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Segment 27 - Powerpoint - The Basics Pt 2

Lesson 27 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 27 - Powerpoint - The Basics Pt 2

Lesson 27 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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27. Segment 27 - Powerpoint - The Basics Pt 2


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Lesson Info

Segment 27 - Powerpoint - The Basics Pt 2

So we've added in a graphic and we've given a picture style and then we adjusted that style to suit our sensibilities now we're going to turn our attention to the right hand side and we're going to work with our first table so I'm going to click on the then the little six buttons right here insert table and it wants to know how many columns and how many rows I need now I need three columns and I'm going to need eleven rose altogether but I want to show you some techniques so I'm going to just start with let's say six so I'm inserting a three by six table and all click ok and it drops a table in that location and it's using the color scheme that we had that goes with infusion now this is the default I actually do like it but if you don't you can go up to this new table styles gallery no again notice that the ribbons are dynamic because I'm clicked in a table I'm now in the tables tobar and there's two different table buttons there's a layout and just the tables themselves so I'm going t...

o come up to the style gallery and I'm going tio change this a little bit and maybe because I've got so much purple going on I'm going to do this one in a green instead to mix it up so I'm going to dio the second row last button lite style tio accent six where it gives these kind of strange names so now I just turned it green it's still completely color coordinated with the rest of my color scheme but now I'm not overdoing the purple so one started filling this in in the first column we're going what we're going to do here is make a chart of what stones that I used for what planets and what zodiac sign that represents. So I'm going to put in my headers here stone planet and sign and I'm using the tab key to move through as I work here so amber son leo and I know that I type faster than most people so do your best you can skip cells if you want to or just put anything in that you want huma typed mercury for gemini and virgo we have both of those in the room african picture jasper now notice that as these air too long for the cell it's moving over into its either making them it's adding space to the rose venus which is for both tourists and libera we have both of those in the room as your aides malik eight that's a handful for the earth but that's not actually one of the zodiac signs and last for at least now moonstone and the moon for cancer now I'm not going to put in all of my planets when you have the downloaded files, you'll see in the final all of the possible ones that it could have when you do get to the end of the table, if you want to add new rose, all you actually have to do is just press tab the way that you already were moving through, and it will then just continue where you left off, so I'll put in carnelian for mars for areas so you can keep adding to the table and that into the table, just simply by a tab tab tab in if you want tio additional rose or columns to the table in the center of an area, the table labor layout ribbon gives it ability to put in new rose above and below left to the column or right of the column, or even delete different columns or different rows wherever you're clicked on for the sake of time, I'm not going to bother doing that, but that's where those tools are so that you have control over what you're working on, because these are objects on the slide, and right now this is taking up more space than I want you do have the ability to move these placeholders around on the slide, and when I want to make this a little wider, so I'm first going to move this. Graphic over to the left to give my table a little bit more room, so I'm just going to pick it up and drag it you can also use the arrows up down left right on your keyboard and then I'll do the with my table I'm going tio hold my cursor over this section you can see tiny little dots right there and when I hold my cursor over, this is showing me that I have a resize handle and I can go ahead and make this table wider, so that helped a little bit let's see if I can get african picture jasper on that line or not if you also another option would be to reduce the font size so I could highlight all of those cells and go to the home ribbon and use the font size picker aiken either pick a different font size off of this list or because I want to keep going until it's just the right size I could use thes font up and fought down buttons and one more click on the font down made it just the right size for me, but I'd like these buttons because you can keep going until it looks good picking, picking, picking if I wasn't going to keep going, I could also now stretch this out longer if I wanted so you can really play with the dimensions of the table now that I have two different objects on this page, I want these objects to align themselves really nicely together, so we had seen this before in working with word I want these I want to select both of the two objects at the same time, so I'm clicked on one of them and then I'm going to hold my shift key down and I'm going to click on the other one and I can see that they're both selected they both have either the handles or the frame around them and on the home ribbon I have an arrange button and down at the bottom I have a line or