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Segment 22 - Word - Dictation & Symbols

Lesson 22 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 22 - Word - Dictation & Symbols

Lesson 22 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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22. Segment 22 - Word - Dictation & Symbols


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Lesson Info

Segment 22 - Word - Dictation & Symbols

So if people are happy with what you just saw in the mail merch and happy with what you just saw in power point let's, go in and do some more fancy fund things that word khun d'oh that you might not have seen before. So I'm going to go backto word and back to my business plan, and I had promised you dictation so let's go well, maybe we shouldn't get our get this messy let's go ahead and make a brand new document, so I'm going to do a command and and open up a blank document and let's work on temptation. So now this is specific to a mac. For those of you on a pc, you're out of luck. The first thing that you need to do in order to dictate is turn the feature on so everybody go down to your system preferences and you can either use the gray icon with the gears in your doc. You can also go up tio your apple menu and two system preferences from there. Now. If you're this is on ly available in mavericks in the format that I'm showing you it was available in a slightly different format in mou...

ntain lion and then before that you may or you may not have the ability to do it, but this is one good reason to upgrade, so I'm looking right here down here kind of center middle word says, dictation and speech I'm going to click on that and you want to make sure that dictation is on, it is off by default, so I want to turn it on. I also want to use enhanced dictation, enhanced a dictation if you turn it off. The way that it works is when the dictation actually gets sent to apple and they translated to text and they send it back to you when you d'oh dictation with it on it allows you to do it offline. It does it right on your own computer, and it also does continuous dictation, and you'll see that it feeds back live. So if you're doing it without the enhanced like we're doing on an older version, if you don't have mavericks, he generally one to dictate in short sentences, like do a sentence or two and stop and wait and wait for it to finish and then do another sentence or two and stop and wait for it to finish with enhanced dictation. You can just kick back and talk so that's, what we're going to do now, this is completely new to me now I have this version of microsoft but I had no idea it even existed how far to go back to identify users are using or anywhere audience using two thousand eight is it in there? Well, this is not specific tio word this is actually using apple's dictation told sorry as a way of the mat product right? I'm with you, right? You also want to identify what you want your keyboard shortcut to be to turn it on and because I'm on a short laptop keyboards I have mindset tio function function which is the bottom left hand key on my keyboard but if you're on an extended keyboard that won't work for you you might want to try maybe the right command key or the left command key so you would double tap on it to start. I generally recommend the right command key because you don't generally use that key you know your muscle memory for most of your keyboard commands is your left hand so this is usually my suggestion if you're on an extended keyboard but I'm going to use function and once I have it on enhanced with function I'm going to close my system preferences and I'm going to go backto where and let's watch this work so I'm gonna press function function now I'm dictating period is it working question mark new paragraph wow this is really working exclamation point now comma what's interesting about dictation kama is that I do actually have to state my punctuation dot dot dot now as one of the bonuses for signing up for the course this is one that you get for just rs pp ng and signing in is that we have a hand out here that is a collection right from apple not right from apple but the ones that apple is actually using so when you heard me say new paragraph this is going to list out new paragraph if I want a numeral if I want an apostrophe open parentheses closed parentheses let's see how to do a quotation mark make sure it's working exclamation point ellipses you heard the dot dot dot so quote an end quote so let's try that function function quote no I would rather know it's not working let's try this again it's a write quote and quote might have just heard me wrong no comma I think I would rather that I don't see my little quote no comma I think I would rather type period end quote said no one ever period okay so we would have to troubleshoot it it's still not perfect but it's still a lot better than then having to take everything out especially since I mean I'll see this trial and error that we will have to practice you know our pronunciation may have an impact as well but yeah it's fascinating too yeah, and so you know you just go through it's it's just like using syrian dictating into your phone it's still a heck of a lot easier than doing this with your thumbs but I dio type it all in and then I have to go and fix it before I can actually send it so it's still the same kind of concept so that is how to turn on dictation and save yourself some typing now another way to save yourself some typing is you can also use auto correct remember how in the a few hours ago we did an h t e e and it changed it to the you can actually use this to your advantage and you can make your own abbreviations for things that you would need to type out. For example, alicia cats pollick is a little bit of a handful to type all the time or maybe my street address or my phone number or even like a whole paragraph. Maybe you have boilerplate text that you send to all your clients on a regular basis. This would allow you to not have to sit there and type it out all the time so let's, look at doing this before I go and I create our own I want to show you some of the already existing options so if I type a smiley face aiken type of colon dash dealing with that upsets out of the way their colon dash parentheses e and it instantly turns into a happy face and if I dio colon dash p that one doesn't do it colon dash sad face it turns into a sad face so you have several faces that are built in if I want to make some arrows if I dio dash, dash and then a shift greater than sign it turns into a narrow and then less than dash dash turns in to an hour the other way. If I do this with