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Segment 17 - Word - Watermarks & Tables

Lesson 17 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 17 - Word - Watermarks & Tables

Lesson 17 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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17. Segment 17 - Word - Watermarks & Tables


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Lesson Info

Segment 17 - Word - Watermarks & Tables

So this morning we started working on a business plan so that we can take wandering start into a kiosk in the mall and so we started with just a basic bare bones no formatting a document that somebody else had created and then we're turning it into our own custom business document and so in this binder I have an example of what the finished product would look like and you can see that one of the things were about to dio is going to be to add an excel spreadsheet right in the middle of it with a whole different orientation so it's one of the things that were going to dio and we're going to work with tables and watermarks and, well, it's enough of me telling what we're going to do let's go ahead and do it. So the first thing that I want to do is I want to jazz up my cover page a little bit and so one of the techniques that you can use is a watermark and a watermark is light text that appears behind a page on every page of the document and frequently you'll see them if something's confide...

ntial or if it's a draft I want to show you how to do that and I'm going to click up on my first page and I could be clicked anywhere on the page and I'm going to go to the document elements ribbon no, I'm not, I'm going to go, I'm sorry to the layout ribbon and on the layout ribbon there's a button kind of to the right of center that says watermark, and it says the toll tip says insert ghosted text behind the content on this page, and so I'll click on it, and it gives you several different options. The bottom option is if you wanted text, so the text could be any of these can't options, you know, confidential draft, maybe confidential would be a good one for this one, and then you can change the font, you can change the size, you can change the color, although you definitely want something that's going to be faded in the background, so it doesn't interfere with the ledge ability at all of your text. And so I could do all of these settings and click ok, and it would appear all the way through the document. You do also have the option of choosing a picture and the mission what that looks like I'm going to click the select picture button and in the files that you download for this class there's one in there called love bracelet if you don't have the files for any reason, you're welcome to try this with any image that you have on your computer, and I'll click insert and you can see it very faintly behind I do want it on wash out because if I didn't, it would be too dark, and then I'll click ok, and so now it puts this very faint graphic behind all the pages on my documents. Now, personally, I like the way that looks, but if I'm going to be handing this to the bank in order to get funding, I think that's a little too a little too creative for a bank, so I want to show you how to do this without doing it on every single page. So I'm going to go back up the watermark, and I'm going to click on no water mark to remove that watermark back off of my pages, and I'll click ok, so back to my title page, and what I'm going to do this time is this is going to go back to the graphic techniques that we learned earlier in the course where I want to insert my picture, so I'm going to go back to my home ribbon and over to the far right hand side where it says picture and I'm going to grab a picture from file and we're going to go straight back to that love bracelet. And the reason why this is called a love bracelet is one of my jewelry lines actually are designed to be talismans. This is an astrological bracelet to bring you love in your life or to improve your relationships, so a quick insert, and so it drops the image onto my page notice that it does it just kind of as a giant letter a than if I dragged it around, it would be like dragon dropping a text snippet, so I'm going to make some changes to it. The first change that I want to do is I want to get rid of that background, and so to get rid of the background, I'm going tio go to the re color and then set the transparent color, and I'm going to click on this background right there, and so it took all of that gray and got rid of it, so the white background on my document now shows through. I do see a little bit of shadowing under here, but we're about to also make this picture transparent, so I'm not that concerned about it. So I want to go back to the re color button, and we're going to go into the picture color options, and I want to remind everybody that no matter what graphics special effects you create, if you look for something that says options after it it's going to take you into this format picture box that allows you to set the options for any of the special effects that you might have applied and go right back in again where I want to be is on a just picture and I can set the transparency and I want this picture almost transparent so I'll dio maybe eighty percent because I just won the subtle hint of it in the background seventy nine close enough I'll click ok so now I can see that my pictures faded out now I want tio bring it behind so the first thing I want to do is make it really big so that it takes up most of the space on the page I'm not concerned right now that my text got pushed out of the way because I'm going to go up tio notice that I'm on a new ribbon the format picture ribbon disappeared