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Segment 3 - Desktop Publishing - Using Word Pt 2

Lesson 3 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 3 - Desktop Publishing - Using Word Pt 2

Lesson 3 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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3. Segment 3 - Desktop Publishing - Using Word Pt 2


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Segment 3 - Desktop Publishing - Using Word Pt 2


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Lesson Info

Segment 3 - Desktop Publishing - Using Word Pt 2

So now let's, go back tio, I'm going to show you the postcard and what our next step is. The next thing that we're going to do is take a photograph and knock it out and overlay it on the postcard. All right? So when I want to insert a picture, I'm going to come over here, I'm going to go back to the home ribbon ellen, I didn't demonstrate this before, but if you need the extra real estate on your page and you want to hide this ribbon temporarily, if you click again on the where it says home or layout, it shrinks up the ribbons and then when you need him again, you can just click on it again to bring them back out. Sometimes you need that extra inch of space, so when I'm on the home ribbon, I'm going to come over to the far right to picture and there's several different ways of getting pictures. We're going to talk about clip art in a few minutes. I do want to show you the photo browser, even though I'm not going to use it right now, but it's pretty cool when you are using my photo on y...

our mac and loading all of either your family photos or your business collateral into it when I click on photo browser right here. It actually connects to your eye photo, and it gives you full access to everything in your eye photos so you can now use them in your word documents, which is a wonderful, wonderful feature in this case. I'm not going to use it, though I want to show you how to do it if you're inserting a picture from a file on your computer, so I'm gonna go back up the picture again, and this time I'm going to choose a picture from file, and it takes me to my documents folder and again, I'm looking in my desktop publishing inward collection that comes with the course, and this time I'm going to choose planet br for bracelet cropped, and I can see it pop up there and I could either double click on it or click insert, and this is actually kind of strange it came in, but it came in way down at the bottom here, and it doesn't actually give me any access to it it's allowing me to click a re size handle but that's going to distort it and that's not what I want to d'oh. So I'm going to come back up again and double click my cursor anywhere in the document up here, and I'm going to do that same step again photo picture from file navigate to it and again, in the desktop publishing with word folder the planet bracelet. Okay, so that time it put it up, but it actually put it on a separate page because it's so big. So I want to show you a couple different ways of troubleshooting that and moving it where we want it to go. So the first thing that I'm going to dio is changed the text wrap on it whenever you insert an image into microsoft word, it treats it like a giant letter a and so right now, that is so big that it didn't fit on the first page, so I'm going to click on the picture and again, I now have my format picture ribbon up here, and I'm going to go to this button here that has a little puppy on it that says wrapped text and I'm going to go ahead and change that to square, and as soon as I do, it jumps back onto the first page what a square text rap does, and I'm going to show you I'm going to demonstrate to square up later on in the course, but this is now freed up, whereas before it was the letter a in in order to move it, you had to pick it up and drag it to different parts of the document when you change the text rap to square it pulls it out of the document and makes it a floating box that you can, then you're free to manipulate it and put it anywhere that you want on the page. So we have the text rap as square now I want to make this a little bit smaller and when I re size images it's related to when we were changing the shape of those rectangles earlier, if I hold my cursor over this bottom center handle and I drag it up, it makes the box skinnier. But notice that it's distorting the image and I don't want that distortion, it kind of ruins it, so I'm going to undo gonna use mike command z and instead of using the handles in the mid centers or the minute the middles of the sides, I'm going tio take one of the corners and when I resize a picture by the corner it's kind enoughto actually stay proportional for me. So I'm now made it a little smaller so I can manipulate it. The next thing that I want to d'oh is rotated. We already saw the rotate button up here on the toll bar, and we could use rotate right ninety degrees, which would just pop it into place for us. But there's a rotate handle here that I want to introduce you to if you look at the graphic when I'm clicked on it, you see there's an extra green little circle coming off of it and that's the rotate handle and so when I hold my cursor over it it becomes a circle and when I click and hold on it I can then rotate not just in ninety degree angles but to any angle that I wanted so now I've pulled it up into vertical ok did that work for everybody? Some of the things we're coming up on the champions is the people's ribbons look a little bit different do you have to customize them or really everything that you're using so far should be standard option everything should be there it might be because I'm on a projector that some of my buttons might be a little bit different they should also try widening their window grabbed the right hand edge of it or the left hand edge and make it as big as they can when the windows are on the smaller side. Sometimes the buttons get cut off makes sense because good good for jake is just saying he doesn't have the insert picture actually I consider is wondering he had to customize his ribbon or whether it should just be there he should take a look and see if his windows too short perfect thank you so much all right so now I have my, um image and I'm going to go ahead and drag it over to the right hand side and the next thing that I want to do to this is show you some of the formatting picture color corrections that we can do on this so the very first button says corrections and