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Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 16 of 21

SEO for Your Product Pages


Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 16 of 21

SEO for Your Product Pages


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SEO for Your Product Pages

It's pretty obvious that if someone took the trouble tio or one through the trouble to add your product to their card that they're going to buy but that is not true I'm going to share with you some statistics about shopping card abandonment which is huge but before we do that let's talk about a ceo for your product pages so how can you set up your product pages not on lee your whole website but specifically a product pages so that search engines can find you so for example if you are selling ah yellow beach tote bag and someone types in yellow beach told bagging google how do you make sure that a year website comes up and not someone else's website or at least your website comes up in the top cell let's talk about key words so I know all of you are familiar with cures but I know there's a lot of confusion about key words water they exactly is that one word is it two words is that a syriza awards and it really is all of those but for your purposes here today you want to get asked pacifi...

c as you can with choosing your own key words for your product pages but also think about what does your customer searching for? So if you sell custom wedding bracelets or a custom wedding necklace, what are the words that people are going to be typing and google and the search engines to actually look for that product. So this gets gets to getting to know your customers a little bit more and thinking from their perspective, but I think you all are used to thinking from their perspective, because that's all we talked about today, right? How do you think from your own customers? Perspective, and not necessarily from your perspective. So by now, I think you should already know some of the words that your customers are searching for one looking for your products, and you have to make it super easy for search engines to actually rank your website for those specific he words, right? If someone types in yellow tote bag and they get to a page that has a blue tote bag, then they're probably going to leave right away because they now what they're looking for and if they bound to write off your site than google is going to think that your sight isn't relevant to them. So you do have to really think about the search engines and how they work, and, yes, we could do a whole session on search, engine optimization and key words, but I want to talk just a little bit of the basics for you today, so you have to first do a little bit of research, so this is where you could use the google keyword q were two planner tio find out the key words and we're gonna share a little bit more about what you should look for, but this should be your first place where you go so but actually, even before you go here, I want you to think about what words would my customers be searching for? For every single product on my website, it doesn't have to be for my entire website, but for my specific products, and you can put your keywords select in the google keyword planner on and I know you can hold to this right now, but if you are in the studio on or in the live audience online, if you want to take a second to go here and click on the search for new keyword ideas and this is going to give you some really great things that you might have never even I thought about and that's what I love about this so let's think about maybe we wantto get our website found for the key word tree of life necklace, so you'll see here it's, not just one word, it's a string of words that someone would probably be looking for, and this is really, really specific sometimes it could get even more specific, though people can be looking for a silver. Tree of life, michael is they could be looking for a beat tree of life necklace. But for our purposes here, let's, just focus on this one particular keywords. So if you type it into the louisville, ky, were tool you will see here, it's going to give you add groups, which these are different suggestions that google has for some types of or relevant keywords that other people are searching for that are related to yours. And I know this is really technical. This will make more sense once you go into the google keycorp planner, so you don't really have to remember all of this now, but I want to go in there, and you choose the first category, which is where your main key word was, and then gives you a list ofthe other different ideas that you can actually think about. So what I want you to look at is to look at the average monthly searches and the competition, and this is designed for google's advertisers, it's, not necessarily designed for you, because it has a price, but a lot of people use it to do, keyword research, because the thinking behind that is that if people are looking to advertise for this key words, then people are probably searching for those key words is also there is sort of ah correlation here and this is what advertisers use when they plan their advertising so it tells you how much they suggest you bid on that key word if you were to advertise but we're not going to talk about advertising today but basically you want key words that have ah pretty low competition and you'll see here with jewelry this is all of them have really high competition which basically just means that it's going to be harder for you to rank into the first page of google it's not impossible is just a little harder but then he also want key words that have ah hi monthly search on average and high it really depends if it's really specific can be at least one hundred hundred searchers or more for some people high is in the thousands sauron the tens of thousands but for our purposes here will see that the tree of life necklace and when it's around these other key words that are like the tree of life necklace meaning or the tree of life necklaces plural you'll see that that one key word out of this group has the most so this is the one we should focus on but on leaf it's relevant for that particular product page so I don't want you to um take the tree of life jewelry keyword if it's not necessarily relevant you so just speak what's relevant to you but keep in mind the competition and the searches and I know this is a little technical and I think it'll make a lot more sense once you actually start doing it but you basically want to find keywords that have medium or low competition and again as we've seen before most of them had high this doesn't mean you should ignore them it just means that it might take you a little longer to rank for them but look for the medium or low and then that have lots of monthly searches on lots can mean a thousand more or it could mean ten thousand more if the group of keywords that you're picking if most of them have over one hundred thousand and you find one key word that has twenty