an equal sign, equals equals greater than I get a thick arrow and less than equals equals what's not plus plus equals equals turns into a thick outer of the other way, so you have arrows now here's one of my favorite ones, one of my used most use one's copyright symbols. You don't want to have to go to the insert menu and then down the symbol and then go and enter it in if you just type. Parentheses. See parentheses. You get a copyright if you d'oh parentheses are parentheses. You get registered and parentheses. Tm parentheses gives you a trademark. So those were some of the things that are automatically built in to the auto correct, now that we've seen some of those let's go make some of our own I mean I didn't know you could do short cuts again I always go to insert and then insert the particular symbol that I need to be very very tough time it does remember the ones who have used so they're always there very quickly but it's still this is a much easier way of doing it right and not everything is there no that through to write the most commonly used ones are one also that's really really helpful if you d'oh an option eight it gives you a bullet and if you do a j let me make sure I'm doing it right first yes his shift option it gives you a degree symbol very good one to write down look is copyright oh interesting they did not want okay but I use that degree symbol since I do astrology I use those degrees all the time so let's go in and make some of our own I want everybody to go up to the insert menu and down tto auto text and into auto text and we're looking at the first tab for auto correct and you can see in this window kind of an overview of the different ones that you khun d'oh dot dot dot turns into a new ellipses here's those arrows that I showed u s oh those are the ones that I that I demonstrated so now what we're going to do is we're going to come up with a code and then we're going to in the wif we're going toe right what it is that we want it to place now when you're deciding on these codes what's really important is that you're creating something that you're never going to type in real life because if that combination of letters shows up in the middle of a real word it's going to take that real word and turn it into whatever this is that you're replacing it with so you have to watch out for that as a result I will frequently start my auto corrects with either a period or maybe a comma because at no point am I ever going to type comma a k p which are my initials alicia cats pollack that's just never going to happen whereas if I don't start it with the comma it's very feasible I could type a copy because I'm going to type my initials on a regular basis does that make sense? So I'm putting common a k p and that I'll tab over here and type in my name so everybody right now create your own shortcut for your name so we'll type in my code and my name right here and I'll click add and I want to do another one let's put in my address so do comma a d d y like addie and I'll put in my address one two three sesame street and I'll add that as well and so, you know, you can think of anything that you do often maybe calm a t for my telephone number, and I will put in my real telephone number because that's, how you make appointments with me for training and I'll click add, so now I have common addie comma, my initials and comity, and I'm going to close this window and coming back into my document and put in comma a k p and as soon as I hit the space bar there's, alicia cats pollock, they hit return comma addie there's, my address and comity there's my telephone number so you can really come up with anything that if you have to type it more than once, if you have to type it more than once a day, these are great things to turn into auto correct and like I said, you can put an entire paragraphs, so if you're somebody who has to send an email teo different people and you send similar content all the time, you can create thes and I believe that I'm not saying this wrong, I believe that they go across programs don't quote me on that, um and but it's a great way to save a whole lot of your time does anybody have any questions on her? There has clearly been a big revelation for everybody now when we start a general you're saying you really haven't got much involved in word or or sorry I mean office or any subject is there anything here that's been your big heart moment today? Was that the dictation or anything else? He thought well, now I really can't get going well the dictation is going to be wonderful because I am a slow type pissed but even shortcuts like autocorrect are going to save time any time saving element is exciting to me absolutely and I think you know some of these things that we even move we feel we got comfortable tohave alicia show us where the short cuts are made such a big difference and can't you do a lot of business with you have a big database of clients I know you made a lot of magazine you do some other things I'm sure some of things you've learned today gonna be very helpful yeah I did my first man emerge and you made it look so easy you explained everything it's that's a great way peace of cake but I've been trying to do it for years so I feel a lot figg great I saved it does my first male many labels so good? Yes happy how are you doing it before I just stopped having assistant do it never right way stood this option is available tio I'd rather have that one too but now thirty seconds it's great it's great how you seemed familiar with the dictation some software there's something you've used before no I'm just so thrilled it's there because I can't tight things so it's good and uh just word in general I've been I used to open it up and I go e just close it and never go and use that I just type of really simple nothing happy ease of use you know, somebody else's and just fill in the words or something so this is great and I really encourage everybody that when there is a technique that we did that you light start using that right away you get that practice with it so that you don't forget it you know even if you just spend five minutes with it after this course is over today and just do a couple of those favorite things hi light over in the left can that little pointer is magic isn't that meet that one's good yeah so that was the selection bar? Yeah, well, I have some more tricks I think you're absolutely okay I'm going to go back over to my business plan again I have to open it up so I'm going to go over to file and down tto open recent, you know, while we're doing efficiency tricks, let me show you something about mac that a lot of people don't know is actually there so it's not