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Segment 30 - Powerpoint - Uploading Presentations

Lesson 30 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 30 - Powerpoint - Uploading Presentations

Lesson 30 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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30. Segment 30 - Powerpoint - Uploading Presentations


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Lesson Info

Segment 30 - Powerpoint - Uploading Presentations

now our presentation is mostly done. We should save our work. And now I want to turn our attention to the slideshow ribbon. And let's look at the settings for the overall slide show itself. I could play the slideshow from here, which would either start from the beginning or whatever slide I'm on now. There's something in here called broadcast Show, and I'm going to click on it, but I'm not going to actually run this right now. What broadcast show allows you to dio is it will give you a you Earl that you can email to people and they'll go to the website and it creates a live link between your computer right now and their computers and I could play the slide show, and anybody on that Web page would be able to see the slideshow. No services, no sign ups, new registrations. It's just a through link, so it's a neat way of being able to broadcast live in the moment. But people all have to meet there at that one location for it to work. So that's broadcast pretty neat, and I'll go ahead and c...

ancel it. There's something called customs shows What custom shows are is maybe you have one really gigantic slide deck, but you pick different versions of the slides for different audiences. Maybe you leave out one slide here, but you add another slide. Here you can create multiple she shows or versions of it within the slide show and then pick out which ones you want for that different audience. That makes sense. Like if I'm giving this as a business to consumer presentation would be different than a business to business. And so I might have the same slides with different words on them or different variations on it. What the presenter view does is, unfortunately, I can't turn my computer to actually show you what I'm seeing. But I'm seeing on my screen right now. While you're saying just that first slide, I'm seeing the current slide. I'm seeing an image of the next slide. I'm seeing my notes, anything that I've written down in that bottom area to see and how much time has elapsed and the clock all here, right on my screen right now. So my audience is seeing that and I have tools at my disposal, so it's Ah, nice tool. So I'm gonna exit that show. We're gonna do rehearse and record slide show in a few minutes. Next I'm gonna click on set up show. And what set up show does is allows you to set the parameters for this particular presentation. Am I going, Teoh? Be presenting it as a speaker? Is it going to be browsed by an individual in a window? Is it going to be browse at a kiosk meaning that it's going to be self running? Do I want it to Lupin, Lupin loop until somebody hits escape. Do I want it, Teoh, Play with or without the narration. If you have narration, do you want it to play without the animation? Do you want to only play certain slides? Do you want it to go manually or use the timings? So there's all different parameters for how your slideshow runs. Depending on your specific situation, I'm not gonna make any changes here. I'm just gonna click. Cancel Now, what rehearsed does is this place, the slide show and allows me to set timings for it like I decide how long I wanted to go. And then I pressed my space bar or I do my clicks and it allows me. Teoh set timings for each slide as it's going to play. If I was running it as a self paced slideshow, now I'm gonna hit escape. And so here is saying, Hey, the total time for your slideshow with 17 seconds. Do you want to save your timing's? No, I'm not going to. But instead, what I am going to dio is record this slide show that my end goal, as I said, was to keep make a little movie out of this, that you could post up to YouTube. So what I'm doing right now is I'm taking these slides and I'm going to turn this into a little movie. So you're going to see it go with the proper timings. You're going to get to see that little movie clip, and then in the end, I'll have a finished product. So I'm gonna go back to slide number one, and I'm going to record the slide show and let's see how how perfect I can get this. Welcome to a wandering star Astrology jewelry. Our jury is out of this world. It was made by Alicia Cats and what they are signature horoscope necklaces that are custom made to your or to order and there built using your birth information. You give us that your date of birth, your time of birth and your place of birth. And the national jury itself have the planets, the houses and the Zodiac constellations positioned exactly as they were at the moment that you were born. All of the gemstones look like the planets, both in color and proportional size. Our son is a big amber bead. Mercury is made of hematite. Venus is African picture Jasper, The earth is made of azure. It malachite, The moon is made of moonstone, and Mars is made of carnelian. What's unique about our jury is that it's not just pretty, but it's meaningful as well. It allows