then obviously you sort of know where you lie and where you should be looking at so this number is really relevant to what you're doing so there isn't an absolute number that we all have to look for it's really relevant to the other searches that are relevant to it and then once you pick your key word so for our example it was tree of life necklace you want to make sure this goes into your ural and this is where the search engine optimization stuff comes in so this is what he want your you are all for that particular page to look like not like this because if you're you are well looks like this then google is not going to show your page when someone is searching for tree of life necklace, so this is another example where you'll see here I want to talk about the page title by you'll see that a lot of the pages that show up here have the tree of life necklace and there you are. Oh yes, did you have a question? Yes, so let's say we were like deciding whether we wanted to name that tree of life based on what you just showed us we would not go with that because it's high oh, you should you know you could still go for it if it's because it is really relevant and you do want to be found for that, but it might just take a little longer to actually get found so it's not as easier to get ranked for it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get ranked for epidemic. Okay, so the other place where you want it and a lot of shopping carts already do this so you don't even have to worry about it. You don't have to go into the back end of an online store, but basically whatever you name your product is what your shopping cart will put in the girl and also in your page title and the page title is the first thing that comes up when someone is searching for something in google and it shows your website or the relevant search results you also want to have that key word in your product name so as I mentioned before if you put it in a product name and used up to the modern shopping card that we're going to talk about in a second and automatically put it in your title page and in your you are old so you don't even have to worry about that but you do have to make sure that it is the name of your product and you'll see here she has or he I'm not sure who does this but it says round tree of life necklace so maybe they are trying to rank for the word around tree of life necklace or it could be they're trying to rank for just tree of life necklace but as long as your key word is in there that's really all that matters and if it's in the front it's more likely to show that if it's towards the back so keep that in mind as well yes if we're picking unique names for products like you know betsy bag or whatever um would we is there should we be careful about not making it too long? Yes yes so you should maybe just do one one or two words for that name of your product rather than on the description and yes are the key word exactly yes so just remember, the closer it is to the beginning, the more likely it is that you're going to be able to rank for it and google you also, yes, it was I have something with that because I have a number of tree of life on practices that I make and I call them old tree of life, and then I called them tree off creativity tree of, you know, healing, etcetera, but it seemed like I was, uh there was a problem with calling them all the same name, so I had to change them all because apparently it wasn't good. Yeah, that is true, so you do want to have every page you wanted to be unique. Now, if you let's say you had a gold tree of life necklace and a silver tree of life naked necklace, it's okay to have maybe you can rank one for the gold and one for the silver, but as long as you don't have like fifty tree of life necklace pages, but one or two or three is ok, usually when you get into the higher numbers or google's, like every page has the same sort of key word or the same name and that's where they don't like it, so try to make your pages as unique as you can with the different key words. Is that makes sense yes ok ok um so the next thing that you I want you to think about is your image name so I know this came up before where you're talking about how do you get your videos or your images to rank in search engine but the best way to do that is to make sure that your image name has your key word in it and what happens when you do that is that when someone searches on google they have the option to look at the web they look at images they look at shopping they look at videos there's different categories that google shows them and if you have an image that has your image name and someone is looking specifically for images with that your image is going to come up there and I have to say ranking or using key words for your images it's a lot easier to rank for your images than it is to rank for your actual website so if you do look at your image is make sure that they have the same exact he word that you are trying to rank that particular page for yes trace would you want to have your name in the image tio so people would be able to see like who the designer wass like that well unless someone is specifically looking for you I don't think it's necessary because what happens when people click on that image they don't, they're never going to see the image name on ly. Google sees that, so people are never going to see it, but when they click on it, it takes them to your page. So this is specifically for what google sees and the search engine's, not for what your audiences, but it is really important when it comes to a seal, because we want to do stuff that google sees and the search engine see, so we could get found in their search results. One more question about that. So, like let's say, I have, like fifty different engagement rings, and they're all names like blah, blah, blah, engagement ring is not going to go against you to have, like, engagement ring at the end of every image, or well, it depends, because if you have maybe, like silver engagement ring or one of a kind and gain engagement ring heirloom engagement ring, I think in that case, it's fine, because your key word is not engagement ring your key word is heirloom engagement ring or silver engagement ring. So in that case, I think it's totally fine, as long as each one has their own unique name, and some of them, like when you say necklace, a lot of stuff on your website will have the key word nicholas cell but as long guys that's not the on ly name and there's not fifty other things that have that particular name then you should be fine. Yes, yeah, I know there's a lot of stuff with a ceo that sometimes just is too complicated, but I'm I guess I'm trying to break it down into, like the simplest things that you could do on there so many other factors that go into a ceo that are beyond your control. But these are things that are in your control that I feel like not enough people focus their time on because they think orosco it's really hard or there's only so much to it how I'm ever going to learn it. But if you just