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Segment 28 - Powerpoint - Animations

Lesson 28 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 28 - Powerpoint - Animations

Lesson 28 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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28. Segment 28 - Powerpoint - Animations


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Lesson Info

Segment 28 - Powerpoint - Animations

Now what we're going to do is make it move all over the screen so everything from what's on the side, teo what's between the slides and even animating a solar system and so let's, go ahead and get started with that, so I'm opening I'm still working on the power point that we started with, and I'm back on the title slide, and the first thing I want to do is we're going to start simple, and we're going to make this son in the middle of our you don't want to do that, we're going to make the sun in the middle of our slide spin around must look nice and so let's go ahead with their first our first animation, so we're going to go over to the animations tab appear at the top, and we're gonna look at all of these different animations and there's three different kinds of animations for things that are already on slide. There are entrance effects, which is how they get on the slide in the first place there's the emphasis effects, which are what they do while they're there, and then there's exit ...

effects. If you want things to leave the slide after they're done and you can animate images, you can animate bullets, you could animate just about anything. I want to warn you yet again that what you don't want to do is be gratuitous with the special effects you want, everything is possible to have a purpose. You just want to be creative with your options so that it helps your audience understand what your your message and what you're trying to say. So we're going to make this rotate, so I'm clicked on the picture, and so because it's already on the slide and I don't want it to enter, we're just going to work with the emphasis effect right here and so there's a whole gallery here of basic, subtle, moderate and exciting, and we're just going to keep it real simple to start, we're going to use spin, so go ahead and click on spin and you can see a demonstration of what it does to begin with all of every time you animate something, you're going to see a little number on the screen that tells you what number of the animation it is. So as we have multiple animations, you'll see the first animation, the second one and so forth and over on the right hand side. Once we've applied this animation, I can see some options, I have some effect options, I can have it spin clockwise or counterclockwise, but I think clockwise feels good to me ends. You can also have into a quarter spin a half spent a full spin or two spins the default right now, it's full spin and I think once around this plenty, the next thing to think about when you are animating is when that animation starts there's a start on click or start with previous or start after previous so those are the triggers for when the things starts moving on click means that you have to click your mouse or your remote on your presentation in order for that thing to happen, so it won't do anything until you tell it to so that's your on demand is on click with previous means it will happen as the same at the same time of whatever else is going on, so if you have two different effects, they're happening at the same time simultaneously and after previous means the first thing's going to happen and then when that's done this thing is going to happen. We want this to start on click, so we're going to leave it on that default. Your next setting is the duration how long it takes to do that thing that you wanted to dio and so this is going to take two seconds we're going to bump that up let's make it two and a half seconds so we can really enjoy the effect and when I want to see it I'll come up to the upper left hand corner of the ribbon and there's a preview and I can go ahead and play it and it shows me the effect happening on the slide did everybody get that to work? Okay, good so that's how to dio the fundamentals for a graphic now let's move onto animating a bullet so go to slide too and what we're going to d'oh are two different effects that really help your audience stayed with you when you're giving your presentation, you could just go to the side and everything appears but then your audience is reading behind your back while you are talking about point one they're already thinking about point three so the two kinds of animations that we're going to implement here are first we're going to have the items come up one at a time and then when I move on to the next one, the first one is going to fade a little bit it's going to dim so that the the attention is on the second bullet so I'm going to click on the slide and what's nice is that it will apply these effects to everything that's in this box when I set them up appropriately so we have to start with bringing the items onto the slide one at a time so that's going to be an entrance effect and they'll click on the little gallery dropped down arrow and we are going to use down in the exciting we're gonna have some curve up and so you can see a demonstration of it doing that effect so again, entrance effects down at the bottom curve up once that's done, you can also see the number of the animations. I can see that here's the first one. The second one is this entire bulleted list from the signature all the way down through place. Right now, all that whole section is going to enemy all at the same time. And then third will be this bullet down here. I would rather have the sub bullets come up not all at the same time, but I want first signature horoscope necklace to come up and then uses your birth info and then the date and then the time and then the place. So we're