distribute, and I think these would look best if I aligned them based on their center handles. So what I'm looking at here are is this point of my graphic, so I'm going to align both of the two graphics on the middles, and so it moved my table down a little bit and I'll click off when I'm done something I neglected to mention with this table it does actually occurred to me. Now that planet has a whole lot of extra space around it. All of your table cells are re sizable if I hold my cursor over the line between planet and sign, I can drag this over, and that actually gives me a little bit more breathing room for the size of my table and now maybe I can click off of the table and click back on the table and move it over again. Now that clicking off and clicking on what that was doing is moving me from the edit mode. When I'm inside the object, working with the text clicking off takes me out of that edit mode and then clicking on the object again is back to looking at the whole square that makes up the table. So now I have a graphic and a table. The next one that I'm going to dio is another bulleted slide, so I'm going to go up tio the new slide again, and I actually still do want tohave to place holders, so I'm going to click on new slide and it's going to replicate the layout of the slide from the slide before I am gonna be doing to bulleted lists this time, I'm going to go back over two to one note, and I can either click on one note on my dock by bringing my cursor way down to the bottom and clicking on one note, and I have some standard text that I use about what the jewelry does in this case, I've got eight of them, I'm not going to include the link on this slide, so I'm going tio highlight those bullet points, and I'm going to copy them. If you don't have access to them, it doesn't matter you can put anything that you want to in these slides just to get the point across, and my title for the slide is what our jewelry does for you and again notice that it's offered moving the text around in the in the place holder. Now I don't like how this broke up. I don't like what our jewelry does for you. I would like him to say what our jewelry does for you instead of pressing return between the two of these I want is to still be one paragraph just broken up on two lines, so I took out the space between the jury and does, and I'm holding the shift he down and I'm going to press shift return, and that allows me to take control over where the text broke. Now going to come into my place holder, I'm going to paste my text there, and it came in extremely strangely here became in very tiny, with giant paragraph paragraphs between them, so I'm actually going tio now cut the second half of that text right out of there, so I'm going tio number five through eight, and I'm highlighting these you can see that they've actually dragged down, but beyond the slide and I'm going to do a command x to cut or you can use the scissors and then I'm going to come over to the right hand side and paste those over there and my trained eye notices that they've got this gigantic gaps between them so I'm going to go through and I'm just going to simply at it out all of these blank spaces between all of the the text holders and as I do it even on one side it's affecting the other side's, which is very interesting I'm also going to take out the numbers now just for the sake of time we have a lot of things to cover and so I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time here working on perfecting this text you know, we've we've seen how toe work with text and so I'm just going to get it to the point that it's workable and then you can spend time with this if you want to later on I do want to show you how um to make a text box I'm going to cut out this piece right here that very last one you look gorgeous with all of your new signature pieces I'm going to go ahead and cut that out and move little pick this one up in drag this one up to this so you can use drag and drop to move things around and that gives me a little bit of extra space and whenever you want to add a placeholder to your slide, I'm going to go up to this text button up here, I'm still in the home ribbon and this is a text box and I'm going tio click down here at the bottom and paste that text that I typed or that I that I cut you could of course, just type in a text box, but that allows me to put something somewhere else on the slide than where it originally wass now, when I look at these slides, I don't really like the fact that my slide titles are black on the purple, I think that's kind of hard to read, and so I want to change the color of that. What I don't want to see you dio is go to every single slide and make the change in the header of every single slide you know you've heard me say before, I don't like to do things twice, so instead of making a global change in every single slide you khun, use what what's called the slide masters and then you can change it in one place and it cascades down across all of the slides, so I'm going to go to the second tab for themes and on the far right hand side there's a button for master views that says edit master. And it actually allows you though at the master for the slides you can also edit what your handouts look like so if you're printing this out for people you can you can control the handouts but I'm going to go to the slide master and so now I'm going behind the scenes this is what the structure is that's making all of those different slide layouts and I can see one appear a tw the top this is the overall master and anything I change here will cascade down to all of the layouts or I can make changes to any one of