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Segment 31 - Finding Your Passion & Meaning

Lesson 31 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

Segment 31 - Finding Your Passion & Meaning

Lesson 31 from: Moving to Happiness

Petra Kolber

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31. Segment 31 - Finding Your Passion & Meaning


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Lesson Info

Segment 31 - Finding Your Passion & Meaning

So at this moment I'd love you if you have them to pull out your character strength and just take a moment to kind of look them through and also don't there's no russia I'd like you to turn to page seventeen in the workbook so we have paid seventeen the workbook on we have our character strength and sometimes when we say you know what, I just don't know my purpose I don't know my I don't know my passion and we have found it often there are three areas of our life but where those three areas into fact that's our sweet spot we're gonna look at that right now the first thing is what is meaningful to you what is pleasurable to you and what are your strength and it's where these three overlap that your passion and purpose often lie when you move into your passion the world then wants you to pay that passionate forward be of service to others so take a moment and look at your strength and then look at the ones that really resonate with you and write those down around the green circle or outs...

ide the cigarette butt you want there's no rules here strengths that you know when you look at them they go that that just resonates with me there's no wrong or right choices for me like I look at this right away I'm going yet gratitude humor um I look more specific my work right now um curiosity zest I've been told interesting my new one just I have a judgment here says bravery is down to twenty two I need to talk to these people all right I'm feeling very I've sang live I think I'm pretty brave and then think about what in your life brings you pleasure for me it's like having dinner with friends I love community I love photography that brings me pleasure I love kayaking I love dancing I looked I love teaching it brings me pleasure I mean that's a strength of mine but it's also a pleasure I find pleasure in that whatever that is for you and again there's no wrong or right answers here I hope you can do this at home too and then the last one what brings you meaning in your life? Maybe it's family maybe it's being of service to others maybe it's being a volunteer maybe it's contribute to community to family what whatever meaning maybe its children maybe it's animals what whatever and then can receive anything overlaps there it may it may not but if there is an overlap so that you could combine it's quite possible you could find your passion and your purpose in that sweet spot and it doesn't always come up right away for me my strength I love I'm a good leader I'm a good communicator and then always down in here I am really care I've become fair and I'm kind and I have empathy and I teach with authenticity but my my strength is I I love to teach us a strong one of mine and I get pleasure I love to dance I have to have a conversation and I love to talk about life I love photography I love to travel and for me my meaning is living a life of purpose off find using tools toe find way so being a happier more joyful toby more in the moment and I am very lucky to say that I have something that overlaps that I can use my strength as a teacher with the pleasure that I love from teaching and having conversation on interchanging with relation I love conversation if you can tell and I have meaning my meaning is really living a life off that's that's meaningful this is full of things to do and this passion this calling I kind of created I could find a way to put those three things together to create hopefully a korea that's also my calling angela tonight asking what's going on oh dear I know you are idea uh what did this bring that well I like I said from the first section when we got together I've always not you know say never say anything that is negative to other people but yet to myself it's only negative so I I've always had a lot very I don't feel very worthy are valuable to others and just now as we went through this I would hug you but I'm a really big juicy hug after I'm giving a massive some of my talents I have kind of forgotten over the years and something that I did a lot in my youth and in my early years in my career that I loved and I was really good at with facilitating team building events so I mean now I've focused on trying to connect with other people to help them feel healthier and stronger and happier you know, one on one or in groups when I teach at the health club but um I'm haven't been doing this team building work and it's something that I could easily throw my backpack over the fence and and have to follow it I think theo because I already have a so here's two things I'm doing right wrong night right now I do not like this is not a teachable moment it's what not to do listening is not a skill set of mine that I used to think this is really enthusiastic listening it's impatient I want to fill in the end story for you because I know what you should be doing but here's our eyes yesterday when you said I can see it already I see it so bright as day when you said you'd love nothing more to take people in community for hikes and lou do yoga at the top of the mountain and then you tie team building into that you said that marry everything together and I've had this you know have that I've had this idea that I want to throw these parties for my co workers up for all this for years I've been kind of suppressing this this urge I have to do it and now I know why I have the urge to do it because because that's really but I would love that you're doing and now what's stopping you I think I've got I think I will be able to find a way to throw the backpack over the wall and and go into it what's the worst thing that could happen if you threw that backpack over the wall I'd have ah party for just a couple people won't be so terrible about changing to people's lives that would be fine and then those two you might okay I started doing was on these calls I had happy hour calls once a week to stop practicing my voice in this material my boyfriend has the coals there's hundreds and thousands of people on the cart when you're managing calls you see all the numbers that come on the board and all the numbers that leave guess how many people I have in my first happy alcohol no no way gosh we're not a numbers oh my goodness yeah on my first day so I'm like oh my god it's twelve o'clock I'm happy I'm having a happy single hour like on my own here but then I split the switch how lucky am I to have two people that want to spend their precious time to call in and listen to what I have to say and I get this opportunity yeah and angela I was no I had no idea what was going on off those calls but the impact I was getting as those coals built and it still not massive numbers that still but the change in the impact so you changed to people's lives and those two people tell to other people and they tell two other people and then they tell ten people and all of a sudden you're gonna have a wait list and you're not going to know