you to center yourself in the universe, grounding yourself and who you came into the world to bay. It cuts through all of the filters that you've put on yourself in your lifetime and takes you back to who you were meant to bay. It's also so mathematically accurate that you conduce Oh, astrology readings right off of the jewelry and all of that. Plus they're pretty, too. Here's a little bit about how our solar system works. And back in 2010 Alicia had the opportunity to go to Hollywood. Here's an interview with her and Tony Dovolani from Dancing with Stars with stars, and I'm here with the creator of this wonderful, wonderful interesting thought process. Because everybody wants to know How were the planets align when they were born? How did you come up with a system? I was studying astronomy, and I wanted to make a necklace that had all the planets Romney and several that's in astrology chart. My first reaction was, Well, that's all that lose. But when I discovered in astrology chart was a map of the solar system. I started beating them. And then I started reading the astrology with him, and I realized that there was something to it and I got hooked. So basically you told me that, you know, July weather was born in July. Like July 17 has the best sign ever. Cancer, too. My sisters, my brothers, July family or my dad was hot in one season of the year. Wow, I said, Yes, but here's the thing. Necklaces look beautiful. I think you've got an incredible job wearing one right now on. You know what? The planets were aligned properly when you were born, because clearly you're very creative. And that's what cancers do. All right, Tony, honey, out doesn't. So if you've been intrigued by our Dorrie, please visit www that meaningful bling dot com. And so now on my screen, I see a message that says the total time for the slideshow is three minutes and 31 seconds. Do you want to save your slide timings? And I dio So I'll say yes. And now I'm back again. Now when I look on the screen, I'm back in my slide sorter and I can also see the timings for each of these slides. According to all the times that I pressed space by repressed the arrow or my mouth on the computer, including a minute and 32 seconds for the clip with Tony. So now that I've recorded all that, what do I do with it? I want to now save this not just as a presentation, but also as a movie. So the first thing that I have to do is just save it as is. I have to say this presentation. So I'm going to do a command s or, of course, the floppy disk right here to save the presentation. Now that I have, it's saved just as a power point file that anybody can play either myself or I can give it to somebody else. I'm going to go up to the file menu and on the file menu. I'll come down here and it says, Save as movie and I'll click save as movie and now it wants to know where I'm going to save it. And so I'm going to save this in my class files for this course, and I'm going to change the name to wandering star movie down here. I have movie options, So let's go look at my movie options. The first is optimization. Do I want to optimize it? Do I want to bring down the file size? Do I want to optimize its first move? Playback. Do I want to optimize for the optimal visual quality? I'm just gonna leave this on automatic right now, but if you're a video file or you have specific parameters for your project, this is where you would change the out. The outgoing file size. The higher the quality, the bigger the file is going to bay. I'm gonna leave it on automatic. You can save specific dimensions. It could be your screen size. You can customize it. 6 40 by 4 80 is kind of the standard if you're gonna put something up on YouTube, so I'll leave it on that one. My slide transitions. Do I want to follow my slideshow settings, or do I want Teoh George them out for this one? I do want my transition, so I'm gonna leave them in. There's also the ability to put a background soundtrack on it. Now that's something that I didn't mention just because of the time that we have. But you can also set your slide shows to music, and you can take music out of your ITunes library or out of files that you have on your computer and use them either one song throughout or repeat a song or use several different songs throughout your presentation. Here's the ability to make the movie, just play and play and play and play until you close it. Do I want to show the movie player controllers for pausing? I definitely Dio, and we will apply these settings to the current presentation. So I'll click. OK, and I'm going to go ahead there, not one more thing in there. I'm gonna go back to movie options. I also have the ability to save credits here, and the credits are metadata that goes along with the, um that goes along with the file so I can call this. I'll put my name in here and I will click OK, and I will now save, and it will now export that movie for me. So now when I go to my folder, where I have all of these things kept wandering star movie, I can see that I have a 59 megabyte quick time movie. And if I am going to switch my view here to the column view, I can also see that it's a za quick time movie. This isn't showing me my extensions, but it's an M. O V file, which makes it fully compatible with with PC's and Macs

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