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Segment 11 - What is Holding You Back?

Lesson 11 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

Segment 11 - What is Holding You Back?

Lesson 11 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

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11. Segment 11 - What is Holding You Back?


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Lesson Info

Segment 11 - What is Holding You Back?

We hear from the studio audience members what they're what they're wise are who they're going to effect and where it will take you. Well, I would like to combine, um, my love of fitness and my love of visiting the outdoors with a group experiences, so I would like to be able to take groups for nature hikes are or whatever level of, you know, maybe just walk around the backyard if someone's not up for that and combining that with with yoga, so to take hikes and to be able to lead people on hiking experience. I live near the sierra nevada, so I love to visit the sierra nevada's, but I've never been brave enough to go by myself with the group that I would like to take can ask what's when you saw that brave, what would be stopping you? Is it the thought of these getting the people to come with you are starting something new that hasn't been done before? It's both of those, yeah, because been hiking in the sierras with my husband, but I have never gone on a trip that I would lead the group ...

and that's what I would like to dio and combine that with, um, with yoga and fitness, because going up to the top of a mountain or to a meadow and being able to spend a few minutes and then do a little bit of yoga movement there it just kind of brings it to anu anu happy you find you're combining some of the top things that actually elevate people sense a wealthy community moving nature appreciation I mean right there and you'll have people moving for feelings versus numbers and I it's always difficult to find enough time to get together with family or friends andi I think that would be such a good experience if I could gather them and take them have wonderful and I'll join you in a lineup I think about you um I'd really love teo create programming um wellness and fitness programming for the ageing population and caregivers combined um I worked with an older population in physical therapy and what I do is uh help them in their function but I would love to combine my love of fitness and wellness with functional practice because I think that generation doesn't appreciate the value of exercise and movement and they think it's work when I say we have to do our exercises it's just to get better but not as a way of life so to create resource is and programming information available to the community when reframing there and giving them value teo like adding life to their years yes and this is I'm moving into that demographic soon we while you know but it's as we get eight as we get older our sometimes you feel discounted yes so to bring that you matter into this world and create movements that feel good to them and not a chore and with your expertise and knowledge, what a gift that you'll be sharing it again it's community and especially aging population community is the number one reason having a sense of purpose that getting up every morning has been shown to be two of the biggest drivers sense of purpose did you want to share our, um I am minus finding out with my next gift or job is, um in that might involve photography in my place creative life it's kind of comes from my husband he's a photographer, but I was at a convention and they had a booth for women who lost their babies called. Now I lay me down to sleep and those are the people that I felt that I had something offered because I understand that and it would help them to have a memory because I know that's really important to have that remembrance of your child. So something I'm thinking about and I'd have to kind of overcome some fears of my own about am I good enough and who am I to be will not know this, but it sounds like you'll be sharing what you've experienced and I think what I'm goingto touch on now that actually talk on a lot tomorrow it's fair because I think that I'm going away off stop it right now! But I think it's important the number one driver of why we don't make these goals this fear? What if? Who am I on the same page? We talk about off top five beliefs I have that I had whom I I don't have initials I have what if they see the real me? But think of the work that you could do by sharing your passion with purpose with others? I can tell how deeply you care pikers often read teach what we have been through a we are learning and your compassion is what people are going to connect to. You know, we often think that people get connected to the letters and the initials and I joke about it, but initials and letters don't connect and sell people buy to your story and we all have a story I'm here because of a story. For many years, I suffered from anxiety and fear wasn't good enough and it shortens your life, but then I put it when I think of putting into tennis, serve yes, and it gets all scary think of all those amazing people, you're going to help by doing this incredible work. That is when we stand in service that we can begin to quiet in those fears and it's not ignore them and I think for many years I try to push them away like that's a that's a negative that's a weakness no fears or in our dna are blinking caveman ancestors is in our reptilian brave it's built into us it's not something that's wrong with us we all have it but I think a lot of us especially at home working at home on our own sense of self worth a deep rooted self esteem it's not who I am I to be doing