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Segment 5 - Outlook - Basics and Tasks

Lesson 5 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 5 - Outlook - Basics and Tasks

Lesson 5 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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5. Segment 5 - Outlook - Basics and Tasks


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Segment 5 - Outlook - Basics and Tasks


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Lesson Info

Segment 5 - Outlook - Basics and Tasks

So then what I'm going to do is move over tio outlook, and so outlook is on your dockets, the yellow, yellow. Oh, if you're not sure if you have outlook, if you go up to the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner and type o u or o ut if you have outlook, it will show up right at the top, and if you don't have that look, then you're going to have to sign up for office three sixty five so I will open up outlook. So outlook is the microsoft email contacts manager calendar. What makes it different from using apple's apple mail and address book is that it is all in one interface. So instead of having to go toe apple, mill and contacts and, um and, um, calendar it's all here in one place and all I have to do is just click on the different ones to move from view to view outlook works particularly well in business environments if you're on an exchange account because it integrates with all of the other exchange tools that corporations use, but it works just find as an individual as we...

ll, with a couple quirks here in there now one thing I also have to say, just like one note. Outlook is not as advanced as the pc version so if you're used to using the pc version of al look there's going to be a lot of features which you might not see here it's definitely a little thinner on content but it does work just fine so I'm going to start with showing you how to set up an account on email account in outlook and then I'm going to start with the organizational tools, tasks and categories and then in the segment after that we're going to go into the email and contacts so when I want to make a new account now I have one in here already and what is neat about this is you can have as many different email addresses inside outlook as you want to so I'm going to go up to the tools menu and I'm going to come down here tio accounts and it opens up this account window and you'll see here a list of all the email accounts that you have set up and on the right side all of the information about those accounts now some accounts are easier to set up than others, so when I click the plus sign down at the bottom of the cult of the column gives me the option of choosing an exchange account which is what you'll dio in a corporate setting or just a regular email which is what most of us individuals have and all click email now it will try and set up your account automatically for you, so if it's a common email like gmail and I'll go ahead and put in a gmail account and then put in my password, you can see that there's a check mark that says configure automatically and it will try it may or may not succeed so it's orange while it's trying right now and we'll see if it comes up well, try reentering my passwords if it did that rance, I will tell it to remember that password and it turns green and I can see in the background that it's loaded a second account. Now if you have your own you earl your company web address, it might not be able to set it up automatically. And so if that's the case, what you're going to need to do is spoke to your I s p and or go onto their web site and to a search for email settings and that will give you your incoming server and the port and the outgoing server and its port and whether or not you need as herself to connect you know this is all technical stuff, but you're if you have a good I guess people just tell you what it is you fill in the blanks you should be good, although my company does a lot of email set up support because sometimes it's just not that easy up at the top, the account account description appear that's what shows right here and so I don't want this just to say a gmail. I want to make the distinction that this is my personal email versus my work email, or maybe I put the actual email address right up there, and that gives me a visual for what that actual account is. So I like to use that account description up at the top, and I'll go ahead and close that, and now you can see that email address now when I'm using outlook right now, it has my wandering star email up here and my secondary email address down here, and so each inbox has its own messages inside it, but there's another way to arrange your in box if you want to and that is going up tio of the preferences, so I'm going to click on outlook and then click on preferences and it takes me to the preferences for outlook and the one that I want to pay attention to right now is this general right here, and it has a check mark right here that's his group similar folders such as in boxes from different accounts I want to turn that on, I'm also going to hide on my computer folders, and the reason for this is when I look at my outlook it has three different locations it has if you have a map email, which is the kind of email that synchronizes with with all of your devices that's all server based, which is great because you make the change on your computer you answer an email on your computer and you can see the answer on your iphone or if you delete a message on your iphone it's deleted on your computer, which makes things easy but outlook also has something called on my computer and if you keep anything in the on my computer, then it pulls it out of the cloud and it will only be on your machine it won't be up in the cloud and available to everything else, and so I generally with most of my clients not everybody because sometimes you need it but I frequently will turn off hide on I will I'll turn on hide money computer so that I don't accidentally put something just computer based. So now when this is groups look at what it did here instead of having a set my two email accounts separate I've got they're both here under inbox and so I can click on one or the other or click on this in box and it shows me all of the messages from all of the accounts and then if I have sub folders and I'll show you sub folders and after the break this will all those sub folders will be here, so you have a choice as to what works better for you in general, I like having my group email with the option for the individual instead