when I click on that the first option is to soften and sharpen which will make things a little either more fuzzy or less fuzzy and I'm going to go ahead and choose that first one so again I'm on the corrections and I'm going to choose the very last sharpen and it gives a little more dimension or a little a little more clarity for the picture you do have to be careful of over sharpening pictures sometimes they begin to look a little too crisp but I'm going to go ahead and use that tall one right there you also have the ability to adjust the brightness and the contrast so it gives you a grid where you can increase or decrease the contrast and increase the brightness depending on the direction that you go so I'm going to go ahead and increase my brightness and decrease my contrast just a little bit and you can try any one of these that you want the one that I went to is just up diagonally from my original document and so you can do some basic picture correction the next thing that I want to dio is re color. This allows me to change the saturation on the picture, so if I move up the saturation, my colors get a little bit brighter again. You do have to worry about overcompensating for saturation, but you know, if you've ever seen pictures of, you know, a picture that you took at the beach and in your mind's eye it's this vivid blue sky and beautiful green water, and then you see the pictures and it's all kind of washed out this saturation is what makes your picture match what's in your mind's eye, so I've increased my saturation. You can work with the color tone, it also has color washes. Now I'm not going to use thes right now, but if I wanted to wash out my actual color and use a color caste instead, you have these filters that you can apply immediately, okay? If I want tio, I'm going to skip over here to crop when I click on crop, it allows me to change the margins on the picture, the boundaries on the picture. And so if I want tio, remove some of this white space at the top in the bottom, you have to really look carefully at where at the shape of your cursor, I'm aiming for this black line here, but if it's turning into a double headed arrow it's trying to resize the picture which is not michael right now the shape of the cursor that I really want is that kind of t shape and then when I click aiken bring that down and crop out parts of the picture photo formats good forward is anything prefers to prefer j peg as opposed to give for most of them were work ping works tiff works one thing to really think about though is the size of your image that if you have a picture that's a five megabyte picture it's going toe ad that entire picture size to your word file and normally word files are on ly a couple kilobytes or maybe a megabyte big but if you add a five megabyte picture now you've got a six megabyte file good point thank you um okay, so once I've done cropping I can then click on the crop button again and the crop is finished the next thing that I want to dio is this absolutely amazing tool called remove background and depending on your picture this can actually be a challenge to make work if you have a picture that has a distinct background like this one's on a white background so this is going to be easy but if you are trying to do this to ah forest it's going to be hard because you've got a lot of similar colors in it but what I'm going to d'oh is when I first click it it turned something's pink and I can see just my jupiter bead but not the rest of everything else is kind of highlighted in pink so the first thing that I'm going to do is make this bounding box bigger so that it surrounds everything all of my actual colors and you can see that some of the jewelry then came into into focus but the rest of it is still pink my cursor though has a green plus sign on it and so I can kind of draw along the image and have in pull in the different the different colors you also have a minus if there's something that's pink or that that's regular that should not be there they will turn into a minus sign so now that I can actually see my bracelet I'll click on removed background and now I just knocked out my bracelet so quick and easy now that I have my bracelet in place I can see that it is overlapping my rectangles which is exactly what I need but if it isn't on yours I can go teo reorder and I can bring it to the front and that will make sure that the bracelet is in front of everything and I'm going to also use my right every time I left arrow and move my image over so that it's right up against the edge and I'm going to save it now I want to going back to our original postcard of the next thing that we're going to do is work with the text and with word art and text boxes so I need to make my text boxes so I'm going to go back to my home ribbon and in the insert on the right hand side I see text box and so I'm going to click on textbooks and I'm going to draw a cross where I want that text to go and when I let go my cursor is flashing inside it and I'll type in my text now when I type in wandering star astrology jewelry here I want astrology jewelry to go onto the next line but if I simply just hit return in between them what it's actually doing is creating two separate paragraphs and I can see those with this button right here this is the non printing characters and that shows me these paragraph marks right there. The problem with having these as two different paragraphs is it might put space between them and also if I sent her one of these it doesn't center the other so I'm going to undo those steps and instead of hitting just a regular return I'm going to do a shift return and notice that I have a different character here I have a manual return and so now this is still one paragraph but it's just broken up on two different lines, so whenever you're breaking up text for the sake of arrangement on a page to a shift return or shift enter instead of a regular enter now when I go to center this it does both of them at once. Now I want to style these, so I'm going to triple click to highlight all of the text and I'm going to go to my format ribbon that again is on ly there for this purpose right now and I'm going to come into text styles and there's a button right here that says quick styles and I'm going to pick one of these, but then I'm kind of vary it a little bit I'm going to go ahead with this purple a right there and once I have that formatted, I can go back to the home ribbon and bump up the font size I can either pick the size ofthe of font and pick