office specific but it is um is max specific? Go over to the finder poke the little blue guy in the left hand corner of your of the screen poking him in the nose that's max I don't know his name is really max but I think it's funny so go pope maxima knows and starting with a mountain lion we have a new option here called all my files and I love all my files because while I have everything really organized in my documents I have to know where something is in order to go find it they have to drill down through all my folders but all my files pulls them out of that structure and allows you to search through them and even do that in several different ways right now mind says these are my documents these excuse me are my images here are my pds here on my movies here are my presentations but that's just one way of looking at your data if you go up to this icon up here you can sort everything alphabetically on your entire computer and then I think click on name and now everything's a and your alphabetically or I consorted by the application that made it now I can see photo shop, excel power point word and all the files underneath my most useful suggestion is tio arrange these by the datemodified and what that does is it puts your the documents in order from the last thing you did to the first thing that you did so all the files that I have been using today are now up here in this today area they're sorted alphabetically but this is everything I did today and here's everything I did yesterday and here's everything I did over the last week and hears everything older than that so it's beautiful about this is that as you're working throughout your day if you have to go back to a document you were just working in you just click on all my files and boom there it is at the top and you just open it up and work on it again so I am going to go back and open up my business plan and I want the word version I can see that it says it the icon is right here I could rearrange these a little bit and see that it says word document here so I'm going to open up my business plan again because I have a live link to excel at wants to know if I want to update it so the next cool trick that I want to cover is customized bullets so I'm going to go down tio page for where I have my guiding principles of passion, happiness and fairness and those would be a good place to change my bullets so I'm going to click in on any one of these and when I click on one it does highlight all three of you them so any changes I made would change all of them and if I right click or two finger click on my track pad or control click it gives me the option for bullets and numbering which I can also get to from the drop down in the bullets um well, I should get there in a second you can also go to format and bullets and numbering no let me actually start with that bullets button when I drop down the little arrow next to my bullets it gives me the option of using a couple different bullet shapes I have a circle, a square, a little splotch got some diamonds maybe some check marks and so I can easily change my bullet just by doing that. Let me go down to my next polluted lists and let's do this in a different way to school to the next page and we have our cues to success and again I'm going to click on any one bullet to pull them all up and I'm going to go back to my bullet drop down and I'm going to go to define new bullet and I have some really cool ways of doing this here first I can use fun characters as bullets, so I'm going to click on funds actually, it's not going to do it the second you think about that there we go. Okay, I'm not going to click on fun. I want to go to bullet instead. So click on bullet and it takes you into ah font picker for all of your different typefaces so it defaulted to symbol and I can see all of the different characters that are on the keyboard for symbols. But if I drop this down, you know I have a lot of fun with wing dings, so maybe I'll change that to win dings. And I have a lot of different characters there I could use, for example, there's some astrology cliffs hey that's handy. So I'm going to click right now on scorpio because scorpios love my jewelry, so is somewhere to scorpios in anybody. So aiken double click on mice that symbol you can pick any simple you like and click ok and I can see now that that shape is there and when I click ok, those bullets have been now changed to that shape, so you can literally use any character attached to any font on your entire keyboard and there's. Three different wing dings and there's a lot of different shaped funds that you can use, I encourage you, make sure it's professional and make sure it's appropriate to do what you're doing, you know I'm going a little bit for the garish here just to prove a point, but you want to make sure that your documents actually represent you as you want to be represented now let's do one more set of bullets on that and I want to show you I should maybe even two I'm going to scroll back up those diamonds everybody uses those diamonds so I'm going to go back to page for let's give people something they haven't seen before, so I'm going to click back on the diamonds that we did the first time and I'm going to go back just where we were the drop down next to the bullets and down to define new bullet and this time I'm going to use a picture and it takes us into our files now you need toe have a picture already prepped that would make a good bullet like he wouldn't use a picture of your cat because it's going to get a little too small and really hard to see. But what will would work here is that my amber bead would actually make a really nice bullet, so I'm going to click on a picture of my amber be and click insert and then click ok now that bullet is in but that's actually too small but take it one step further click back on the bullet click back on the arab, go back down to define new bullet and my talk. Wait, custom, no pain with me from now, I'm actually bumping up against one one limitation. Here, let me actually make sure it's not here. I'm going to go up to format and bullets and numbering format and bullets and numbering, gives me a slightly different window, and I'm going to click on customize. Now it takes me to the same place on a pc. You actually have the ability to make your bullet bigger, and so I could resize that tiny little amber and make it actually a bigger circle. Unfortunately, I don't have that ability here, so there's nothing that I can dio. I'm gonna go ahead and just cancel, but it is still kind of nice and subtle that I now have that amber bead as my bullet right there.

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