going to change the subway let's. So the way that we're going to do that is there's a pain over on the right hand side that says reorder and when I open up reorder first it shows me the content placeholder, which is that whole square but when I click on the little triangle next to it, it spins down and now I can see each of my bulleted items if it's hard to read for you, you can change the with oh it's not working you can't just have to deal with the fact that they're a little bit cut off, but when I click on the top one it's affecting all of the bullets if I click on just one it's affecting bullet number one and I can see bullet number one turn orange right here if I'm clicked on number two three c see how that's orange and it tells me which one I'm actually on, so I'm going to start with my number two right here the main bullet right here and this pain is broken up several sections, effects, options and timing and then text animation so there's a lot to look at here I'm going to start with the text animations when we close the's so that you can see them some coming down here to text animations and there's two levels of animating this bullet section right here animate text is referring to each word, and it gives me the option of either having the hopeful appoint comment or one word at a time or one letter at a time. And so that curve up there's everything's flying in and we'll either do the whole bullet point or one word and then another or than each letter and have them all trickle up we're going to keep it simple we don't want this to be to adventures, so I'm going to keep it on all at once but here's the really useful one group text first level means that everything that this signature bullet and its sub bullets are all going to come up at once if I wanted signature to pop up and then uses your birth info to come together with all of these sub items I would call that second level this is the first level and this is the second level and you can see as soon as I do that I get this one comes up and then this these all turn to three together so this is going to go first this is going to go second and then this is all going to come in as a unit no let's change that to the next level if I change it to third level now you can see the numbers go one, two, three, four, five, six I've now unlocked all of these from each other and so it's going to be up to me to press the my mouse or the down arrow as I'm giving my presentation for each one of these to pop into place does that make sense? Okay good so that's how to group the items or a kn group the items and I'm going to go ahead and close that text animation the next thing that we want to look at is the timing and so do we want these toe happen when I click on them or just one they all come up together or again after previous they go they go they go they go they go different things at different times it depends on your purpose of what you wanted to dio so there's no right answer it's not like this is the best way to do it if I'm giving this presentation it's doing this on click is going to be best at the time if it's going to be a self running kiosk where you just have the computer set up and people walk up to it to look at it then after previous would be the technique that you would use so that it just keeps running automatically by itself the speed could be fast, medium slow or very slow I'm going to leave this on fest if you were automating it you could put in a delay so that it's not just a ship ship ship ship ship you can have it wait a certain number of seconds in between each flying again that's really helpful when you are actually automating it instead of you giving the presentation and clicking and then last let's look at these effect options I want this effect to of being on for all of the bullet so I can either click on the edge of the box or like a show before I can click on the top content placeholder which summarizes all of the bottom and what we're going to do is after animation, we want this to dim, and so what I'm going to dio is dimmitt tio dark purple so that when it comes in let's actually see how this looks. I want to go ahead up to the upper left hand corner and click play so there's the first one and it's see how each one is turning to purple after I've talked about it now right now, it's just playing to show me what the animation is going to look like we have it on click, so when I should give the presentation, it will it'll wait for each one now I thought that was still a little bit bright of a purple I could go to more colors, there's the color wheel that we've been working with, and I could maybe take that slider and make that a little bit darker and I'll click ok, so now we've animated this bullet and slide. If I was really working on this presentation, I would replicate all of you those settings on slide for as well, just for the sake of redundancy, I'm not going to work on this slide, we're just going to let it be what it is the one thing I am going to do though on this slide is I'm going to have this square spin in all by itself. So after everything else has happened I'm going to want that box so I'm going to go to my entrance effects and I'm going to have it pinwheel just the very bottom last exciting and you can see it pop into place I am also going toe have it do it this time I'm going to show you what it looks like automatically so I'm going to change the timing on it so that it's after previous so that the bullets come up first and then this box comes in and I'm going to give it a five second delay so that there is at least a little bit of pause it there so now we have set this text box with some of those additional options that I was describing anybody have any questions or concerns on that technique okay looking good all right so I want to now show you a different kind of animation that's how to dio object and text boxes you also have the ability to physically prescribe a path for where