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Segment 7 - Outlook - Communication Tools

Lesson 7 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 7 - Outlook - Communication Tools

Lesson 7 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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7. Segment 7 - Outlook - Communication Tools


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Segment 7 - Outlook - Communication Tools


Lesson Info

Segment 7 - Outlook - Communication Tools

In the last section I talked about flagging messages and flags are a way of marking items for follow up and so you can set a due date. Either you've got default options of today, tomorrow, this week or next week, no due date at all or a specific date. And so if I want this to be do today or tomorrow, I can simply click on that it puts the flag there and down at the bottom I can see my flag male right there. So these are all the things that I have to handle, and then once I do actually finish it, go back up to the flag and tell it to clear the flag, and then that flag goes away and it goes away from this smart folder list. If something is flagged, it also shows up in the tasks down here, and if something came up because it's flagged, when I click on the dunn for it, when I go back to the male, the flag will be gone from that item there as well. Here I am back in my flag mail, and I can see that I only have two items left on this list, so the tasks and the email flags are fully integrate...

d finishing it, and one is the same was unflagging it in the other now in that effort to get your e mails down tio a manageable number of e mails to look at one of the options that you have is making yourself a little filing cabinet with some folders and you can see here that these come from gmail the drafts important those are because this is a gmail account you'll see some folders already set up for you if this was your own it doesn't come with these default ones you would have to set them all up for scrap from scratch and that's what you can see has been done with this email address there's a folder for ebay, a folder for etc a folder for google, a folder for invoices and so that way instead of having all of this in your inbox you can shunt away ones that you don't want to see all the time but you've got them there for storage so when you have an already existing email and you want to put it in a sub folder one way would be to pick it up and drag it and drop it and I think it's also already in there there we go and so that puts it in the folder for you so now I can find it when I click on the sub folder but that also takes some elbow grease so there's another approach that you can take where you make rules that any time a message comes in that sits a specific criteria that fits specific criteria it will automatically go into those sub folders so I'm going to go ahead and first we'll make a new sub folder and then I'll show you how to set a rule for it and I'm going to go up tio my top email account for wandering star that has all of my contracts for this trade show and I'm going teo you can either um right click on it and choose new folder or you can go up to file folder I'm sorry you can't, um new file new folder so either way and now it's created a sub folder underneath the inbox and for this one I'm going to call this stretches so type in him I hit return to accept the name and I could pick something up, drag and drop it in or maybe I want all of the e mails from this person to go into this into this box could be from a person could be from a company could be e mails that have certain subject line like maybe you belong to a list server a newsletter and it always comes in with the name of the list of you can tell it's all those messages just go into this folder um I want to make one of these un read to prove one of my points in a moment all right? So when I'm ready to make a rule I click on one of the messages that has the sample content that I want to build the roll out of and then I'm going to go up to tools and then down to rules and in the rules window I have different rules for exchange accounts I map accounts again those are the ones that sink across devices like gmail pop, which is like comcast the pop emails again or ones that just download to this computer and it's doesn't synchronize to your iphone or ipad so I am working with I map so I'll stick right there and I'm going to come down to the bottom and click the plus sign and I'm going to call this trade shows and now I get to set my criteria I want to know that if any message and look at all these criteria that you can base it on if it's from somebody if it's to somebody if it has a subject with some specific words in it if it has so let's say I want to know who it's from so because I was already clicked on that message it defaulted to brian's full email address if I also want to add other criteria I can come to the end right here to this plus sign and make two rows so trade shows can have multiple criteria could be anything that comes in from brian it could be anything where the subject says um train show or in this case craft show and so I can make a cz many criteria as I want not to be careful if you have multiple criteria here it says if all conditions are met now that means that the on ly messages that are going to get caught by this rule are things from brian that say craft show which might be handy but I want things from brian and I want anything else that comes in that says craft show so I'm going to change this from all to any so you would think that all means you would have all of these things but it's the opposite you have to kind of think about an end versus in or that it's this is either this or this that makes sense okay so now I'm going to change the status and make sure that it's not junk mail that is by the way I actually make rules for junk mail so I will have one spam rule that says if it has mortgage for any conditions mortgage viagra um uh what are some of the other spams that are popular right now nigeria exactly nigeria and so I had this one rule one rule not twenty five rules of one role with twenty five different criteria and anything that matched it would I would set it to junk mail and throw it in my trash so rules can be really really powerful okay, so this is brian over them. Sorry it's not junk mail I'm going to now move the message. This is the key. I'm going to move the message and then I'm going to pick my folder trenches. So now when I get a message either from brian or the subject contains craft show I'm going to move this message into the trade shows folder and I'm not going toe apply any other rules so that any other criteria don't pull it back out again and I'll click ok, so there's that rule and now I can go up to tools I don't want to go to I'm going to go up to message and tell it tio apply my rules and now it will go through my messages or that one message, and it now moved that message for me if I want to now apply that brand new rule toe all of my messages, I would do a command a to select all and that's another one of my favorite people shortcuts, but you can also go to edit and select all so that highlights everything and then the same thing again, message rules apply my roles and boom all of a sudden I don't have email messages, they're not gone, they're all in treacherous so it's a great way of keeping your inbox just for what's new and what's hot now you do have to keep an eye out because when a new email comes in from brian it's never going to hit my inbox because those rules apply to every message coming in so you have to keep a close eye out look for these bubbles with un read messages in them because that's the only way you're going to know that a new message came in certainly getting into this you know what we were asking them what do you think is the most important feature of the melons and some of them a subject saying it's the filtering its searching is being able to take multiple personas that's something else that curio so let's say that they used it for using different templates on absolutely saying the ability to view all your mail in one place and be able to categorize it he's very useful good people are finding a practical so you can make all kinds of folders