbered so it did cascade all the way through the rest of the section so the last step is now doing a right hand side odd pages again, we're not going to do it on the executive summary page, page one we're going to start on page three, which is also here's where another place to watch out for if I look down at the bottom of the page numbers it's saying I'm on page five of eleven, but the page number is still page three because I have two up above the section this is where I start to roll around in your head, okay, so I want to make sure that I am indeed on the rial page three otherwise known as the real page five, but paid some bring three yes, is it miss? Label it as five of eleven when you're on three the page count at the bottom of the screen is actually the rial pages in the document there's eleven pages in the document and we're on the fifth piece of paper, okay, but we're giving it different numbering because we're numbering a long document. Does that make sense? Not really. Ok, so eso eso I'm on it, thanks. Yeah, I get that, but yeah, so what you're seeing down at the bottom right down here, the pages five of eleven means that there's eleven pieces of paper and this piece of paper is page five, ok? But leveling at three because the first two are blank for the first two are the preface okay, the title page in the table of contents and you know that would be all the roman numerals up in the beginning if I had acknowledgments copyright page forward by the author any of that material would go up above and then you start numbering the pages of the book on the actual first page of the text of the book so that's your riel I shouldn't use the word real that's your number second page we don't number the first right, right? But the first pages still page one there's just no page number on it and that's where the page to comes in right? So here's the new page one no page number the actual page two is properly numbered now we're going to put the page three numbering on ok ok, so I'm going to go back to the document elements and we're going to go back to footer and this time we're going to add the bottom border odd page and click on that and lo and behold it came in his page three this is actually working smoothly now let's go see what happened on the executive summary page and it did put it on the executive summary page which we don't want now here's how to make that change I'm still going to do my work down in the one that I just created, go back to head earned footer and here's the key. We're going to turn off the link to previous, which means that it's not it's now disconnected from the page one right hand footer. So we're gonna leave this one alone, and now that we've disconnected it, I'm going to go back to the page with the executive summary and I'm going to highlight that footer and I'm going to delete it because this is now not linked to the one that's down here do it! Ok, undo the like the previous is off yes! Oh oh, I know on the way, okay, the link to previous is off, but we also need to tell it different first page. So different first page that's the part that separates the very first occurrence of that footer from the rest of the occurrences of bet footer! So we have three it's not linked to the previous section and different first page now tells me that boom, it didn't put it on it, and when I go down teo page five there it isthe so you can see that it's a very specific set of steps that you have to do everything in the right order, but now I have a fully perfectly set up set of footers with page numbers. This right there is a great reason to review of course just for this section alone and you know, this is one of those things that you can see that it's still even hard for me that every documents a little bit different and getting the exact set of steps in the right order but if you do it just the way that I did it, you're gonna have you're gonna have good luck if it when I'm done working in the footers, one thing I want didn't point out when you're working and henderson footers is it highlights the top in the bottom margins of the page and it graze out all the text that's in the middle and so when I want to close the header and photos and get back to the regular document, all I have to do is double click anywhere in the actual text and now I'm back to be able to edit my text and my headers and footers now fade in the background so I can't just with one click I can't change my head and footer but if I point to a double click double I'm sorry if I point to a footer and I double click on it, then I'm back into the edit mode for the headers and footers so doubleclick in double click out and that worked after you first made your foot or header for the first time before you've made a foot or a head or you can't do that doubleclick but after you have them you can so now we have headers and footers now I want to scan through my document again and look at my thumbnails and I want to look for any pages that are cut off or where information would look better in different places so I want to do a little bit of adjustment under the business objectives even though I told you to put that return character and it now looks like too much space because of the spacing changes that we made so I'm going to take out that paragraph mark right there take out that one right here but then mike hisses success I have bullets broken across a page and that really doesn't work what can I do to put cues to success now on this page close to getting warm why wouldn't I do a section break because I don't want to work with the formatting also I don't want to change the formatting above and below the line all I want is the giving away the page break yeah so I'm gonna click before accused to success and I'm going to go back to my layout tab break page brink and now cases successes on the next page does leave a little bit of a gap here but it's better to have that gap than it is to have a list broken across pages continues scrolling down let's. Just check the rest of it all that looks good products looks good market analysis looks great and everything looks great now what's something we have not done for a really long time save it. We just had a lot of work. The last thing