this who are you not to be doing this that amazing quote from marianne williamson I have it up on another slide but often time it's that light that you know I'm knowing that feeling the fear and failing is ok that the's air biggest steaks for us this is a dream this is a dream these air dreams so the stakes get bigger and so the risk of failing gets a little picker here there was so much support for you rene in our chat room so you already have a message that's affecting other people in a positive way and there's a lot of support in here for you I think for a lot of us whatever our story is we all have a story and we're gonna talk about rewriting the story tomorrow we think we're alone and we often don't put voices to it and I'm sitting here no different from you um one must still so different and good lighting that nothing we all have a story and it's true we choose to share it and lift each other up and acknowledge that story and then make change through it and again by serving like who's my life whose life my going to change through this and I'm excited and we just we try and we think about the steps that we need to take to get there and then we reach out to those help us get there and then when we when we don't know we reach out for up to others and if it's never been done before you have faith because what happened for me recently I was freaking out in fear paralyzed fight flight freeze I was frozen I mean brain lock body lock but lock to my chair I mean I was frozen paralyzed because what had happened me in the past when you were big thinkers in the past I've always looked down and my fitness world has always been a some footprints to follow has suddenly I look down I went camp combining movement would posit psychology where the footprints and the world any and I study what I'm creating a path and the fear paralyze me for a moment what if this what if that who might be doing this and that's their I make friends with it but she was not to listen to it but thank you so much for sharing I just can tell the work that you would bring in the heart means more than anything else that stuff you can't put on paper and initials and buy and go to school for that is that's life that you put into your work with purpose and it will move lives and change life so I hope each and every one of you before words with this can we hear from the other audience members that haven't had a chance tto t have to write great who do we have gretchen have you going? It hasn't made its way clear on so minus similar to renee and the fact that it involves photography but I have been transitioning um into learning to feel and even know my passions and what I want to do and I have been exploring moving into the feel the photography um with my other patch in which his children and I would love to focus on the newborn side um and I feel like number one it would touch my life I feel like most of my life I have focused on what I should be doing instead of what I want to be doing and that caused me to lose touch with what I actually really want and um so I'm trying to bring that back in and I'm excited for me but I'm also excited for the families that will touch I think that is such a precious time of life just those few weeks with a newborn and to be able to capture that so that families could remember that place for a long time would be really special I love it love it I think also what I'm hearing is whatever all goals are and now deeply rooted in a sense of passion and purpose and we'll get on to the next subject is going to help us find a lot more willpower to do those steps that are not always enjoyable sometimes the steps that we need to take is just work but when you have the passion and purpose behind it it doesn't always seem like work and that's the difference between visualizing ofthe best future self and then actually putting step down to help us get there on the next steps would be which things are helping on which things are hindering and for money of us I'm feeling on dino for you personally what hinders me in my belief I believe about myself self limiting beliefs not true that not based on truth that placed on someone else's story of myself or some crazy story I've created about myself they don't serve me self limiting beliefs don't serve us and they don't serve the work that you guys can put out into the world and that world of gratitude that we conserve this work forward with gratitude and grace I'm excited for the future oh uh I took a slightly different angle e so mine is bring positive psychology into my workplace is the standard I work in corporate america it's sometimes of grind you know uh we have driven by as you know, by the street by the numbers by the share price so what we often see in my division is um to meet the numbers they cut people but people go we have to be more efficient, more effective, more profitable and I believe that the positive psychology can do that without cutting people I think if you make people happier what I'm hearing you make the more efficient they will be better workers so I do have my kind of timeline for that so I've started on a very small scale this year with trying to learn more myself and step out and do that and interact by sending emails to people and things like that um the where that will take me will be a different kind of leadership role within the company on dh then so my one year goal is personal influence what I compulsively influence my three year goals is my division five your goals starting to take it out into other divisions and turn your goals will be the standard so it's it's a bit long I gave myself a long way later on right but but that kind of slightly different angle now and I love it and tall one of my taliban, shahar, who is really