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Segment 8 - Outlook - Calendars

Lesson 8 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

Segment 8 - Outlook - Calendars

Lesson 8 from: Microsoft Office for Mac for Creative Professionals

Alicia Katz Pollock

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8. Segment 8 - Outlook - Calendars


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Lesson Info

Segment 8 - Outlook - Calendars

Now let's, turn our attention to our calendar and I thrive on the calendar. I have a color coded multiple calendars, aiken see my own calendar, my husband's calendar, my family calendar, my wandering star calendar, my royal eyes calendar because you can color code and make appointments in all of your different calendars and then turn them on and off. So if you only want to see your work appointments, you don't have to see your personal stuff, and if you just want to see your personal stuff, you can turn on and off your work stuff. So it's really a powerful organizational tool so first let's, take a look at the layout of it you have right across here a day view, which is just today, and when you're looking at just today, there is a slider down in the bottom right hand corner that allows you to see up to all twenty four hours or just for our blocks of time. I generally keep it kind of at that happy medium of nine to five like that, but you can zoom in around the work calendar is just you...

r monday through friday calendar. If you want to see your weekends, then you click on weak and so that adds in sunday and saturday, if I look at the month for you, then I can see a month at a glance I can use these arrows to roll forward and time and back in time and that works on any view that you're on so you can move forward a week at a time and back a week at a time and if you want to jump back to today no matter where you are you can simply click on that diamond in the middle and it jumps to today there's also a today button right here and a view date button so if I want to go to see when that trade show is I can jump to that and then diamond to jump back again okay so easy to navigate and get around now what I want to add things to the calendar there's a couple different approaches aiken take there's buttons up here on the upper left hand corner I can also drag and drop right inside the calendar so I'm going to dio these in a couple different ways. So for example, right this moment we're in a class that's going from twelve forty five to two thirty so if I click right about that twelve forty five mark and pulled down, it opens up an appointment for me and so I'll call this outlook class and when I double click on it it opens up the appointment and allows me to put in details about that appointment so I can make the time exact exactly twelve fifty two to thirty I can also just like before I can categorize these, so I'll add this to my students calendar if you were on an exchange server, the status becomes a great option. This isn't going to do you any good personally, but if you're on exchange, what this does is it color codes you are times and I'll show you why in a moment free means that you have something on your calendar, but you're still available to other people tentative gives you a color coding so that you're not sure if this appointments really gonna fly or not busy standard this is a scheduled time and out of office is great if you're in a work environment because that tells people that you are gone not where you are so they don't know if you're on a trip or at a doctor's appointment or out sick, they just know that you're not in the office, so I'm going to leave this one as busy for right now if he would like it. Tio give you an alert or a reminder here's one reminder down at the bottom, which came up because we're in the middle of this appointment. But if you do want it to pop up a reminder, you can have it remind you anywhere from five minutes ahead of time all the way up to hours and hours and then days and weeks so if you have something pop coming up you can remind yourself maybe you have to send somebody a birthday card you can remind yourself a week ahead of time or maybe you just need a few hours to remind yourself to get there so maybe I'll remind myself two hours ahead of time now this appointment is also going to recur for the next three days so I can go to recurrence just like we saw with the tasks and I'm going to do a recurrence and it gives me a couple options but I'm going to go to custom and I want this to repeat daily every day from today on ly until again a jump teo on ly until the eleventh and so the start time to the end time and I click ok and so once we accept this you're going to see it on the calendar three days in a row okay so I'm gonna go ahead and save and close that and there you can see the appointment said for three days now in this demonstration you've seen me have information about a trade show so let's put that on the schedule and that's on the twenty sixth and the twenty seventh and that's going to be kind of hard to do by a drag because twenty six is on one week on the twenty seventh is on the next week so instead I'm going to come up here to this appointment but and I'll talk about meeting and in a few minutes but here's, my appointment opens up the same one that we saw and I'll put on the my seal craft show and this time I'll pick my start date and I'll pick my end it but I don't want it to fill in all the hours and all the columns, so I'm going to tell it that it's an all day event and so the difference for what that's going to dio let me go ahead and categorize this as a trade show, but I'll save and close this and then when I look at the calendar instead of being in the hourly spread it's just a banner across the top and when I look at it in month for you didn't take the twenty seventh to find that way when I clicked on all day of them erased that second one so here let's do this and actually yeah, so now it's the twenty seventh and I'll save in close and there it is now the color coding is really key with this because if you make a good set of categories that really reflect your projects, then like I said before, it allows you to turn them on and off and so if I don't want to see certain kinds of appointments, all I have to do is click these check boxes and hide whatever I don't know to say if you're at work, hide your personal if you're at home, hide your work now less with making appointments is making meetings now this is going to be a little hard for me to demonstrate because meetings work best when you're on in exchange environment and exchange again is when you're working in a corporate environment where you have everybody is we're running off of a corporate mail server and your accounts are controlled by your I t department but this feature is really cool and really worthwhile and that is this meeting button right here and so the rest of the appointment works exactly the same way but you also have a scheduling assistant down here and again this is not really going toe work because, um we're not in that environment but it's incredibly handy so let me add all that brian and and I'll add in expand my window and get some more room here jamie now what does would d'oh is color code on it would pull up their calendars with those color coatings