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Lesson 12 from: Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Your Business

Ari Meisel

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12. Outro

Where do we go from here? Only up.

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The Optimize, Automate, Outsource framework is the foundation that is going to change your life. Sure, it's gonna change your business, but it's really gonna change your life. We talked about how that framework, that order is so important about optimizing first, looking at how we do what we do, looking at how we design processes, looking at our peak time, when is the best time and the worst time for you to do certain things. We talked about automations, both the basic and the advanced ones that are gonna replace something that you might have hired a person to do. And then for the stuff that you actually need a person to do, I showed you how you can do it in the most effective manner and where to find and hire great talent to do it for you. We started this with a question of what would you do if you only had an hour a day to get things done? In my life as the Replaceable founder, as an extremely efficient person I would say, I get to spend the majority of my time in my woodworking shop ...

with my four children, my wife, my three cats and two dogs and volunteering at two different emergency medical services companies as an EMT helping out people in my community while at the same time still operating a successful growing coaching business that I probably spend no more than a half an hour a day on where I do high level coaching impacting the lives of others. It's an incredibly fulfilling and enriching life and I never have to miss out on anything that I don't want to. Becoming replaceable is not just a bunch of tools. It's not just a mindset. It is a completely different way of getting things done so that you can experience true fulfillment in your life. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to be here. When I talk about those precious minutes and precious hours that we have, I really appreciate that you decided to spend some of your time with me here. I know that this is gonna have an impact if you start to implement this stuff. So go ahead and do it become more replaceable. And if you want to find out more about my books or my coaching services, you can find everything out about me at, but you can get in touch with me directly if you go to You can reach out, it will be me, it will not be an outsourced provider, it will not be an automation, it will really be me. I love to hear about people's productivity challenges and how they're growing their businesses. Thank you and make it an effective day.

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Mona King

Excellent real world solutions to problems that entrepreneurs encounter. This will truly save time to be used in other areas of life and improve business processes.

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