because I'm clicked on a picture if I wasn't clicked on a picture I wouldn't see this ribbon so if you don't see it make sure you are still clicked on your picture and I'm going to go to wrap text and I'm going to put it behind the text and now the picture is behind when it my content now to make sure that it's in the right place I'm going to go up to my allying button and I want to align it in the middle left and right and I'm going to click on a line again because I also wanted aligned top to bottom to the page, so that will make sure that it's centered on the whole page and I can see how it looks over here. I think I'm actually going to drag it up just a little bit, okay? So now have essentially recreated the effect of a watermark, but I did it using the graphics tools. So the next technique that I want to show you is making a table, and so we are going to go down to the executive summary and click down at the bottom of the executive summary that's on the document that's on page one of the content or page three of the whole file, and I'm going to click down at the end of the text, I'm gonna hit return a couple times to give myself some extra space and go up to the tables. Ribbon! So there's a new ribbon we haven't looked at yet called tables and the first button on the left hand side says new, and I'm going to make a four by two table, so I'm going to make four rose by two columns simply by drawing in this box and dragging to the size that I wanted to bay and when I get to the number of cells. I'll click and it will drop a table into place that has that number of columns and that number of cells. Now, if you slip or you decide you want to change the shape of the tables, maybe I wanted this to be three tables instead notice that when I'm in tables again have a brand new ribbon that only shows up when I'm clicked on a table and that table layout ribbon allows me to add rows and columns of above and below. I'm so I rose above and below and columns left and right, so I can add a new column to the right, and now I have three equally equal sized columns, and if you have something that you don't need there's a delete button. But instead of giving you four different deletes, if I just click on the delete it wants to know, do I want to delete the row? The column. I'm going to go ahead and delete that same column, so that's, how you can modify the shape of the table now as I'm filling it in, I'm gonna type in we'll go ahead and fill this in and so clicking in the first cell, I'm going to type in what I'm going to make us a table of the different stones that are in the jury, so I'm going to type in gemstone. And then what planet it represents and so this is the header for my table and so the first one I'm going to do is amber for the sun and then I'm going to dio he imitate for mercury and I'll do tiger's eye for saturn no, I'm not going to take the time right now to put all of the different ones in but when you get to the end of the table if you simply hit tab again it will create another row so if you don't have enough rose, you just keep tapping and tapping and tabbing and it will put everything in for you so I have cornelia in for marsh so that's how you can add content to your table now if I want to add a row at the very top I'm going to click back up on the top row and I'm going to use that above button that we see again I'm on the table layout ribbon that on ly appears when you're clicked on a table so if I'm out here in the text I don't even see it so could back on the road one make anyone above and I want this to be a header across the whole table I want this to be the title of the table on dh have it's a gemstone jewelry, so to merge the cells I'll click on this button right here that says merge and now I have one cell going across and I'll type in gemstone jewelry and I can go back to the home ribbon to center it and now it's centered across the whole table all right? How we doing so far? Everybody good? Okay, so now the first thing that knows about this table is I have lots of white space the default table size was too big for my actual content, so back on the table layout ribbon there's an option here for auto fit and when I click on auto fit it allows me to auto fit to the contents or to the window auto fit the contents will shrink these cells to fit the largest thing that it sees in the text if I auto fit to window, it will expand the table all the way out to the margins, so I wanted to auto fit to the contents and boom shrinks itself right back up question about boxes and generally and get them horizontally across the page. Can you have an infinite number or presumably or you're tied tow the width of the page? The more you put in the smaller they'll be so but you can keep going until all this and it doesn't work anymore, right? But you can't put the midgets horizontally we want we don't have to have unnecessarily in columns or the columns don't have to be equally sized so you can have a couple wide columns and a couple of narrow columns and just make it fit to whatever you have inside the table now we do have a question of pewter lady that I should have asked a moment again apologies alicia just go back with said but when you were dealing with the picture as a background can you activated again toe work on it and you then bring it back again yeah when I I can when I hold my mouth's over it you can see that blue box there and so that's allowing me to click on thank you so much that you do run the chance if it's small it might be hard to find under the text but if you click around a little bit you'll find it there's no more thank you for going back appreciate it sure okay so back to my table now one thing I want you to notice about the table is that if I want to select the whole