something is going to go around the slide now I'm going to do this quick and dirty it's not going to be as perfect as I would like it to be but you know when you're at home and you're making a power point presentation you're going to put in the time to make it be as perfect as you can now that actually have to give you a warning right there you could spend ten hours working on the power point presentation. You could spend ten hours working on those word techniques that we did, but you have to keep in mind. Is it worth that time? Because you may be a perfectionist. He wants this line to be a certain thickness and this to be the perfect color. But your audience is going to love it no matter what you do. And so you got to kind of find that trade off. Is there something better that you really could be doing with your time? Then should this object be a quarter inch further to the right? So you want to strike that balance between you having fun and then getting the job done. So we are going to animate our solar system that we have on side five. We made this using smart art up here on the ribbon. And then we cull arised and we textured it and we made it polished and we resize the items. I know that the shape and the text box are separate right now, so if you need to move them around, you can move them around like that. What we're going to dio is convert this to instead of it now being a cohesive smart art we're going to break it out of smart art and now just make it a set of shapes on the screen this isn't something that I do very often but in this case it's going to help us with what we're about to d'oh so I'm going to go I'm on the smart art ribbon and on the far right I have a convert button and I'm going to convert it to shapes and the only real visual that we have here now is that I no longer have my smart art tools around it it's now shapes there was a little bit of a subtle difference in the color of the items but I'm ok about that shift that it just made so it is now the first thing that I want to do is group the different parts and I'm going to click on the word son and then hold my shift key down and click on the circle that's there and I want a group these together so that the two of these items move as one unit so I'm going to go up to this format button that only showed up because I'm clicked on a graphic and I'm going to go over to of the group button on the right hand side and I'm simply going to click group and actually it already is grouped we actually need toe a kn group this entire object first before we can do this thing that we're about to do so has skipped a step go up to group and choose ungh group now each of these items now travels as its own unit so do that step again click on son shift click on the actual big purple circle and now we're going to group the two of those together let's do the same thing for mercury click on mercury click on the planet group do it to venus got to do it all of them do it to earth and unfortunate there's no shortcut for repeating this for all nine planets we just have to go through it do it yeah you know how I feel about doing something more than once unfortunately we just have to repeat that step because we don't want each of these we don't want to group them to each other we want each one to be its own unit and if you're trying to follow along with me and you don't have time to do all of them that's ok as long as you get the first couple you'll be able to do the next you'll be able to try the next steps so what we're going to d'oh is instead of kind of a fly in animation like we did before let's go back to the animations tab and now we have something called emotion path and we're going to start by selecting our son this whole unit right here and I want teo you see look at the way these pals work you can have things move in an s u congrats on how you want them to move they can go in a straight line they could be a scribble an arc, a loop, then some complex crazy shapes and so what this does when it animates is it will move from see the green is the beginning and the red is the end and and that's the shape of the path that it's going to prescribe we're going to keep it as simple as we can for this and we're just going to go with a I'm going to use the line but notice that it went in a direction that I don't necessarily want. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this end and I'm going to drag it up here so now the motion that it's going to make is this I want to actually move it a little bit further over this way and while it's turning well actually let me show you one thing I can change that path a little bit I have affect options here notice that it went down the next time I do this I'm going to instead tell it to go up ends I actually wanted to do two things at once I'm going to click back on it again and in addition to rising up of also going to turn it so that the word sun is over here on the right so I'm also going to click on spin no that's way too much spin so I'm going to click on effect options and it's going to go clockwise but I only wanted to go a quarter spin and that arrow is not quite enough so I'm going to click back on my arrow and send it up here let's see if that works now notice how it did one and then it did the other this is that example where we're going to do the with previous so it does them both at the same time so I'm going to go back to that reorder pain that I had on the upper right hand side and I can see that this one right here it can kind of tell from the graph I think that that is my path and then from this graphic I can tell that that's my spin so I'm going to click on the spin and here it is my quarter spin and instead of on click I wanted to go with previous so now when I play that you can watch the sun move, so let me do that again for mercury I'm going to first start by clicking on mercury and clicking on the planet and the first thing that I have to do to those things is