why I'm doing this when people ask him, how do you bring this? Is the workplace always go to the bottom line when you want to bring this to it? Your workplace that's not if you know a proponent of you work for someone else talk to that bottom line because they will listen and there's a lot of research, I don't have it on me right now. There's a lot of research and resource is you can pull from to show how creating a culture in the world place that's driven by posit psychology increases profits, reduces people leaving, retain up retention. Thank you, um and it does nothing but increase the dollar as you increase the happiness, but companies don't they want to see okay, show me and there is a lot of research coming out now that khun back that up, that we couldn't get to you taken to work. One of the interesting things that you had said earlier that definitely resonated with this goal is the one to ten the negative versus the positive in that one negative interaction on day one of our corporate goals is customer satisfaction eight on dh that one negative dust stick with our customers better, so we it's the little things make people loyal to accompany your loyal as a customer. So if you have positive employees interacting with the customers, if they're if you I just, I believe it's a big ball where if you give them positive interaction, they will passel there's a great saying long after they've forgotten what you have said, they remember how you made them feel, and that is especially true when it comes to customer service all lack off there him and I will go back now. I would pay more money for better customer service that makes me feel good have enough stress in my day, the last thing I wanna be on the end of a phone with summers make me feel worse and I'll go back to that company because they made me feel that even if that price is a little more so, yeah, go sista, go. How about you, jacqueline? Well minus still this, uh, you know, this time in my life where I'm ready for something different, I've raised three kids pretty much single handedly put him off for school, you know, I've been in survival mode and, you know, work my way from, you know, public education, teo the corporate world, I live in that world, you know? The corporate ladder and all that and you know I don't need to make it big anymore I'm ready to simplify and just, you know, one of those baby boomers was ready to do the next thing you know, I just want teo and I so my love I you know, from in my work in my work part of my work involved video production working with crews like this and so I love a video production actually, my dream would be to make a documentary film, but I'm like a producer without a story to tell, so I want to find a compelling story that will make a difference that will raise awareness for something important get a message out and actually just recently I came upon a family member who has a a family member who has a very important story to tell and, you know, I'd like to do that so it's kind of like a further reaching goal than just the more immediate goal of transitioning kind of away from the work I'm doing now into something more energizing, probably involving video production actually and I'm writing a novel just all of those things it's just this new phase like I love being in that creative flow yeah, I just crave it and I'm not having a cz much of it and I can afford two now I can afford to just make this shift and I'm just finding you need to find the time frames you know bye you know, maybe by september I'm going to do a certain amount of to have figured out like just this minute you know that you've given us question but I'm certainly going to go home and do that and then maybe by the end of the year and then maybe it by the end of next year the probably like a three part plan of it there's nothing wrong also in setting goals and then changing them I think that's another thing that he often do I set this goal I have to do it whatever our passions change our life experience changes wake up tomorrow the whole story could be different so they have goals but know that they need to always be in value with where you are right now you're a day in your life and that could change tomorrow and there is nothing wrong in then going you know what? That was a great goal but doesn't serve you right now I'm going change it hey, they always say where was obligated? We can change our mind as many times as you want, especially with gold settings one don't get locked in because we think this is what I should be doing and like before we heard that you know something I just don't know because you've been so busy living off should that we sit and go, what would I be doing if I could do anything in the world? It just seemed a little too too much to even think that I could live like that, and no, maybe we can't live like that in every arab alive. Let's get grounded in reality, too. Maybe I'll work life it's not going to be like, you know, butterflies and poppies right now, but we could make a small shift, a small goal in my life at home, or be the change at work you don't have to go in. I always do is like people come back from a fitness convention. You can tell the students, go she's, been to one of those conventions because she's throwing everything new into that class, you know, we don't have to go out on tuesday. You live by example again, people learn by watching versus being told what we should be doing.

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a Creativelive Student

I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

Michal Levi

Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )


Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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