entire table if I hold my cursor over the table this little box appears in the upper left hand corner and so if I click on that that select everything inside the table with just one click and that definitely makes it easier for example if I now want to center this entire table I'll click on that little handle and then use my center button and now it's centered on the page keep in mind that right now it doesn't it looks like is over to the right but that's because in our document we have left and right faced pages and there's a gutter in the middle to make room for the three hole hole punches now something else I noticed is that I have extra room below each of the items in the cell and that's due to a combination of some settings that we made in the document in the very beginning where we had the line spacing at one point one five and paragraph spacing below so I could either take away that spacing that I had put in or better yet I can yeah it is aligned the text within the cell itself and so there's an a line button right here and I can tell it that I wanted either on the top left center right the middle of the cell left center right or the bottom of the cell left senate right and so I'm going to go for the dead center and so now everything's been centered again it does look like that paragraph spacing is affecting it so let me show you howto take that off I'm going to go back to the home ribbon and under the line spacing first I'm going to make it one point a single spaced which shrinks it up just a little bit and then I'm going to go back to the line spacing again down the line spacing options and here's my paragraph spacing and again what that is is every time you hit the return key it's putting in a gap between that information and the information after and essentially making it double spacing but in terms of paragraphs not rose and I'll click ok and it didn't affect my mars I want to try my format painter and see if this works we'll click on tiger's eye format pinter carnelian mars and sure enough it does so now might hold table a singles single spaced now I want to make it pretty so I'm going to go back to tables and notice here on the left hand side that you have the ability to specify what's ahead a row and what's the first column and banded rose and let's see how this effects things there's a whole gallery here of table styles and it's not just this one row when I click on the little arrow that appears when I put my cursor over the gallery I'll click on that and look at all these styles so you've got really late ones you've got some really dark ones and everything in between I'm going to choose this one down here that's got the green and purple again I'm trying I'm choosing things that are a little bit brighter if this was a document that I was using for something that was a little more elegant, I might choose a different color I'll go ahead and choose that it did move it back over to the left hand side I'll move it back into the center in a moment now notice some things about this table it has a header row and appear aiken turn on and off that header formatting it also is giving me banded rose and if I turn that off they're all the same color or they can alternate colors and then the first column you can see right now that it's bold but maybe I don't want it in this case I don't want that bold because these aren't riel labels in the left column, the information here is is equally weighted, so I'm going to turn off first column and then I'm going to do a command e to center it didn't work if I click on the little dot in the corner a centering command command the woodwork or if you don't like keyboard commands, you can go to home and shoes center and that puts it back in the center again. Now I would like another line separating gemstone and planet from amber and son, so when you're working and tables, you do also have on the table on the tables ribbon on the far right the ability to either select borders off of the list and knows that this is the same borders cell selection that we saw in our introduction to excel earlier in the course but we also have the ability to hand draw borders as well. And so this first option right here is my lion style and some of these air pretty fancy there's a candy cane there's a wave theirs fayed I'm going to go ahead and use close to the bottom the one that goes from a dark fade to a light fade and you also get to choose the width and I think in this case the three points probably going to be a little thick, so I'm going to knock that down to a one and a half point make it fairly thin and you can see my cursor turns into a pencil so I'm going tio draw under gemstone and planet and then it adds that little line now I like what that line looks like, but to me it looks even stronger than the white line above it. So I think what I'm going to dio is keep that same line and make a three point line and apply the three point line in between the gemstone jory header and the gemstone planet information and then when I'm done, I can click on draw to the drop button in order to turn it off again if you decide that you don't like a specific line, you can use the erase button and I'll go ahead and molly race one of those and it goes away actually, what it does there is it actually erase the whole cell. And it took away the border between those two cells, so you can use that erase button to remove cells and combine them. Now. I don't like what I just did. So I'm going to undo it as a reminder. You can either go up to this orange undo button up here, or I'm a big fan of muscle memory for command. Z, because all of us make mistakes all the time. And then I'll click on the button again to turn off that eraser.

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