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Segment 19 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 3

Lesson 19 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

Segment 19 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 3

Lesson 19 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

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19. Segment 19 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 3


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Lesson Info

Segment 19 - Moving to Happiness: Movement 3

And so while we're on this, what I'd love to do is one more movement today and I want to call this your desk de stress I've designed it for those you sitting at a desk and kids my have my chair please boo thank you so much like all the little to someone make these homemade hm? Was that your crafty people yet one of our instructors oh that's way love cradle of life I'm not crafty crafty yeah I'm just gonna get no I'm not crafty let me take some coconut water so I created this for those of you that at work and you don't have time to go to the gym and you don't have time to do this is like a five minute break you khun dio if you could do this like once an hour it will make an impact in your day your creativity, your brain, your work, your outlook on the world to be able to better handle those emails. So when you want that energy break, I'm going to invite you to do this instead of grabbing for that cup of coffee so that clock hits and that's going to be your trigger this will be your habi...

t maybe on the reward will be that you just feel awesome afterwards, okay? May we have music? Please fix my dress so we're gonna fit up toll on our chairs beautiful piece it'll tall because I have the music I'm just a little bit more beautiful and we should go our shoulders back beautiful circle our elbows back without hitting anyone good watch it out circle your arms way back reach tall and there's gonna wave the arms down a little faster take a shoulder elbow big circle back reached holland hi smile chess hats pick adele I bet and I like it I know don't tap on lift lift or he'll get the blood flowing in that lower body but do that again shoulders, elbows reach I said I'd get joshing there somewhere lifted up beautiful we're going to do that again shoulder's nice just opening up all those muscles now this time because I want to stand up so stop waving now for your hands if I sit back into your chair laughter heals good do that again shoulders elbows nice circle cross donna hi fi popped hose good pretty how's it look for the chair then you sit down and it's nicos he'll get that one more time shoulders circle all those creators come I was that big power poles papeles take it down good hands you guys sit down and lift beautiful there right where you just reach mama good reach up and over can you support yourself on that chair are nice reach up get here that I'm just slow down next time you do that oh I wanted to make a heart out of my reach abba show you later good bye middle east side stretch right here rollers shoulders back beautiful way chest and then just let the arms go down beautiful we're going back to those shoulders one last time shoulders circle bigger power poster where that tomorrow you can reach nice look for your chair I'm in just like the heels beautiful nice either we just sit up tall go take one hand to the outside the opposite me and just support yourself with the other hand on the chair get take a deep breath and I made you a little twist over to the side drop those shoulders ladies thankyou good smile turns the front like center my heart just expanded watching you guys will take you the side take this hand and take that kind of growth first of all kind of grow two inches beautiful take a little twist nice gentle bullets and then just release bring your hands up I'm in order to make a big heart son I just kind of make that out like I heart you beautiful we're gonna take a little shoulder, shoulder elbows big circle now this someone to stand up and I wanted to walk around your chair and just find a comfortable space by your chair beautiful nice jogging there ladies take one leg back doesn't matter which one get and then just give me a little lunch right here perfect breach wanna just reach up and over beautiful good reach up and then walked around to the side of the chair give him a high five if you're going to see someone and then generous lie about leg back nice adaptation there thank you lower down I'm van reach up dead feel side stretch if you will come back up and then walk back around to your cheque beautiful right away shoulds only related so guy car graph everything here circle reach up jazz has wait down beautiful just make up her heels up beautiful I'm in one last time this yourself up can scoot yourself to the front of the chair I like that word scoot flied out one night doesn't matter which one bring your hands the other side now imagine leading a hand sandwich on gotta fold over my hands my backstage nice and long get you guys are so awesome thank you gently come back up we not put in that side the other one I don't want thank reacher keep at forward hands for the hip not the back knife beautiful jenny come up on our feet together one last time side want arm out just kind of down and I just kind of chill you owe it to the other side of the mill strike hello beautiful remember that hands with eye side the other arm can't say that here over on come center we've had together and I just lift your heels just up on a few more of these getting some energy and the lower legs if you could do it in heels that's impressive I lift beautiful and one last time to take a deep breath and just bring all that energy down in front of you and just shake it out you're awesome you're awesome you I just have to have this moment it was so cute because you both have the outside arm outside of you know hard fine on I just I got like all like they are so awesome amazing so what we're going to do right now is just reflects a bit although what we did today and go back to those blue zone the things of the blue zones of how they live their life a lot of it is we've been talking about today, so I want us to kind of look at these blue zones take your workbook if you have it at his page nine on we're gonna look at some things we could do based on learning from this people that have moved into living one hundred years vitaly you know, I always think it's not just length of life but it's what do we consider living? You know? They're like violent in the community contributing and the first thing is they move naturally so you might already be doing this in number one write down something that you can add into your life if you need to or something you're already doing when you could move naturally it doesn't mean being in the gym it could be riding it could be kayaking I just took up stand up paddleboarding in the summer it was awesome oh my gosh it's so fun and I'm in flow there I mean the water I mean the johnny fish I'm making sure I don't fall in but I am that to me I mean flow and I mean nature's that's something about I didn't recently so just think about that number two I want you to think about this might come back to what we did earlier today what is your why what is your sense of purpose and can you explain it a purpose driven life and you know a purpose driven life doesn't have to be lived on a big state jj a purpose driven life can be lived with your family can be lived with yourself could make impact in the lives that you touch around you and then that social contagion emotional contagion serves for it what is your why and if you've written it down already just revisit that my life purpose is to really move people into a place of happiness that's my life purpose my personal purpose is to live as much like an in the moment I need to work on that that's a piece of me that I'm not going to ruminate on that but I need to work on that I need to manage my stress better and that is the third thing they manage the stress people in the blue zones have stress it's a part of life but they