to keep them organized and I also want to point out down at the bottom the smart folders we already looked at flag male but there is also a place for high priority mail so those are all the e mails that had had exclamation points attached to them including your sent messages as well and then there's an overdue male now those are the ones that got flagged where the due date is now in the past so that will gather up your high priority old messages. Okay, so next, I want to turn our attention, teo, the contacts so contacts are down down here at the bottom, and here I have a list of different contexts, different people that I, um, um, that I correspond with. Now, if I want to add brian to this email list, there is actually an easy way of doing it when I could click on any message of hiss and I hold my cursor over his name a little box pops up and this icon right here allows me teo either open his contact or if he doesn't have one, it will create the contact. So notice that it's sucked in his email address automatically. I didn't have to go copy it and then go make a contact and then paste it. That's. Too much work. I can add in some of this information I don't need all of this. Um I can add in whichever ones I do want producer and the company name I can put in the phone numbers now notice with phone numbers put into it okay that you can change the labels. So if you have only one email and it's a home number or it's a work number, you can change those designations, make it mobile and if you have multiple phone numbers you can click this plus sign and have as many different phone numbers as you want to for one person in one card what I don't want you to do what I don't want to see is you having three cards for the same person with three different email addresses or three different phone numbers keep it all consolidated so the same thing also works for email addresses you can have a work and you can have a home and have them both in the same place now if you are on oh I'm sorry I've got to mention you can also do that with addresses you could have a home address, a work address, a shore house whatever all the email addresses you've got if you are on an exchange server you also would have the ability tio have organizational deep organisational notes and details about the person but those only show upon exchange service you also have a place to have notes about the person so if you want tio keep a phone log you know on today's date I talked I'll talk to him so four nine fourteen or any other notes that you want to keep now also don't forget those categories you can categorize a person and put them in when and when you put them in when you categorize the actual contact any e mails you get for them will automatically be categorized and any appointments that you have will automatically go into trenches so the categories are yet another way of tagging and consolidating your information, so I've just now made this that contact and so now I can see him on the list right there and when I'm looking at my contacts, I can see here that says on my computer, my address book and if I unfold that triangle, I can also see those the other categories that I have set up and if I use another person and I categorized them, maybe this is one of my friends it will still turn them the colors, but I can't see them on that list unless I go back into my categories, edit the categories, and then maybe I will just go ahead and show all of these in the navigation pain because what good are the context? I mean, the categories that you can't really see them, so I'll go ahead and I'll add all of those and so, you know, here, for example, is jamie pollack who's my husband so I can pick him up and drag him into family and he's on my work team so he's right there. And so you can see that that person has now more than one category designation the one feature that outlook has that apple's context doesn't have is the ability to make a contact group and I find this really handy when I want to send an email to a whole group of people but I don't want them all in my address book, so for example, maybe I'm teaching of course and I don't want these twenty people in my contacts, but I do want to be able to send them an email, so what I'll do is I'll click this contact group button right here and let me call this student's and I will use the bcc toe hide the information so that I'm not sending out all the e mails to everybody and then I can either type in a person's name here or I can click add you know, I think you do I don't know if you can drag and drop people into these or not, but I can now on dh anybody that I want to to this if they are already in your contacts they will just auto fill he saw that happen muslims I started typing jamie, that person popped up so if I say bianca boom, I can just pick them so if they are in your contacts they pop up. If they're not, you can add them now what's nice about this is first I'll categorize the's not as trade shows but as my students and then I will save and close this and now when I go to make a new email message I can now type in students and it pulls it three members, and I don't have to go and add all of these people to this group. It's just one group apple male doesn't have that when apple male has is instead, you have to put everybody in your contacts and then on the left hand side of the context, you have groups and so you can make a group like this. I could make students, but I have to actually drag each of the contacts into the group. What it doesn't have is that list of names that are just built into it. Everybody has to have their own contact card, okay, any questions about contact? Okay, well, ok, so the next thing that I want to do is talk about the calendar, so I'm going to click on calendar right here. So you are one of those people with, well, what we have, like ten thousand e mails would be a good way to would you go and say, make a rule and categorize them and then sort through that pile? That is a great question or ok, that is a great question, so what I would do in that case is now I'm a little bit limited because I only have these here. But let's pretend that I was getting rid of, like, I'm done with this show, and I want to get rid of all the correspondents about this show, I would search for whatever it isthe, you know, maybe it's, you know, the newsletter that you're that you're in type in, who it's from so in this case, I'm goingto type in, let us, but it could be whatever it is that will bring up all of the messages from that place. Click on the first one shift, click on the last one or do and it select all and then delete, and then we'll be gone. So that's one of the best ways of cleaning out your your email box you know, if you have a whole bunch of messages from itunes, go ahead and type in itunes, and we'll bring up all the itunes messages or if you have what's what's what's a newsletter that you get a lot off, I still get lots of I still have stuff from one dance I get london yelp emails, perfect yelp ok, so you get all these e mails from yelp all the time, and so it would obviously I don't have anybody would bring up all of your helps and click on one do a command to a to select all in italy. And that way you don't have to comb through and believe that one and delete that one and believe that one. And then after that, you could make a rule saying, don't ever do that again, it's our way! Or you can try and make it a rule that sense everything from you to your trash can or if it's, if it's a legitimate company like yelp and you don't want to hear from them, go down to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe you know anything that's, a legitimate company, don't unsubscribe from anything that shady, because if you get a spam and it's and it's in broken english and you unsubscribe eve, I should just confirmed that you're a real person and added it yourself to there through their mailing list. So anything that's shady just delete flat out anything that you know is not a really spam that's fishing. If it is from a genuine company like yelp for google or itunes, used the unsubscribe down at the bottom, just take yourself off of their list. Perfect. Okay, great question. Thank you.

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