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Segment 29 - Powerpoint - Transitions & Video

Lesson 29 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 29 - Powerpoint - Transitions & Video

Lesson 29 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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29. Segment 29 - Powerpoint - Transitions & Video


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Lesson Info

Segment 29 - Powerpoint - Transitions & Video

So now we've seen several different ways of handling animating objects on the slide now let's turn our attention tio moving things between slides and so those air called slide transitions so I'm going to go up here to the transitions ribbon I'm going to shut mike custom animation task pain I don't need it right now and I'm going to click back on my first slide so a transition is how you move from one slide to one slide you don't just want to go you get all these kinds of nice special effects and when I look at the gallery there's a lot of them there's subtle there's exciting and there's dynamic I myself I'm a big fan of you know some of the some of the dynamic ones like the cubes but I have also found that as best as possible you want to find a transition which represents the attitude that you want your audience tohave so if you want them to be jazzed about something, do something dynamic and if you want them to be intrigued maybe do something a little more subtle and so I don't know a...

lot of people will also do different side transitions on different slides which could be good to keep your audience awake or it could work against you because then they're spending their time thinking about your slide show not thinking about your content so you know form has to follow function so because now I'm talking kind of like about space, I thought vortex would be a good option, so I'm going to click on vortex and you can see it pop into place and how it looks and just like everything else, the microsoft office, you can customize it, so we now have our vortec x and just like before we have in effect options dropped down so I could make it go from left from top from right from the bottom I'm going to go ahead and do it from top and immediately it shows you the change you can then take a look at how long it takes four seconds that's kind along, so I'm going to change that to three seconds you also have the ability to put in some sound effects. This is another one of those things where I think a lot of these air really cheeseball, but you know, they might have their moments, you know? I don't necessarily want it tio start clapping, but let's actually see what it does yeah, ok, so you can see why that might be amusing, but it might not. You know, if you're going through your whole presentation, you don't want it to start clapping on everyone maybe at the end to let them know that ok it's time to start clapping now, but not as a regular sound effect so, you know, there are going to be some that are going to be appropriate for yours there all day warp up, okay, I'll leave it on just for amusement sake, if this was my real life presentation, probably wouldn't have it on their okay, so the next thing that you want to look at is when do you want that sound to start? And when do you want the slide to advance? If you do on mouse, click your clicking your your mouse or your remote and that's when it's going to the next slide. So if you're giving the presentation that's important for you to have control over because, you know different days, you're going to say different things, and you never know when you're going to get a question from the audience that you have to stop what you're talking about and go ahead and take questions, and the other alternative is instead of the mouse click, you can have it go to the next slide after a certain amount of time, which is good for a self running presentation. You know you wanted to stay on this slide for five seconds ago. The next slide, keep it on for ten seconds. But if you're giving it live, don't do that don't plan well, I have twenty minutes and I have ten slide, so I'll leave you slide on for two minutes because I guarantee that you'll be talking about something in your whole presentations will be running behind you, so we'll leave this on a mouse click once you have set everything here's biggest thing that beginners forget is that the only place that we've done that is just on this one slide? I can see this little icon over here to the to the left, and I can't tell you how many students I've had turned in presentations where only one slide had the transition effect. You have to come over here to the right hand side and click on apply to all sides, and then that just cascades thie effect down now, once that effect has been applied, you can alternate. One of my favorite things to do is do what kind of been every other where maybe I will now go to slide, too, and for my effect options. Instead of going from top, I'll go from bottom and then slide three will stay up like it was and I'll go to slide for until that one to go from bottom s so now when I play this it's going to go up been down and up and down and up and down, and I could see everybody laughing every time that warp noise comes on, which is probably a really good reason to turn it off off. Okay, however, I just applied. Now I have three different transitions going on because I did be up in the down and the up in the down, so if I