a size from here or I can use my size up in size down buttons until I get it to be the exact size that I wanted to be. And so this is nice because then you can see what space you have and adjust accordingly and I'm going to make this twenty four points now I'm gonna work on the text a little bit more, I want to change the font color and so I'm going to go back to my format ribbon and because I chose a quick style it here lets me change the phil color and the line color and so I'm going to change this phil color and I'm going to choose this blue right here and I can also change the line color I'll come down here and I will make this a dark purple I can also make the line thicker right here word says waits I'm going to go ahead and shoes a three quarter point wait, I'm going to make it a one point so it really stands out I also want tio spread out the words I'm going to go up now to a menu that we haven't been to before and I'm going to go to the format menu and then down to font and these air the traditional dialog boxes that people are used to on pc and going inward back back decades and when I'm here there's two buttons across the top here's my standard fun stuff and then there's an advanced tab and what I want to do is I want to spread out these letters so they're not quite so close together, so I'm going to go to space in until it expanded and then I'm going to bump up how far apart they are toe one point three and then click ok and it spreads out the text now I want to add in my two next text boxes and in order to keep these consistent when I'm goingto first insert the text boxes so I'm on my home ribbon and I'll put in my text box and I'll type in planet jewelry and I'm going to hit return this time because I want the space between them and I'll say that it's nineteen ninety five and then I'm going to enter in my second text box with my girl www that meaningful bling dot com now in order to make these all the same I made several changes to this and I want to apply it tio all of the all of the boxes so there's a feature called the format painter so first thing I'm doing is double clicking in my fun top font box and then there's a paint brush up the top here if I click on the paintbrush one time it will apply this fund formatting to the very one next thing that I touch but if I double click on it then it applies it continuously and so I can now click in this box and highlight the text and it applies that formatting and then triple click inside this spox and apply it to that one as well now in this case it's too big so I'm going to go back to the home ribbon and I'm going to knock down the font until it fits in the box that one thing it didn't it was center it so I'm clicked on this box I'm going to shift click on this second box in the middle box and on my home ribbon that would not let me center I'm sorry I take it back I'm going tio highlight the text in the middle box and center it I'm going to highlight the text by double and triple clicking in the bottom box and center that as well and the next thing that I want to dio is actually worked with this box itself in my sample file, I have a bevel and a glow to it, so to do that to this metal box first, of course I click on it and I go to format and now I'm going to be working with the shape so and before we were working with the text styles in the middle here we're working with shape, so I'm going to start by changing the phil color and I want to show you a really cool feature about max that hasn't all over pieces and that is your color selection may be the color that I want isn't exactly one of these colors, you know, if I click on fill in a chick a theme color it's not exactly what I want one of my favorite things to do is to actually pull a color from my artwork and use it in the text box itself. So when I'm on any of these colors right now, I'm on the phil, though I can come down here to more colors and this is across your whole mack it's, not just microsoft word. You're going to see this in whatever program you're in both microsoft or apple and one of the little secrets about it. Is this little magnifying glass right here that I can click on it and I don't hold it down and drag? Just click, and when I click around on the picture, it will find that color and change the box. I might have to click on the color after I've picked it so I can find any color I want to drag it into that box, okay? And so maybe I'm going to actually pull one of the highlights out of my jupiter there, and ok, I'll come back to how to select that in a minute when I have a color that I want to save their there's, this this little bar across the bottom, and I can pick up the color from the bar and drag it down and drop it in one of those boxes, and that saves the color for future use forever so you can get your company colors and put them in here or your favorite colors, and in addition, you see a little dot right there if I hold my cursor over two turns into a hand and if I pull that down look at all that color storage you can store hundreds of colors for continual use so I have my color there now now it's not replying to that rectangle so I'm going to say ok and boom there it goes so there's a little bit about a color picker so now that I have pulled a color out of my graphic and and reflecting it inside the color wheel let's try some fancy effects on it so I'm going to click on this effect button and the first thing I'm going to do is given a very faint purple glow so which is the one in the upper left hand corner and one of my favorite effects because I like three d things is a bevel and the one that I'm going to use for this project is the one on the second row second one in called soft round and what that does is it gives it kind of ah nice dip to it frequently you'll do a bevel that goes out this time I'm going to choose one that goes in now that I have my boxes I'm going to do the same alignment techniques that I used earlier I'm going toe move meaningful bling down tto where I want it to go and make sure astrology jory is where I want it to be and then I'll shift click on all three boxes, and he was the exact same tools that you saw before I'm going to go teo a line, and this time I'm going to align their centers ok? So right in the middle, so now they're all lined up vertically, and I'm also going to distribute them vertically and now everything is right in the middle where it should be. And so now we have our matching postcard now, there's one more technique about text wrapping that I do want to demonstrate