group them together, so I'm going to go back to the home ribbon and back to arrange I think there's actually an extra shape in there first, I'll tell it on group since it seems tohave several groups there and then I'll shift click so you see, you have to do a little bit of troubleshooting sometimes when it does something unexpected, so I took away whatever that extra square was got mercury on the planet, I group them again, I go back to animations, I go back to my pants, I'm going to do a line and my line is going down, so I'm going to change this time I'm going to change it toe up, but I don't want it to go quite that far, so I'm going tio click on my arrow now now because I'm getting into so many different objects some you have to be really precise with where you click and it might take a couple tries and I'm going to drag this one over here now I want to tell you that, you know, I probably spent about a half an hour or an hour planning this out to know exactly where I wanted each of these shapes to go so it's not just like, oh she's, she could just do it right off that and I can't it took me some time to design this special effect for you, so I have it now have that going in that direction, I also want tio take this group and spin it, so I'll do my spin, and I have to change my spin to a quarter spin, and I wanted to happen. Now, I want that quarter spin toe happen with previous, and I want this whole effect of mercury toe happen right after the sun, so this group one was the sun group to is mercury, and so I'm now going to change the timing from on click, too, after previous, and now it turned to one, because now all these things, they're just going to go and happen in a row, so to see what we've done so far, I'll click play my son doesn't orbit, mercury follows closely way to rename your groups like like there you have a bunch of them, so maybe I don't think so. You just kind of have to know, yeah, I kind of just have to kind of get used to what it's, what it's doing? All right, so you get to see some repetition on here because I'm going to do this to several of these planets, so first thing I have to do is go back tio, my format ribbon or to the home ribbon toe work with the alignment I see when I click on venus that I have a second box around it for some reason, so I'm going to go to group and I'm going toe break those things apart now click back on venus and I'm going to shift click on the planet itself and I'm going to group those together now those are together one item now I'm going to animate them so I'm going overto animations I want tio take it on a path so I'm going to use the past and then line this time I'm going to have that effect option go left so now it's going to head that way but because I have set this up ahead of time, I know that that's a little far away so I'm going to click on that the head of that arrow and I'm gonna shorten it and angle it up just a little bit I'm now going to tell it that I want that to happen after mercury finishes, so I'll change the timing to after previous and now I'm going to add the next spin so I'm clicked back on this group I'm going to go to spin, I'm going to change it to quarter spin you can see it's just it's the same thing over and over again and that quarter spin happens with the previous effect of the movement and so now we have the sun mercury and venus and so my attempt here to make it useful for my viewer is to have kind of some orbits going on but also showed the distance of the planets let's do just one more because I know it's complex so earth for some reason it's got several things grouped so I go to home I go to arrange eye on grip it I take these two items I'm going to click on the manually just to make sure I've got these two and I'm going to regroup them so that they move together I'm going to go to my animation and I'm going to have it do a path in the path I'm going to use is line I spent a lot of time when I was prepping this trying to figure out if I could r could do a curve and of all these fancy things and I just found out that the simple the simple line was more effective than making it do all sorts of crazy little oops so that align the closest one toe what I want this time is going to be up but I don't want it to go that high so I'll click the tip of the red arrow and I'm going to move it out here a little bit so it's closer to venus's orbit I'm going to make sure that this timing effect happens after venus gets done and at the same time that the two of them move, I want them to spend but not three hundred sixty degrees just a quarter spin at the same time with previous that it moves and so will play and I look at that and the earth looks like to me it was a little close, so we'll make I'll just find too in this a little bit and drag it over to the right so you can see the procedure and all the things that you have to think about the timing, the path, but especially if you get nothing else, your takeaway should be dedo after previous or with previous those air, the biggest this is to us how do people feel about that? And so the guests were to move it, you just kind of look at the end, quite near imagining that that venus is landing about there when it's finally said and done yeah, tell you what, I actually play it over and over again and they're just getting a wire it's actually going toe land? I mean, I have a little map in front of me telling me when I practiced it where I found the best places, and so I'm actually working off of this, but I sat here and said, ok, because it doesn't was go where you think it's going to go? Yeah, and so you know, originally, I thought that, you know, to get it over here. I've had a narrow somewhere else was like a weight. I have to move it here to make it go over here, okay? And just work with it until you it's, getting creative with the tools to make them do what, make it, do what you wanted to do.

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