went back up the slide one and I turned off the warp, I either have to turn it off individually on all five of them or reapply it and then go reverse the two again, so I generally recommends figuring it out like making sure your slides are in order and deciding your special effect before you make any big changes. So we're stuck with is there a city made this presentation, but you want to send it like my husband does classes online, sometimes repeats things is the way to send it that that person could click on it like you're not necessarily the clicker guy. Yeah, if you've been watching it is the clicker guy if you just leave it, as is, they have to run their own presentation. Yeah, it's only if you were doing in kiosk mode where he would have ah, you're at a trade show and it's just up. You don't want people have to sit there and click on it, they'll know enough that they should like, you know, if somebody sends you a power point presentation and you turned it on and it doesn't do anything, you're just going to go like that, ok? Do we have any questions in the chat room? No, I think people following this people will be absent were engaged, all right, excellent. So the next thing that we want to dio is we're actually going to insert a movie into this presentation, so I'm going to go down the slide five, and we're going to put in a new blank slide, and so I'm going to go back to the home ribbon and I want the same layout, the title with nothing in the middle so that I can free form it and actually take it back, we're going to use the drop down, I'm going to instead do title and content, so we're going back to the original bullet format, and the title for this slide is going to be alicia goes to hollywood back in twenty ten I had the opportunity, and while I'm talking, I'm actually going to bump my font down a little bit, so I used that front down button right there back in twenty ten I had the opportunity to go teo, a pre event for the academy awards said the day before the oscars, a whole bunch of celebrities came tio this event where they would go from booth to booth the booth and gather all kinds of swag and so I got to meet c thomas howell and bobby brown and toby, tony dovolani and all kinds of people and so I have some film clips, so I wanted to put in one of the film clips into this presentation, so I have a movie button right here in the in the place holder and I'm going to click on it and in your downloaded materials in that power point folder, there is an m four v movie that says tony dovolani so this is the guy who won dancing with the stars last year or maybe the season before and I'll click insert and it's now inserting the movie into my presentation. Now one thing to keep in mind is that any time you insert any picture, any graphic, any movie into a power point presentation it adds the whole size of that original file to your power point. So if you're really graphics heavy, your file size is gonna get really large if you have a lot of pictures that are all right off the camera and their eight megabytes big and you've got ten of them, all of a sudden you have an eighty megabyte a power point presentation so it's a good idea tio if you if your graphics are large, take the time in another program tio bring them down in the file size there is while I'm thinking about it, I'm going to go back to slide three and click on my gemstone planets. There is something that I hadn't talked about in any of these workshops so far that there is under the format picture button where you change all of your colors and your crops there is a compress button that will reduce your file sizes and so you can reduce the quality from best teo on screen too small for email and so you can I'm not going to do it right now, but you can reduce things for example down tio a mid level and then either do it for all the picture's in the file or for just the picture that you're on. So you do have the ability inside power point and inside word to compress an image you don't have to do all of the image compression outside the program, so I'm gonna cancel this I'm not going to do that right now let's go back to our movie and I want to show you some things about manipulating the movie the first one is just like any other graphic you can change the size of it by using the resize handles so you can make it smaller or larger if I want to make sure that because I've just made those changes if I want to center it from left to right, I can go to arrange and align it by the center up and down and that makes sure it's centered you can't buy the ways used these centers to center it vertically because it works from the whole slide from the tippy top, not the edge of that zoom. Unfortunately, while it's on my slide right now all I see is the red curtain from inside the video I can pick a poster friend or a key friend instead of this one in order to have a different picture here instead, so I'm going to go to the format movie toll bar and there's an option here for poster frame and the first thing that I actually have to do is find the shot that I want so I'm going tio I'm going to start playing it, but and then I'm going to stop it and I'm going to actually pick up the frame and find a timing that I like and what I'm going to do on this one is one fourteen forty two or is close to it as I can that's pretty good, so one fourteen thirty that's a good moment in time and I'm going to go up to poster frame and tell it that I wanted to now