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Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 7 of 21

Main Purpose of Your About Page


Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 7 of 21

Main Purpose of Your About Page


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Main Purpose of Your About Page

I am super excited to talk about the about page, as I was saying before break that it is one of the most important pages on your website, but I do have a question for you before we even go there and I wasn't sure where to put it, put this into in which segment to put it in, but it's really, really important. So I want to know right now how many of you, how many of your web sites are mobile, responsive, awesome, so half a little less than half so this is really important because google is changing things again, and if your website is not optimized for mobile after april twenty first, you are in trouble, so if you are going tio, be wanting more sales on your website, and if you want to be found in search engines, especially google it's really, really important to get your website to be mobile optimize, so you have to really make it a priority. I know I changed my website about a year ago before any of these google changes were happening, but they really are prioritizing search results fo...

r sites that are mobile. So if your site is in mobile, you can't actually or if you're not sure, I know it looks like some of, you know for some of you know that it's not you, could use this really handy to or you could just type in your you are all and google will we'll tell you if your website is mobile optimized, and the reason this is so important is because I don't know exactly the statistics, but I think it's more than half of web traffic is now coming from mobile, so you are missing out on a lot of people, people that could have a really awesome experience at your website. I know there's some sites I go on and you have to, like, scroll to the side of the screen and then scroll up and scroll down to actually see the entire page and I just that's not creative, really awesome experience for your visitor. So if your website is not yet mobile friendly, make sure to update that as soon as possible and check it first and this google to all just to see if it is mobile friendly or not. So all right, so now let's, talk about your about paige and I wantto sort of like I'm hoping I shifted your thinking about you home page. I sort of want to do the same thing with your about page because this is really interesting you're about page, and you should check your stats if you are online. You can check your stats as well by check your statistics and you'll see that usually you're about page is the second most popular page on your website but why is that right so it's obvious so people want to buy from people and brands that they trust right? You're not wal mart you're not target you're not toyota you're not a huge brand that has been around for a really long time that people know about so the people go to keep on going back to those brands because they know them but when you are just starting out your business or if your small independent designer entrepreneur people don't really know about you and they want to get to know you so and they often will go to your about paige to read all of this information but did you know this are some really cool statistics that five to seven percent off home page visitors are actually going to click to the about page which is pretty high? Actually if you think about it considering that on ly usually less than one percent of visitors convert into actual buyer so to get five to seven percent of your visitors to actually do something it's it's, it's a pretty big deal and this is a really interesting study from marketing sherpa but they studied people people's behavior online and they found that shoppers who view the about paige convert at a rate thirty percent higher than shoppers who do not see that page now this is huge, right? Thirty percent increase that's a pretty big deal and if you don't have the right information for them on that about page, you can actually lose them at the about page. So it really is important to think to think about your about page, like another sort of step in your customers journey throughout your website. So what do you think? Like I was asking you in the last segments, what's the main purpose of your home page? What do you think is the main purpose of your about paige? If anyone wants to connection, great anything else, sell your product, sell your product? Yeah, indirectly. Anything else? One more thing. Well, did I feel like it's to create credibility so people kind of know where we're coming from exactly up. So you're sort of right on. So the main purpose of your about paige is to answer the question what's in it for them, right? So think about this. If you think about your customers what's in it for them, why should they buy your products? How is it going to benefit them and there's no other page that does this better than your about page, because this is where you're going to be connecting with them? Even more than in your product description, even more than on your home page, that is going to be on your about page and it's, obviously, to build your brand because it's your about page. So yes, it does need to have information about you as well. But again, how does that fit into what they're looking for? So the secondary purpose of your about paid is to share your story, and I know it might seem a little strange that this is a secondary purpose, because it's your about page, right? It doesn't make sense that it would be about them, but again, just like everything else, it still is about your audience first and foremost, and the other purposes obviously, to engage, entertain, inform them, let them know what you're all about and how your products combined it for them, and even more important, is to make them find one to find out more. So if they love your about page again, remember that statistic, they're more likely thirty percent more likely to actually buy something again. This is another one of those places on your website where they decide is this for me? Or is this not for me, and often times this is where they decide. Oh, I like what I'm hearing. I want to find out more. Let me see what products the site has as opposed to oh, this isn't really speaking to me personally, I'm not interested, it's, not for me. So this is often where they decide if your product is for them or if it's not for them. But there is a formula that has to do with your about paige. And this is sort of four paragraphs. But again, you about paige could be longer. It does not have to be four paragraph, but these are really just the four main things that you're about page should have. So the first paragraph again is not about you, it's about your customers. So in this first paragraph you want you want to answer the question, why should they buy or use your products what's in it for them? And how will your product benefit them? And I'll give you some examples in just a few minutes. I know some of these concepts can be a little abstract, but I will give you some examples, and I think it will make more sense. And the second paragraph this is where they want to know more about you so first they want to know how your stuff is going to benefit them but now they want to know about you they want to know who is the person behind the brand what's your big why I know a lot of you have thought a lot about why you're doing what you're doing and we all have a story right? Why we started our own businesses I know for me with my t shirt business yes it was just the t shirt business but the way I got the idea for it I was actually in a yoga class and I saw someone who was wearing a t shirt that said be present and I don't know why but seeing that t shirt sort of I was like, whoa, it just woke me up and I was like, oh my god there's a message that I need to get and that there's a reason I'm looking at that t shirt right now so that's totally what inspired me to start my t shirt business? So now when I share that in my when I had my teeth, your company and I would share that on my about page again it makes people connect with me they understand that like I'm a real person who does get inspired by other people and is doing something to inspire other people in turn and all of you I know have a story about what inspired you it's not the products that you do it's not you know all of the features it's not the fact that it's organic or all natural all of the other stuff what really inspired you to start your business and you definitely need to be sharing that on your about paige the third paragraph is this is again where they're deciding if they should trust you so you should have social proof these are things like testimonials or reviews or media mentions by you want to have some sort of social proof and there along with your home page that really gets people to trust who you are and the last paragraph this might not be so obvious but what do you want them to do next just like on your home page you wanted them to shop now you wanted them to get the ten percent offer you wanted them tio learn more what is it that you want people to do after they visit your home page because they've invested their time in reading all about your home page what is it that you want them to do next so this is where that first paragraph comes in there or the fourth one and do you want them to sign up for your newsletter this is I know I'm not intuitive place where you could put your newsletter opt in but the about paige is really a great place where you can really grow your email list, because if they're taking the time again, to read four paragraphs or more, and to watch her video and read your story and lucretia photos, they're more likely to give you their email address. So this is a great place for that. Or you can say, you know, I want people to go right to my shop after they come to my about paige. So you can direct them there.