manage it what I would like everyone home to write this down in what is one thing you could do that could help you manage your stress the stress is not going to go away but how can react it maybe it's taken that breathing break when you breathe in for four and out for six maybe it's the power of the pause maybe it's changing that habit in the morning of picking up the phone right away maybe it's changing thie outlook from a optimistic you know from a pessimistic toe optimistic I don't sense that in this room at all but for those people may be around you is that something you could do to manage your stress a little better cause stress is the silent killer of dreams off our health and stress it's not the stress that's changing it's how we're dealing with stress that's changing we're not managing our stress well these days so we need to talk about that and how we could do that and then the eighty percent rule we talk about it in terms of the blue zones and they stop eating when they're eighty percent full but reflect on maybe there's an action that you could do a t but I don't like the world good or bad, but is that something you could add into your life to evil? Healthier, maybe replace one thing with another thing if you need to, you might not need to again. This is not for everybody and every time and then number five how is your diet? I mean, I'm not a nutritionist and we're going to talk about nutrition here, but food is energy for your body and I think energy is food for your dreams. So you know what we fuel our body with is going to help determine our whole outlook and energy and vitality without the thought. So what can we do nutritionally toe? Make sure that for me is drinking enough water, staying hydrated? It could be that sounds so simple but it's often a lot of us walking around dehydrated, something you could do to just elevate upward spiral that nutrition in your life just a little bit and again not think about diet but upping that energy not to lose weight but toe add a energy to your life, so upping the quality of your food at the quality of your life not to minimize calories or lose weight that will happen if you need to and then well, you know if you're drinking fine looking ask you during maur if you're not drinking not gonna ask you to start but you know if you are you know celebration you know well kind of bypass that one but then seven is like whoa where where do you find who's in your choir where if you have ah religious background or a spiritual background or it's something a sense of purpose again for me it's just having a sense that there's something bigger than me that I'm here to be of service so is that something that you can pull from in your life that helps you stay grounded that when things get a bit uncertain you can pull on that on that faith or spirituality or whatever it is that you like to call that and then eight family first is that something you could dio around family right now so maybe improved the quality ofthe the time that you spend with them could be technology that's a tricky one these days are all in the same room in our own little gadgets off family is guilty of that? Is that something you could do something small that maybe you could do to show the family something you'd like to do and then maybe there's something that you could um share with them and encourage do as a family I talked a little bit before we're going toe to toe talk on this tomorrow about bucket fillers and, you know, one family recently when I saw they would point out something like if if my son had done something well, you know, you have I'm so proud of your strength. You are such a kind, kind boy today. Thank you for that, right there, that word kind and put into his bucket. And as a family, they began to notice their strength. So family first. Is that something you could do just to improve? Maybe there's a relationship that needs to be could be improved upon. And then the last thing today, right? Tribe who's in your choir, who's that person, those people that you can call up at two o'clock in the morning family doesn't always have to be blood. It could be friends. I'm lucky I have a big choir and just thinking about those things, those simple but super meaningful things that we can add into our life and not all at once maybe pick one thing this week and another thing next week or the month, and just notice the quality of our moments with our family and ourselves and our friends, and see if that changes and all this is rooted in positive psychology it's community it's being off service is having gratitude. It's having a healthy mind set looking for the good versus the negative the power of choice will talk about choice ah lot tomorrow at every moment we have the power to choose I say between every inhale and before every exhale we have the power to reframe how we go look at something the external surroundings does not change but our internal world on how we react to that could make a dramatic difference yeah I don't want to share anything or you guys good good just reflecting being in the moment and then I'm going to give you up a couple of things I'm going to invite you to do you do not have to do but there's one I would love us all to do today tomorrow we're going to really focus on us strength focus on what's working and often times when we didn't go well what's my strength I can easily pick up my floors but one of my strengths were not so good at picking those things up so we have a website that does that for you it'll take about fifteen minutes it's free they will ask you for your email but that's it they don't share it with anyone they're amazing I'm gonna read this so I don't get it wrong you go to www the I a m e dot org's via me dot or ge if you forget that google strength find our test and it will pop up the I am e dot org's will take you fifteen minutes it's free, they might invite due to do an upgrade. You do not need to do that and when I invite you to do it, if you near a printer at home, print out your strength is going to a list of twenty four easy takes out fifteen minutes. If you're not, you're a printer. I invite you to write your top five strength down and bring them with you tomorrow have them next to you in your workbook because we're going toe pull on those strengths and talk about them how we can make them really a part of our life and move from a place of strength and sense of purpose and how that can change a lot of things you might have to deal with another thing. This is completely optional if you have time, so I know you're all busy and thank you for spending so much time with me today. I'm going to invite you to make your own bucket. You can use something like this, we all have this at home. Kids grab it from your kid's place that if you don't don't panic, I will expect you to go run out and buy something I had a nice see ellen here for kate of life, but it fell off. My bucket needs fixing, but we'll have it for tomorrow, so make it but you don't have a bucket. Well, what's nice about this is, is it kind of like you get a urine flow because you're busy making your little bucket? I'm going to give you ladies from of this latest you could make your own bucket, but if you don't have that, have a little glass of many poor little ribbon rounded or little bay, so just something that is going to hold stuff tomorrow so I can say is gonna hold stuff so doesn't have to be big and that if you have some, like post it notes, are sticking out there by your colorful little pieces of paper. Maybe bring that with you tomorrow. So my cold toe actions to you guys tomorrow is to fill out the v m a three I et m e dot org's strength final test character find how awesome is that looking for your strength and then make yourself a love bucket because they talk about how to fill each other's buckets tomorrow.

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I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

Michal Levi

Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )


Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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