make it your job to focus on these couple of things where you choose a keyword put it in your you are earl, your product name your image name and so on then I think you would have done the job that you need to do the simple stuff, um, to still still still get found. And lastly, you want to put it in your product description. So this is actually really, really important just as important as having get as your product name and as your you earl and your title and this is I think we're aa lot of entrepreneurs forget because they think, well, people know it's a tree of tree of life nicholas, why am I going to mention it again? It just doesn't make sense, but this is what google sees, and the more they see that keyword tree of life on your page, the more they're going to know that that web site or that particular page is optimized for the word tree of life necklace. So is that making sense to everyone? Just put it in here again. The closest you put it to the top of your product description, the more likely google is to show it, and I usually like to put it once at the top, once in the middle of my product description and once had the bottom. Sometimes I'll just do it twice and not three times, but if the product description is a little longer, then I'll put it in there three times. So another thing to keep in mind is that you want to optimize each one of your product pages and I really do mean every single one if you have fifty products, think about one key word for each single page and it might take a while, but the payoff is really, really worth it because after a few months you are going to start traffic, you're going to start seeing traffic for those key words coming and it really is worth the work I know for me when I first learned about this I was lucky that I think I only had twenty something t shirts at the time but as soon as I optimized every single page my website started showing up my picture started showing up on my sales obviously increased as well so it is a worthy time investment I don't recommend us early hiring someone just to liken asio company just to do this they should be the first thing you do on your own and if you want to take it further then you could hire a company to do it for you. But this issue is the basics that I feel like anyone who has an online store. If you do this, your chances of getting found are going to be much higher than if you were to leave this out and not even focus on it. Yes sorry can you explain that? I'm not totally clear on what you mean. Ok sorry so I thought let's give the second part so so what I mean by that so let's say you have five different tree of life necklaces, so maybe your first page can be optimized for tree of life jewelry your second page, if it's relevant should be optimized for silver tree of life necklace your third page for the third product that's also a tree of life jewelry sort of thing can be optimized for tree of life necklaces where it's plural so do you see do you see the difference here what's like you're still selling the same kind of product but maybe there's maybe one is gold maybe won a silver maybe one is a pendant and another one is a charm all of these air different key words that you could optimize your pages for instead of optimizing every single page that has a tree of life necklace in it for that particular key word so I'm hoping this is made this makes sense I think as you start doing it it's going to make a lot more sense and it is a bit tough to explain how to do all of this but this is really just the basics and I think if you can think about every single page has to have a relevant keyword that is different from every other key word on the other pages then I think you're all set on a key word is not on ly tree of life but a keyword history of life jewelry or tree of life necklace or silver tree of life charm that's considered one key word so you want to keep it to one key word per your website but maybe two or three if you have a ton of product but I wouldn't do more than that all right, yes I was just going to add that in addition to saying key words there actually keep phrases to make, yeah, right, people understand, yeah, so I'm glad you brought that up. Yes, it is a key phrase, so when you think of key, where do you think that it's maybe only one word, but a key phrase would be a better way to describe it? Because it is a phrase that you're optimizing for. So yes, thank you for for bringing that up. I think that does clear things up a bit, because it does get confusing when you think he words and there's more than one word and all of that self. Thank you. All right, so a few more tips we've already talked about this. Choose one key word per page and then think about optimizing your other pages as well. So think about your home page you're about page, maybe you're about page can be optimized for jewelry designer or wedding jewelry designer or other key words. Maybe I don't know natural product manufacturer or something like that, but think about optimizing your every single one of your pages on your website in position to your individual product pages, and that could be with your block posts as well, and yeah, there's, just so much that goes into it. I don't want to overwhelm all of you and give you so much work, but I just wanted to show you a couple of different places where you really should focus your efforts on and don't worry about the other stuff too much. I think the other stuff will come as your business grows and as your needs change. But for now, this really should be the small things you're focusing on when it comes to a ceo. And then keep in mind that first and foremost your website it's for your visitors, you're not building it for search engines. You want to make its search engine friendly, but you really have to keep your customers and your audience and people who are going to buy from you. That should be your main focus. You shouldn't build a website for a ceo. I think if you do that, people can see it it's not going to sound natural, it's not going to sound authentic and it's just not going to make sense to anyone who's there. So think about your visitors. Build a ceo into that, but keep your visitors and mind so that your key words and everything else makes sense to your customers first and foremost.

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Running your own online store gives you control over the sales process and allows you to create a space that fully reflects your brand. It also comes with a lot of responsibility and can quickly become a major source of stress. Learn the right way to optimize your e-commerce website from Andreea Ayers.

Andreea has started and sold three companies in the last five years. As the owner-operator of a successful organic soap line and founder of a six-figure t-shirt business, she knows exactly what it takes to build a business online. In Optimize Your Online Store, Andreea will teach you how to create a website that reflects your brand and encourages customers to buy. 

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