what to do with yourself because when you move from a place of passion and purpose and in service it cannot help but be a beautiful experience that people are drawn to I tell you this if you tell me when that isthe you've got a third person because I will be in that first group all right we'll go for a hike the next morning now look I'm going in the group with the other is doing a binding I could see you being I want the joy on dh the experience you would bring to that sometimes it gets really scary and here's the thing we're sitting here right now this is our this is our choir and we're with you and your ark wire on when we step out of this a couple of days from now we go back we go what was I thinking I said that on what but yeah you said it and what's the worst thing when you throw that backpack get it on the calendar and speaking of choir it is not just limited to those of us in the rooms there is loads of support just pouring in for you from the chat rooms of why don't you take a comic because we feel it all mysterio sure seattle girl says yes she is a beautiful brave strong soul hug sanders says we are grateful to be able to be here and support and fun tail says love and support for speaking her truth through the tears rainy day store says she is laughing through her tears a major ah ha moment for her when we have the courage to live our lives in truth it gives others the permission to do the same wait no but that's what the beauty is when we make ourselves vulnerable that we give others permission to do the same when I move for a place of perfection like I got an old dial thing I got it that this is what I do and I think you should be doing does that impact lives? No, it separates me from you when we show up in that word authentic selves doing work that we're doing our passion imagined the impact aunt on your own life because when you live in service your bucket you're filling your bucket you're filling their bucket so many great things you in a beautiful area where you could do these things you already have experience doing this from the past is this is this is passion grounded and purpose grounded in reality this is a meaningful why and it's not up here this is you already have your strength you got your skill set now it's just making sure that the little belief systems that are not based in reality don't hijack and handcuff our reality because that's what I'm never self I'm the visit that for all of us including myself because of every moment those little creatures ready to dive in when we're tired we're not sure can I really do this and we breathe into the power off the pause we let we sit in the stillness I'm excited for you I'm excited for a sacramento they know what's coming awesome thank you for sharing, you know and it's when we sit still and somehow it's again this is not new it's returning to who you are it's not finding yourself it's just remembering yourself and I've lost myself for good almost a decade, I lost myself. You would never know that looking from the outside, I was teaching as a convention that was filling the room, but I had no purpose. My internal self was incomplete conflict with the life I was living, and it doesn't feel good. I got the contracts, I got the sponsorships, my bank account was good, but my spirit was empty and I was given, and I mean, I loved it. I'm not I still have gratitude for that time in my life because I needed that time to really wake me up. As oprah says, life will throw you a pebble, then I'll throw your rock. Then you went into a brick wall on dh I had a brick wall at full speed. My my soul was screaming like, you cannot do this anymore. And I have this moment and I think it's those moment to moment moments that t shirt now, tio, I don't remember that from the movie. What was it called? Bridges to madison county? Remember that movie powerful scene where meryl streep, who is it was meryl streep and clinton's word is that correct? So they've done their they've gotten to know each other, what about meryl streep and it was raining towards the end, the movie and it was raining and the light she was in the car in front and you don't know this story I'm really sorry but kinda go with me here she was in the con front and her love of her life I was in the car behind and she had her hand on the door and the light was red and he's behind awaiting and the light goes green and the car doesn't move but her hand is on the door and the car goes the light goes red then the light goes green she's still on then the light goes red and he goes green and she drives off and to me that was representation of me in my life I was sitting there going do I jump into this unknown and go into the life I think could be the life of my dreams but it's unknown have no idea what's over there odo I stay with what certain that is definitely not the life of my dreams but it's what I know they often say better the devil you know than the devil you don't so often it's more comfortable to be in the discomfort that we know then to be in the discomfort of the unknown and only you and based on many different circumstances can you make that choice I was lucky my life circumstances allowed me to make that leap had enough money in the bank of my own didn't have kids whatever it wide and have certain restrictions so like but I when I made that jump, I did not know what the heck was gonna happen. I want you to make that job and I'd be that tough right now to give you a high five. Does anyone else wanna share or will move on? Thank you so much, angela, that was that was awesome. Thank you. I'm really I'm full of excitement right now, sacramento's going just rock the house with happiness. Yes, and you think about this you doing team building, you're out in nature, you're getting people moving, you're moving to a mountaintop filled with gratitude. One person imagine the impact you'll have on that person's life, who then feeds it forward to their family so then serves it forward to the people they know you can make a difference by touching one person. Living from your passion doesn't have to be grandiose doesn't mean standing up here with cameras being on a stage, living life of passion and purpose and changing people's lives happen in those moments.

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a Creativelive Student

I decided to do something just for me and I am so glad I did. I am completely enjoying Moving to Happiness. You said what made you happy in the past and I thought of my horse. What makes you happy now but I couldn't think of anything associated with that. Than the woman said "Just breath" and I immediately thought of nature. Walks in the park and the quietness. So you could hear the birds are see the deer. The leaves crunching underfoot in the Fall. Not far along in the course and don't have the book but oh am I enjoying it. Thank you so much Petra.

Michal Levi

Overall, this was an awesome class. So much good content, so well taught, nice contributions from the live audience (which does not always happen). If I was assigning a grade, I would give Petra an A+ for a truly well put together class. She also did a good job of summarising the research in this area. : )


Life changing course. The best 11 hours you can gift yourself or others. Thank you Petra and CreativeLive.

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