to everybody, so don't make a new blank document to either do a command and or hit the new button up in the corner and I'm going to show you a little magic trick here we need some tech, ext sow type an equal sign and then r a n d as in random, so equals rand r a nd and damon open parentheses and we're going toe essentially macon excel formula here. The first number that we're going to do is how many paragraphs we want, so I'm gonna put it, we're going to take ten paragraphs comma of five sentences each and then end the parentheses so equals rand ten, comma five and hit return and you just put in um dummy text so whenever you need to just generate random text, you can do that so now that I have that text in there I had promised you looking at clip art so I'm going to come up to my picture button and we're going to go down to the clip art browser and look at the different clip art that they have and here's a globe that's great for wandering star so I'm going to pick up the globe and I'm just going to drag and drop it anywhere that I want in my document going try not to cut off one of the words but there's now a globe now like I said, it treats it like a giant letter a if you look down here you can see that the quick brown fox is right alongside it so I want this text to wrap all the way around the circle and even I'm going to go up to format picture we saw square before but look at this look at tight and then it moves it it makes it round around the shape of the circle so not just the square but the whole shape in now it did anoke a job on the right hand side but it didn't really do too good a job on the left downside and so here's one of my favorite little magic tricks with us this is a little bit more of an advanced technique but it's so useful go up to the rap text button and down at the bottom there's an option for edit rap boundary and I'll click on that and it has these little red dots red a red line with black dots and I can pick these up and pull them in and it will allow the text to go tighter and tighter around the shape of the object a lot too far because brown is touching it so I'll pick that back up and move it back out again until brown is back out and so that allows you to adjust how closely the text falls now when you are using this technique, I still recommend using your option up and down and left and right because as objects move around the text you can find some better and worse layouts and so finding the exact position that puts your text around that cleanly also watch out for cutting off text if something's too far to the right you could get like one word over here in a corner and you don't want that effect they should justify on the left side or was that not something it's available when you're using this particular tool? Now the only thing that you really can do is the rap text I think it describes the endurance of the boundaries that would be a cheat yeah it really depends on the location of the picture within the text how close you can get that text so that's why I like those boundary points and so that's helped tio to do that. Now the very last technique is another one with a little bit of wild factor. When I click back on my globe, I have a picture styles gallery that's kind of like those texts styles that I worked with and each of these apply shadows and riff inflections and picture frames and all kinds of fancy techniques and some of them are extraordinary and some of them I would never use I'm going to go down to the one on the very, very bottom right hand side this medal oval and I want to turn it blue, so I'm going tio after I have that metal oval come appear to this border color and drop that down and lo and behold, look at this the blue color that I used recently on my text box in the postcard is here waiting for me and so I can click on it and now I just gave it a blue outline just like the text box on the previous page. So with any of the special effects, they all have the ability to go in and customize them, and so you can really do some fabulous graphic design right inside words you don't have to go out too teo photo shop or in design and make something and then imported and you could get a lot done right inside work how are students doing on this mountain of tender? You're making lots of notes on taking notes it's easier for me just to listen and watch rather than distract myself but trying to keep up with her step by step so I'm sort of auditing your course and he was saying I'm here on that you don't use microsoft office particularly you've had you've had colleagues who've been helping you has so far is any of this being sort of wow factor and you thought wow, yeah it's very helpful watch her go through it on holly I know you've been struggling a bit because you haven't got your glasses but way we'll make your screen bigger the break them you know, I like, um I'm an artsy fartsy person navy, so like when she started going with the colors and I'm like, oh, ee oh yeah when you start typing, I got a little lost, but I could see where it would be really super easy just because I am familiar with photo shop but it's nice to know that you can have the words going so much easier with this, especially wrapping it around the jailhouse this big because you have you did consider yourself a little bit intermediate in terms of office, but the removing the background it didn't work on the whole it just worked on half of the picture removing the background is actually a kind of tricky, tricky technique. Let me show you one other thing that works. If you have a flat background, I'm going to go and insert that same picture again that I used used earlier, so that same bracelet and another technique that you can use and let me actually I'm going to color my background again so you could really see this in action, so I'm just going to choose a random a random page color, but because this is a flat white color there's one option that is easier to do than remove background removed background takes practice, and it doesn't always work on your kind of picture, but if you go under re color down here, there's a set, transparent color and what that's going to dio is whatever I click on anything that is, that color in the drawing becomes transparent and goes away, so because I clicked on a white spot all over the weight in the document, ever in that picture file is gone, so it works really well with clip art, it works less well with j pegs anything with the texture background.

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