these layouts and it will only affect slides in that of that layout. So the first thing that I want to dio is I'm going to make sure I'm clicked up on my grand master appear and I'm going to highlight the text that says click to edit master title style and what I want here is actually word art so I'm going to go back to the home ribbon and I'm going to drop down this word art style right here and I'm going to ask it to be this kind of curvy three dimensional glossy green right here and as soon as I click it here I can see it cascade all the way down to all of my slides yes what did you think I clicked on the word art and then this green option here again, it's up to you, you have a different sensibility, you can pick anyone that you want right here. Hey, the next thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to customize my bullets instead of being the standard bullet I actually want to d'oh abuse my amber bead as the bull, so I'm going to click just on the first lay out. If I highlighted all of the bullets, it would do it to all of the bolt the same time, but I'm making sure my cursor is just right here and I'm going to go teo the bullets and drop that down among the home rhythm and define new bullet and there's a custom bullet option right down here in the right hand corner, and it gives me the option to choose a picture and it defaulted to some bullets that it already has inside it. So there's some graphics, but I want the one that's my bead, so I'm going to go back to my power point folder and in there I have one called amber bead and I'm going to click, insert and lo and behold it put the amber beat there, I can also change the size of it and so I can make it a little bit bigger instead of being one hundred percent of the text, I could make it maybe one hundred ten and so it's going to be a little bigger and I'll click ok and so now I have an amber son for a bullet another option I'm going to change my second bullet we're going to start the same way drop down the bullets to find new bullet and this time I'm going to go back to custom bullet and choose a character and this brings up your emoji if you have emoji on your computer and I want after that it gives me if you don't have the emoji then you'll start seeing some characters and some shapes there's a little section here with asterisks and stars and so I'm going to find just one of these stars kind of a random and you could do a star you can do a flower you could do it any shape that that you like and so I'm going to choose that shape right there and click ok and now I have a little star bullet and you'll see that cascade down tio any slides that have bullets on them now the last thing that I want to do on my masters I also want to put my logo here and so I should not be the last thing I want to do the next thing that I want to dio is roman when I showed you that postcard in word that we use that we made in the first section I had this wonderful little row of squares that I made and because in my branding I used the same elements over and over again, I'm going to click on that and I'm going to copy it again. I like command see, but you can copy any way you like to copy and I'm going to go back to my presentation and still on the grand master I'm going to paste it and now I'm going tio pull it down to the bottom and I'm going to use the middle handle and spread it out now you've heard me talk about not distorting things right now I'm not concerned about distorting, so now I have a bar across most of my slides, not all of them, but most of them if I don't see it on all the slides that I want, I might have to repeat that step on any other slides that I also want it on, and the last thing that I want to do is drop in my logo, so I'm now going teo, I want to insert another picture, so I'm going to go to the home ribbon and picture on the on the home ribbon and picture from file and I'm going to navigate back to my power point folder and I have a little go in there and I'm going to click ok now that logo came in on a white background it's also big so I'm going to and I also by the way on lee want this on my bulleted list, so I am on the third one down and I need tio make it a little smaller and to get rid of the white background I'm going to go up tio I'm now on the format picture ribbon because I'm clicked on a picture and I'm going to re color set the transparent color and this should be familiar if you've been with us for a few days and I click on the white and that disappears and now it's transparent and so any time I make this bulleted slide, my logo will be right there on it. When I'm done, I can see that there's a orange bar here that says edit the master slides and layouts I'm done here, so I'm going to close the master and now I can see that my changes have cascaded across all of my slides in this case, this text box is a little is overlapping, so I have a little bit of room I can make this a little bit shorter so that it lays out a little better I can see that they're now on this slide this made this text a little bit too big so here because it's on ly one slide that I want to make my title smaller, I will go ahead and just shrink that up in this case, it looks like I would actually do better with just getting rid of that paragraph break and then making it smaller so you can see that the graphic design is really you know, but you can do all kinds of things to it. Now the last thing that I want to d'oh in the first part of this class is work with smart art, which is available through all of the different programs, and we're going to do something really snazzy, jazzy with it let's first start by making a new slide, and the new slide