that we saw earlier if it's marked is busy it's gonna be a solid blue line if it's tentative it would be a light blue with hash is and if it was out of office it would turn purple and so what this would do is this would literally fill in all of their appointments on the schedule and when you are trying to find a time tio have a meeting this meeting picker will actually jump from from bar to bar to bar until you confined it's a it's a one hour meeting and spread that out to an hour and then literally it will just find the next available time when everybody is available all at the same time so it's a wonderful feature if you have a bunch of people you're trying to get to a meeting you also in an exchange environment have the ability to add rooms as well so your it department can actually add in your different meeting rooms your board room you're all the different rooms and you can schedule a room a cz well and find out when the room is available when all of these people are available and then you don't have to call twelve people to find out when they can all meet and then one person breaks and then you got to call all twelve people again so this is a amazing time saver when you're on an environment that does pull in all the schedules so that opens me up for questions I'm going to go ahead and actually send this message when I click send it's now going tio um send e mails to all those people and ask them to attend yes can you tell if someone's gotten the message about the meeting? What it's going to d'oh is when I look at the meeting it's going tio give people an opportunity to accept the meeting or not and so it will under on the pc it's a little bit more obvious on the mac it will start listing people as they are apply to it will be able to say you know this person has accepted this person has declined and a lion actually managed the participants no after you know you've seen me make a whole lot of use of all of the um all of the categories and so where that comes into play on the large scale is up here under the search so when I'm trying to do a search if I do a search for students for example now it shows me from student to student subjects student received I want the category of student now nothing's showing up but that's also because I'm just in one particular box right here I can click on sub folders I can click on all of the email but most importantly here all items and that's going to open it up tio everything in outlook my email my contacts my calendar my tests so it's searching the whole thing for anything under the category of student so it's this all items button right there and if I change that category two trenches and I give it a minute now it's going to pull up everything I have related tio trade ships my contacts my e mails my tasks. Ok, so any other questions? Yeah, can you think of your outlook calendar to like your google calendar or the your phone calendar? Something up under the preferences there's a sink services, and so this will give you some ability to synchronize its made for synchronizing to apple devices, but you can actually kind of do a bridge where you use this and you think it tio your calendar and your contacts, and then you sink your icloud tio your google calendar and yes, it will send itself through, so I'll go ahead and I'll leave this on. You also have the ability to do some other customization while I'm here in the preferences and so we already looked at general and we already looked at it accounts, notification and sounds allows you to control when your computer beeps and bunks at you. When you get a new email, when you they send a message to get that wish sound, but if you don't like those you khun, turn any of these off if when new messages come in, one thing I like to dio is bounced the outlook icon in the dock that way I know that I have a new message come in, so but being bouncing up and down like a yorkie, so that gives me that, um, that alert it also display an alert on your desktop what that will do is when a new message comes in you're going to see up here in the upper right hand corner a little window pop up that has either the message subject and a preview or just the subject line but I will say who it's from and that information in it so when a new email comes in it will come up and then fade away and then another will come up been fade away and if you get a whole bunch messages though would you and then down again oh I made one mistake it's not the upper right hand corner to the bottom right hand corner and if you click on one of those alerts when it pops up it will actually go to that message and open it up so it's a nice way of of saving you a couple clicks ok back to the show all we already explored categories funds you can change your default fonts here so if you don't like calibri if you want something else you can change your default font you can also change the size and color I don't generally recommend going larger than fourteen it may look good for you on your side but the person receiving it it's going to look way too big on their side so twelve anywhere from ten to twelve ten to fourteen is good twelve was kind of the standard there's also at entries for plain text messages. But I think that's a lot less of an issue than it used to be. Almost everybody gets html or formatted messages now, so I'm not going to make any changes to that. If the lists on the left or too small, I can change those tow large. I'm sorry not on the left, the list in the middle. So now I just made those a little bit bigger in order to accommodate that, though I would probably need tio make my cup to readjust the sizes of my columns to make that fit. And so I can. I'm right on the edge of date right here so I could make that bigger and then right on the edge of these columns, and so I can readjust my columns there now for me, that's too big that's impractical. But if you have your using your computer and not wear your glasses, that could be really helpful. So I am going to go back into outlook and then to preferences again, and I am going to put that back to medium back to show all again and there's auto correct settings. And this is what changes your at your text as you put in typos and fixes it for you. And there's a couple things here that I find I find kind of handy that right here it says correct to initial caps, so if I have double capitals that fixes it and that's something that I do a lot, I'm a very fast typist and that happens also with wandering star I abbreviate wandering star with capital w capital s star w star and so I can add that as an exception so when I don't want it to correct w star so that way when I make a new email if I did wandering star, it fixes it, but because I made an exception, it didn't fix that, which is good because that's actually how I refer to the company okay, looks like somebody accepted my invitation to that class brian's going to coming to it okay, back to show all again and there are a couple other settings here when I'm reading the email I had mentioned when does an email get marked as red on dh so right now it defaults to when the selection changes, you can have it as soon as you're on it for two seconds on ly when it opens up in a separate window, I've I consulted with some companies that on lee mark things as red once it's been handled so they leave everything as