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Segment 18 - Word - Intermediate Techniques

Lesson 18 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 18 - Word - Intermediate Techniques

Lesson 18 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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18. Segment 18 - Word - Intermediate Techniques


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Lesson Info

Segment 18 - Word - Intermediate Techniques

So the next technique that I want to talk about is tabs and sometimes you want to have information that's lined up in columns and rose but you don't want a full table around it and so the ribbon up at the top or rather the ruler up at the top gives you a whole lot of control over your tabs that aa lot of people don't even know is there let's go all the way down to the bottom of the document all the way down to page nine and I want to add a little table to this that has a little bit more information about my competitors specifically do they offer beaded jewelry and what's their average price point? And so I'm going to put it down at the bottom here it will probably let's actually plan on this going onto another page just so we can see it cleanly. How did I force this to go to another page what's my command that I use yeah, we're going to go toe layout the layout tab and we're going to insert a page break now the reason why I don't just hit return a couple more times is if we change anyt...

hing else about the formatting it's going tio potentially make some big gaps so we're just going to make this as a blank on this blank page right here so the information that I'm going to want tio uh track for this is I'm going to type in stores, this is going to be what store it is and I'm going to hit the tab key and then type beaded jewelry and then I'm going to press the tab key again and I'm going to type in price so this is the three sets of information that we're going to line up now by default tabs are on your ruler in crime and in half inch increments, so every time I just simply on my page hit the tab key, it jumps a half inch if I want my tabbed information to start somewhere around the one one and a half inch mark and something to be in the middle and something to be on the right what I I don't want to dio is tap tap, tap, tap tap because again, if I make the font bigger all of a sudden I'm going to have to make adjustments on all of those tabs so there's a better strategy. First, we're going to start by putting the information into the wanted the page so my first store is aria and I'm just going to simply hit tab right now I'm not concerned that they're all either too close or too far apart from each other already it does not sell bait a jury and their average price point is fifty dollars and fifty cents a plus elegance doesn't sell be the jewelry and their price point is thirty five dollars in thirty five cents golden land and I'm just taking these right from up here also doesn't sell beat a jury but they sell more expensive jewelry five hundred dollars and I should believe it right at that first one thing that I want to do to prepare this is I don't want it to be double space like this so I'm going to highlight those four lines again I'm going to use the selection bar in the left margin which allows me to just simply click and drag and highlight all of those lines and I'm going to go back to the home ribbon and I'm going to actually use in the style gallery it says no spacing when I click on that it takes off all every brings it back to single spacing and no paragraphs facing so it tightens it up right away the museum in a little bit so you can see this better so my next step is now adding where I want each of these little are these blue arrows the's air the tab stops and this is yet another reason why I really like the not to show the non printing characters because if I'm trying to do tabs but I can't actually see where the tabs are makes a con hard to do when I'm setting tabs the hardest part to remember is that you have to select the lines that you're applying the tabs to first, if you want these tabs available through the whole document highlight the whole document, do that command a or triple click in the left margin so that those tabs are available throughout the whole thing? I just want them to be applied to these four lines, but if I forget to click and I just do it right here, it would only apply to that one line and it wouldn't touch the other lines. So the first step when you're doing tabs is always select what you want to tap now the tab tool is so subtle you might have missed it where you've always wondered what it was but were afraid to click up in the upper left hand corner is this little thing here that says left tab when I click on it, I can see left tabs, center tabs, right tabs, decimal tabs and bar tepes so a left tab simply means that we're going to jump to the left a center tab means that we're going to jump to this point and our text is going to be equally space to the left and right of that location right makes it right justified from that location a decimal tab lines it up on the desperate points, which is very handy for money and a bar tab well, that's what you get on saturday night just getting a bar tab actually creates a straight line down in between the columns and it's really it's really effective if you don't want a whole table but you just wants the lines in between the tabs it's a nice effective strategy that you can use I'm going to keep it really simple though for our demonstration so the first thing that I want to do is a left tab I want where it says store I want that to come about maybe the one inch mark so while this is still on left tab I'm going to click on my roller at that one inch mark and the next part that I want actually want to do one more thing first when this moved I saw beaded jewelry go there because it's the first tab that it sees but I actually want store to go there so I'm going to click before store and hit my tab key and click on our right before aria and pressure tab