Class Description

Running your own online store gives you control over the sales process and allows you to create a space that fully reflects your brand. It also comes with a lot of responsibility and can quickly become a major source of stress. Learn the right way to optimize your e-commerce website from Andreea Ayers.

Andreea has started and sold three companies in the last five years. As the owner-operator of a successful organic soap line and founder of a six-figure t-shirt business, she knows exactly what it takes to build a business online. In Optimize Your Online Store, Andreea will teach you how to create a website that reflects your brand and encourages customers to buy. 

She’ll teach you how to:

  • Set up a homepage that encourages immediate connection
  • Create an about page that builds trust
  • Write product descriptions that do the selling for you
  • Turn browsers into paying customers

When you run your own online store you have to customize it so that when people do come, they trust you enough to actually make a purchase. Andreea will teach you how to analyze and improve your site so that visitors feel confident in you and your products and are converted into lifelong customers.

By the end of this class, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to ensure that your website reflects your brand, is trustworthy and encourages people to buy.



This class is perfect! A great overview and explanation of what you need. I really like the simplicity and after watching it for free I bought it so I could pause it and implement the ideas as I went through the course. I love my page website now and highly suggest this class!

a Creativelive Student

Wow! I bought this class on a whim and didn't expect to get as much out of it as I did. It is to the point, filled with really good information and presented really well. I am so glad I got it. We are about to redo our website and I feel a lot more confident about doing it right now.

Julz P

Andreea is such a delight to watch, no wonder she does well in business, I want to buy from her and she isn't even selling me anything! Refreshing, very good for anyone looking for help with their website and connecting with your audience.