of having two completely separate locations and again this is what it looks like when it's separate one email a second email so I'm going to go ahead and group those again and then close it so that's how to get set up the next thing that I want to show you is tasks because that was our segue way in from using one does so my to do list the things that I have to get done in order to get to this trade show and so as I'm looking at my e mails, I see ok, I need tio send it send them in at so if I need to put this on my to do list so I go up to this follow up flag up here and I can even say when I need tio follow up with it and we're going to follow up today joining to do this today do we need to do this tomorrow and then it will even turn these overdue it'll turn them red when if I'm if I'm late on it, so I'll make this one dio today and so it puts a little flag on it right there and so when I look down here at the bottom of my screen of my right I'm sorry left hand column I'm going to see something called smart folders and when I open up that triangle here I can see flagged email and so that's gathering up all the messages that I have to keep on my radar and further down I have tasks and so when I click on tasks it's supposed to put it up right there let me assume that that's a synchronization issue for now let me show you how to make a task as well so when I want to make a new task I do that right up here and so put on new task try on lincoln leon's okay for some reason that linking that I had done stopped these from happening I've never seen that before so I went into that preference and turned that preference back off again so now when I've been flagged email I canal see the messages that were flagged and when I'm down here in tasks uh turned off there we go on my computer so that was the kicker was the on my computer thing the tasks are just specific tasks aren't available on your iphone so I think that's why it's just right here under on my computer so now I can see my tasks and might to do list so when I want to make a new task I can say order catalogs and I can give it a due date I need to do this by friday I will remind myself to do it tomorrow at twelve noon and if I wanted, I can also give it a start date so that you see the range of how long you've been working on that project and if so, then I'll say save and clothes and so now I have that task on my list and I can see while I'm in tests, which tests came from email and which tasks I actually created with the using the tasks. Now, if I have something that's recurring, I'm going to click on task and let's say I have to remind myself to run payroll my employees appreciate, so I'm going to tell it to run payroll and I have to run payroll every two weeks, so I need to do it on the first of the month I wanna started on the fifth uh, may first know what I'm going to do with this is set up a recurrence so that I have to do it every month now, I don't see that on this list, so I'm going to click on custom and I need to remind myself to do this every month on the first day of the month, starting on no gun I should start this on april first so that I can show you how this works and I'm not going to put an end date because I want this every single month so I'm repeating it monthly and of course it is very important so I'm going to give it an importance exclamation point so now it's a high priority and if I have any notes I can also make notes on any of my tasks with the instructions that I need to to d'oh and then I'll say them close so it will think about it for a minute now here's that task and notice that it turned red and it's eight days overdue because I made it on the first of april so I get around to running my payroll I put a check mark in front of it to market as done and notice what it just clicked a whole bunch of times on it because it wasn't coming up I wasn't patient with it so it actually I just did it all the way up to september so it just checked a touch of checked but generally you be patient with it one check given a moment and then it will repair for the following my so this is a wonderful tool for recurring recurring project a couple of questions about uh outlook over gmail you seem to be using both do you have a preference? And is there any advantage to using outlook over gmail from managing multiple email accounts? Sure that came from america ok, so the first is actually a distinction between what outlook is versus what gmail is so outlook is not an email address outlook is a program for managing your emails, but a lot of people with female in particular are used to just log in to gmail dot com the problem with logging into gmail dot com is if you have multiple email addresses, then you have to log out, log in and log out mug in and log out log in whereas if you pull them all into outlook, you have one interface with all of your email addresses and maybe it's more than just gmail maybe you have a comcast maybe you have a yahoo you know it's a keeps you from having to go to six different places for six different email accounts you recommend outlook tasking over one note tasking order it are they just different uses? They're different uses at least a this point because one one notice brand new we don't have for example this recurrence and that recurrences really handy it also is integrating with my email so I can't if I was using it in one note I would have to then go and make that task in in one note so there's reasons for both I would probably I think one note is good for recurring to do lists where you have to let go down a set of steps in order to achieve something, whereas outlook is better for things that you have to manage to run the business based on your communication with other people. I think that thie useful distinction to make I do want to actually related question though is outlook over apple male and as a as a apple consultant I have found that outlook is sometimes a little can be a little persnickety and so I've generally find that I generally steer people towards apple mail unless they have a specific reason to use outlook and you know maybe you needed for your business for your exchange with your business or compatibility with some people, but I would actually usually first turn toe apple mill which comes on your computer before going and going on toe outlook if you are running entourage which predates outlook definitely upgrade toe outlook because entourage has a maximum file size, they keep all the e mails and everything in one database and so if you have one corrupt email you could lose your entire set of data and it only and it