key quick before a plus press your tab key click before golden land press your tab key now what that did is this tab is now with one inch mark before it would have gone one tab behalf and one tab toe one so when you set tabs it wipes away all the tabs that came to the left of it so now the first half is simply one inch mark now let's put on our next centered tab go ahead and highlight those four rose again and change the tab style to center and take that to the two and a half inch mark and click your arrow and it's got to be the very tippy point of the arrow click of the two and a half inch mark and we see beaded jewelry move there in all the nose lineup right underneath it now because we have prices let's, check out a decimal tab, click back on your tab style again pick decimal tab and then go over to the five inch mark and click right there and now the price is all line up at the five inch mark right on the decibels so you can see that I'm no longer trapped by half inch tabs that may or may not line things up and then having one tub here and two tabs here I can take control of where they are, but I'm looking at this and I don't actually really truly like everything that I see here. I don't really like that since not everything has a decimal I don't like where that's putting it. If you have a tad that you don't like, you can go up to the ribbon and drag it off now I want to point something out though before I do that this is easy to see right now because of these air the rose that have that applied to it if unclipped anywhere else in the document, I might not see that tab there or if I'm clicked on one of those rose, it might, um it might be faint and hard to say so again, I can't emphasize enough highlight the things that you're replying this too I can now click on that tab that decibel tab and click and you know you quit right when you see that line go down, if you don't see the line, then you're not exactly on that tab. The point of your arrow is really critical here, and I'll pull straight down and it disappears and then I'll go back to my tab selection in the upper left hand corner and I'm gonna choose a right tab and this will write justify it at that five inch mark instead that looks a lot better. I'm happy with that now when I say be the jury, I like the way these air lined up together, but I think it's too far to the left and I want to move it over, so I'm going to click on the tab again. You know you're clicked in the right place when you see the vertical line and I'll drag it until it looks good let's say right before the three inch mark and there, you know, so that's howto work with your tabs when it's printed on the page when you don't see the non printing characters it's all nice and lined up, it does seem to have a grammatical issue with this, so I'm going to tell it just to ignore so that line goes away and I do want tio bold those headers so it's obvious so I will do a neither command be or make that bold so there's our tabs and it is pretty important that your specific with those instructions the highlighting matters the tip of the arrow matters but once you get the idea of how they work, it really becomes a nice uh a nice tool tio put in your arsenal. Does anybody have any questions about tam's? I was always doing any time you find yourself pressing the same key more than three times there's a better way of doing it yeah for sure now we should something has happened. There is a highlight too there's a grammatical error but it actually isn't you're fine with that and you corrected it but it's already come back I find this intensely irritating whenever I open a document it suddenly re highlights everything I've already told it to ignore is there any way to permanently deal with this or do you just have to put up you khun turn off the grammar robert you needed? Yeah, sometimes I more often than not, I'm happy that it's there because it draws my eye to something that I didn't notice. So it's decided that that's the lesser of the two evils, but and then even more intriguing than it, even the matter how many times he said, I'm okay with this, it keeps reminding us that strong. Yeah, now, if you're if you're a writer and you're breaking convention a lot, then it's probably worth turning the grammar off because in that case is really is getting in the way of what you want. You know, I know a writer who never capitalizes the first letter of the sentence, and so that auto correct that we did earlier, she always turned that off, so that should every time she hits returned, she doesn't have to undo that feature. Thank you. Okay, so now that we have our tab table let's save our work because we've made a bunch of changes, someone did my command s and let's talk about reviewing if I have a document that this important, I want somebody else to look at it before I turn it in and tell me excuse me, what I can improve about it, and so let's look at reviewing and how reviewing works I'm going to go up to the top of my document you can see why I love this thumbnail pain on the left hand side if you're just joining us and you don't have that pain that's up under the view menu and the sidebar and then right now we're on the thumbnail pain now to turn on reviewing we have of course a whole tab dedicated to reviewing and there's a button right here for track changes they made it look like a little slider, so I'm going to turn that on and what happens when you turn on track changes is any changes that it made to the document now it will mark them with what have taken out and what I've added and then when I pass it on to other people, it will do the same thing it will show that show me what they have taken out and what they've added and do it in a different color, so if I handed to five different people, I'm going to see a whole rainbow of everybody's suggestions and then I can choose the best ones when I make my changes. So for example, one thing I noticed as I was reading through this business plan is that some places it has percentage as a percentage, but in a lot of places it actually has the word