I want to do is have to repeat that whole hour and a half of formatting. So I'm going to dio my command s and save it. Or of course, go up to the floppy disk on the ribbon or file safe age break did it automatically picture numbers good, excellent. We just move something to a new page now. And some of the other changes that we made with the voters may have also affected are table of contents so let's go up and check it. So go all the way back up to page two and notice, by the way, that this table of contents has all this gray through it and that's, because this is not real. Text these air all fields. These are all auto generated by the system. So what I'm going to do here is right. Click defend your clique, control, click any of those on the table of contents and we're going to tell it to update the field. And when I tell it to update the field it's now going to give me a choice, do I want to update the page numbers on lee or do I want to update the entire table? I generally update the entire table, you know, if I made any changes to the headings themselves, if I added any new ones, I deleted any that's when it's going to change what's actually listed there. If you're somebody who you're not satisfied with the table contents in its original lay out and you want to make changes to it, wait until the whole document is completely done because otherwise you're going tohave tio, if you regenerate the table of contents, you might wipe out all of those changes that she made. So if you're one of those people where you weaken even further saved the tweaks until you're not going to change the page numbers anywhere in the document. So I'm going to update the entire table and click ok, and now it did indeed move that page number to the next page for the use this success good, thank you very much for that, and I'll save it again. All right, so we have time for questions we didn't have a question from griff, his asking specifically about fonts and group is saying if you are working with the font that is not common for it's not a common front that people might not have on one of their systems does word in bed the faults so we sent the document itself copy with the the other used to be able to see their father you've used or what its substitute one that is available in their system on the pc it gives you the ability to embed fonts, but I don't think the mac version does and so if you are developing a document on your mac, I would probably test it out and see if the other person can open it and how it looks, you know, it's interesting, I don't think I've actually tried it, but I don't think that where does in bed fonts in on mac, in the documents and so if you're really tied into how it looks, you may wind up meeting to export it to a pdf that's what helped him said, I hope I'm giving you the radio yeah, I'm sure it I mean, I think you're right in that piece he may do that, but I'm pretty sure of you don't have that front loaded it will recognize it is going to she's going to convert it to something standard aerial times usually if substitutes of ariel exactly okay for that one question from most moet skeeto maybe I'm not sure that that's not how they're spending it thank you this is a general question not specifically but we were chatting about this with the leash of the break in their question is as microsoft given any indication yet that it might modify the desktop versions of office to align with the more elegant you y that's now available in the u s version yeah that's a great question because the truth is is that the new version for office for mcas actually long overdue the tradition has always been that the pc version comes out and then the mac version comes out the year after so it was office two thousand three mac two thousand for office for pc two thousand seven mac two thousand eight twenty ten twenty eleven and office for pc just got upgraded in twenty thirteen so it stands to reason and the rumor mills are confirming that its that there is a version coming out in twenty fourteen since one note just came out less in two weeks ago I think we're due for the rest of the applications to come out. I'm pretty sure it's it's definitely goingto happen this year the rumor mills are flying for whether we're talking june or october one of the things that you conduce kind of to get ready for it is anybody who's an office three sixty five subscriber they're changing the model for how software works and this isn't just microsoft we've seen this happen with with the adobe sweets with apple that the they're going to subscription subscription based software so instead of buying the software outright for a high price they're asking you to subscribe to it annually for a lower price and at first you might get well that doesn't add up mathematically but when you get office three sixty five you get to install it on five computers both mac or pc so instead of buying five copies of the software you buy one and consolidate on five plus iphone access plus ipad access plus web access and you get access to other software packages that you wouldn't otherwise so for example outlook there used to be by it on pc or you buy it on mac and I'm sorry you by the home version or the corporate version in the corporate version has that look and the home version doesn't or if you buy the pc they've got crazy numbers of different packages so if you want publisher or you want access you have to buy a certain version of it this office three sixty five just levels the playing field and everybody has access to every thing and so if if you sign up for office three sixty five now you're going to get office twenty eleven but when twenty thirteen comes out there you're going to give it to you because your subscriber if you don't subscribe to office three sixty five he'll just be able to go and purchase the office then, so you'll be able to purchase office twenty fourteen when it comes out. Now, any questions from our students? How we all doing here keeping up. I need typing. But later on, after the break in one of the next two sessions, I'm actually going to show you how to do dictation on your back. You can actually dictate, instead of typing.

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