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Segment 16 - What Workout Will Make You Happy

Lesson 16 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

Segment 16 - What Workout Will Make You Happy

Lesson 16 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

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16. Segment 16 - What Workout Will Make You Happy


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Segment 16 - What Workout Will Make You Happy

This segment is about which workout will make me happy. First thing was the one that you will do, you know what makes you thrive? What gets you into flow? We'll talk a little bit about that in a moment, but talking about habits, I want to just revisit that from the last segment because much of what we associate with movement and when we put the word exercise onto it is the habit of getting into a healthier life, whether that means moving mohr or making healthier food choices, or limiting our time on social media. And we can have visited towards the annual last segment about how the habit has three pieces the cue, the habit itself and then the reward on we want to see what did I have a quick moment to do it? And when the audience had a habit that they might, we're looking at what that loop wass for them and what they want to change that loop toe, maybe shift that have it either to a more positive spin will take it out of their life completely if it wasn't serving them towards living the...

ir life of their dreams and being able to be of service. By sharing your story with others and the work that you're going to do in this amazing world I think denise you said you had a habit that you I wanted to touch upon I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is check my phone to see e mails and facebook and linked in and stuff that doesn't really affect the next two hours a day but yeah and how does that make you feel when you do it? I mean here's the thing when you said that complete honesty I do that to become such a habit I didn't even look at that as being a habit so that is something I want to change to sew for me obviously our trigger is waking up tio on then our actual habit is picking up my phone and starting my day with a screen yeah yeah I wanted what are rewarded I mean I think for me the reward is I feel like I'm missing out on something or checking or maybe feeling like I'm getting a head start on my day that I'm that um I'm kind of ahead of the game before it starts when reality that doesn't set me up for goodness in anyway so I'm wondering how you and I and maybe some of you out there if you happen to be doing the same thing not saying that anyone else does that what we could do to change that for me because I also use my phone as my alarm clock that's so I'm thinking that's the first thing I would change I would not use my phone is the long clock and I would probably put my phone in another room so excuse me that power the pot I want to do that first thing we'll do that tomorrow go online tonight partisan along block but that right there that happened then just turning off the alarm because it's on your phone there's the trigger it's right in your hands I mean, talk about using willpower to not do that so we'll keep it out we'll keep each other accountable. Yeah. Jenny, do you have a comment? I'm not sure I'm pretty sure that the reward is different for everybody. I used to do that and it was a habit I absolutely had to break because it just it set my day off wrong sure, how on dh this is gonna sound so terrible but the reward with feeling important because those I was important I had to check my email the first thing I have to do and actually I had to realize I wasn't that it could wait two hours the world could wait two hours for me oh ah ha oprah moment for me there you mean it's not all about me yeah, so talking about that I mean, you know it think about being perfectly in human rights we noticed this but I'm gonna have to look at that revisit that that maybe my ego is a little more well but it could be that you know I don't know though doesn't that doesn't resonate with me but maybe just too uncomfortable to declare in public I get back from that tomorrow that's the joy of having two days put that on hold so tonight now we are going to talk about moving on what workouts make us happy and if we know that exercise and movement is one of the key things along with gratitude being in service having a positive outlook in life being what aware of all thoughts is one of the strongest tools we can use to feel more joyful more alive more vital helps lower depression helps a space our fear exercise and movement has so many great things for our lives why are still over twenty five percent of americans reporting zero zero leisure time activity so I believe it's time for us to reframe the why like I said before behind why we move I think if we can empower ourselves through movement versus dis empower ourselves to exercise I think things might change. Recent studies from the world health organization said approximately three point two million deaths a year are attributed to insufficient physical activity three point two million death movement is not a choice it's for your life but how we frame up that movement, we'll either have be ableto have issues less willpower to do it because you look forward to it, it becomes a habit or if we frame it up in that negative story, we're going to still have to use so much willpower to get up and get moving and some of us may never get moving, reframing the why and try not to make movement something that we do for a future goal. When we think about losing weight or dropping a dress size, it becomes transactional. I moved to lose or as we move for mood, we gained right away and it's within five minutes. You can feel it big difference so if we can move for now and our mood, I think things will change through the amazing gift of technology. We have engineered movement right out of our body and if you are sitting right now, every one of you out there we are killing ourselves through sitting in this day and age sitting is our equivalent off smoking that important that we get moving and some of the statistics here are going to be a little shocking, and I came up with something that I hope you take seriously, and that is I want to scare the fit out of you, it is that important. It's that important city is bad for a spine are organs are brain are mood, our circulation, our waistline and we get so worried about the workout that which work we should be doing high intensity training to about a boot camp forget the workout I just want us to move from sitting to standing on what really dawned on me from many years I wrote articles for magazines on how he had more movement into daily life. How do you know? Park your car further away from the grocery store take the stairs instead of the elevator and because I was teaching fitness five, six times a week, it really I was writing these articles, but I wasn't living there. People really need to do this, you know, where you're in the gym and it wasn't until I started changing my passion where I had to do a lot of research and a lot of, you know, stuff online, I started to use one of the apse that john referred to moves and there would be days when I would take four hundred steps four hundred now the minimum for health is ten thousand, and here am I a fitness professional, standing up and talking health and I'm moving for hundred steps today that's what an at became a massive wake up call for me, so we've become a world of