unready until they market as red, so that would be doing this I'm not going to focus on those let's go on to show all composing this is when you're making a new email message and again it gives you options for html, which is formatted email versus plain text email which wipes out all of your formatting and just has very simple black text most people do have html and so here you can change what happens when you reply to a message you can have it always replied forward using your default email account instead of the one that the email is from and it's always worth you know when I'm when somebody is new to a program I like them to use the program for a little while and then come take a look at the preferences because there's a lot of things here that are just really detailed but they could be like the thing that just makes it completely usable for you but not necessarily worth me spending time going over each of them so once you've gotten up and running without look I highly encourage you to come into all of these preferences and look at what every single one does so that you can customize it for yourself we already looked at signatures we already looked at rules um schedules right now it's set up tio automatically when it yeah it said right now to check email approximately every five minutes and so I can also specify these schedules so that they happen on specific intervals maybe I don't want it to check by itself or I don't want it to check every five minutes I only wanted to check every hour so you have the ability to create your own schedules ok under calendar this is really helpful maybe you don't work nine to five maybe you start at eight a m and you work from eight to four so you can change your hours and maybe you don't work on tuesdays but you do work on saturdays now remember that workweek view that we had when I go back to calendar and I go back to work this is now the calendar that it's given me notice that on ly monday is white tuesday is gray this has now adjusted the hours from eight to four but not included tuesday so that is being generated by this work schedule right here maybe you need a longer default reminder instead of reminding you fifteen minutes before an appointment maybe wanted to remind you an hour before the appointment some companies work on weak numbers you know if you work it intel your own weak number thirty two you know this will tell you what this will start numbering your weeks when you're looking at the month calendar and the time zone should be set by your time zone but if you need to change that you can and they'll click show specifications for contacts maybe you're overseas and you need a different default address. I do want to automatically form at the phone numbers, although why that didn't work before I couldn't quite tell you, but you khun auto format your phone numbers you can have your context search sort differently. You can also have it always check the addresses of recipients before sending a message, but that's something you do on an exchange network it's not going to go look up somebody's gmail address for you to see if it's correct it's not going to do that and last but not least feedback if this is one of those security issues that if you have this set to participate in the program, what is actually going to do is collect information about your computer hardware and kind of see where you click around and see where you use the software so that when they're developing the next version or when they're debugging, they can use that usability in there on the one hand there's some programs where I do let it track me if it's a program that I use a lot, I want them to improve it, and if they can learn something from my habits, then that will help them maybe building some techniques that I could use it's not direct contact it's not like they can say, oh alicia never uses notes it's more just looking at the aggregate information of how the software is used so when it is a program that I'm committed to I do turn this on for now I'm going to tell it no okay and less but not least I'm going to come down here to the notes we did male calendar contacts and tests let's look at notes notes is a place to store snippets pre one note that's all you had was this little notes area right here and this is simply a free form place where I can make a note and put in something and have different notes like that and I'll save that and so that will show up there or I've seen people use this for user names and passwords I've seen people use it for registration codes you know so any again little snippets that you want to store you could put it in here at this point I would say use one note but it has always been a nice place to keep you know it's one of the places where I've kept some of my passwords when I've needed to and you can categorize your notes as well so you know if I want to keep track of the rates for those ads in that conversation with brian or booth costs aiken store information about a show in here and when I want to look back again I don't have to go look up my contracts I can just come in here and see all the stats about a particular show, so there's offense the ways that you could use the news, okay, what are the questions for my audience? What does it mean when they they give the option to work off line? Does that mean whatever you work on gets sent later? Yeah, so if you don't have an internet connection, you khun still open up the messages that have been downloaded and replied to them, but they're going to sit in your outbox until he reconnected, then it will send everything. Do you have any questions in the chat room? Good looks like everybody's really engaged following it through. I just want that I saw earlier. Is there a quick tip on how you can avoid multiple calendar listening? Listing sorry when sinking among devices I've wound up with the same appointment listed as many as eight to ten times because I used both outlook and the os calendar that comes from ginger. Hank yeah, what you're really going to need to do is come through your settings very, very carefully make a decision for where the main information is. Does it live in, uh, michael or calendar? Does it live in your outlook? Doesn't live on your gmail, and then probably the best thing to do is turn off all the synchronization keep them on the one device, that's your master and then turn on the sinking one at a time. Turn on first the apple icloud because that's the one that your computer is using as its default, so turn that one back on, see where that propagates once that is functioning properly, then go turn on the connection to google calendar, then go turn on the connection tio outlook and if you wipe them all out except except the one master than it will start up cleanly again, griff is asking if there's an easy way when you have multiple contacts for the same person to consolidate them. I know that in apple mill I don't think there is in outlook that I know of. I know that in contacts on the apple side there's, a menu item that says merge cards, but I don't think there is one in outlook. Ah, and finally be man is asking. Can I click on a proposed time in an email to create a calendar event, you know that's, another feature that's on the apple side but not existent in outlook.

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