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Advanced Automation

Lesson 7 from: Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Your Business

Ari Meisel

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7. Advanced Automation

Add multistep automations, conditional logic, and machine learning to your professional toolbox.

Lesson Info

Advanced Automation

Now that we've gone over some of the basic automations that you can do in your business, using IFTTT and Zapier, now I wanna turn things up a little bit and show you just how advanced things can get. Now, fair warning, the things I'm going to describe are going to make you do a few things. One, you're going to go, "Whoa." The other thing, is you're going to be completely overwhelmed and not really know how to build these things, and that's okay, just with the other ones. I don't know necessarily need you to know how to build these, I want you to know that these things are possible. You can figure out how to build them later. You can hire someone to build them if you want. I have written several articles on my blog about all the details of how to build these things. I'm going to walk you through what this looks like, and don't get overwhelmed. Just take this information and this experience, and look at your business, and be like, "Hey that thing that I never thought I wouldn't have to d...

o, or I'd have to hire a team of people to do for me, looks like I might be able to do that with an automation." Now, we can get into things like machine learning, artificial intelligence, all that stuff, but we already talked about content dissemination, so let's stay on that train for the moment. I wrote an article called, "How to Create One Month of Content in One Minute," and realistically, it's more like how to create a year's worth of content in one minute. Everybody has a minute to create content, and you can do it in whatever format is best for you. Again, we're talking about how you're not very unique, you want to be more irreplaceable. One of the things that's going to differentiate you, other than a great customer experience, is going to be your content. There might be a thousand plumbers around you, there might be a thousand roofing contractors, or a thousand accountants in your zip code, but in a lot of ways, the thing that's going to make you different is your perspective, your opinion, and the way that you deliver that information. Content is that thing. It's also one of the first things that goes when everyone gets busy, right? "Oh, I couldn't record a podcast this week because I was too busy," "I got jammed up, so I couldn't put out the Instagram post." Unfortunately, one of the problems with social media in general, is that if you don't sort of keep up with the train, you get left behind. That doesn't mean you need to be a slave to it. We can create content in one place and not only have it go to all these different places, as I showed you with the Zapier automation before, but now we can actually use automation to create new content on all these different platforms. The first thing you have to decide is what is the medium that works best for you. Even if you have the time, but you're like, "Hey, I'm a really great writer, but I just don't like talking in podcasts, I don't like doing a video," or, you're like, "Hey, I can do a video all day long, no problem, but sitting down to write a blog post just seems awful," Cool. You can start with the platform that works best for you. Video usually will give you the most options, but it doesn't have to be a video, but let's use video as the example. So, I'm walking down the street, I get a great idea for a piece of content about a video. I see a business, for example, that is doing something very inefficiently. Unfortunately, at this point in my life, I can't not see those things. Let's say you see something and you're like, "Hey everybody, here's the thing, blah, blah, blah," and you talk for a minute. Now, we want to take that video and have it do everything else, so you don't even have to think about it at all. This starts with a combination of Zapier and another tool that I use called There are some others out there, I believe, but Repurpose is the most reliable that I know of. The reason I say reliable is that especially when you're dealing with Facebook and the Facebook API, which is notoriously kind of closed in, it's really hard to get tools that will consistently work with Facebook as a platform to post to it or pull from it. has been working really great for several years. We start with the video, and now Repurpose is going to see that, there's a new Facebook video, I'm thinking Facebook Live or something, and it's going to trigger the rest of the automations. Again, Repurpose with a combination of Zapier is going to make all this happen. The first thing we want to have happen, is take that video and get audio only. Lets say Repurpose is going to strip the audio out of that video, and now Zapier can take that over to a company that does podcast production like Podfly. There's a number of them out there, PodKick, Podfly, whatever one you want to use. They will get that audio file, and they will turn that into an original podcast with your intro and your outro, and it's just audio. They'll do all the graphics, the cover art, everything you needed to do. We're going to also take that audio over to Repurpose, and it can go either unedited or automatically, we can have it add on the intro and the outro and do the cover art. It can do a lot of that automatically. Of course, there's going to be some limitations to what it can do without having human interaction. One it does that, it can go to Libsyn, which, if you have a podcast, you definitely know what Libsyn is. If you don't, Libsyn is probably the most major podcast-hosting platform. Once it's on Libsyn, Libsyn will then distribute it to iTunes, Sound Cloud, Spotify, all that kind of stuff. Then we get it on Sound Cloud as well, I put that there. We go Libsyn, and then we get to Sound Cloud. Now, Zapier can take that audio and bring it to an audio transcription service, such as Temi. Temi is one of many, again, there's hundreds out there, but Temi is pennies per minute, I believe, and it's a combination or automated and human interaction to do a transcription. When we take that transcription, now we can send that automatically over to a virtual assistant who can then post it on Slide Share, which is now part of LinkedIn. Slide Share, for whatever reason, is one of the best places to post written content, such as transcripts of podcast shows and things like that, in terms of SEO. I don't know why, LinkedIn did a really great job with that. We can also take that over to a service like Lumen5, which will automatically create one of those social media snippet videos that you always see, where there's words in a slide and words that's all those different transitions, Lumen5 will do that completely automatically. Coming back over to the other side here, Zapier will go to a service like Content Fly. Content Fly is, again, one of many, but it's an outsource writing service. You pay a flat fee for a certain number of words every month, it is a human being that will take that transcript and they will write a unique, new piece of content from that one minute of spoken audio that you send. They can write a thousand word blog post if you want. Zapier will then post that and will take that to Medium, or whatever blog posting service you use. I like Medium because it's got a really great built-in audience. Medium has a plug-in called, which will take that written blog post that is an original piece of content, written by a human, and now it will turn that back into a spoken word podcast, automatically. Again, this is unique content because it was re-written. We can also then have all of that go to all of your different social media platforms. In fact, there's even a tool called Missing Letter, which will take a blog post and create twelve months of Tweets from it, with the whole graphics and the pods, and everything pulled out completely automatically. Now, it is everywhere, in every possible format, including with some unique, new, fresh content, that has been created from your original one-minute video. No longer any excuse to not create and disseminate content that brings people's awareness to you, what makes you actually unique, and of course, your business.

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