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Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 5 of 21

What is the Call to Action on Your Homepage


Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 5 of 21

What is the Call to Action on Your Homepage


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What is the Call to Action on Your Homepage

So now let's talk about your call to action on your home page, so I want you to think about what is the one thing or two that you want people to do after they visit your home page because you don't want them to just stop on the home page that defeats the whole purpose, right? He want them to keep going on their journey throughout your website, so that would be a primary call to action. So sometimes this can change. Maybe this month you really want to focusing focus on building your email list with a contest maybe next month. You want to focus on selling some of your products as graduation gifts, maybe for the holidays. You want to focus on the gifts that you have that would make a really great gift for someone so this could change. It doesn't have to stay the same, I think about what is your main goal that are the main thing that you want people to do after they visit your home page. So here are some examples of great calls to action. So the first one do you want them to check out the ...

products in your shop, or do you want them to read a little more about your brand? Go to your about page, we're going to talk about your about paige. In the second segment, but sometimes you have to sort of connect with people more when they know your story. So if you know for your products I know tracy, I'm sure for you, it's really important that people know who you are. And but for some jewelry designers, that might not be as important because the jewelry's not customized that's not high, higher and so for you. If it's really important that someone knows you and the person behind a brand that can be your call to action or it could be to sign up for your newsletter, I know all of us should be always trying tio get more people to sign up for our newsletter. Not so we can stand them, but so we can build relationships. So I want to give you a couple more examples here. So this is from birchbox and this is their again, the first sort of half there's more that comes after this, but you know right away, right, you have two choices. Do you want to get the box, or do you want to subscribe and again, it's something that it stands out on the page? It's not hard to find. They know it's super easy to do and again, the word subscribe for them here is really appropriate because you're subscribing to a monthly subscription box so this is really it's really obvious what it is that they want you to do when you go to their home page. This is another great one from nature pedic dot com, and they make organic cotton mattresses and, again for them, it's really, really important that people know why they need on organic mattress, you'll see that they're not leading with sign up for our newsletter because first it's really important to them that people understand exactly why they need this product, so they're called main call to action is to learn more about their business, what they do, and again, I love the way that they use your again. So it's not saying we have the bust organic on mattresses there saying, respect your sleep that speaks directly to their audience, it tells them that it's, especially for them and how many people here wouldn't be able to relate to that right. I think we all can relate to wanting more sleep and respecting our sleep and wanting something better to sleep on. So they do such a great job of that here. Now, this is another website on dh she makes necklaces, lysol learn leonard designs, and I love her website because pretty much every month there's something new, something new, that she launches a new call to action and for her this is when she's launching new necklaces, so instead of just burry ing it under your product page, right, people don't know if a product is new of there if it's their first time there. So here, you know, this is something completely new that she wants you to check out, so if you're constantly launching new product s new new things that you have to offer your home page should be a great or could be a great place where you can highlight what it is that you want people to do, which in this case, you want them to check out your latest jewelry and one more example this's from man packs and again, they do the monthly subscription boxes for men. But again, this is so obvious you come here, you know exactly who this is for, right? If you're a woman, you probably couldn't relate to that, you know, but again, this side is not for you unless you're buying something from you know, for a guy, but again speaks directly to their audience uses the word you it's not saying we have the best monthly subscription box it saying manly goods when you I need them again, you talking directly and engaging directly with your customers and again, they just want you to get started that's their main call to action and you'll see here that they're only asking for the email address they're not asking for their first name they're not asking for their zip code and one thing that I didn't mention is that the fewer fields you have in your option box the more people are likely to give you their email address so I know yes, tracy was going to ask you probably about to say this though do you think it's important to have the first name though to personalize the emails? Yeah forest I was just going toe so I know for me it's really important when I send out newsletters to my audience that it's really important that I use their first name and I say you know hi tracy or high jody or whatever but I know for some people like maybe for them it's not that important for them it's more important to get more people because everything else speaks directly to their audience but think about you know your own business and how is is it important? How important is it to you personally to address someone by enough by name? I know for me it's super important I know that if I was to remove that first name I would get a time more people to sign up but it's just one thing that I'm not willing tio lead go off personalize ing the experience and did your directing my audience by their first name in exchange for having a bigger list. So just think about what's important to you and for some of you really don't need their first name. But some of you might actually need it. So, um, but I just know that if you do ask her first name and email address, you're going to get fewer sign ups. But you can personalize it a little more. And I've seen some people who ask for, like, first name, last name. And where did you hear about us and a couple of other things? That's. Definitely not something you want to do, because you are making your audience work harder to give you their email address. And the purpose really should be to make them not work that hard, to give you the information. So first name and email address or just email address the paint, depending on your needs, is really, really important.

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Running your own online store gives you control over the sales process and allows you to create a space that fully reflects your brand. It also comes with a lot of responsibility and can quickly become a major source of stress. Learn the right way to optimize your e-commerce website from Andreea Ayers.

Andreea has started and sold three companies in the last five years. As the owner-operator of a successful organic soap line and founder of a six-figure t-shirt business, she knows exactly what it takes to build a business online. In Optimize Your Online Store, Andreea will teach you how to create a website that reflects your brand and encourages customers to buy. 

She’ll teach you how to:

  • Set up a homepage that encourages immediate connection
  • Create an about page that builds trust
  • Write product descriptions that do the selling for you
  • Turn browsers into paying customers

When you run your own online store you have to customize it so that when people do come, they trust you enough to actually make a purchase. Andreea will teach you how to analyze and improve your site so that visitors feel confident in you and your products and are converted into lifelong customers.

By the end of this class, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to ensure that your website reflects your brand, is trustworthy and encourages people to buy.



This class is perfect! A great overview and explanation of what you need. I really like the simplicity and after watching it for free I bought it so I could pause it and implement the ideas as I went through the course. I love my page website now and highly suggest this class!

a Creativelive Student

Wow! I bought this class on a whim and didn't expect to get as much out of it as I did. It is to the point, filled with really good information and presented really well. I am so glad I got it. We are about to redo our website and I feel a lot more confident about doing it right now.

Julz P

Andreea is such a delight to watch, no wonder she does well in business, I want to buy from her and she isn't even selling me anything! Refreshing, very good for anyone looking for help with their website and connecting with your audience.