percent written out and I don't want that, so I'm going to come back tio my navigation pain and going to go to the fourth button that says find and replace and I'm going to look for the word percent and replace it with this percentage mark but I have to be careful when I do this because let's go down to actually let's go find percent just so we can find it so the type in percent here we're gonna click on here so this jumps us down to where all of these words percent r and it's taken us down to page ten of twelve now if I'm going to replace the word percent with a percentage sign if I just do a straight find and replace like your instinct would be to do this I'm gonna wind up I'll go ahead and do it but don't you do it? Just watch me I'm going to do that replace all but notice it has a gap there and I don't want that gap so I'm going to undo that and I'm going tio add a space up in my find so I'm going to find space percent and then replace it with just plain percent so it will remove the space along with changing the symbol and so I'll go ahead and replace all and now I can see that in my document because I have revealing on I have this wonderful little sidebar here showing me all the places where I deleted the word percent and added the the symbol itself there are several different views for working with reviewing and you can choose which one is right for you on this reviewing ribbon right here. Word says tracking it right now is showing me the final showing the market so it's showing me the end result after all my changes have been made. If I just do final it shows me what it looks like without calling to my attention all the changes if ideo original showing markup. This is neat because this is show me what it had crossed off. And then in the bubbles that show me what is inserted in said so you see the difference there when you're looking at the original, you see what it looked like and what the person wants in instead. And when I do the final showing mark up, it shows me what it looks like now and shows me what they took out personally. When I'm looking at other people's changes to my document, I like to see what I had and then decide if I like what they did. Instead, I want to add another change in here so that I can see oh, here's what? Just a little farther up we chose this area's it's, situated in portland, oregon, is just minutes from washington d c now that's a change from back in the beginning when we were in bethesda, maryland so I'm going to highlight washington d c and change this to seattle washington and see what it did there it crossed off washington d c and in my bubbles wrote what my replacement this so you can go through the whole entire document see how it was see how you want it to be after you've passed this around to as many people as possible again you'll see a whole rainbow you'll see blue bubbles and green bubbles and all the different bubbles so at that point it's time to decide if you like the changes people made or not so I'm going to go back up to the top of the document and click in the very beginning and it I'm now going to start using the accept and reject buttons and the previous and next buttons also in the left hand column in the sidebar the second button also says reviewing pain and here's another view of all the changes that were made it shows in a list what's been deleted and what's been inserted so I want to now start my reviewing I'm going to first clip next so I confined the first change that was made and I want to decide do I like that change? I absolutely dio so I'll click except and now it goes away it just now becomes part of the document at this point, this is a good time to change this teo final showing marked up so that I can actually see seattle in its location every time I go on to the next one here. It's looking at this percentage I click except if I use this drop down here, I can also tell it except and moved to next both in one step, so I don't have to accept next except next. And so now this except button will act as a next. Now, if I know that I look over these and like, you know, I want to accept all of these changes, I can click this except button actually wait, hold that thought for us to say something if there's a change and I don't like it, I can reject the change. So maybe they took out the word mall here, and when I go to that change, if I want mall back in, if I click reject, then it puts it back the way that I had it. So you just either you like it or you don't. Now, if I know that, for example, all of these air just these percentages, and I'm satisfied with all the rest of the changes in the except drop down, I do have the ability to accept all the changes in the document and so I don't have to review it step by step by step, so in this case, I'm going to go ahead and change, make those blanket changes, and now all the changes were gone and all of my percentages are now real percentages after you're done, make sure that you turned track changes back off because if you do pass this document on to somebody else, if they start reading it, any notes that they make will show up as tracked changes, and you don't want to see that. In addition, make sure that you're not just showing the final if you have a whole lot of tracks changes that you didn't accidentally just show the final with all of these track changes because they're all still in that document, and I've had people send me a document that they didn't finish reviewing, and when it shows up on mine, it shows what the final with all of the changes that weight that's, that's completely inappropriate. So you want to make sure that you have gone through and accepted your changes that your view is not on final, that it's on the final showing the markup and that your track changes is off? We will also take a look at change tracking on the ipad, some of the ipad. Office for ipad programs. Do allow you to track changes so that when you're sitting on an airplane, you khun, do some work and then send it back. Two years to your team.

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