maxes out at four gigabytes. And so if your story in pictures you will literally your email will die in entourage specifically so definitely upgrade to outlook if you're holding out okay so the another organizational tool that, um that outlook has that I almost never see people hughes but oh my god it's so useful is the categories so there's a button here that categorizes and it will categorize your email your contacts, your tasks, your appointments and so I'm going to set this up now and then we're going to use it all the way up into the next segment so it comes with a number of categories already set up, but I'm going to go ahead and edit these categories and here's the list of categories now manager I don't I am the manager I don't need to have a manager category, so I'll double click on manager and I'm going to make this trade shows because that's what I'm going to be organizing using outlook so I've got trade shows there's also a checkmark here to show in navigation pain and what that does is puts it on a short list that we're going to see in some places and so that's how to revise this one if I want to make another category, I can click on the plus sign down here and I'm going to call this one student's now I don't like that color, so I'll drop that down and I'm going to make my students all too and I'll click ok and because I created it it's going to show up on my short list in my navigation pain and I'm going toe put a check mark in front of team as well for all of my colleagues who help me run the business so now that I have made those categories as I go through any of my tasks, any of my e mails I now you can see it when I open up that triangle because I put check marks in front of them these air showing up here and so run payroll is part of my team order catalogs on dh these right here these are all things I need to dio for my trade show now what I did to highlight multiples is I clicked on the first one and I held on the shift key and I clicked on the last one and then I can now pick I let go and I'm going to pick it up and drag them to trade show, and so if you have this vast list, I'm sorry after I make that change, you'll see that these air going to start colorizing themselves and you'll also see a little label, a little label for what categories it isthe and any of these convey in multiple categories as well, and I'll show you how this plays out in a few minutes. Um so when I'm back in mail and looking at all of my e mails about my trade show, I can drag all of aiken categorize all of those, so I highlighted these I go to categorize and I'll mark them as trenches, so now they're all marked as trade show and what's neat about that is now I can do a search and aiken search for trade show and it will bring up all of my e mails specifically about the trade show now right now I only have a handful of e mails so it's not allow thing but if you have ten thousand e mails or even one hundred e mails seeing the seven about your project can be really handy so you can make categories dinner just temporary for this project let me see these let me see those e mails and it'll work on contacts will do that when we get to contacts as well any questions about that? Okay, so I want to throw in one more really handy tip we're going to talk about about email and contacts and calendar the a little later but I want to show you something that's incredibly handy that has helped me out so much so for example all I have here a contract that I need to fill in and everybody sends me these contracts inward and so in general when I open it up it opens up in word and then I have to print it out and sign it and then scan it or mail it you can actually fill in sign contracts right inside word so the first thing that I'm going to dio is notice that it says read on lee because it came in as an email attachment I need to make another copy of it so I'm going to do a file and I'm going to do a save as and I'm going to put this in my documents folder and I'll leave their contract name up there although they could change it and I'll click safe so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to make use of those of steps that we learned earlier about inserting an image and changing the text wrap in order to sign this so in preparation, what you do need is a little graphic image of your signature and you could make that by taking a sharpie and signing your name and holding it up to your camera or scanning it however you I want to make it, but I will go to picture and picture from file and go to my documents and this is not include with your course files because it's my, uh my signature and so I'm going to go ahead and click on it and insert it and here it is it came in gigantic up at the top, but I can now click on format picture and change the rap text and I'm actually going to put this behind the text and the then drag it down in the reason why I put it behind the text is when I shrink it up it then looks like I've actually signed on the line let me go ahead and zoom in so you can see that really well so there's my name signed on the document that's my real signature when I go to put in the date that it was signed sometimes it works just fine but you can see that it's pushing the line out here's another technique especially for those of you coming over from pc on a pc you have your back space key which goes backwards and your delete key which deletes forwards and when you look at a mac keyboard there's no forward delete the backspace says the leap but if you hold your function key down if you're on a short keyboard and then functionally it deletes forwards there you go just for you okay welcome now if sometimes I try and put the date in and it doesn't let me maybe they haven't saved funny another way of putting a date in would be to take a text box and draw a text box there and then type your date in the text box let's see why that's not actually working okay for some reason it's not showing me even though I can see that it's it's typing the tribe out there this big four o nine twenty fourteen and then you can change the font and make it match the whole rest of the document and same as before go to format change the rap put it behind the text and then move it where you need it ago. So now, when I can save this document, I know I have been there twice. That. So I can save this document and then attach it to an email, which will do in the next unit. And then I just now signed a contract without having to print it out and sign it and scan it. And you can see how much time that saves.

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