that we want is a title on lee, which gives us a bar across the top and then just empty space in the middle and we're going to call this the solar system smart art are automatic pictures that allow you to do really fancy graphics things that you would spend hundreds of dollars with the graphic designer with just a few clicks there's a ribbon for it where it says smart art and there's all kinds of different smart aren't here. Most of them tell us story. You always want to find a smart art that's appropriate for what you're doing and there's lists there's processes there's relationships with one that we want is this one right here I'm under process the second button for process and the one in the dead center that says circle accent timeline and we're going to click on that and it drops it into place. Now I'm going to use this and turn it into a solar system, so the first thing that we need to do is put in our text, and I can see there's a little text pain on the left, and this works kind of like a bulleted list. The big circles are these bullets right here, and so for the first one, I'm going to type in, son, and then I'm going to click down on the next bullet right there in the second planet is mercury, and the third planet is venus, and then I'm going to hit return, which gives me a new bullet, and I'm going to then type in earth, and I'm going to hit return again to make mars, so I'm adding shapes now I want that next big one to be jupiter, so I'm going to click onto the next big one and type jupiter, and I'm going to make use of the next existing bullet for saturn. Click on the next one to make your anis and then I run out of bullets, someone press return to make a new bullet for neptune, and because I'm old school, I'm going to include put out so now you've seen how tio ad shapes to the smarter. And when I'm done with this bulletin list, I can close the pain by using the cursor in the left hand corner. If I need to open that up again, I can from this little button right here. So next thing I need to do is re size my place holder to make it better fit the space, so I'm holding my cursor over each of the corners and stretching it to fit, maybe make it a little skinnier, so it's not touching the wall there once I have the content in, I have a whole lot of different tools for it. First thing that I want to do is change the color scheme, so I'm going to click on the color button up here I'm on the smart heart rhythm, and I'm going to go most of these are different variations on a color theme I went lots of colors, so I'm going to go to the fourth the last of the color options right here, and actually I take it back into the first one was the first one under colorful and so now all of my planets are all the different colors in my infusion theme, and they also match the squares that I had down at the bottom of the postcard my favorite part about smart art are the graphic styles. Just go ahead and randomly click on a few of these so you can see how polished and snazzy and how they add three dimensions to it. Some of them are very subtle like this one called powder some of them are jazzy some of them are ridiculously over the top the one that we're going to use for our example today is called polished, which gives it a nice, glossy three dimensional effect like water drops there's an option down at the bottom of colorful to match the picture to the smart art graphic color and what that actually does is it pulls in the background through the shape of the smart art. So again, I was up on colors and I chose now says reset, but what I chose was match picture too smart art, graphic color and it gives it some texture in the picture, phil so to resize them each of the planets when I click on it is its own item and so I can see the handles that are around it and if I just start clicking on the corners it's going tio make them odd shapes. So I'm going to undo that it's important to hold your shift key down so that it stays as a circle so now mercury is a tiny little planet, so I'm going to make that really little venus is a little bigger than than mercury earth is about the same size as venus, and so right now I'm just kind of dragging the sizes mars is smaller, jupiter is we didn't make the sun bigger let's go ahead and make the sun pretty big and don't worry about the spacing we're going to play with that in the next unit, so got jupiter, saturn is almost a cz biggest jupiter, but not quite these are all the big planets, so we're going to go ahead and make these relatively speaking bigger than each other. You're honest in neptune or about the same size, and pew does disease to meet the little guy right down there. And so now we have our solar system as relative sizes and let's distribute them a little bit. I'm going, I want the pluto's and the label to both move, so I'm gonna hold my shift key down and now it's taking both of those and I'm going to move it over and then I can shift, click on neptune and move it over you're anise! You kind of get the idea here let's move over saturn if saturn's labels overlapping it, I can click off pick up saturn I have to click on the word and then use my forehead and arrow and pull it away, and so you can see here that you can move these around a little bit. I'm not going to do too much of that right now because we are going to make this solar system revolve around the sun in a little while now. I just did a whole lot of different work. What's the thing that you have to do when you do something that you never want to have to do ever again, save it. So they're ahead and save that, and I think that's a good place to stop.

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