professional sitters and when I ask which workout will make us happy, I say which workout will save your life? And that is standing there's a great website and it is computing comfort dot org's the word computing, comfort dot or ge? I found it a couple of weeks ago, and it gives you the caloric difference between when you're sitting versus standing. So I did. The data is my own personal research, so I kind of gave an approximate I normally sit five days a week, normal on the weekends us hopefully be out and about doing activities, but quite often those five days could be seven put the average in a five I often sit at my desk for eight hours and at my weight that kind of works out about one hundred one thousand one hundred ninety six calories you know, a week I multiplied that by forty five it took seven weeks after vacations. I was hoping I'd be jumping and swimming and hiking and baek and kayaking to yoga, and that equivalent of me sitting for eight hours or standing for those five days a week for forty five weeks was equivalent ofthe fifteen pounds on my waistline just from standing too sitting, I'm not saying this for vanity reasons days off for health reasons when we sit more than two hours a day, our lifespan is reduced by two years when we watched tv for an additional two more hours our lifespan is short and another one point four years were not a statistic this's give or take and some of us will sit forever and live forever but this is on general this is what the research is showing every hour that you watch of television above the age of twenty five years every hour takes twenty two minutes off your life so we're talking about taking time for your life I don't have time to do this we have to do this not just for ourselves but for our children so I did this research and it's completely unscientific but when you add happiness to your life, you add about five to eight years to your life when you sit you take eight years off your life so if you sit and you're happy kind of counsellor self help if you sit and you're unhappy oh m j if you stand and you're unhappy council's itself out but if you stand and you happy, clap your hands because you're gonna live for a long time but it is that it sounds so this is not necessarily new, but it really is important stuff that we don't pay attention to as a fitness industry we have spent so much time focusing on what people do at the hour at the gym we have negated toe look at the other sixteen hours of the day and other research has shown us you could go to the gym and you can pump I and work on run the and run and walk and whatever elliptical for an hour, and then you come down and sit at your desk for eight hours that one hour the gym has just been counseled out we this's where I think movement is so important we get we think that movement and exercise happens in the gym. I'm not even concerned about that that's taken care of let's. Look at the other hours in our day off how we can add movement into our life, not just a fire up ah, body but sarah, our brain. One thing we khun d'oh, we're professional status is to sit safely. So what does that mean? Right now? I'm gonna invite you old at home to do this with me so many times that the deaths were the computer. What, like this? Right? Or like this causes baracus rangers I'm guilty of it, shuts down our organs, shuts down our brain and also inhibited, inhibits or inhibit tates like that. Words don't know what it means. It inhibited our breathing and our ability to deal with stress, so if you have to sit let's, sit safely, I actually use a balance ball now. And I really enjoy that and I'm not recent have a new cat which jumps on my lap, so I have to stand otherwise I'm trying type and, like do all this with warm cat cat looking at me that as years to my life because pets are good for the stress level so I meant much more likely to be standing I desk now but if not for sitting first I'm going to do is uncross the legs and then sit towards the front of your challenge of this home with me or you creatives out there set up I can see you. Okay, put your feet firmly on the floor beautiful and now let's, just do something together I want just kind of sit as you normally would maybe like this position and I want to take try and take a deep breath in go just just do a little test just take a deep breath as you can see this and now sit upright just to nothing more than bring your shoulders over your hips beautiful and now relax the valuable bit no one's looking good and roller shoulder and now take a deep breath in on let it go did you feel a difference? Did you feel the difference you cannot breathe here and one thing that helps us deal with our everyday work stress is breath and now what I'd like you to do is take a deep breath in for four counts and we're gonna lengthen thie exhale so let's take a breath and for four one, two, three forget bro out six just through the nose or the mouth one, two, three, four, five six we breathe in for four one, two, three four on dh out for six, one, two, three, four five you just do that for twenty seconds you elicit the re lax ation response at work, which means you could move out of that hot zone into the cool so it helps you be able to manage your stress level at work when you see that email come across shouting at you and all like bold font just doing that once an hour, setting a little reminder to yourself of sitting back for a minute and taking four counts in on a longer ex held an inhale brings up the same thing always his meditation. It helps you relax and get out of that fight or flight state that we often move into without even realising. So if you're sitting, try not to have your legs crossed, try and sit on something like a resistible rebalance boss and they could help with your balance make sure your feet are on the floor and shoulders air over the hips and the one thing that killing off spines is what we collect a seeker of what kind of rounded out like this all we want or we have lower back pain and you hear so many people o r sitting on my desk I turned around to get a pencil on my back went out because on denise knows this actually is can you speak to that? Being a physical therapist pull on the strength of the audience sitting in your bad backs well, when you're sitting in your round here you have what you call the post your tilt of your pelvis pelvis is tilted backward which shortens your hamstrings and it puts a lot of extra pressure on your lower back and someone we actually twist we have a flexed and a rotated spine which causes the most are the greatest risk of having herniated disc and lower back problems and then there's a high correlation between tight hamstrings and low back pain so sitting in a bad posture shortens your hamstrings and added low back pain right as well as sitting has the most compressive forces on your low back standing has less and then of course lying down has the least amount right that combination thank you so much of that. So with that I mean if we have to sit, you know, sit safely, check in with yourself especially your posture and your breathing two little safety check, like once every hour, you're broad, iwill. Thank you. Work well, thank you. Your brain will. Thank you. Your boss will thank you until your own, but if you're not.

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I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

Michal Levi

Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )


Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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