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Peak Time

Lesson 9 from: Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Your Business

Ari Meisel

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9. Peak Time

Create a synchronized and streamlined workflow by utilizing your peak time.

Lesson Info

Peak Time

So let's talk about peak time, one of my absolute favorite concepts. Why? Because it's the time of the day that you are two to 100 times more effective than any other time of the day. Sounds cool, right? It's a real thing and it's different for every person that you will interact with and certainly different for you. Some people have a peak time that could be five in the morning, seven o'clock at night. Mine happens to be between 10 and noon which is actually very convenient I have to say. There are certainly people I've seen at 5:00 PM, which is very inconvenient if you ask me, but there's not very much that we can do to change it. It has to do with our circadian rhythms, just as with we have morning people and nighttime people, this gets really specific. And peak time is so fascinating because if you figure out what it is, and I'm gonna show you how to do that, and you respect it and you use it for your highest and best kind of work, you will see a massive increase in your productivi...

ty. And if you do it with your team and then you go so far as to not schedule meetings that interact or intersect with anybody's peak times, you will see team productivity go up. And what you will also find is that in that hour and a half you can probably get more effective work done than you could in the entire eight hour day surrounding it. What we mean in this context by more effective, I said two to 100 times more effective is that during peak time you are more able than any other time of the day to drop into a flow state. And the most common experience in a flow state is dilation of time, right, meaning everyone's experienced this where you you felt like you were sitting for a matter of minutes and hours flew by, right? People who sat down and wrote an entire book in a day kind of a thing or composed a piece of music, that's a flow state and that's what we're trying to achieve when we're doing that really deep work. And whatever that highest and best work is for you is unique. For me, that might be content creation, maybe it's sales, maybe it's brainstorming, who knows? But using it that way. And when we find our peak time and respect it and use that as sort of the anchor for the rest of the day, you can actually start to figure out when the best time and worst time is to do all sorts of other things. So in order to find your peak time, I made this very easy for you. Years ago, I created a free app called the Less Doing Peak Time app and it's on iOS and Android and it's based on something called the CNS Tap Test which is the Central Nervous System Tap Test, which has been around for decades. Basically, if we tap on the screen as fast as possible for about 10 seconds and we count the taps, you can have a extremely accurate corollary to the health and recovery state of your nervous system. And the theory that I had was that if our nervous system is basically like firing on all cylinders, then that is gonna be your peak time consistently. So the way it works is we open the app, it's the Less Doing Peak Time app and we start the session by tapping. Let's see how fast I can do this. You just start tapping as fast as you can, you got 10 seconds to do it, and you want to generally do it consistently with the same finger, same hand, it doesn't matter which one you choose. Okay, so I got 72 taps on that one. The more that you do it, you do it several times a day for several days and it will tell you, and it is shockingly accurate, and I've actually had clients and people that I've worked with tell me like, "Oh, it said that it was at seven o'clock at night, but it's gotta be wrong. I'm gonna keep trying and keep doing it." Like no, that actually turns out that that's your peak time and you should really be using that the right way. It's an incredibly effective thing to know. And what it also comes back to is that idea of controlling your time, right? So if we know what that is, now, we can start to set really effective boundaries around that time, and at the very least, don't schedule things during your peak time. Try to really keep that open for what makes the most sense for you and use asynchronous communication as a way of really respecting that. If people need to meet during that time, make it an asynchronous meeting and communicate when is best for you. But what we also have to accept here, again, I've already said this, but in that one and a half hours, you might get all the things done that you needed to actually get done and you might make more effective progress doing the right things in that time than all the other work you could get done in the rest of the eight hour day.

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