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Segment 14 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 2

Lesson 14 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

Segment 14 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 2

Lesson 14 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

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14. Segment 14 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 2


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Lesson Info

Segment 14 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 2

What I want right now is actually have stand up some figuring that that low blood sugar useful the willpower of trying to like sit here beautifully impostor up right we're going to stand up we're going to move I'm gonna touch briefly on habits and then wrap it up for the next break so I would invite you all to stand up because what could help willpower is to get moving and happy and for you at home is that what the witching hour like two o'clock five o'clock sometimes on the east coast so we're going to get up and we're going to just move because we're questioning our mind set to one of the best ways to get out of our brains is into a body and opera so if we could have some music maestro just magical when that happens let's just shake it up shake it well uh what about looking filly smiling just like rock aside aside just a bit of blood flowing you got a chair workout going on over here let's come back with your breath in good lift it up and down this is a great thing to do when you fee...

l like that energy that will power well just like I got nothing left this is what I want you to go yeah just peroxide aside and take the arms up over right here beautiful way the gorgeous host that is with kun in spain you're gonna save me reach to me open up that heart beautiful they're gonna like bubba groove on then their night will beat the drum that we did earlier this morning beautiful take a deep breath in again breathe it in and lift it up do that again way jumping over reaching open your heart theo drum right here you make me so happy it's just so awesome good now he's like a little pause right here we're going to take it'll push on pull get I don't want this I want that real power beautiful way I should take you home with me you just you you get deep breath in wait do that again wave energy shift in the energy gets so static sitting next to me give me that drum right here smiling is optional but it totally helps good push for right here did you know that when you smile this's true research I don't make these things up I couldn't if I want to do that when you smile it releases the same feel good as eating two thousand bars of chalk who knew it was a british researcher because they kind of chocolate beans over there and bring way changes and bring our feet together we're gonna put our hands with eyes fill chappelle's good way to sit in the chair nice I'm gonna have a little on this is officer I'm gonna reach wanna and then the other arm good absent nice and tight I sent the word abs oh, my gosh good for more life for more fitness people we do that use their four more twenty five ago beautiful that's region one last time take it up. Wait for me, please. Nice little tap right here. Push pull one last time push! This could be a good metaphor for will power go away I don't want that thought I'm gonna bring this thought to me to the other side mom had a really great experience reason with tall ben shahar were just like this the music stopped and we all stop moving big because why when the music stuff do you stop dancing on terms first give a high five say you're awesome you're awesome you're awesome on then take a seat how do you feel? Blood moving a little bit breath moving a little bit thoughts moving a little bit that's what five minutes of moving khun dio when you get stuck when you like my willpower well is just empty gap on move don't move for any other reason than your mood, your energy, your vitality, your creativity have got moved to your dreams move so you know that when I feel more vital, more creative and build the best service in this world

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a Creativelive Student

I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

Michal Levi

Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )


Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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