be the current frame so now, if I click off of that slide and click back on again instead of seeing the red curtain, you're actually seen a nice shot from inside the graphic. So that's how to reset the poster for him next, just like with everything else, having just the flat movie on the frame is kind of a little bit boring we can use applying the same picture effects that we did on any other picture, so when I click on the movie, I can come up to my brand new format movie rhythm, and I have movie styles that surprise, surprise look just like my picture styles and I'm going to d'oh a beveled, rounded rectangle so that's going to curve the corners, it's also going to give it a little bit of three dimensionality to the graphic. Now one thing that's need about a lot of these shapes, and you might have noticed it before, but I haven't really pointed out is there's a little yellow diamond right there? Whenever you see these in a shape, you can click on it and it changes the dimension of the shape. So see how I dragged that to the right and it's making it rounder and rounder and rounder so that's a little bit too much, I'm going to send that back a little bit. But any time you work with any shapes, whether they're stars or hard sir diamonds, you can change the depth of the effect by finding that diamond and drying up down left right and see which way it it does its thing, so now I have a little shiny bevel right there I have some curved corners and that's looking pretty good to me. I'm going to click back on the movie again and let's look at the actual movie controls, as always. When does it start? It can either start when I tell it to or I can have it start automatically the second it gets to the side now, because I'm going to do some narration on this, I'm going to keep it on click, but when you are setting it up to be self running automatically, we'll just go to the slide and start playing let's look at the playback options you can have it jump in playful screen, you can have it disappear completely when it's not playing, you can have it loop until stopped, and so that would keep playing the movie and keep playing the movie and keep playing the moving keep playing the movie, which might be nice if you are doing a kiosk and you're not doing the whole power point presentation, you're just showing a movie. You could use power point to create the frame for it and put on your website and your contact information, and they just have the movie inside one slide it's an interesting, interesting up option or opportunity and then there's also rewind after playing, which would make it run backwards. We're not going to use any of these. I just did want you to see that you have these choices. Yes, can you use a bit of what will happen with high? Why not playing? What happens when you hide we're not playing is that you don't actually see it on the slide let's actually come in here, so if I play the slide show so here's that solar system effects on and so if your hide we're not playing, you don't even see it on the screen until I pressed the space bar at which point it stopped for now, thank you. So I'm going to go back and turn that effect ofthe so back the format movie and want to check on it again so that that goes away okay, so you'll get to see the movie in a little while, ok? And you can see that the movie also has a play bar and we're winding the fast forward and volume right on those controls right there, so now we have six slides we want to finish off our slideshow I like doing a variation of the first slide as my closing slide, so it gives me a great place to land, so I'm going to go up to slide one and click back on slide one again and I'm going to either right click or two finger click on a track pad or control click on it or you can use the command shift command d and I'm going to duplicate this slide, so now I have two of them and I'm going to double click or ash I'm going to triple click on astrology jewelry down here whenever I triple click on text it highlights all the text that's in the place holder so I will give my girl for where people can go always, of course, make sure it's spelled correctly, and if you want to give them a phone number email address, you can do that as well. There's another view. In addition to this thumbnail view, when I want to bring this down to my last slide, I could pick it up and drag it like that, but if I look down in the lower left hand corner, there is another story a second option right here called the slide sort of veal looking way down in the bottom left hand corner, and this allows me to lay out all of my slides and kind of a light box for you. And I can then just pick up a slide and drag it where I wanted to go. So if you want to reorder your slides, you can just pick them up and drag them around. And this gives you a nice overall view, especially when you have so many slides that you can't see them all in the normal view. So against the button in the lower left hand corner. So I've now picked up my duplicated slide that has made you earl and moved it down to the very end of the sideshow. I think it is. Light is the file of power point, also increasing, even like, how about when will make a duplicate of the issue have india's lives? That's a good question. I'm not sure if it just points to the asset, or if it actually reinsert the asset. I believe that it creates a second copy of that image in there.

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